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50 Ways To Elevate Traditional Afro Puff Hairstyles

While we may not be able to wear a ponytail, we can definitely wear an afro puff hairstyle, which non-afro hair textures cannot achieve.

What I love about afro puffs is that it’s such an easy hairstyle that any naturalista can wear.

Whether she has a teeny weeny afro, or hair that goes down to her tail bone, afro puff is such an accessible hairstyle that allows women with all hair lengths and coily hair textures to wear.

Even if you don’t know how to do your hair, you can trust that your afro puff will come out looking cute.

There are so many reasons why women with 4c hair may choose to wear an afro puff.

A few include a hairstyle fail, or not having enough time to try an elaborate hairstyle you see online.

50 Ways To Elevate Traditional Afro Puff Hairstyles

Below, I will be recommending 50 ways to style a traditional afro puff so that you will not feel defeated anytime a planned hairstyle feels and you feel like you have no choice but to wear a boring “afro puff” hairstyle.


afropuff hairstyle on 4c hair

A simple puff like this does not need much, except a black headband to pull it back.

No edge control or gel needed: this style is still beautiful without it!

TIP: a shoelace works great for this style as well, just make sure to tuck it so no one will see it!


afro puff hairstyles for short hair

If you want to get creative with your puff, this is a great way to do it. It adds a little flair and personality to an already beautiful hairstyle.

The swoop and the part are a small part, but they add big style to the puff.

Make sure to use an edge scarf to keep the sides slicked down, but won’t squish the swoop.

Then cover the whole style with a satin bonnet.


afro puff hairstyles ideas for black hair

What’s better than one afro puff? Two! It’s such a simple, yet cute style.

Pair it with some front bangs such as these for an added layer of cuteness.

The best thing about this style is that you can just rip off your bonnet, fluff and go!


double afro puff on short hair

If you prefer a slicked back look for your puffs, that’s okay too! Just don’t tie them too tight, you don’t want to get a headache.

Add some curly side tendrils for a little bit of ‘attitude’, and add in some baby hairs too.


afro puff on short natural hair

This is definitely a unique spin on afro puffs that anyone can enjoy. It’s edgy but also can be worn at a semi formal event.

There’s nothing wrong with getting creative with your puffs. Our hair is too versatile to do the same styles all the time.


afro puff on 4c hair

A pineapple puff is cute and also functional! “Pineappling’ is a method used to protect the ends from damage while sleeping, but it also makes a cute and quirky hairstyle.

Using a shoelace for this particular style is perfect, because you can use the shoelace to guide the hair to the top of the head, as well as control how tight or loose you want the puff. Try it out for yourself!


afro puff on 4c natural hair

Simplicity is beautiful as well, and a simple puff like this can go with any outfit.

No need for anything except something to tie it back with. ‘Unlaid” edges are just as beautiful.


afro puff on heat stretched natural hair

Adding some colorful bobby pins adds some fun to a sophisticated low puff.

This style is stretched which gives it more volume and texture, but it can still be gorgeous any other way.

9.side sweep afro puff

Styling your puff slightly off to the side gives the style a classier feel. A small change such as this can take the simple puff and turn it into something flirty.

This would be a perfect style for a business lunch or fancy dinner.


afro puff with cornrows

Adding cornrows can take a puff from simple to edgy. Adding designed cornrows to the back will make people walking by do a double take!


afro puff hairstyle with cornrows

Cornrows with a tight curly puff is something you can do at home, or even at a salon and be kept in as a protective style. It makes a gorgeous style for any type of occasion.


afro puff on 3c hair with cornrows

If a tight puff is not your thing, you can still have a gorgeous hairstyle with cornrows and a loose puff. Cornrows always spice up any style.

Getting creative is fun, but some of us just want a simple style and that’s okay too!


side sweep afro puff on long natural hair

Have you ever thought of a dramatic puff styled all the way to the side? Now you don’t have to.

