(Last Updated On: August 9, 2021)

A popular summer hairstyle is Bantu Knots. This is a simple hairstyle that anyone can do at home. You can achieve this hairstyle either by yourself or with the help of a hairstylist. 

I personally like to put my hair in knots so that it stays stretched and my ends remain protected. 
This hairstyle is great for transitioning hair and heat damage because you are able to wear your hair in a natural hairstyle, without showing the two distinct hair textures.

History of Bantu Knots

The origin of Bantu Knots or Zulu Knots is said to have started in the Southern West African region. At the time, this area was occupied by tribes of Bantu-speaking people. Eventually, the style spread its way throughout the continent of Africa.

They’ve been around for centuries and are an important style to Black African culture. They are a cultural style in the black community that has been passed down to us from centuries ago that we rarely get credit for, but the style came from our ancestors. 

How to sleep in Bantu Knots 

Despite how cute this style is, I know some of you are cringing just thinking about sleeping in them! There is a way tho, sis! First of all, the best way to preserve any style is to cover your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf at night.

However, it can be tough to keep them on at night with this style, so another great alternative is to have satin pillowcases and sheets. An edge scarf will keep your edges and baby hairs from frizzing up while you toss and turn at night. 

Now, due to the buns all over the head and the tightness of them, it will be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

There is no way around it, unfortunately. However, laying on your back or stomach may be the least uncomfortable position to sleep in with this style.

If you plan on taking the knots out the next day, try not to tie them up so tight, or use bobby pins instead of elastics to wrap them.

This can help ease some of the tension at the scalp that would make it difficult to sleep. If you plan on keeping them in, you can also keep them loose and then freshen them up in the morning. Sleeping with a sore scalp is not fun! 

How to moisturize your hair in Bantu Knots

Using a leave-in conditioner and a great gel will keep your Bantu knots moisturized and looking good. Our hair does not need much to thrive, but making sure to touch it up every now and then will keep the style looking fresh and will also keep your hair from drying out.

Make sure to pay attention to your ends as well. Although, for the most part, they will be tucked in for this style, damaged ends can stunt the growth of your hair and can also ruin a style, so make sure to add some leave-in and gel to those too.

Bantu Knots are best done on wet hair, so a perfect time to add the product and complete the style would be right after washing, 

How long do Bantu Knots last?

If taken care of, Bantu Knots can last up to two weeks. It’s best not to keep styles in too long so you don’t create too much damage, and depending on how tight you make the knots, leaving the style in for too long can cause damage to your roots.

Covering it with a bonnet or scarf can prolong it of course, but there really can be too much of a good thing sometimes so let it go when it’s time. Give your scalp a chance to breathe. 

When you feel like switching things up for a different look, simply unravel the knots to wear your hair in Bantu knot-outs. 

How do put my hair in Bantu knots?

There are several tutorials available out there that show how to style Bantu knots. The good thing is that you can wear this hairstyle even if your hair is short. You can also accessorize your looks with some braid rings, cowries, and other accessories you see fit.

Bantu Knots on Short 4c Hair

Bantu Knots on Short 4c Hair using Hair Extensions


Bantu Knots using Thread

Bantu Knots on Medium Length Hair

Jumbo Bantu Knots on Medium Length Natural Hair Using Hair Extensions

50 of the Best Bantu Knots Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Style

Bantu Knots on Kids

  1. Bantu Knots with Flat Twists on Kids

bantu knots with flat twists on kids hair

2. Bantu Knots with Cornrows on Kids kids bantu knots with cornrows


bantu knots on little girls


bantu knots on short 4c hair

5. Diamond Parts Bantu Knots on TWA

bantu knots on twa

6. Triangle Parts Bantu Knots

Triangle Parts Bantu Knots

7. DIY Bantu Knots on Damp Hair

DIY Bantu Knots on Damp Hair

8. Purple Bantu Knots on Short Hair

Purple Bantu Knots on Short Hair

9. Box Bantu Knots

bantu knots on transitioning hair

10. Bantu Knots on Relaxed Hair or Straight Hair

Bantu Knots on Relaxed Hair

11. Magenta Bantu Knots on Medium Natural Hair 

Pink Bantu Knots


13. Triangle Bantu Knots With Blue Wool

14. Mohawk Bantu Knots with Orange Wool

Mohawk Bantu Knots

15.  Statement Bantu Knots with Wrapped Ankara 


16. Bantu Knots on 4c Hair


zulu knots on short hair


south african zulu knots


twisted bantu knots


19. Bantu Knots with Rubber Band Singles At The Front 

Bantu knots on straight hair



bantu knots on teenagers

22. Blonde Bantu Knots

Blonde Bantu Knots

23. Bantu Knots on Transitioning Hair

Bantu Knots on Transitioning Hair

24.  Stylish Bantu Knots with Defined Edges

stylish bantu knots on long hair


bantu knots on long hair

26. Triangle Parts Bantu Knots on Long Hair 


bantu knots on type 4 hair


how to do bantu knots


history of bantu knots


how to do bantu knots on short hair


how to do bantu knots with hair extensions how to do bantu knots with hair extensions


 bantu knots mohawk

Bantu Knots With Cornrows


cornrows bantu knots


cornrows bantu knots



jumbo bantu knots box braids


accessorized bantu knots


box braids on long natural hair


fulani braids bantu knots

40. bantu knots with weave


bantu knots with braids


jumbo bantu knots

43. Half-up/Half-down Bantu Knots With Crochet

44. Bantu Knots with Weave


fulani braids bantu knots

46. Box braids with cornrows

Box braids with cornrows




48.  Sister locs bantu knots

sister locs bantu knots

49. Bantu Knots Locs

Bantu Knots Locs

50. Bantu Knots Out

Bantu Knots Out