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30 Beautiful Criss-Cross Box Braids Hairstyles With Rubber Bands

Braids are the most versatile yet straightforward hairstyle that a natural will ever have.

Our favorite styles, such as box braids, Fulani Braids, even cornrows, can become something more exciting and out of the norm than we’re used to.

Criss-cross braids are intricate designs that require attention and precision, but some styles are easy for beginners. Here we will discuss some excellent criss-cross techniques that you can try and enjoy.

Are criss-cross braids hard to do?

It may seem challenging to get the hang of it, but it can become simple with enough focus and precision. This is a style that takes practice and patience.

Don’t expect for it to come out looking perfect and beautiful the first time you do them.

If it does, great, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too, and it’s just a lesson to keep on trying.

20 Beautiful Criss-Cross Box Braids Hairstyles With Rubber Bands

How long do Criss cross braids last?

You definitely want to use a satin scarf to cover your hair and keep it flat with this style. Although bonnets protect your hair from damage, they do not always protect your style, and they can start to frizz pretty quickly.

This is where a satin scarf can save your life. The scarf will preserve the style itself from getting frizzy and messed up too fast.

If you’re not that great at tying a scarf so that it stays on all night, put a bonnet on over the scarf for added protection. Crisscross braids can last one week or two or more if you care for them very well.

How do I do Criss Cross Braids?

There are many different routes and designs you can come up with to do criss-cross braids. Check out videos on Youtube to discover which style suits your fancy the most.

Make sure to do your research on which products you will need to create the look you want.

Each look featured here will have a list of products that are best used to develop each style.

The simplest way to do them is to create parts for each cross. The amount of parts depends on how many crosses you want.

After completing the parts, the next step is to cross them over and tie them with elastics not to unravel them. Make sure to smooth them down with some edge control not to look frizzy and dry.

There are many talented people on Youtube that create unique styles like the one featured here. Follow their example, and support them while watching and sharing their videos.

Not only will you be showing your support, but you will also be learning something new.

Natural hair YouTubers put a lot of time and effort into making their videos so that they can help the community.

As the community, it is up to us to show our appreciation for their time and effort. We get something out of it as well: a new unique hairstyle!

What Products Do I Need For Criss-Cross Braids

  • Elastics for keeping the criss-cross design in place. Just be careful when taking them out at the end. Have someone else help you or use multiple mirrors to see what you’re doing to avoid cutting out your hair
  • Edge control to lay down your baby hairs. If you want to do this, this product is up to you, but it never hurts to add more flair to a style.
  • Satin scarf or bonnet to tie down your hair and make the style stay fresh and last longer. A bonnet and a scarf are essential for any style and for protecting your hair from damage overnight.
  • Braiding hair to add length and volume to your box braids. Everyone has their preference for braiding hair but if you’re new to it, ask around at the stores and people you know who braids before you purchase to find the best one.
  • Rattail comb for getting the parts precise. This is the most critical step of the hairstyle because, with such an intricate design created in the very front, it will show if the parts are not straight and look messy. Rattail combs are great for getting good parts.


1. Light Brown Criss Cross Braids with Box Braids

Upgrade your box braids style with Criss Cross braids in the front. We always tend to get creative with the size and color of our braids, but we can get creative in other ways, too, such as this. Simple baby hairs can tie the whole look together as well.

Light Brown Criss Cross braids with box braids

2. Criss Cross Braids with Black Box Braids

You can get creative with box braids that go past your waist and designed baby hair in the front. There will be many parts to make for this style because the criss-cross pieces are smaller.

The smaller you want the crosses, the more parts you will have to make, so keep that in mind.

Criss Cross braids with Black box braids 

3. Extra Long Criss Cross Box Braids

Make sure to spend a lot of time clicking down those crosses so they can come out smooth and flat.

Extra Long Criss Cross Box Braids

4. Red Criss Cross Box Braids

Adding a pop of color is always a great way to spice up any style and show more personality.

Red Criss Cross Box Braids

5. Criss Cross Braids with Bantu Knots and Box Braids

Make fewer crosses in the front so you can add some stylish buns!

Criss Cross Braids with Bantu Knots and Box Braids

6. Half up-Half down Criss-Cross Braids

Half up, half down is always a classic, but it can always be accessorized, like this one with criss-cross braids in the front.

Half up-Half down Criss-Cross Braids

7. Sleek Ponytail with Cornrows and Criss-Cross Braids

Sleek ponytails can sometimes seem bland, but you can always spice it up.

Products to use:

  • Scrunchie to hold the ponytail in place so it doesn’t unravel. You can also use bobby pins instead; just be careful to place them, so they don’t poke your scalp.
  • Ponytail piece to add to your natural hair for length.
  • Brush to keep your ponytail sleek and from getting tangled.
Sleek Ponytail with Cornrows and Criss-Cross Braids

8. Criss Cross Braids with Buns and Thigh Length Box Braids

It’s never a dull style when buns are involved!

Criss Cross Braids with Buns and Thigh Length Box Braids

9. Red Criss Cross Braids

Some of the styles here only use about two lines of crosses, but you can also crisscross the hair until you get to the middle.

Red Criss Cross Braids

10. Multi-Styled Criss-Cross Braids

As mentioned at the beginning, you can style criss-cross braids in multiple ways, including these two.

Multi-Styled Criss-Cross Braids
20 Beautiful Criss-Cross Box Braids Hairstyles With Rubber Bands

11. Blonde Criss-Cross Braids

This is a beautiful hairstyle and color for women with both light and dark skin tones. All that’s needed is a few packs of blonde hair extensions. You can make the braids be shorter, longer, thinner, or chunkier to fit your personal style.

