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15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels for Coconut Sensitive Hair

Coconut oil allergies is a big problem for many women with curly hair. This can be frustrating because coconut oil is a popular DIY (Do-It-Yourself) product and ingredient in many hair products.

There are YouTube videos of women sharing their negative experiences with coconut-oil after prolonged use. Like these women, your hair might be suffering from coconut oil overload, or it’s possible that you’ve developed sensitivity against the product. Before condemning coconut oil, I will suggest trying other brands of unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil and perhaps other products with coconut oil to see if you still have the same negative reactions such as itchiness or rashes.

If the symptoms persists, then i’ll suggest trying products that does not contain coconut oil.

While reading the ingredients list on your chosen product, you may come across ingredient names with “coco” as a prefix, which means that these ingredients are derived from coconut.

This is nothing to be alarmed about because these coconut derived ingredients do not react the same way as coconut oil does, which means that you shouldn’t have a problem with them.


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The Best Curl-Defining Products Without Coconut Oil

This post contains affiliate links which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase with my link.

If you find a discontinued product on this list, please do let me know so I can keep this post updated. I’d also like to inform you that brands change their product packaging from time to time, which means that the product picture in this post might look a bit different from the retailers website at the time you decide to make a purchase.

It’s also worth noting that brands sometimes change their product formula for reasons best known to them. This means that the product formula might have changed by the time you decide to make a purchase. If such happens, please let me know so I can keep the post updated.

1. Eco Style Argan Oil Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Eco Style

Product Promise: Condition and revitalize your hair with Argan Oil styling gel. Formulated with natural argan oil to provide nourishment, control frizz and add shine throughout the day, Argan Oil gel provides lightweight hold and flexibility to achieve your desired style.  

Customer Review: “Been using this for years to achieve my wash and go. Well I call it a wash and set because I really don’t go anywhere lol. This is my go to gel. Holds my curls in place.”

2. TGIN Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - TGIN

Product Promise: Create soft touchable curls without the crunch using Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel. This unique formula aids in moisture retention, while providing long lasting curl definition. 

Customer Review: “I m a researcher. I don t waste my money on anything. I research, I ask friends, I read reviews, I watch videos. After reading the reviews on the curl bomb I decided to give it a try. I was so happy I did. My curls lasted for hours and smelled amazing.”

3. Uncle Funky Curly Magic Curl Stimulator

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Uncle Funkys Daughter

Product Promise: Curls become more defined and manageable with a nourished, brilliant shine.Curly Magic delivers superior results of taming frizz, elongating curls and adding moisture all in one powerful product.

Customer Review: “I’ve been a curly girl for over 5 years now and will never go back to processing my hair. Curl Magic is one of my top 3 favs, especially for traveling to hot and humid areas. You cannot go wrong with this product and I highly recommended.”

4. Bounce curl gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Bounce Curl

Product Promise: This light formula will not weigh down your hair, allowing you to create volume. Contains holding ingredient to help define curls, giving you the power to control any style you want.

Customer Review: “I have super thick, coarse, curly hair. I washed and conditioned as normal and then used bounce curl ALONE. No other products. I usually use half a can of mousse on my hair after washing. No mousse today! My hair is full of volume and the curls are defined. Love it!!!”

5. Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote 24 Karat Glistening Gold Twisting Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - The Mane Choice

Product Promise: Unique, innovative gel that delivers amazing definition and shine, while softening the hair. Beneficial for hair that is prone to breakage and split ends, weak and/or damaged.

Customer Review: “I absolutely love this product when i wear my hair curly it adds a unique shine to it and it holds my curls in place. Even when i don’t wear my hair curly and put it in my everyday bun lol it still adds life to my hair. This is a must have.”

6. Mielle Moisture RX Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Styling Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Mielle

Product Promise: Non-flaking holding gel with moisturizing formula. From twist-outs and braid-outs to beautiful curl definition or the perfect ponytail, you could use this styling gel with natural ingredients!

Customer Review: “Now this is a product I enjoy using everyday. It does not leave any flakey build up in my daughters hair. I’ve used it on her ponytails for school and it looks great and lasts through the day.”

7. Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Aunt Jackies

Product Promise: Gives beautiful stretch to shriveling curls, without flaking or caking. With nourishing Omega-3 fatty acids, Flaxseed has been widely used as a natural remedy for hair growth, anti-thinning and overall scalp health.

