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10 Best Curl Refreshing Spray Leave-In Conditoners For 4c Hair

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2020)

If you have fine natural hair or low-density hair, you might not be able to use thick leave-in conditioners in your hair. These crème based moisturizers can leave your hair feeling weighed down, sticky and uncomfortable. That’s why in this post, I want to recommend the ten best leave-in conditioner sprays you can try out for your fine natural hair.

These products are also ideal for type 3 hair and even babies.

Top 10 Curl Refreshing Sprays for mid-week “pick me up” 

This post contains affiliate links which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase with my link.

If you find a discontinued product on this list, please do let me know so I can keep this post updated. I’d also like to inform you that brands change their product packaging from time to time, which means that the product picture in this post might look a bit different from the retailers’ website at the time you decide to make a purchase.

1. Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Curl Refreshing Spray

natural hair curl refresher

Product Claim: Our Pomegranate & Honey Collection is a Prime + Define styling system formulated for thick, curly Type 4 hair, however perfect for ANY curl pattern. It’s water-based with essentials oils to rehydrate your curls with an illuminating shine and pleasant fragrance while delivering a soft, flexible hold to reduce frizz and re-define your curls.

5 Star Review: “Fantastic refreshing spray, it makes my hair soft and free of tangles. Does not dry hair out. The product smell amazing.

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2. Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz  

leave-in spray for natural hair

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Product Claim: This lightweight aloe-based spray is made of all-natural ingredients and contains vitamin B-5 to add moisture to your hair and completely eliminate frizz!

5 Star Review:This product is perfect for my hair. It has enough slip to comb through my hair

3. Naturally Smitten Curl Delight Mist 

leave-in conditioner for fine hair

Product Claim: Curl Delight Mist will spruce up any textured ‘do. Our lush formula gives type 4 twist-outs and braid-outs that extra hydration needed to make natural hair shine.

5 Star Review: “This is great for hydration and worked great with my mini twists. The twist out afterward was amazing on my 4c hair!

4. Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco Condition Daily Leave-In Conditioner 

curl refreshing spray for 4c hair

Product Claim: An intense, daily leave-in conditioner for hair that consistently lacking in moisture. Prevent shrinkage and protect hair from damage with this daily conditioning spray.

5 Star Review: This is a quality product! I have tried many leave-in products, but this one is more effective! It leaves my natural hair shiny, soft, and smelling fantastic!. I totally recommend it. Other products in this line are also very effective. You won’t be disappointed!”

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5. Oyin Handmade Greg Juice 

curl refreshing spray for 4c Hair

Product Claim: Strongly infused with a variety of herbs known to help stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth; vegetable ingredients for detangling, moisture, and suppleness; vegetable glycerine for humectant and shine; and an essential oil blend nutritious to the scalp.

5 Star Review:Softens my hair and soothes my itchy scalp. A new staple can’t wait to try other Oyin products

6. OBIA Naturals Curl Hydration Spray

best leave in conditioner for curly hair

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Product Claim: Moisturize, hydrate, and refresh your hair and scalp with natural ingredients like Argan oil and rose oil. This pH-balanced formula conditions adds shine and detangles hair without leaving buildup or residue.

5 Star Review:This spray is great after day 3. I spray all over and it adds shine and manageability. It even helps detangle my tight curls.

7. Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher

4c hair curl refresher

Product Claim: Spray, Shake, and Go! Get your 2nd-day curls just as defined and refreshed as the 1st with a boost of moisture and lovely mango scent – all in one easy step. Instantly revive bed-head hair and dried out curls to make them look fabulous again. A unique blend of quality ingredients including aloe vera and almond oil reduces frizz, enhances shine, and locks in moisture all (2nd) day long! 

5 Star Review:This product is amazing! It smells just like fruit punch, is incredibly moisturizing, and a little goes a long way!

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8. Soultanicals Hair Sorrell Knappylicious Kink Drink

best leave-in conditioner for curly hair

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Product Claim: This hydrating blend is sure to transport you to exotic locations with every spritz.

5 Star Review: I love this detangler. I spray this in my hair and the tangles melt away. Amazing! It is also moisturizing. Great product.

9.  Naturalicious Heavenly Hydration Grapeseed Hair Mist

protein free leave-in conditioner for 4c hair


Product Claim: For those styling days in between wash days. When hair needs that extra boost of hydration.

Just a couple of quick spritzes and hair becomes as soft & glamorous as the day you washed it. Go longer in between wash days with this instant boost of hydration. Use the mist to add shine without any buildup & give your style the touch-up it needs.

Review: “Love the way that the grapeseed spray mist makes my hair feel and smell. It keeps my hair moist.”

10Cantu Comeback Curl Next Day Curl Revitalizer

curl refresher for natural hair

Product Claim: Cantu shea butter come back next day curl hair revitalizer will define, moisturize, and restore curls, leaving them smooth, and frizz-free. Reduces frizz and adds shine, creates touchable hold, revives, and refreshes curls.

Review: I love this stuff it makes my curls look great the second day without washing my hair.

There you have it. Which product on this list have you tried and which one are you going to be trying next? I’d love to know in the comment section. 


curl refreshing spray for 4c natural hair

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