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20 Ways to Lay Your Edges and Style Your Baby Hair on Natural Hair

Laid edges are all the rage these days. Regardless of the length and texture of your hair, you can definitely get your edges laid.

You may need to try a few techniques and perhaps different edge control gels to get the perfect look.

That’s why in this post, I will be covering how to lay your edges and define your baby hair so that you can slay your next hairstyle.

Please keep in mind that you don’t have to relax your edges, straighten them or alter your hair texture in any way, in order to achieve any of these hairstyles.

What are laid edges?

Laid edges are taking your baby hairs on your hairline and smoothing them down so that they lay flat.

Using edge control and gel, you can get your edges to lay flat on your forehead and hairline.

You can do them in a basic style or even create elaborate designs with them. Laid edges are most popular with ponytail styles, protective styles like box braids, and sleek hairstyles, but baby hairs can be added to almost any style.

You do not need to have long or short hair to lay your edges, nor do you need to have a certain hair texture. It is a style that does not exclude anyone and it is not difficult at all to do.

Your edges are at the very front and side of your hair and are the shortest part of your hair. There are many ways to lay them and it’s fun to get creative with it.

If you’re new to doing them, check out videos on Youtube and find the style you like the best.

40 Ways to Lay Your Edges and Style Your Baby Hair on Natural Hair

Is it bad to lay your edges?

As long as you are taking care of them and removing the product from your hair before bed, laying your edges will be just fine.

It is not technically bad, however, with any style, too much of something can be damaging.

Laid edges are cute, but not meant for every day. Too much manipulation of the hair can cause it to thin, especially in the front where the hair is most vulnerable.

Our edges are not meant to be laid every single day. Give your hair a break every once in a while.

Using too much product like gel and edge control can also cause product build-up which can lead to a flaky, itchy scalp and hairline.

Since your edges are so close to your face, and sometimes slicked onto your face, this can cause breakouts to occur along the hairline and on the forehead if you do not stay vigilant and clean your face every night and morning.

So no, it’s not bad at all to lay your edges but it is bad to over process them or not give them time to breathe and grow healthily.

How do you get edges to stay laid?

The most important tools to have to get your edges to stay laid are edge control, gel, and a scarf. Some of us have hair that defies any edge control that gets put into it, so it’s always a good idea to have a scarf on hand to hold them down from getting frizzy.

Our hair can sometimes have a mind of its own so you must be prepared with all of the things you need. Any other products beyond edge control, gel, and a scarf and entirely up to you.

Some people like to use an edge brush or a toothbrush to help brush them down and these are great tools to have as well.

The edge brush or edge tool will help you to create the designs and curls you will see in some of these hairstyles with your baby hair.

However, don’t feel like you need to have a specific tool to lay your baby hair.

Who first laid edges?

First and foremost, laying edges was something that came out of the black community before gaining popularity. However, it is said that the inspiration came from a black woman named Josephine Baker.

Ms. Baker was a popular dancer and singer as well as an activist in the 1920s.

Her short hairstyles with swooped hair hanging over her face became an inspiration to the way we all lay our baby hairs today.

Another black singer by the name of Baby Esther was also an inspiration for the baby hairs trend and it’s also said that the popular Betty Boop cartoon character is based on her as well.

As with most hairstyles that come out of the black community, baby hair, in that time period, was replaced with something else; something more “professional” until they eventually came back and are not going anywhere.

They now transcend cultures and are seen on many races of women when before they used to be considered ghetto and unprofessional.

How to define your edges

1. Curly Pigtails with Front Twists and Braids

Curly Pigtails w/ Front Twists and Braid


Black women have always been known to come up with elaborate hairstyles like this.

They remind you of going to the hair salon as a child and seeing the posters of all the different hairstyles and picking one out.

Now that you’re grown, you can do this style at home. All you’ll need is your edge control, gel, colorful elastics, and curly ponytail extensions.

2. Small Box Braids

Small Box Braids


Box braids are one of the most popular styles to lay baby hairs with as it’s recommended to keep your edges out to avoid thinning from the heaviness of the braids.

Instead of having frizzy hair in the front, you can simply lay your edges so they remain cute, but also don’t get too much damage.

3. Jumbo Box Braids with Curly Hair

Jumbo Box braids w/ curly hair


Don’t be afraid to be ‘extra’ with your baby hair. It’s so much fun to make them large across your forehead. Make sure to have an edge tool to be able to make them this long.

4. Braided Bun

Stitch braided bun 


Protective styles such as this braided bun work so well with baby hairs. Especially when you add a little side burn to give it some style.

5. Heart Braids

Heart braids hairstyle

Be creative with your baby hair and your braids. Why not add a heart design to your braids?