It looks like this and it’s flawless.

This style works better with the hair slicked down so the puff gets all of the attention (besides your beauty of course!)

14. mega afro puff on 4c hair

This puff is thick and gorgeous. The best way to get this much volume with your puff is to pick it out.

I know what you’re thinking: “we don’t all have this much hair!”

That is okay. Your hair is beautiful no matter what length.

15. afro puff hairstyles on natural hair

Our hair is so versatile and beautiful. Dress it up and style it in so many ways.

This beauty has come up with 6 ways to style her puff and each one is just as beautiful as the last.


afro puff with bangs and scarf

If you’re a ‘lazy natural’ and just want a puff style that doesn’t require much work, adding a bang and tying the rest back with a bandana will give you a quick simple style that is also cute.

No one will know that it didn’t take you all day to do!

17.afro puff with headband

Headbands aren’t just perfect for ‘bad hair days’, they’re also perfect for adding an extra element to your afro puff.

This look is very simple, but the headband makes it look regal. She looks like a queen.

18. afro puff hairstyle with scarf

Colorful headbands add personality to your stretched afro puff and bring more focus to the beauty of your face. Headbands and wraps are great accessories to wear with afro puffs.

They keep the hair in place and are also a perfect addition to an afro puff style.


afro puff hairstyle with scarf

Style your colorful headwrap anyway you want around your puff.

Whatever you decide to do will be gorgeous either way and doesn’t require much effort at all.

Some headwraps even come pre-wrapped for your convenience.


afro puff hairstyle ideas

Stretching the hair before putting it up into an afro puff will bring out a beautiful texture in your hair that makes for a beautiful style.

Styling it to the side gives off a flirty yet, bossy vibe.


mega afropuff on natural hair

This puff would be a great style to use the shoelace to tie with! It gives off the illusion of thicker and bigger hair due to the fact that you can control how tight or loose it is.

If you decide to stretch it, using a hair pick will give it more volume, but fluffing with your fingers works just as well.


afro puff space buns

Two loose afro puffs will take you no time at all to style and are easy to style in the morning after taking off your bonnet. Just fluff, and go!


afro puff with fulani braids on


Are you looking for a more dramatic afro puff style that shows attitude and culture? This is the one!

The crisscross braids add the drama and attitude, and the cornrows braided down the side add the culture. Instead of adding beads, you can also try braid charms for even more drama.

24.wash and go afropuff

A pineapple afro puff is such a quick and easy style that still looks good for going out.

You can choose to slick your hair back, or you can let it do its natural thing. Either way, a pineapple is always a cute style.


afro puff with a scarf

For those of us who don’t have huge afro puffs to show off, we can show off our smaller ones with some colorful headbands for a style that will last us all week.

Switch up your headband to keep your style fresh and interesting every day.

50 Ways To Elevate Traditional Afro Puff Hairstyles


afro puff hairstyle on long natural hair

A flat twist + afro puff combo is undefeated. It’s a style you can wear to the gym, and also on a date.

It takes no time at all either, so it’s a style that you don’t have to spend hours doing.


twist-out afro puff hairstyle on black women

Whether you decide to stretch your hair with a twist out, or do a wash and go, it’s up to you.

A twist out will give the hair a little more volume, but a wash and go will highlight your natural pattern.

It’s all up your preference, and both are equally beautiful.


afro puff on 4c hair with fulani braids

Stretching your hair will add length to your hair to make a perfect voluminous puff.

Don’t forget to add braids to the side.

You can add all kinds of gorgeous charms and rings to it for a more cultural look.


afro puff with a headband

A wash and go afro puff with a crystal headband is just beautiful!

This style doesn’t require hours of work and is super quick to do. Just don’t forget to touch it up during the week!


wash and go in an afro puff

Who needs bangs when your puff can reach to the front of your face?

