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10 Easy Homemade Hair Growth Recipes For Long And Thick Hair 

Being on a hair growth journey is no easy task. It is filled with moments of you constantly checking to see how many inches of hair you’ve gained or wondering what secrets lie in the long hair of those natural hair YouTubers.

Chances are you’ve also put your hair through a lot of trial and error with different expensive products that are not guaranteed to work for you. However, you can actually make your own hair growth concoctions without having to spend a ton of money on hair products. 

That’s why I’ve put together some easy and effective homemade hair growth recipes in this post. Read ahead to find the best DIY options you can use to give your hair the TLC it needs.

Why Is My Natural Hair Not Growing?

As I’ve talked about in my post about 4c hair growth, unless there is an underlying health issue like alopecia, everyone’s hair naturally grows.  Most people’s hair grows between half an inch to one inch a month. 

The only reason why you may not be noticing the growth is that there are certain hair and lifestyle habits you may be doing that cause your hair to break off, which in turn will stop you from retaining the hair growth.  Some of these habits can include not moisturizing the hair often, wearing overly tight protective styles, or not properly detangling the hair. You can read more about mistakes that could be affecting your hair growth in this post.

Can Foods Help Hair Growth?

We’ve all probably heard the saying “you are what you eat” more times than we can count. However, as cliche, as it sounds, it is actually true when it comes to your hair. When your body lacks certain nutrients, it can slow down the rate at which your hair grows out. 

When you have proteins, fatty acids, biotin, iron, zinc, and vitamins in your diet, they ensure the body is healthy and facilitate hair growth at a molecular level. 

The hair is majorly made up of proteins, so try to eat protein-rich foods like meats, fish, beans, and eggs. Other foods like leafy greens, nuts, avocados, and more also help with hair growth. You can read more about them here.

What Ingredients Make Hair Grow?

Some of the best ingredients for stimulating hair growth include the following :

  • Water: water is an essential moisturizer for the hair. It keeps the hair from being dry and, in turn, reduces breakage and damage. This will lead to noticeably longer hair as you are able to retain more length.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is a nourishing humectant that draws moisture into your hair. Doing this reduces breakage and damage and helps you retain length, making your hair appear to grow faster.
  • Shea butter: Shea butter contains fatty acids and vitamins, which are great for the hair and scalp, but it also helps seal moisture into the hair. This will, in turn, reduce breakage and lead to stronger hair and length retention.
  • Castor oil: Many women swear by castor oil as a hair growth ingredient, and I can personally attest to its benefits. However, it hasn’t been scientifically to help with hair growth, so take that with a grain of salt. However, it does have many vitamins and fatty acids which help lock in moisture and reduce breakage, and that can ultimately help with length retention.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary oil has many antioxidants which reduce inflammation in the scalp and, in turn, facilitate hair growth. You can use the oil or infuse the fresh plant in water to get the benefits.
  • Pumpkinseed oil: This oil is rich in beta-carotene and fatty acids, which are great for hair growth.
  • Tea tree Oil:  Tea tree oil is an excellent oil with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. This helps reduce inflammation in the scalp and aid hair growth oil. 

What Is The Difference Between Hair Growth And Length Retention?

Most people often misuse the term hair growth and length retention interchangeably, but there is actually a difference between the two. Hair growth is the rate at which your hair grows out from the follicle, and it typically happens in a cycle known as th hair growth cycle. 

This cycle consists of four stages which include: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. The growth phase of the hair mainly occurs in the anagen phase, and you don’t have much control over how much the hair grows while it is in this stage. 

Length retention, on the other hand, is your ability to retain the length of hair that grows out of your follicle at any point in time. It is really the only controllable factor of “hair growth,” as it is determined by your lifestyle habits and how well you care for your hair. If you can retain most of the length your hair grows out, you will have long hair. If you can’t, it will break off, and you won’t notice any growth.

Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?

There is no miracle hair growth secret that can speed up hair growth because we don’t have much control over it, and we are all already born with the total amount of hair follicles we will ever have. So, there’s no way to really change that. 

However, there are certain things you can do to help smooth things along and facilitate the growth process.  They include the following:

  • Massage The Scalp With Growth Oils: Apply a growth oil like castor oil or amla oil to the scalp twice a week and massage it in for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Eat A Balanced Diet:  The hair thrives on vitamins and proteins, so consuming a healthy diet with things like eggs, nuts, salmon, leafy greens, and fruits will enrich your hair will the nutrients it needs to grow.
  • Try Hair Vitamins/Treatments: You can also kick things up a notch by taking hair vitamins. These oral vitamins will supplement your body with additional vitamins it may not have and, in turn, boost hair growth. However, you have to be consistent with the prescribed dosage, or you won’t notice much difference. You can also try a professional hair growth treatment like minoxidil. It is a topical hair growth serum formulated to treat hair thickness by boosting hair growth.
  • Leave Your Hair Alone: This might sound counterintuitive, but I have found that the best way to boost hair growth is to simply stop stressing and let your hair do its own thing. Constantly changing styles and excessively manipulating the hair are one of the main reasons people end up with breakage, which affects their hair growth.

