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6 Reasons Why Your 4c Natural Hair Always Feels Dry

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the real reasons why you consistently have dry type 4 natural hair always feels dry? The main reason why a lot of women are reluctant about going natural or are quick to cut their Natural hair journey short is mostly due to the “dry hair epidemic” in the Black hair community.

No matter how many products you use on your hair, it might seem like nothing is working to keep your kinky coily hair soft. You might even start to think that your hair is against you and it enjoys frustrating you all the time.

However, if you actually sit down to think about the real reasons why your hair always feels like hay, you might soon realize that you’re mainly responsible for the current state of your hair.

6 reasons natural hair is dry

If you don’t understand what I mean, let me give you 6 Reasons why your hair always feels dry. The solution to each problem can be found in the context of each topic, since all you need to do is the opposite of what you’re currently doing.

So let’s get to it!

1. You’re using the wrong products!

No matter how expensive a product is or the long hours of research that you spent researching the product before buying it, if a product is not working for your hair, please be kind enough to pass it to someone else. You can also set aside any product that’s currently not working for your hair or that suddenly stopped working for your hair for a period of at least 3 months.

The reason for this is that a change in season might sometimes influence the way your hair responds to a particular product. So instead of discontinuing a product because it didn’t work for your hair the first time around, it might be economical to try it again during the next season.

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2. You’re using way too many products!

Ever heard the phrase “less is more” or “too much of a good thing can be bad”?

Layering too many products on your hair will not only weigh your hair down, it will also cause a buildup of products on your hair which might interfere with moisture retention. This means that when products build up on your hair, it won’t allow your hair to absorb any moisturizing cream that you might decide to apply to your hair at a later day. Also, when you apply too many products on your hair, it can leave it feeling greasy, sticky or even stinky!

3. You’re not using enough products

I always giggle at product instructions that recommend using a pea-sized or dime-sized amount of the product in my hair. You see, Type 4 Natural hair is very coily and so products applied to the hair must be applied to small sections of the hair at a time so that the entire hair can receive equal amounts of nourishment.

This means that a mere pea-size amount won’t do the job. To ensure that your hair stays moisturized for days, you want to make sure that you apply generously (but not too generous) amounts of products on your hair, starting from the tips and working your way down to the roots.

4. You don’t co-wash/refresh your hair when needed

If you start to feel like your hair isn’t taking in products as it should, it might mean it’s time for a refresh.   For Naturals that like to use a different combination of products to style their hair, it’s very important that you wash out those products when you start to experience dry hair.

Co-washes are also a great way to refresh dry hair because they provide temporary hydration for your hair. I often do co-washes in the middle of the week because it helps to remove excess products that have been sitting on my hair for days. To save time co-washing your hair, you can put your hair into about 6 chunky twists before co-washing.

Simple styles like this can help keep moisture in for days

Simple styles like this can help keep moisture in for days

5. You leave your hair out loose

One of the reasons why protective styles work so well is because hair that is bounded up in sections can hold on to moisture much longer than hair that’s left free and loose. The reason for this is that moisture will evaporate much faster from an afro-puff than it will from a two-strand twist or a bun. With that said, the best way to prolong moisture retention is to braid or twist your hair.

6. You’re Lazy/You don’t have a regimen in place

If you’re a weave/ extensions wearer, you might be tempted to go weeks or months without refreshing your hair. The downside about Natural hair is that you can’t just “forget” about your hair and expect it to grow and be healthy. Like other parts of your body, your hair also needs daily attention to keep looking its best. A simple hair hydration spritz consisting of water, oil and leave-in conditioner (see recipe in the download) can save your hair from dryness and breakage. All you have to do is to spritz your hair a few times week.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, keeping healthy natural hair takes time, effort and consistency. If you’re too busy with your hair, then there’s nothing that I or anyone else can do to help your situation. You can, however, create a simple regimen that works with your schedule and lifestyle. You only need to invest the time implementing the regimen.

The great thing about natural hair is that it doesn’t take that much time to maintain if it receives consistent care.

Are you struggling with dry hair?  Can you relate to any of the points above?  Let me know in the comment section below.