You can also blend your bangs into your ponytail so it looks like it’s coming from your ponytail and no one would ever know.


afro puff with bangs

Adding something extra to the front of your hair is always a good idea for getting creative with your afro puff.

It requires minimal effort and still comes out flawless.


high puff afro puff

Pineapple afro puffs are so beautiful no matter which way you decide to do them. The higher you make it, the happier you will be.


magenta afro puff

Add some color to your puff, why not! We shouldn’t be afraid to have a little fun with our hair once in a while.


rod set afro puff with curly bangs

To achieve this curly puff, you will need to leave your hair in perm rods in a small size.

After taking them out, you can style it with bangs just like this and go anywhere you want to go because it works for any occasion.


roller set afro puff

Use larger perm rods to achieve this curly puff style without bangs. The bigger the perm rod, the more volume your curls will have.

Putting them in on wet hair will help the curl to hold a lot longer.


afro puff with flat twists

A tight flat twist added to the front of your hair creates a gorgeous style that you can wear from the classroom to the boardroom. This style works for anything.


dual tone afro puff on curly hair

This beautiful honey blonde puff can work for everyone. Black women look good in every color and this one is no exception.

Don’t be afraid to go for the bright colors that people try to tell us we can’t wear.


afro puff with cornrows

No matter which way you style your cornrows, you will always have an amazing style when you combine them with an afro puff. Cornrows last a while and are a great protective style.


afro puff hairstyle on red 4c hair

Who doesn’t absolutely love this color?

It reminds of autumn and the leaves falling off of the trees in beautiful red and orange fiery colors. It also enhances such a beautiful afro puff style.


Afro puff with bangs and side twists

Can’t decide between cornrows or bangs? Do both!

Add the cornrows to the side of the bangs and you have a beautiful and creative afro puff style that you can wear all week.


burnt orange afro puff

Daring colors can really add some flair to a simple pineapple afro style. You will be sure to turn heads anywhere you go.

Stretch your hair to get this same volume to your pineapple afro puff.


blonde afro puff

Curly afro puffs never go out of style and this queen looks so sophisticated and regal!


afro puff draw string ponytail

A low ponytail afro puff is so underrated and I wish we saw it more.

Whether you decide to slick it down with edge control, or let it do its one thing, you’re guaranteed to have a style that works for you.


afro puff with shaves sides

Here’s a new take on a puff that we have been seeing more often.

Shaving the sides and the back of the hair is very daring but it looks incredible.

There are so many ways to style a puff with this cut.


afro puff wigs for black women

Go big or go home! This style embodies that in every sense of the word!

It”s so full of life and colorful, you couldn’t help but stop and stare if you saw her walking down the street.


mega double afro puff with temporary green hair dye

Gorgeous forest green afro puffs are definitely a look! This is beautiful, and although it’s a simple hairstyle, it still catches your eye, and makes you want to stop and stare.


Blue afro puff with temporary hair dye

This gorgeous cobalt blue puff is a show stopper for sure! Black women look beautiful in every color of the rainbow.

I know some of us are nervous about dying our hair, but there are temporary colors we can use, like this one.

48.Blonde afro puff on a black woman Blonde afro puff on a black woman

This is a very daring style with double-colored hair! To get the color just right, it would be best to go to a professional, but if you just want to have some fun, try some temporary hair color.

You could change the color every week if that’s what you wanted.


double mini afro puffs

For this colorful puff style, you’ll want to have an edge brush, edge control, and elastics. Totally optional, but you can add the gorgeous color as well!

If you’re nervous about coloring your hair, you can try temporary hair color.

It’s all the fun without the commitment! The two puffs in the front and the free hair in the back are a new take on the afro puff.


afro puff with side cornrows and bangs

You can even get creative with your braids and create patterns like crisscross braids!

Sometimes we get tired of the same old styles and want to add something to spice it up.

This is the perfect way to do it. A curly bang also spices up a puff and gives it such a sweet look.

50 Ways To Elevate Traditional Afro Puff Hairstyles