Note: I’m not saying you should completely neglect your hair, but putting in a protective style for at least 1-2 weeks will tuck your ends in and reduce breakage, which will ultimately lead to length retention.

10 Easy Homemade Hair Recipes 

Hair Growth Oil Recipes

If you’re looking for oils that stimulate hair growth, try some of the options below.

  1. Clove Oil

What It Does

Cloves contain an organic compound known as eugenol, which helps promote hair growth and conditioner the hair follicles. It also reduces inflammation on the scalp and increases blood flow to the scalp. 

Clove oil for hair growth

What You’ll Need

How To Use It

  1. Add the whole cloves to a blender and grind them into a powder.
  2. Combine two tablespoons of the clove powder and 4 ounces of oil in a container.
  3. Place the container in hot water to warm up the mixture. Then cover it and place it in a storage cabinet for 1-2 days.
  4. After two days, pour the clove oil mixture into a straining cloth and squeeze out the oil. Discard the clove powder.
  5. Spritz the hair with some water. Then, apply this oil only to your scalp 1-2 times a week and massage it in for a few minutes. You can leave it in or wash it out after a few hours if you prefer.

Here is a video you can follow along when making this oil-

2. Rosemary Oil

What It Does

Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it strengthens the hair and promotes nerve and hair growth.  

Rosemary Oil recipe

What You’ll Need

How To Use It

  1. Rinse the rosemary leaves and pat them dry with a soft towel
  2. Add ¼ of a cup of olive oil and two tablespoons of castor oil to a bowl.
  3. Remove the leaves from the rosemary and add them to the oil mixture.
  4. Boil some water in a pot on the stove. Once the water starts to boil, reduce the stove to low heat.
  5. Place the bowl with the rosemary mixture on the boiling water for ten minutes. Make sure the water does not get into the bowl. You are only trying to heat the oil, not cook it.
  6. Take out the bowl and let the oil cool down.
  7. Pour the oil mixture into a strainer and strain out the oil. Then discard the rosemary leaves.
  8. Spritz the hair with water and apply this oil to your scalp and massage it in. Use it once or twice a week.

Here is a video to better explain the steps-

3. Ayurvedic Hair Oil

What It Does

This ayurvedic hair oil is a potent growth oil that completely transformed my natural hair and helped me notice more growth. It is packed full of nourishing herbs which reduce hair loss, boost hair growth, and stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. It also helps to darken hair and contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, which help balance the health of the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil recipe for hair growth

What You’ll Need

How To Use It

  1. Add three tablespoons each of fenugreek seeds, amla powder, henna powder, and bhringraj powder in a mason jar.
  2. Add ¼ of a cup of olive oil to the jar
  3. Add ¼ of a cup of grapeseed oil to the jar
  4. Add ¼ of a cup of almond oil to the jar and shake the mixture properly
  5. Cover the jar and place it in hot water for an hour. Then leave it out in a place with direct sunlight for 1-2 weeks to let it infuse.
  6. After infusion, pour out the oil mixture into a straining cloth and strain out the oil.
  7. Add four tablespoons of Jamaican black castor oil to the mixture.
  8. Add 60 drops of tea tree essential oil (This is approximately 3 ml)
  9. Add 40 drops of lavender essential oil (This approximately 2 ml)
  10. Transfer the mixture to an applicator bottle and shake to combine everything.
  11. Spritz the scalp with some water and then a few drops of the ayurvedic oil all over the scalp. Massage it in for a few minutes. 
  12. Store the oil in a cool, dry place and apply it to the scalp twice a week.

Hairs Growth Masks For Dry And Damaged Hair

If you have dry, damaged hair, you can try these nourishing hair masks to moisturize the hair and stimulate hair growth.

4. Amla Mask

What it does

This amla hair mask is a fantastic mask rich with fatty acids and humectants to nourish dry, damaged hair. It also controls hair loss, conditions the hair follicles, and boosts hair growth.

Amla mask recipe

What You’ll need

How To Use It

  1. Add half a cup of shea butter into a bowl and place the bowl in hot water to melt the shea butter.
  2. Combine equal parts amla powder and aloe vera juice in a separate bowl.
  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons of rose water into the bowl.
  4. Then add in the melted shea butter and use a spoon to mix everything properly.
  5. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for 30-60 minutes after shampooing
  6. Rinse it off and follow up with a moisturizer.
  7. Use this mask every wash day or once a week.

Here is a video to help guide you through the steps-

5. Avocado- Banana Hair Mask

What it does

This hair mask is rich in fatty acids, proteins, humectants, and nourishing oils, all of which strengthen and moisturize dry, damaged hair. The oils in it also facilitate hair growth. It is very popular amongst many women with natural hair of all types. It is even a favorite of celebrities like Cardi B, who has credited it as a key secret to her hair growth regimen.

Avocado- Banana Hair Mask for black hair

What You’ll need

How To Use It

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and apply it evenly to your hair after shampooing.
  3. Leave it on for 30-60 Minutes and rinse it off. Follow up with a moisturizer.
  4. Do this every week or at least once every two weeks.

