20 Easy Natural Hair Clip-in Tutorials For Instant Transformation

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2019)

Looking for an easy to follow natural hair clip in tutorial for your next protective style? 

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of twenty video tutorials from some of your favourite YouTubers. These video tutorials shows step-by-step how to install your clip in extensions, how to style them and even how to wash and care for them. 

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1. Half up, half down on colored tapered natural hair.

Even though Jessica’s hair at the back is really short, she was still able to clip the hair in and instantly get long hair within a matter of a few minutes.

YouTuber: Jessica Pettway

Hair Used: Type 3 curly hair clip ins

2. Half up, half down with a wet look

In this tutorial, you will notice that she cornrowed the back of her hair before installing the clip-ins. This is a recommended method because your hair stays protected and it’s easier to install and take down your clip-ins that way. 

YouTuber: BeautyWithPrincess

Hair Used: Type 4 hair clip-ins.

3. Twist Out With a Side Part on 4a Hair

In this tutorial, she added the clip ins on loose hair and used Ecostyler gel to blend her hair with the clip-ins. 

YouTuber: She Keels

Hair Used: Type 3 curly hair clip ins 

4. Top Knot With Half Down on 3c Hair

In this tutorial, the hair was washed and conditioned prior to installation. She also styled on wet hair to be able to get the curly look. You can cornrow your hair for a faster installation.

YouTuber: Tajah Ferjuste

Hair Used: Type 3 curly hair clip ins 

5. Twist Out With a Middle Part on 4c Hair

This hair was washed and conditioned prior to install. I recommend washing your hair extensions before install, so that you can get rid of any chemical preservatives that are used to protect the hair.

The hair in my store are actually steamed, so you might not need to wash them, unless you have to.

Also this hair is an ombre hair, which came dyed from the seller. The hair in my store are currently all solid colors, we don’t carry dyed hair at the moment.

Another thing that I want to point out is that Christine installed the hair on her loose hair and then twisted her hair with the extensions for a smooth blend. This is a great technique if you’ll be using a hair extension that’s slightly different from your hair and you don’t want to cornrow your hair before installing the clip-ins. 

YouTuber: Christine Gama

Hair Used: Type 4 clip-in hair, with natural 1B hair color can be found here. 

natural hair clip-in extensions tutorial

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6. 4c Afro Out

Tatenda also installed on her loose hair and combed the hair out so that it can match with her natural hair texture. Like she mentioned in the video, you can dye the hair and twist it back to get a curly look.

YouTuber: Tatenda

Hair Used: Type 4 Clip-in extensions 

7. Combed Out Fro on Fine 4b Hair

You will notice that she also combed out the curls and used Ecostyler gel to blend the hair with her hair at the front. While the hair at the back was cornrowed for a faster installation.

YouTuber: Bella de Naomi

Hair Used: Type 4 Kinky Hair Clip-Ins

8. Top knot With Half Down on Short 4b Hair

Because her hair is short, she clipped the hair on her loose hair and used ecostyler gel to pull her hair into a bun at the top and wrapped the hair around her bun to form a top knot.

YouTuber: YunnieRose

Hair Used: Type 4 Kinky Hair Clip-Ins

9. Voluminous Twist Out on a TWA

Because her hair is so short, you will just need to clip the hair on your loose hair. To ensure that your hair blends with the track up front, you can add bobby pins to stretch your hair and cover up the tracks.

YouTuber: YunnieRose

Hair Used: 4c Kinky hair extensions clip-in

10. Blow Out Hair on Short 4c Hair

These clip-ins are perfect for transitioning hair or when you want to wear a blow out look without actually blowing your hair out. If you have longer hair, it’s best to cornrow the hair at the back and do a light blow out on the hair upfront so it can blend with the kinky straight clip-ins.

YouTuber: Jane Nashe

Hair Used: Kinky Straight Hair Clip-In Extensions

11. 4-in-1 Clip-in hairstyles on short 4a hair

You can get your desired look with kinky clip-ins and style it the same way you’ll style your natural hair. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can use one or two packs. 

YouTuber: QueenyKaay

Hair Used: Curly hair clip-ins for type 3 hair

12. Afropuff on Tapered 4c Hair

To get a full style, it’s best to clip the hair extensions on your loose hair. For a defined look, you will need an ecostyler gel to define your edges and create a realistic look. 

YouTuber: Mona B.

Hair Used: Afrokinky 4c clip-in extensions

13. Side sweep Fro on Shrunken 4c Hair

To get this look, you’ll need to add the clip-ins on loose hair, though you can also cornrow or twist your hair before clipping it in.

YouTuber: Tyiece

Hair Used: 4c hair clip-ins

14. Wash and Go look on TWA 4a Hair

If you have short hair like Jane, you’ll need to use a gel like ecostyler gel to blend your hair in to cover up the tracks. 

YouTuber: Jane Nashe

Hair Used: Type 3 Hair Clip-ins

15. Wash and Go with a Side Part on Short 3c Hair

Like the other tutorials, an ecostyler gel will be needed to blend your hair in with the extensions and to cover up the tracks. 

YouTuber: Tbhtianna

Hair Used: Type 3 Curly Hair Clip-ins

16. Flat Twists With Half Down on 4b Hair

For this realistic hairstyle, you’ll need to leave out some of your hair at the front. You can also change up the style by loosening the flat twists so you can pull up your hair at the front. 

YouTuber: Tierra J

Hair Used: Kinky hair clip-ins for 4c hair

17. Top Knot and Half Down on Kinky 4c Hair

To get this kinky hair look, you’ll need to brush out the hair to make it full and puffy. 

YouTuber: Ify Yvonne

Hair Used: 4c Hair Clip-In

18. Curly Look on 3b TWA

Like the other short hair above, you’ll need to use a gel to blend the clip-in with your hair so that it can cover up the tracks. 

YouTuber: QueenyKaay

Hair Used: Type 3 Curly Hair Clip-ins

19. Wash and Go Side Part With a Wet Look on 3c Hair

For a realistic look, use an edge control like the ORS edge control to blend your hair with the clip in and to cover up the tracks. 

YouTuber: Bexy Beauty

Hair Used: Type 3 Curly Hair Clip-ins

20. Side Cornrows with a Side sweep Fro

This is such a beautiful hairstyle with a realistic look! Just cornrow your hair at the back and install each track. Loosen the twists at the front to blend it with the clip-ins. 

YouTuber: FRO’inwithSHA

Hair Used: Type 4 Hair Clip-ins

As you can see from these tutorials, there are several ways to install your clip-in extensions and you can style them in whatever way that pleases you. 

Clip-in extensions can be installed on TWA, short hair and even medium length hair.  You can transform your hair from short to long, fine to thick and full within just a few minutes. 

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