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Nine Reasons Why You Have An Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp can be embarrassing, painful and just plain disgusting! Sometimes I wish it was possible to scrape my scalp off my head and just scratch like crazy! Some other times, I wish I could get a steel sponge or something harsh so that I can just scratch and scratch!

Sometimes I’m able to remedy my situation by washing my hair or by trying any one of the remedies in this blog post.

If you’re like me and you’ve been wondering why your scalp has been torturing you, you might want to read these nine common reasons why your scalp always feels so itchy.

1. You don’t wash your hair enough

When I started my natural hair journey, I would wash my hair every 7 days. But as my hair grew longer, I decided to stretch my wash days to every 14 days.

Now, almost 3 years after making this decision, my scalp still hasn’t gotten used to this new schedule. So on the 10th day, it would start to feel tingly and I’m quickly reminded that it’s been 10 days since I last washed my hair! Amazing eh?

The moral of this story is that when you don’t wash your hair regularly, you can experience a buildup of oil and dead skin cells that causes both flaking and discomfort.

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2. You don’t wash your scalp properly

are just for your hair right? WRONG! Your scalp also needs to be given the same attention, if not more than you provide your hair.

Since your scalp is actually connected to your body, you’ll have to give it a priority over your hair, unless your hair sometimes feels itchy too, then you might give them both an equal priority. But I doubt this to be the case.

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3. You’re allergic to your hair extensions and hairpieces

In case you don’t know, your hair extensions are made with materials that your skin might not be able to tolerate! Rather than using the hair right out of the package, it’s advised that you first pre-soak the hair in a bowl of diluted vinegar and hot water before washing it with shampoo.

Then, spread it out to dry or if you’re like me, you’d want to throw the air in the dryer for a few minutes to kill anything that might be lurking in the hair.

You can also leave the hair out in the sun to dry as well. Washing and treating your hair extensions prior to using them will help to cleanse and disinfect it, so that you don’t end up with an allergic reaction.


4. You’re allergic to an ingredient in your product

Even if you’re not the type to switch up products from time to time like I always do, you’d be surprised to know that the manufacturer of your favorite products might decide to switch up the ingredients in your product for cost-savings purposes. So the next time your scalp starts to itch, take a look at the ingredient list in your product to see if anything has changed.

5. You’re allergic to a product

A lot of Naturals have experienced allergic reactions to natural products such as nut-based oils, apple cider vinegar and the like. Natural products are awesome, but not when they can be detrimental to your health.

6. You’ve got dry skin

It’s natural for the skin to feel itchy when it’s dry, and your scalp isn’t an exemption. If you notice that your scalp feels dry, just apply a few drops of light oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. These oils are light enough to absorb into your scalp without clogging it.

7. You’re suffocating your scalp

Weaves and any hairstyle that prevents the scalp from receiving enough air from the environment, while releasing body heat to the atmosphere, can throw things off balance, causing it to itch uncontrollably. Imagine how uncomfortable you feel when you’re locked up in a room that has no window!

8. Your scalp is too hot

Aside from your scalp not getting enough air due to the weave/wig that’s on it, another major reason for an itchy scalp is often a result of the temperature in the environment that you’re in.

See the reason is that the tiny follicles on the scalp naturally gives off heat to the environment to achieve a temperature balance.

However, when the environment that it’s releasing the heat to is too warm, the scalp won’t be able to achieve the balance that it’s looking for. This explains why your scalp would sometimes itch when you’re in a warm environment.

9. You’re not eating healthy

Diets low in vitamin B, vitamin D, essential fatty acids, and zinc can cause your scalp to feel dry and itchy. Remember that your scalp is connected to your body, so make sure that you eat a balanced diet. For excellent food sources that your scalp likes, check out this post.

Which one of these points relate to you?