You can watch this video to get more insight on this DIY treatment-

6. Henna Mask

What it does

This henna hair mask strengthens and repairs hair follicles while promoting hair growth. It also contains humectants which are deeply moisturizing and help to nourish dry, damaged hair.

Henna mask recipe for hair

What You’ll need

How To Use It

  1. Add half a cup of coconut milk to a bowl.
  2. Add ¼  a cup of henna powder and aloe vera juice to the coconut milk.
  3. Add two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of pumpkin seed oil.
  4. Mix everything properly with a spoon or spatula.
  5. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for 30 Minutes before rinsing.
  6. Use it every week or every wash day.

This video from youtube curly proverbz will guide you through the steps if you need a bit more help-

Hair Food For Growth And Thickness

If you’re looking for something to nourish your hair and encourage thickness and growth. Try these hair food recipes.

  1. Shea Butter Mix

What It Does

On its own, shea butter is a nourishing and moisturizing ingredient that enriches the hair with vitamins while helping to seal n moisture. However, combining it with other hair growth ingredients ensures you have a potent mix that will stimulate hair follicles and promote shiny and thick hair.

Shea Butter Mix for hair growth

What You’ll Need

How To Use It

  • Combine  ¼ cup of amla powder, aloe vera powder, moringa powder, one cup of olive oil, and one cup of rice bran oil in a pot.
  • Transfer the pot to your stove and warm up the oil on low heat for about 20 minutes
  • In a separate bowl, add four cups of raw shea butter.
  • Add some hot water to a big bowl and then place the shea butter bowl inside it for about 10 minutes. The shea butter should melt into an oil consistency after that.
  • Pour the warm olive oil mixture into a straining cloth and squeeze out the oil.
  • Pour the oil mixture into the melted shea butter.
  • Using a mixer or whisk, mix everything until you end up with fluffy butter.
  • Transfer the mixed butter to a container and apply it to your hair at least twice a week.

Here is a video to guide you through the steps-

  1. Onion Juice Hair Growth mix

What It Does

Onion juice is an amazing hair growth ingredient. It contains sulfur which nourishes the hair follicles and boosts hair growth and thickness. It is also packed full of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, which reduce hair fall and soothe any inflammation in the scalp.

Onion Juice Hair Growth mix

What You’ll Need

How To Use It

  • Cut the onion into slices and blend it until smooth.
  • Pour the blended onion into a straining cloth and press the mixture to get the juices out.
  • Combine equal parts of the onion juice and Jamaican black castor oil.
  • Add one drop of lavender essential oil and mix well.
  • Apply the mixture to the scalp and massage it in. Then leave it on for about an hour(If you can, it is best to apply this onion mix overnight and wash it off in the morning)
  • wash it off with shampoo.

You can watch this video to get a better idea of how to make this onion juice treatment-

Best Recipes To Soften Chronically Dry Hair

Try the recipes below if you’re looking for something to soften your dry hair. 

  1. Coconut Milk Treatment

What It Does

This treatment contains ingredients that are hydrating and help to soften the hair. It is also rich in fatty acids, humectants, and vitamins C, B, and E. 

Coconut Milk Treatment recipe

What You’ll Need

Coconut milk


Hibiscus powder

How To Use It

  • Combine half a cup of coconut milk and three tablespoons of honey in a bowl.
  • Add one tablespoon of hibiscus powder and mix thoroughly.
  • Add the treatment to your hair and leave it on for about thirty minutes, then wash it off with a shampoo.
  • Use this treatment every wash day.

here is a video to give you more detailed info you may need when making this treatment –

  1. Aloe Vera Pre-poo Treatment

What It Does

This aloe vera treatment smooths the hair cuticles and softens hair. In addition, Aloe vera is a natural humectant, so it draws moisture into the hair while reducing dryness and breakage.

Aloe Vera Pre-poo Treatment for black hair

What You’ll Need

  • Fresh aloe vera plant
  • Olive oil
  • Bowl
  • Straining cloth

How To Use It

  1. Cut the aloe vera plant into small sections and slice each one right down the middle to access the gel.
  2. Use a spoon to scoop out the aloe vera gel in all the small sections
  3. Add the aloe vera gel and a few tablespoons of olive oil to a blender. Then lightly blend the mixture for a few seconds
  4. Pour the gel mixtures into a straining cloth and squeeze out the juices into a bowl.
  5. Transfer the aloe vera juice mixture into a spray bottle or applicator bottle and apply it all over your hair strands. Use it as a detangler right before you shampoo on wash days.

Here is a video you can follow along when making this pre-poo treatment


The bottom line here is that if you’re trying to grow your natural hair, you can do so without shelling out tons of cash for products, and by incorporating some of these homemade growth recipes in your hair regimen, you can facilitate your hair growth. In addition to these recipes, don’t forget to maintain a good moisture routine for your hair, try protective styling, and be patient; your hair will thrive and grow with proper care. Head over to this post to learn more about essential steps to include in your routine that will help with hair growth.