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12 Easy Winter Protective Hairstyles For Kids in 2024

If you’re thinking about an easy hairstyle for your kids this winter, I want to share twelve easy winter protective natural hairstyles for your kids. Winter can be just as damaging on kids’ hair as they are on adults. Even more so for kids because they don’t pay much attention to the health of their hair as adults do. While an adult would know what to do with her hair to protect it against the cold winter, kids are usually too busy having fun to care about the effects of the winter on their hair. That’s why in this post, I will be providing some hairstyle ideas you can style your daughter’s hair in for the winter. These hairstyles are suitable for kids of all ages and temperament levels, as well as all hair length and curl type.
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1. Toddler’s Mini Puff With Flat Twists

This is such a cute hairstyle for toddlers and babies. It’s easy to do and you can twist the puffs to protect the ends, keep her hair moisturized and reduce breakage. Just add cute toddler hair accessories such as these hair ties. Duration: Up to a week
kids hairstyles for girls

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2. Flat Twists With Buns

This is an easy and fast hairstyle for toddlers and preschoolers. It can be done on medium-length to long hair. It’s also a great protective style for kids who gest their hair messy all the time because it’s so quick and easy to be restyled. You can add cute hair accessories to the bun for special occasions such as church or parties. Duration: Up to A Week natural hairstyles for kids

3. Simple Cornrows with Beads

This is a cute hairstyle that can be done on kids in kindergarten or early grades. It’s very fast and easy to put in, which makes it a great hairstyle of choice for kids who can’t sit long to get their hair done. Just add some beads or braid cuff rings to the braid, and you’re all good to go. Duration: One Week easy protective styles for kids

4. Classic Two Strand Twists With Beads

This is a classic hairstyle that’s easy to install and takedown. Depending on your daughter’s hair texture and activity level, she can wear this hairstyle for up to two weeks and wear a twist out for another week. This hairstyle can be done on kids with short hair too, and you can style the twists in a variety of hairstyles. Just add some colorful beads and clips and she’s ready to go. Duration: Up to two weeks kids hairstyles for girls

5. Fulani cornrows with double-braided Knots

This hairstyle compilation won’t be complete without a Fulani hairstyle added to it! I love this hairstyle because it’s very easy for a parent with basic braiding skills to pull off. It’s also simple enough to be done while your daughter is asleep. Just add cute hair accessories such as wooden beads and braid rings and your little girl is ready for the week! Duration: Up to two weeks
braided hairstyles for black girls

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6. Simple Mini Cornrows with Chunky All-Back Cornrows

This is a beautiful hairstyle for kids who can’t sit through a complicated hairstyle. It’s also the best hairstyle for kids with an active lifestyle because you can re-do the hairstyle when it starts to get frizzy. To change up this look, just loosen the two chunky cornrows and style the back hair into a puff, bun, two-strand twists or flat twists! Duration: One Week
black girls hairstyles for kids

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7.  Double Patewo (clap hands) with Twists

This is a very popular kids hairstyles in Nigeria, and I used to enjoy getting this hairstyle when I was a little girl. It’s a quick hairstyle for parents who have to style more than one child’s hair on a weekend because it’s very basic and easy to do. Duration: Up to two weeks
little black girl hairstyles

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8. Shuku (Braided Bun) with a Puffy Bun

This is also another classic children’s hairstyle in Nigeria. If you’re into matching mummy and daughter hairstyle, you and your daughter can both wear this versatile hairstyle. You can play around with the kinky hair bun by adding some beads, braid rings or a hair flower. You can also add a cute headband when the edges start to get frizzy. Duration: Two Weeks protective hairstyles for kids

9. Patewo with Curve

This hairstyle can also be done on kids with short hair. To have this same length, you can add in some Marley hair, so that you can have a similar look if your daughter has short hair. The twisted portion can be packed up into an up-do to protect your daughter’s hair ends and prolong moisture retention. Duration: Two Weeks African american kids hairstyles

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10.  Cornrowed Bantu Knots

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and need an in-between hairstyle, these braided Bantu knots are great because it’s very quick and easy to do. You can add in some kanekalon hair, if your daughter’s hair is short. Duration: Up to One Week African american kids hairstyles

11. Fulani Themed Cornrows with Double Knots

This is obviously a hairstyle that can be achieved on older kids hair who can sit through complicated hairstyles. Just be careful not to braid her hair too tight when installing this hairstyle. To prolong the life expectancy of this hairstyle, you can add in some kanekalon hair. Duration: 2-4 Weeks winter protective hairstyles for kids

12. Half Cornrows Half Braids

This hairstyle would be ideal for pre-teens and teenagers who need something that can last for a few weeks, so they won’t have to get their hair done every weekend. Kanekalon hair can be used for length. Duration: Up to 4 weeks winter protective natural hairstyles for kids

Natural Hair Kids Protective Styling Maintenance Tips

You want to keep your daughter’s hair in a satin bonnet while she sleeps at night. When she showers, make sure she wears a shower cap. To keep her scalp moisturized, use an anti-itch scalp oil that will keep her scalp fresh and supple. To keep her hair moisturized, lightly spray it with a leave-in conditioner spritz. You can either buy one or make yours in a spray bottle. A basic hair spritz includes water, leave-in conditioner and oil. To take down the hairstyle, lightly spray her hair with the leave-in spritz so that her hair is moisturized and doesn’t break off when you take it down. Also be sure to detangle as you go, so you won’t have much work afterward.