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Natural Hair Length Check Hair Chart

natural hair length check

Confused by the acronyms online about natural hair length check guide? Below, I’ve summarized major length milestones with a full description of each acronym to explain when you’ve reached those stages. Rather than grabbing a tape measure or a ruler which might be hard to use, you would be better off using your own body as a measuring aide.

Edited Length Check Chart

Edited Length Check Chart

The longest hair length I have ever seen on anybody, including Black women with Locs is CLASSIC LENGTH. It’s up to each individual to decide on the longest length they want their hair to grow to. The picture above can help you decide on your ultimate length goal, and you can work gradually through each stage until you reach your end goal.

So if reaching Bra strap length is your end goal, but you’re currently at eyebrow length, your short-term goal would be to reach nose length, while your middle term goal will be a shoulder or armpit length. Based on the average rate at which your hair grows, you can set a timeline for your goal.

For example, if you have a slow growth rate and an average retention rate, you can plan to go from eyebrow length to nose or lip length in one year or 6 months.

In case you’re a bit confused about all the hair acronyms you read about online, I have written the abbreviation for each length goal next to their description. I also broke these milestones down into three groups as most people tend to get a length check on different parts of their hair.

I even added some terms such as eyebrow length, lip length, nose length, chin length, earlobe length and jaw length.

These mini-stages are perfect for newbies and people who prefer to keep their hair short. So instead of feeling like an outsider because your hair isn’t at BSL, you can instead brag about your EBL or NL 🙂

  1. Eyebrow length (EBL): Hair which touches the top of the eyebrow when pulled
  2. Lip length: hair which touches the upper lip
  3. Nose length (NL) – hair which touches the nostrils when stretched
  4. Chin-length (CL) – hair grows down to the chin
  1. Earlobe length (EL) – hair touching one’s earlobe, almost reaching the jaw
  2. Jaw length – side hair which reaches your left/right jaw when pulled
  1. Bra strap Length (BSL) – hair reaching the bra strap
  2. Shoulder-length – hair reaching the shoulders
  3. Armpit-length – hair reaching the armpit
  4. Midback-length (MBL) – hair that goes past your bra straps
  5. Waist-length (WL)- hair that reaches the waist, close to  your belly button
  6. Hip-length (HL) – hair reaching the top of your hips
  7. Tailbone-length (TBL) – hair that reaches your tailbone, close to your bum
  8. Classic length (CL) – hair that goes past your buttocks, this is the longest length I’ve ever seen
  9. Thigh-length (TL) – hair that is at the mid-thigh
  10. Knee-length (KL) – hair that is at the knee
  11. Calf-length – hair that is at the calf
  12. Floor-length (FL) – hair that reaches the floor. That’s a LOT of HAIR!

Using your body parts for length checks is much easier than using a tape measure, although you might not be able to measure your length retention rate by simply pulling your hair.


What is your current length? What is your end goal? What tips would you share with those who are finding it difficult to reach their next length goal?