Customer Review: “This is by far one of the best gels I’ve used that truly defines my curls and doesn’t leave my hair feeling excessively dry.”

Coconut Oil-free Styling Gels

8. Miche beauty Sculpt Curl Defining Gel 

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Miche Beauty

Product Promise: Sculpt is an alcohol-free, curl defining & curl sculpting gel that provides curls & coils with hold, definition and shine. Sculpt provides a medium hold for long-lasting definition and hold. 

Customer Review: “This product has the perfect balance of moisture and hold. I live in the Midwest and the humidity is disrespectful but my twist looked beautiful! It also lasted for 2 weeks and very free products do that. I love it!”

9. Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel 

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Camille Rose

Product Promise: A silky soft butter infused with rich extracts of aloe vera gel and sweet fruit botanicals, crafted to provide moisture and light styling hold.

Customer Review: “There’s no silicone, coconut oil, or glycerin. Smells amazing. Curl definition has me speechless on days 1, 2, and 3. (It would probably last longer, I’m just a biweekly hair washer.) And I get the same results on wet or dry hair. A little product goes a long way. Hold with no crunch. Moisturizing, not greasy or sticky. I’m mad I didn’t know about the butter gel sooner.”

10. Curls Goddess Botanical Gelle

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Curls

Product Promise: The perfect product for curlies in humid climates to provide all day curl definition and to protect against a curly girls worst nightmare, FRIZZ. This styling gel is a great product to use before traveling, to set and keep your curls in place.

Customer Review: “My favorite product for wash n go’s. I always get compliments on how defined my curls are when I use it.”

11. JessiCurl Spirallicious Gel 

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Jessicurl

Product Promise: Provides all day hold and frizz control for all hair types.

Customer Review: “Absolutely love this gel. I have low porosity, loose waves/curls, and this gel is perfect because it doesn’t weigh them down at all. It’s great over a leave in moisturizer or on its own. A little goes a long way!”

12. Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Curl Junkie

Product Promise: A lightweight liquid styling gel/serum with a light hold. Adds brilliant shine and helps to tame frizz! This is the ultimate solution to maintain and define your curls every day.

Customer Review: “This is amazing. It really does repair the hair and it is VERY moisturizing. I am transitioning and all your hair treatments work well both on my low porosity natural and relaxed ends. I love your hair treatments so much I recommend it to anyone who ask me for hair treatment. I recommend it in all hair groups I am in. I am just so pleased, It’s a bit pricey but it last along time and I don’t mind paying for quality.”

13. DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Devacurl

Product Promise: Definition without the crunch. This non-flaking formula with a curl-locking blend provides a non-sticky curl cast that enhances shape, fights frizz, and amplifies shine and bounce.

Customer Review: “I love this gel. Just like it says, it is light and defining. It’s not sticky at all, it does not weigh down my hair/curls. I love it and I totally recommend it!”

14. Curlmix Pure flaxseeds Gel Moisturizer

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Curlmix

Product Promise: This gel leaves your hair soft, defined, feeling moisturized, elongating your curl, not crunchy, not flaky, and it smells like paradise.

Customer Review: “After the initial use of the products, I noticed a difference. I keep the sides cut short with curls on the top. Five weeks using the products – Love Them!”

15. Carol’s Daughter Pracaxi Nectar and Leave-in Style Control Gel

15 Coconut-Oil Free Styling Gels - Carols Daughter

Product Promise: Get control, plus extra conditioning care, with this styling gel that keeps styles touchably soft and beautifully locked in place to help give hair extra hold and moisture without any dusty, flaky residue.

Customer Review: “I can’t find this product anywhere and have not been able to in months. It’s one of the few gel products that doesn’t weigh down my fine, curly hair. Would love to know when and where I can get more.”

In Conclusion

Coconut oil allergies is nothing to play with. You don’t need to sacrifice your health and comfort for beautiful hair. You can have the hair of your dreams and feel good at the same time, even if it means a few trial and error.

I hope this list is sufficient in helping you to choose the best coconut-oil free gel that works with your hair and fits your budget.

Should you have additional products to add to the list, please let me know in the comments below.