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40 Low Manipulation 4c Hairstyles To Try

4c hair doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming if you are patient and willing to learn how to manage your hair. That’s why in this post, I will be recommending easy 4c hairstyles you can try on your hair.

These hairstyles are appropriate for all hair lengths, densities, and volumes. This means that regardless of your hair length and hairstyling skills, you will find a few hairstyles you can easily replicate and try out.

There are also many tutorials to follow on Youtube and so many are beginner-friendly. So if you find a video that is challenging for you, just look for the ones that are for beginners.

If you have short hair, look for videos that focus on short hair instead of long hair.

What hairstyles are good for 4C hair?

There are many styles that are great for 4C hair. You just have to have patience and train your hair to get used to being in certain styles. Youtube is a great resource as well as asking the women that you grew up with and know in your everyday life.

Your aunts and neighbors have been doing hair for years and probably know more styles than you can imagine. Utilize them and their knowledge.

You can also ask for tips from hairstylists in your area. They are the perfect resource because they are trained to know all of this information. Do not be afraid to experiment with styles on your own as well.

You know your hair better than anyone and you can learn so much more about what it can do by experimenting and trying out something different.

Just be careful not to overwork your hair and give it a break every now and then. Doing too much with your hair can cause breakage and to prevent that, sometimes you just need to leave your hair alone.

Twist it up and leave the twists in for a week or two.

You can wash it while still in the twists, and when they start to get frizzy, take them out and do them again. Or put it in some cornrows and leave them in for a while.

Styling your hair too much is not worth the damage it can cause.

You can even wrap your hair up in headwraps or wear wigs to protect it. Protective styles can also prevent breakage as they are meant to protect your ends.

How do I style my 4C natural hair?

In this article, there are many styles that 4C hair can be put in but there are so much more. 4C hair is not limited to only certain styles.

Our hair is called versatile for a reason. We can do any style we set our minds to.

We also don’t have to be limited to just braids and protective styles. For instance, there are puffs, twist-outs, braid-outs, and more.

You can stretch your hair with the banding method or blow it out with the blowdryer. Whatever style you can think of, 4C hair can do it.

How can I make my 4C hair look good?

Taking care of it will make your 4C hair look good. It may seem like the most difficult hair to maintain but it’s not impossible and once you get your routine down perfectly and remain consistent, your hair will always look good.

Our hair needs moisture and water is not our enemy. Having a consistent wash routine at least once a week is an important step to making your hair look good.

Don’t overload it with product. With hair as thick as ours is, a little still goes a long way. We do not need 50 products at a time to maintain our hair.

Start with high-quality shampoo and conditioner, some gel and some styling foam, and work your way from there. Whatever else you want to include in your routine is up to you, as long as you have these basics.

40 Beautiful Low Manipulation 4c Hairstyles To Try

How do you define 4C curls?

Defining 4C curls does not take a ton of effort, but it does require trial and error with products before finding the right ones. Gel is a great product for defining curls due to its hold.

Making sure the hair is still damp while applying the gel is a great method in defining 4C curls.

Make sure that your hair is getting enough moisture. It could look dull and lifeless due to not getting enough attention and care. Styling foam or mousse can also define a curl from a twist out or braid out.

How do I slick my 4C hair?

The best tools to use for slicking 4C hair are edge control, edge brush, and edge scarf. Although if an edge brush is not available, a clean toothbrush works great in its absence.

The edge scarf focuses only on laying down your edges and not the whole style, so if you have a style that would be ruined by a whole scarf, an edge scarf is the next best thing.

Using gel alongside the edge control will also be a big help. If you’re going for a completely sleek look, make sure to avoid gels that will revert your hair back to curly.

Beautiful Natural Hairstyles to Feel More Confident In

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1. Finger Coils

comb coils on twa 4c hair


Finger coils are a simple style for a TWA that doesn’t require too much time but lasts for a long while if taken care of. All you need for this style is some gel with a great hold to keep the finger coils together and a rattail comb to make sure the parts are not sloppy.

This is not a style that you can do quickly and head out the door.

You must take your time with this style as it will take a while if you want it to look good and last.

2. Afro Puffs with Bangs

space buns on short 4c hair


For this style of afro puffs, the hair is stretched. The best ways to stretch hair are blow-drying, or a braid/twist out. However you decide to stretch your hair, don’t forget to add the bangs to create an added dimension to a beautiful style.

Our hair does not always have to be slicked down for it to look beautiful. A style like this looks gorgeous and there’s not a baby hair in sight.

3. Wash and Go

two strand twists on short 4c hair


A wash-and-go is one of the most simple styles for 4C yet they can seem intimidating, especially to new naturals. Don’t worry. Wash-and-gos are a great style for this hair type.

Just take your time in finding the right products for you.

The best thing to use after shampooing and conditioning is a gel to help the curl hold its shape.

Make sure the hair is still damp when adding the product because the wash-and-go will come out so much better.

