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Whipped Lavender Shea Butter Mousse for smooth skin and hair

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)
Whipped Shea Butter
The basic recipe for whipped shea butter is shea butter and oils. The number and variety of oils used is all dependent on what you have on hand, so there really isn’t a standard recipe which must be used. I rarely follow the exact instructions I see on YouTube because I find that some of the ingredients used are just not easily available to me. And since many oils have similar nutrients with similar benefits, I usually end up using a more affordable and easily accessible ingredient.
1cup room temp. shea butter
(shea butter will harden in the winter time, so it helps to leave it in a warm area for a few hours before whipping. Soft shea butter is also easier to whip.)
1tbsp (tablespoon) castor oil,
1tsp (teaspoon) jojoba oil,
1/4cup room temp solid coconut oil, (should be soft, not hard or melted)
1tbsp olive oil,
5 drops lavender oil*the more oils you use, the greasier and softer your mixture will be*
1. Cut the shea butter into small chunks
2, Combine the ingredients in a clean round bowl
3. Use a hand mixer to blend everything together until it’s smooth and fluffy, use a rubber scraper to scrape the side of the bowl so that you can incorporate every bit of each ingredient in the mixture
4. Mixture should have a mousse like consistency
5. Transfer content into a clean tub and store at room temperatureWhat are some of your ingredients for whipped shea butter?

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