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25 Vintage Koroba Braids Hairstyles on Modern Women

What is the meaning of Koroba braids?

Where did Koroba braids come from?

How to maintain the Koroba braids round?

How to sleep with Spiral Braids?

Can I put my braids on a bun?

Can I do Koroba braids on my own? or in wig?

What to do if my spiral braids get loose?

How to make my braids shiny?

How to prep hair before getting koroba braids?

What are the difference between Koroba braids and Kipetaka braids?


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1. Koroba Braids with Beads

braids on black women

2. Spiral Braids

Spiral braids on black girls

3. Low Crown Puffs

cornrows on black women

4. High Ponytail Cornrows

cornrows with koroba braids

5. Short Korob Braids

spiral braids on black women

6. Cornrows with Spiral Braids

Koroba braids on black women

7. Two Toned Koroba Braids

Blonde and black spiral braids

8. Short Spiral Braids

braids on black women

9. Koroba Bangs

cornrows with koroba braids

10. Spiral Braids with Accessories

accessorized koroba braids on women

11. Accessorized Updo Korob Braids

updo braids on women

12. Braids with Shells

accessorized spiral braids

13. Cornrows with Koroba Braids

Koroba braids hairstyle on black girls

14. Pop Smoke with Korob Braids

Blue koroba braids on girls

15. Cornrows with Spiral Bangs

cornrows on black girls

16. Brown Koroba Braids

brown spiral braids on women

17. Blue Spiral Braids

Blue koroba braids on black women

18. Brown Cornrows

brown braids on black women

19. Koroba Braids Locs

Large koroba braids on gir;s

20. Short Spiral Braids

Short koroba braids

21. Puff Crown with Cornrows

Cornrows with puff on black girls

22. Blonde Koroba Braids

blonde spiral braids on women

23. Short Box Braids

Short spiral braids on black women

24. Cornrows with Spiral Bangs

Spiral braid bangs on black girls

25. Fulani Braids

fulani braids on black girls