4. Elegant Twisted Updo

updo on short 4c hair


To achieve this look, you will have to stretch your hair, preferably with heat to get it this smooth. Our hair is so versatile but does not require a ton of tools to style.

Simply put, the most important things you’ll need will be a rattail comb for precise parts and bobby pins to keep the twists in place.

5. Braided Mini Twists

two strand twists on short 4c hair


A style such as this takes a lot of time and patience but is so worth it for the finished result. There are many ways to style your hair while it is in mini twists and this is one great way.

Make sure to have elastics to hold the style in place until you’re ready to take it out. Mini twists are a low manipulation style that can last a few weeks.

6. Braided Chunky Twists

loose two strand twists on 4c hair


Similar to the mini twists, chunky twists also make a great style for 4C hair. It can hold styles like twists without them unraveling too soon. You will also need elastics for this style.

You can also switch up the style and get creative with it.

7. Cornrows With Twists

flat twists and two strand twists on 4c hair


You don’t even need anything for this style which makes it a great versatile style to have in your hair. Including cornrows will make the style last longer.

8. Twisted Up-Do with Red Highlights

updo on 4c hair for weddings


Elegant Updos such as this always look fantastic on 4C hair, so this is a perfect style if you’re looking for something elegant and out of the ordinary. Keep some elastics and bobby pins handy to keep this style from falling flat.

9. Twist-Out

twist outs on 4c hair


Twist-outs are one of the most common styles for 4C hair. It’s a classic style and there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

It’s a classic for a reason and the reason is that it’s a simple, yet cute style that we could do every day if we felt like it. It is also a low-manipulation style that helps to protect our hair and help it grow.

You can simply never go wrong with a twist out.

10. Twist-Out Multi-Styles

4c natural hairstyle on long hair


A classic twist-out is always a top choice, but there are so many ways to style them that we don’t have to go the classic route if we don’t want to.

Here are just a few examples of ways we can style our twist-outs if we’re bored with the classic way and all you’ll need are a few scrunchies, hair elastics, and some bobby pins.

11. Flat Twists with a Bun

flat twists on 4c hair


One of the best styles for 4C is the flat twist style because our hair can hold it so well, and it will stay for a long while.

The best thing about flat twists is that you can create elaborate styles like this with them, or you can even create a twist-out style and take them out to create a curl.

12. Chunky Twists

loose two strand twists on 4c hair


Chunky Twists are one of the best 4C styles because our hair will naturally hold it without much effort. A style like this does not need much product or tools for it to come out great.

There is nothing wrong with letting our hair do its natural thing. It doesn’t always have to be slicked down to look good.

13. Braided Updo

mohawk cornrows on 4c hair


For an elaborate style such as this, it’s a great idea to indulge in a trip to the salon to have it done by a professional. This way, the style can last for weeks and it will come out so perfectly.

14. Wash and Go with a Headband

wash and go on natural hair


A headband can take any simple style and turn it into something elegant, cute, and ready for any activity.

Wash and gos always look good on their own, but adding a headband can just take it to another level.

15. Straight-Back Cornrows

all-back cornrows on long natural hair


This is one style that never gets old. Straight-back cornrows do not get enough credit for being such a great style.

A lot of naturals only get them to go under their wigs, but they can make a great style too without the wig. Braids are also a protective style so they can help your hair retain length.

16. Bantu Knots & Curls

roller sets on natural hair with bantu knots


Bantu Knots, like twist-outs, can sometimes be two styles in one. Taking Bantu Knots out can create a gorgeous curl, or they can be left in to create another style with something added to it.

To get curls like this, there are many ways to achieve them. Perm rods, Flexi rods, or simple curlers can help you create curls such as these.


17. Sleek Low Bun

Bantu Knots & Curls

Yes, we can slick our 4C hair down sometimes. The best way to get it this sleek is to stretch it with heat or other ways, but you don’t necessarily have to.

This particular style is heat-styled to achieve sleekness and it’s beautiful.

Let’s do our part to destroy the myth that 4C hair is hard to deal with and maintain, and it can’t be styled.

These things are all false. 4C hair can be the best canvas to work on when it comes to unique styles.

As long as you are washing it regularly and keeping it moisturized, your life will be so much easier and your hair will be so much healthier.


low manipulation hairstyles for short hair with two buns


two braided haistyles with hair cuffs


low manipulation hairstyle for black hair


bun hairstyle with beads


bun hairstyle with curly bangs



shoulder length two strand twist hairstyle



half up half down hairstyle



easy short curled hair



curly bob hair for black women



short 4c natural hairstyle



Curls with top knot



wash and go with head scarf tied


head wrap hairstyle for black women



colored 4c hairstyle



top knot with twisted bangs



sleek buns for type 4c hairstyle



jumbo twisted hairstyle for ladies with accessories



twisted hairstyle with bangs



low bun braid hairstyle for black hair



top knot flat twist hairstyle



red 4c type hairstyle



two strand twist with beads



afro hairstyles for black hair



simple two strand twist bangs


Try these 40 easy 4c Hairstyles