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Five 4c Natural Hair Growth Tips For Beginner Naturals

Growing 4c hair long can be very difficult because of the tendency for our hair type to be dry and break constantly. That’s why in this post, I want to share five 4c natural hair growth tips for five groups of naturalistas.

There are many reasons why your hair might seem like it’s not growing. If you fall under any of these five groups, I want to share some easy 4c natural hair growth tips with you that you can use to increase the length of your hair very quickly.

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1. Newbies – Have a Hair Growth Regimen

This includes someone who recently did the big chop and is on a healthy long hair journey , it also includes someone who is transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. A newbie is also someone who have had natural hair for a while and would now like to achieve better and healthier results than what they’ve experienced in the past.

Beginner naturals are more likely to try out different hair styles, products, techniques, concoction, pills and other measures that are meant to help speed up hair growth. Doing too much to your hair can result in dry hair and breakage, which might make it seem like your hair isn’t growing.

To grow your hair long as a beginner natural, it’s best to have a hair growth regimen. I have a few books and courses you can check out on my store that I’ve put together for beginner naturals.

4c natural hair growth tips

2. Fine Hair – Do Protective Styling

Hair that is fine lacks the innermost layer called the medulla, an important structure that provides strength to medium to thick hair. The medulla also helps coarse hair to be able to withstand physical and environmental manipulation so that they are protected against breakage.

This is why it’s always recommended for fine hair naturalistas to wear protective styles more often so that the individual fine strands can be strengthened.

Also, when your hair is in a protective style such as to strand twists, it is much stronger and better able to hold on to moisture longer than individual hair strands that is left loose.


3. On a Restrictive Diet – Eat a Balanced Diet

What we put in our body is more important than what we put on it, as this is the only way we can determine the outcome of new hair growth.

A diet that is lacking key hair nutrients such as protein, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids can lead to limp dry hair or retarded growth. If you find that your hair isn’t growing, I would recommend adding any one of these 10 food items to your diet.

4.  On a Special Medication – Take a Natural alternative

Certain medications can affect your hair growth cycle and the overall health of your hair. If you are taking a medicine that’s affecting your hair growth and length retention rate, I’ll advice that you seek medical help. You can also wear protective styles more often so that you can retain the length that you currently have.

I’ll advice against trying to counter the effect of your medication with a hair growth vitamin or pill without talking to your doctor first.

Another alternative is to seek out Naturopath practitioners who can prescribe herbs and plant-based medications that won’t cause side effects. It’s also best to replace your diet with more plant-based food sources that are grown organically.

natural hair growth tips

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5. Highly Porous and/or chronically dry hair – Create a Moisture Retention Regimen

One of the main issues that many coily haired women struggle with is dryness and breakage. Hair that is worn in a loose hairstyle such as a twist out is more likely to become dry very quickly. However, when your hair is left in protective styles such as two-strand twists or braids, your hair will be able to stay moisturized longer.

You should also consider using thick hair creams such as Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream and butters such as shea butter to ensure that moisture stays in your hair for a longer period of time.

I outline how to keep your hair moisturized in the moisture retention regimen above. Scroll up to download this free resource. 


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Top 5 Hair Sealants For 4c Hair 

If you want to grow your 4c hair long, it’s best to first analyze which group you fall under so that you can implement the best hair tips. This is better than trying out different hair tips that might end up wasting your time.

Do you have a hard time retaining length? What other 4c natural hair growth tips can you add to this post?
4c natural hair growth tips for beginners

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