It’s a conversation-starting hairstyle because of its uniqueness and the swirly baby hairs that compliment it.

6. Braided Ponytail

Braided Stitch Ponytail


We saw a braided bun before, but maybe you’re a ponytail type of gal.

If you decide you’re tired of the ponytail, you can always wrap it into a bun later on.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you protect your baby hair with a scarf so they don’t frizz up.

7. Small Straight-Back Cornrows

Small straight back cornrows


When we were younger and got straight-back cornrows, they were always complemented with colorful beads, but now that we’re older, we can complement our braids with elaborate baby hairstyles.

Technically, we can still add the beads to the end, but the baby hair design works beautifully.

8. Sleek Braided Ponytail

Sleek braided ponytail


Sleek ponytail styles and baby hair go together hand in hand like best friends.

This baby hair design will require a lot of attention to detail so make sure to have a mirror handy and give yourself plenty of time to get it perfect.

9. Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids


As we’ve established previously, keeping your baby hairs out while your hair is in a protective style really protects them and prevents too much damage from occurring to your hairline.

This protective style along with the baby hairs is simple to do and it can be done at home if one has the patience.

Protective styles are meant to stay in for a long while so you are left with tons of time to get creative with your baby hair.

10. Box Braids with Simple Baby Hair Design

Small box braids defined edges


A simple baby hair design can go a long way. For some styles, they are not the star of the show, but a prop that makes the show run smoother.

In this case, that’s what they are. This design also does not take much time at all as they are not too elaborate.

different ways to lay your edges

11. Medium straight-back cornrows

Medium straight back cornrows

For a simple style like this, you can afford to get creative with your baby hair and make it the center of attention. Swirl them around your whole hairline and down the side to give a simple style more flair and uniqueness.

12. High Puff

High Puff


This is evidence that you do not need to have a loose curl pattern or certain texture to lay your baby hairs, and you do not need to straighten them or heat style them in any way.

Any hair texture and curl pattern can achieve the perfect baby hair. Just make sure to have the perfect edge control that works best with your hair.

13. Medium Box Braids

Medium Box Braids


Medium Box Braids can be complemented with a simple baby hair design because they do not need much to show them off. They are already perfect the way they are.

However, adding a little bit more never hurt anybody.

All you’ll need is a simple edge brush to twirl them and you’re good to go.

14. Various baby hair slays

Various baby hair slays

As shown in this photo, there is no one way to slay your baby hair. You can do something simple, something elaborate, or something in between.

The world is your oyster. Experiment and find something that you really love.

15. Slicked Back Puff

Slicked back puff


There’s nothing wrong with wanting just a simple style and small baby hair design. You can tie your hair into a puff and create subtle but smooth baby hairs for an everyday look for class, or just go spend some time outside.

Add some curly tendrils on the side as well instead of slicking those down too.

16. Cornrows with Heart Part

Cornrows with heart part


This is definitely something you don’t see every day! How often do we get braids parted into a heart? We almost forget the curly baby hair on the side.

17. Small Straight Back Cornrows with Zigzag

Small Straight Back Cornrows


Straight-back cornrows can sometimes be a basic style, but there are ways to dress them up such as zig-zagging some of the braids and adding thick, long baby hairs.

18. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids


Fulani braids are a cultural hairstyle that has been around for so long and never go out of style or get boring.

They’re gorgeous on their own, but don’t be afraid to add baby hair to them to show off your skill and style.

19. Cornrows with Low Bun

Cornrows with low bun


Instead of having cornrows that fall down your back, you can choose to tie them up into a bun. Not only does this protect your ends, but it is a gorgeous way to wear your cornrows.

Curl and wave your baby hair around the front of your hairline as well and don’t forget to tie them up at night to preserve the design.

20. Back-Length Straight Back Cornrows

Back length straight back cornrows


These baby hairs are reminiscent of Josephine Baker who is said to be the original inspiration behind them. The swirl design pays homage to the swirl hairdos that were so popular on her.

This intricate design does require a lot of handwork and patience but it can be done and it will always look amazing!

Don’t be nervous to lay your edges and don’t think that it’s not possible for certain textures to achieve it. This is seriously such a versatile style which is what makes it so great.

You can pair it with anything to spice it up. The most important thing to remember is to take care of your hair and give it breaks.

We all love our laid edges, but if we want to keep doing them for a long time, we have to let our edges breathe in between. We can lay our edges with our cornrows, box braids, buns, ponytails, puffs, and more.

We’ve also seen that there are so many ways that we can design our edges as well. There is no limit to what we can do with our hair. 

40 Ways to Lay Your Edges and Style Your Baby Hair on Natural Hair