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10 Natural Hair Growth Products To Speed Up Growth and Grow Edges

Are you looking to speed up hair growth, grow out your edges, and grow healthy thick hair? The good news is that there are many natural hair growth products available on the market you can try out. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of the ten best hair growth products you can try out starting today.

To see faster results, you should apply a few drops on your scalp and massage it on your scalp in a circular motion using a scalp massage brush.

For your chosen product to be effective, it’s recommended to use it twice a day, once in the morning and at night. Best effective at night though because that’s when your hair grows.

Also, you should focus on length retention by keeping your hair moisturized so that you can reduce breakage and see increased length.

natural hair growth product

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This post contains affiliate links which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase with my link. I strive to update posts on the blog. If any product below is discontinued or you come across a broken link, please do let me know so I can update the post. 

1. Wild growth hair oil

natural hair growth products

Product Claim: Promotes thick, long hair growth.

Review: My edges began growing back within a few weeks. It’s been about 1 month now and i have enough hair to slick down. The name is definitely fitting

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2. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oilnatural hair growth products

Product Claim: Stimulates hair growth, cleanses the scalp of toxins that damage hair and slow growth, helps repair dry damaged hair and breakage, and protects hair by sealing in moisture.

Review:My daughter has severe breakage in the back of her hair. I used JBCO as a hot oil treatment, heat protectant before blow drying, and for oiling the scalp. The results are amazing!

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3. Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil

natural hair growth products

Product Claim: This oil blend stimulates, nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles and reduces dandruff, while helping to reduce scalp infections and inflammation. Increase hair growth by penetrating the scalp to get the nutrients to your follicles.

Review: “My hair loved this and I saw immediate results within 3 months. Thoroughly enjoyed this product. Will definitely repurchase.

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natural hair growth tips

4.Groganics DHT Blocker System Head Full of Hair Scalp Treatment

hair growth product

Product Claim:  This product delivers nourishing extracts directly to the root of the hair stimulating the follicle and aiding the body’s production of keratin. You will be amazed how fast this product works

Review:It really did regrow hair on my edges when I used it consistently.

5. SHEDAVI Hair Growth Starter Bundle

SheDavi was founded by Elizabeth Davis back in 2016 when she set out to help Black women to solve a tough problem, slow hair growth. Her most popular product is the growth elixir, which works best with the hair growth vitamin. This hair growth oil has taken social media by storm and to see what the rave is all about, you can save $10 off your purchase by going through this link. 

she davi hair growth bundle

Product Claims:

Oil: The lightweight oil mixture is guaranteed to support your hair and scalp for growth, thickness and strength. This elixir contains over 20 essential oils from around the world.

Vitamin: This all-natural herbal vitamin is packed with nutrients necessary to promote hair growth and thickness from within. Botanicals from around the world are collected in this vitamin supporting longer, healthier and fuller hair. Synergistically promotes hair health with herbs that naturally contain B vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein building nutrients.

Review: “I have been using the elixir and vitamins for one month and already my hair stylist and I see evidence of new growth. Thank you so much I will be ordering again soon.

6. The Mane Choice Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Growth Oil

natural hair growth product

Product Claim: Natural growth stimulating oil made exclusively for the scalp. Formulated to deeply penetrate the scalp and stimulate slow and inactive hair follicles. Promotes growth and retention.

Review: I had extremely damaged hair. After a month and a half, my hair is noticeable stronger and gaining new growth.

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7. Camille Rose Naturals Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth Serum

natural hair growth product

Product Claim: This serum will penetrate the scalp and deliver the healing properties of nature to the hair follicle. It helps promote thick and healthy hair; repairs hair loss due to thinning, breakage and damage; maintains moisture in hair and scalp; improves blood circulation by conditioning the scalp; helps restore lost hair, healthy growth and natural color. 

Review: “This is the absolute best product. I have used this on my hair and that of my children and it works wonderfully! I love it!

8. DIVA by Cindy Super Gro Hairdress  (4 oz)

natural hair growth product

Product Claim: Apply to scalp and temples for thinning hair to promote optimal hair growth. It tingles promoting circulation and healthy hair. 

Review: This product is amazing I hope she never changes the formula, it’s rich, moisturizing and nourishing. I will never use anything else my scalp is healed and growing new hair.

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9. Virgin hair fertilizer

natural hair growth products

Product Claim: For rapid hair growth and for treating dandruff.

Review: “Help my edges to grow back.

10.Taliah Waajid Protective Styles Gro Hair Gro Bamboo And Coconut Milk Growth Oil

natural hair growth remedies

Product Claim: Formulated to promote thicker, fuller, longer, stronger hair on the scalp. Works three ways to supply necessary nutrients to the hair follicle, fortify hair from root to tip, and deposit reparative moisture.

Review: I am on my second bottle! I oil my scalp with this whenever I have a protective style in. MY HAIR GROWS LIKE WEEDS. Using this consistently has allowed my hair to flourish while in protective styles. It makes my scalp feel refreshed. It also relieves any itching I might have. My edges grew back thicker!

4c natural hair growth products

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