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Five Ways To Keep Dry 4c Natural Hair Moisturized

On the Facebook group, I was asked about how to keep 4c natural hair moisturized. If you’ve ever wondered how to soften your hair and retain moisture in your natural hair, please keep reading.

Here are just some of the questions I often receive on the Facebook group.

How do I Moisturize my Type 4C Hair Effectively

“My biggest struggle is keeping my hair moisturized daily”

“My hair is hard to comb and doesn’t retain moisture.”

To keep your hair moisturized every day, here five simple things that you need to do starting today.

  1. Start with a good wash day
  2. Use a good set of moisturizing products
  3. Use these products on a consistent basis
  4. Don’t introduce a new product at this time
  5. Use a sulphate free shampoo and trash all shampoos with sulphates in it

If you’re still reading this post and would like me to elaborate on each point, here’s my long answer.

  1. Start with a good wash day.

The way you wash your hair and how often you wash it will determine how long your hair will stay moisturized for. A good wash day includes shampoo, deep condition, moisturize, seal and style.

  1. Use a good set of moisturizing products.

It’s always important to use a good set of moisturizing products if dry hair is a problem. There are so many products out there to choose from but just in case you’re not sure which one to choose, always choose products that have helped many Naturals to soften their hair. 

  1. Use these products on a consistent basis.

Sometimes your hair needs to be reintroduced to a product a few times before it starts to respond positively to the product. Using a product once in a while will not work. Applying products in your hair on wash day and forgetting about your hair for a few weeks will not help you to retain moisture on a daily basis.

You always want to make sure that you reapply products as needed, the same way you might have to use a skin lotion more than once a day.

list of recommended products for dry 4c natural hair

5 Recommended deep conditioners for dry hair

5 Leave-in Conditioners

  1. Don’t introduce a new product at this time.

If you currently have a great product that’s working, resist the urge to introduce a new product in between wash days. The only time that you should be introducing a new product is on wash days. Introducing a new product days after washing your hair can cause a product conflict, which can lead to build-up, which will reduce moisture retention, affect the health of your cuticles, increase porosity, which automatically will give you annoyingly dry hair.

  1. Use a sulphate free shampoo and trash all shampoos with sulphates in it.

If you’re struggling with dry hair, you should have no business with traditional shampoos with Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) in it. You want to go check the ingredient list on your shampoo to see if this ingredient is present in the first 5 ingredient list. If it is, you can either throw them away or use them to clean the house!

Not to say that sulphates are bad, you just don’t need them in your hair right now. I don’t even use them on my skin.

Sulphate-free shampoos are abundant in the market now that they are more affordable and easily accessible than they used to be.

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