Blonde Criss-Cross Braids 

12. Criss Cross Braids with Blue and Platinum Highlights

Use edge gel to lay down your baby hair. If you want to do this, this product is up to you, but adding more flair to a style never hurts.

If you’re doing any style where your edges can be pulled too tight, it’s best to keep them out to avoid tearing and hair loss, so consider adding this step to your style.

Look for blue and platinum braiding hair to match this style.

Criss Cross Braids with colorful elastics

13. Criss-Cross with Senegalese Twists

Easy, classy, and straightforward! Keep your twists in shape with a satin bonnet to prevent frizziness, and keep the style in shape for as long as possible. Wear the bonnet anytime you are relaxing at home.

criss cross braids on black women

14. Criss Cross with Faux Locs

Faux locs are becoming a trend in the last year. For faux loc maintenance, use hair oil specifically for braids and locs. Put the oil on whenever you notice your scalp getting dry.

knee length soft locs for black women

15. Criss Cross With Faux Locs Style

You spend lots of money on getting your hair done, so you’ll want to ensure you care for your style. Don’t forget to pick up a bonnet when you get your hair extensions. Put it on even when you’re not doing anything at home.

criss cross soft locs hairstyle

16. Rubber Band Criss Cross With Cornrows and Braids

After you get your hair done, treat yourself to some false eyelashes. Braids and falsies go together like ice cream and cake.

tribal criss cross braids on black women

17. Beautiful Criss Cross With Small Braids

Look at those long braids! Taking a shower with long braids can be challenging, which is why an extra-large shower cap is a must for keeping this style fresh. Don’t forget your false eyelashes if you want to look extra special for any occasion.

criss cross braids with curly end

18. Waist Length Criss Cross Braids

If you love your styles as long as possible, you’ll fall in love with these waist-length crisscross braids.

While you can get them wet, make sure you pat them dry afterward with a towel. If you forget to dry them every time you get them wet (via beach, pool, or shower), you risk getting smelly braids from mildew.

criss cross hairstyles on black girls

19. Blue Criss Cross Braids with Beaded Ends

Colored hair extensions are always a great idea. You can get hair extensions in various colors and lengths. The best part is being able to customize them to your personality!

blue white criss cross hairstyle with beads

20. Pink and Mint Criss Cross Braids

This style is for those who love to stand out. Be ready for the onslaught of compliments you’ll get with this style. If you’re sold on these braids, you’ll need rubber bands, pink hair, mint green hair, and edge gel for the baby hairs.

pink and light blue criss cross braids

21. Criss Cross Curly Braids

Curly ends spice up any braid style. To keep your braids together, you’ll need to make sure to put some hair oil on your scalp only. The oil helps keep your natural hair healthy and moisturized. Use hair oil ONLY, not body oil!

criss cross hairstyle on black girls

22. Criss Cross Rubberband on Red Hair

Maintaining these beautiful red cross-cross braids will mean having a bonnet, moisturizer oil, and a good bonnet that won’t slide off. A high-quality bonnet is worth the price, so skip the ones at your local dollar store since they are often loose enough to move as you sleep.

red criss cross braids

23. Simple Criss Cross Braids

Some like it simple. You’ll be obsessed with these simple crisscross braids if this is you. Grab some hair extensions, rubber bands, and edge gel for these classic braids.

criss cross box braids

24. Six Sections Criss Cross with Blonde Highlights

Anyone can rock these crisscross braids with blonde highlights. You’ll want to take many Instagram pictures after this style is done.

dual tone criss cross box braids

25. Criss Cross Cornrows with a Straight Ponytail

Ponytails look cute on everyone. If you plan to wear this style for over a night or two, you’ll want to get a bonnet to keep the braids looking good. Wear a shower cap to prevent the ponytail and braids from becoming a hot, frizzy mess.

criss cross hairstyle with weave

26. Criss Cross Bohemian Box Braids

Bohemian box braids have been making a wave. This mixture of curly hair and braids provides a one-of-a-kind look. To maintain these braids, you must wear a satin bonnet every night. You can use synthetic or human hair for the braids.

criss cross braids for black women

27. Alternating Criss Cross and Cornrows Box Braids

This simple look can be upgraded using colored rubber bands and hair extensions in any color you want. The versatility of crisscross braids is one of the reasons it remains a trending hairstyle.

pink ombre criss cross braids

28. 3-in-1 Criss Cross, Cornrows, and Box Braids

Braids, braids, and more braids! Braids can get frizzy fast, so remember to buy a satin bonnet to hold all your braids. Regular-sized bonnets are better for completely natural/short hairstyles, and extra-large bonnets are perfect for those waist-length braids.

long criss cross braids for black women

29. Passion Twist Criss Cross Braids

Passion twists are quickly rising in popularity, with good reason. They look beautiful! To keep this style looking beautiful, pick up a scarf/bonnet/wrap to wear while you get your beauty sleep. Don’t forget to put some hair oil on your scalp every few days to moisturize your hair.

criss cross hairstyle with passion twist for black girls

30. Large Cornrow Criss Cross Braids

Last but not least, we have these unique cornrow criss-cross braids. For these criss-cross braids, you’ll need hair extensions in your preferred length.

criss cross with stitch braids for black girls

In Conclusion

As you may have noticed, many of the products used in this article are the same. Our product list does not need to be miles long to create styles, even intricate techniques such as criss-cross braids. We can use and recycle many of the things we already have at home.

Keep your list short and simple when you go out to purchase the products to create these styles. Even the most elaborate hairstyles don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to complete. This is a great starting guide for products you will always need for different kinds of styles. 

20 Beautiful Criss-Cross Box Braids Hairstyles With Rubber Bands