10 Advantages of Teeny Weeny Afros (TWA)

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2018)
teeny weeny afro (twa)
It’s very common for ladies with TWAs to keep wishing for long hair after recently doing the big chop (BC) length. This obsession over length can sometimes rob them of the joy of TWA. So rather than hiding under a wig, weave or insecurities, let me give you 10 benefits of a teeny weeny afro that will quickly rekindle your love for your beautiful coils.  

#1: You can play with hair colors at this stage because the hair will eventually be trimmed off as it grows out, so there’s very little risk in coloring one’s hair at this stage

#2: It highlights your beautiful facial structure as it takes the usual attention away from your hair and to your eyes, cheekbones, jawlines, lips, and neck instead 

#3: Aside from playing around with hair colors, you can also play around with stylish haircuts

#4: A wash n go hairstyle is guaranteed for any hair-type at this length. 

#5: It’s a good hairstyle for those who are style challenged or can’t be bothered with spending a lot of time styling their hair. 

#6: This stage also allows you to play around with different styles, since the attention is no longer on your hair. If looking masculine is a concern, you can add colors and feminine pieces to your wardrobe.

#7: You can play around with bold accessories (big earrings, necklaces e.t.c) to give you that feminine look. 

#8: You can play around with make up and different hair accessories 

#9: For those who love to comb their hair, TWAs are very easy to comb, and risk of breakage is minimal since the comb doesn’t need to travel along a lengthy hair shaft. Please remember to comb hair with a large tooth comb and while the hair is wet.
#10: No need to worry about natural hair problems such as shrinkage, single stranded knots (ssk), split ends and a few others. And because of this, it’s easier to retain length at this stage. Just enjoy your hair in all its glory.

What other advantages can you add to this list?  Also, make sure you download the free summary below

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