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20 Things To Do While Deep Conditioning Your Natural Hair

Like many naturals, wash days can take up a good portion of your day. You can however speed up your wash days by doing these twenty activities while you deep condition your natural hair.

For me, even though hair days takes about 4 hours of my Sunday evening, the truth is that, 3 out of this 4 hours is actually spent on other activities such as styling and waiting for the deep condition. Instead of sitting around doing nothing while you do a deep conditioning treatment, why not adopt one of these activities on your next wash day?

1. Listen to Podcasts

This is listed first because I have been really into podcasts as of late. And so I would usually spend the evening catching up on my podcast stations while I sit and wait for my hair to be deep conditioned.

2. Listen to an Audiobook

Not into podcasts? Why not catch up on the audio version of your favourite book?

3. Watch Movies or Online Tutorials on YouTube

Sunday evenings are hair days for me, which also means that it’s Nollywood night or natural hair tutorials night. To pass time while I do a hot oil pre-poo treatment or a protein or moisture deep conditioning treatment, I would catch up on the latest tutorial or a Yoruba (Nigerian Language) movie.

4. Catch up on your latest shows on Netflix

Not into YouTube? Watch Netflix instead!

5. Catch up with friends on Facebook

If you happen to be one of the few people who have abandoned Facebook for your other social media accounts, you might want to spend only 30 minutes catching up on your Facebook feed. And while you’re on Facebook, remember to like my page

6. Catch up on what’s trending on Twitter

Got some time to kill? Why not check out what’s trending on your twitter account.

7. Catch up on your Instagram feed

Instagram is probably one of the greatest social media invention after Facebook. If you find it difficult sitting through a deep conditioning treatment, then I suggest that you log into your Instagram account and browse through your feed. Don’t be surprised if a quick 5 minute browse turns into 30 minutes!

8. Read a book

While your hair is getting nourished, you can also nourish your mind with a good book.

9. Clean the house

Why sit around watching movies when you have a whole house to clean? Simply secure your hair with a plastic cap so the treatment doesn’t drip on your face while you clean.

10. Cook or Bake

hair days can be time-consuming and can make you hungry afterwards. So to ensure that you have something to look forward to after a long hair day, you can cook a delicious meal or bake a yummy treat while your hair is being conditioned.

11. Do your nails or treat your self to a home spa

Why not pamper your entire body while you pamper your hair? If you only wash your hair bi-weekly like I do, you can also treat yourself to a refreshing bi-weekly spa.

12. Watch TV

Do you just want to kick back and relax while your hair is being repaired? Turn on the TV to your favorite channel, just make sure that the deep conditioner doesn’t drip on the couch.

13. Play video/computer games

Angry bird anyone?  Supercharge your brain with a good brain teaser while your hair gets recharged.

14. Go get groceries

A lot of women do their hair on Saturday mornings when they usually run errands. So instead of sitting home while their hair gets deep conditioned, they will instead use that time to run some errands. If you’ll be stepping out of the house, please make sure that you wear at least 2 layers of a plastic cap to prevent dripping and secure the bag with a beanie, head wrap or a hat for a stylish look.

15. Spend some quality time with the Kids

If you have daughters who do their hair on the same day, you can turn the experience into a fun hair day for all.

16. Catch up with a friend or relative over the phone

You’d be surprised at how much you could get done in just 30 minutes. Is there someone whom you’ve been meaning to call, but just always “forget” to call them? Why not spend your next wash day calling that person.

17. Study

Have an exam or a major interview coming up? every minute that you can get will me much appreciated. So instead of lounging around on wash days, you can also study for that upcoming exam while you do your hair.

18. Learn a new language or a new skill

Do you need to brush up on your French or Spanish-speaking skills? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to learn how to use Photoshop? Why not spend the next wash day mastering a skill?

19. Do laundry

Weekends are usually laundry day for many, which means that rather than dreading wash days, all you have to do is to do one of your house chores at the same time that you’re treating your hair.

20. Do a low impact workout

A low impact workout slowly builds up body heat which will also help to speed up the deep conditioning treatment without the need for a heating cap.

How else do you maximize your time on hair days?