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50 Braided Hairstyles with Bangs For a Regal Look

Looking for an elegant hairstyle that will make heads turn? Well, braids and bangs provide the perfect combo to achieve a regal look.

Whether it’s an updo or half-up, braided hairstyles with bangs can help you create a stunning appearance in no time.

If you want some amazing ideas for your afro-textured hair, check out some of these braided hairstyles with bangs to elevate your style.

Which Color Braids Compliment Black Skin?

Textured hair looks best with almost any color contrasting Black skin, such as shades of copper, bronze, ginger, and golden blonde. 

Be sure to choose a color that brings out your best features. Accentuate your eyes and complexion with warm tones, like honey or light brown. You can also opt for a more vibrant look by using blues, purples, and reds.

What Significance Do Braids Have on Black Women?

Braids have a significant cultural and historical significance for Black women. They have been used as a form of self-expression, personal style, and cultural identity for generations.

Braids were also used as a way to communicate messages and stories among African tribes.

Which Braided Hairstyles Are Trending?

Currently, many braided hairstyles are trending for afro and curly-textured hair. These include box braids, cornrows, twists, and faux locs.

These hairstyles are popular because they are versatile, low-maintenance, and can be customized to suit your individual preferences.

What Are Some of The Easiest Braided Styles for Afro Hair?

Some of the easiest braided styles for afro hair include simple two-strand twists, knotless, and box braids. These styles can be done at home or by a hairstylist and can be recreated with various lengths, thicknesses, and parting patterns. 

Can Braided Hairstyles With Bangs Have Side Bangs?

Yes, braided hairstyles can have side bangs. Side bangs can be incorporated into the braids or left out to frame the face. It all depends on the specific style and desired look.


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Try these lovely cornrows hairstyle with bangs on natural hair!

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1. 360 Cornrows with a High Ponytail and Side Bangs

cornrows with bangs and beads

For a look that can last up to six weeks, choose long 360 cornrows with a side part. End each braid with beads to recreate the look.

2. Small Box Braids with Full Front Bangs

braids with beaded bangs on black women

Switch up simple box braids with some full front bangs. Adding a few layers of beads will complete the look.

3. Side Part Cornrows in High Ponytail

cornrows with braided swoop

High-braided ponytails are ideal for protective styles. Brighten them up with colored extensions on the side bangs, and they can last up to five weeks. 

4. Swirl Cornrows with Side Bangs

ponytail braids with side bangs

Ask your hairstylist to try these swirl cornrows and complete them with side bangs and colored beads.

5.  Reverse Front Fulani Braids

purple braids with full bangs on black women

This braided bangs style is similar to Fulani braids but in reverse. Add some color and beads to cover the entire forehead for this look to look good for up to six weeks.

6. Middle Part Front Bangs and High Bun

updo hairstyle with knotless full bangs on black women

Add a twist to your braided bun style with these middle-part front bangs. No need for beads, as these will look fine for up to five weeks.

7.  Short Beaded Braided Bangs

cornrows with beaded bangs for black women

This regal short beaded look will surely turn heads. Use a selection of beads to achieve this look for up to four weeks.

8. Long Side Bangs and Ponytail

braids with side bangs for black women

Braided bangs don’t have to be short. As we see above, these side bangs look stunning in a full length to match the rest of the style. 

9. Freestyle Stitch Braids with Middle Part Bangs

fulani braids with braided bangs

Freestyle designs like crisscross patterns and heart stitching will look beautiful with simple two single-braid bangs. Keep in for up to four weeks.

10. Layered Knotless Braids with Beads

braids with bangs for black women

Choose to braid your hair in layers to recreate this majestic beaded style. Keep them in a silk bonnet at night to remain fresh for up to three weeks.

11. Zig-zag Cornrows with Single Braid Bangs

freestyle fulani braids with bangs on brown women

Braided bangs don’t have to be full. They can be a couple of single braids framing the shape of your face. And get more creative with zig-zag cornrows and a high bun.

12. Middle Part Braided Bangs with Knotless Pigtails

braid hairstyle with beaded bangs on black ladies

Knotless braids are versatile, as we see with these double-high pigtails. The front of the hair is also layered, so it looks beautiful with the clear beads.

13. Half Stitch Braids and Jumbo High Ponytail

high ponytail hairstyle with full bangs for black women

Try out these half-stitch braids with full bangs that fall on the scalp with a layer of beads that also frame the face. Complete with a high bun on top.

14. Full Face Middle Part Cornrow Bangs 

cornrows wurh side bangs for black ladies

Elevate your cornrow ponytail style by adding small braided middle part bangs. 

15. Single Braids with Tribal Inspired Beads

mini braids with beads and bangs

You don’t need to add hair extensions to put together a look like this. Braid your natural afro hair into single plaits and add as many beads as you like.

16. Loop Braided Bangs with Accessories

braided ponytail with bangs for black women

Try a different bangs style like these loop-braided bangs that complement the high-braided ponytail. Sleep with a silk bonnet to keep these tidy.

17. Long Braids with Full Beaded Bangs

long braid hairstyle with beads for black women

Your hair will look like a crown in this full bangs beaded look. Keep these in for two to three weeks before removing the beads to maintain your hair and scalp.

18. Curly Side Part Braided Bangs

curly side bangs hairstyle for black women

If you’ve chosen a side part bangs, add some fun by curling the ends of the braids. You can use perm rods to style your curls.

19. Fulani Style with Single Braid Bangs

fulani braids with braided bangs

Fulani styles look effortless, so adding some braids to the front to frame the face will complete the look. Use hair mousse and these will stay fresh for four weeks.

20. Half Loop Bangs Half Cornrows in a High Ponytail

braided bangs with accessories on black women

Go for braided loop bangs that don’t cover your forehead but shape your face in this half-cornrow ponytail style.

21. Short Single Braids with Extravagant Beads

short braids with accessories for black women

Go above and beyond with your natural hair look with the number of beads you use to recreate this crown-style look.

22. Slick Back High Knot with Loop Bangs

updo hairstyle with braided bangs

If you don’t want a full protective style, use a styling gel to slick your hair and add extensions to produce a high knot. The braided loop bangs will bring the style together.

23. Micro Stitch Braids into Larger Bangs

cornrows with jumbo side bangs on brown women

These geometrical style micro stitch braids were combined to create larger braided bangs. This is a beautiful twist to an intricate style.

24. Two Tone Swirl Ponytail Cornrows

pink ombre braids with bangs on black women

If you want a change from black hair, add some pink to your cornrow ponytail look. Make the side bangs a bit shorter and end with beads to last up to three weeks.

25. Medium Box Braids with Beaded Bangs

medium length braids with full bangs on black ladies

Box braids are a well-known protective style. Go for full bangs to cover the forehead and matching beads throughout the head to accomplish this.

Look stunning with these captivating cornrows with bangs!


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26. Extra Long Side Part Swirl Cornrows

cornrows with bangs on brown women

Longer braided styles can take a while to complete. But ask your hairstylist to add some fun swirls in the side part for something extra.

27. Braided Top Knot Style

braided bangs with beads on black women

These braided bangs with longer lengths on the side will accentuate your features instantly. Complete with a top knot or high ponytail.

28. Stitch Braid Ponytail with Swirly Loop Bangs

freestyle braided bangs hairstyle on black women

Exaggerate your braided bangs by asking your hairdresser to turn them into fun and expressive loops, as we see above.

29. Swirl Parting Cornrows with Extra Long Ponytail

long ponytail braids with beaded bangs on black women

Make the most of extra-long braids by diversifying your parting style. Choose swirls instead of standard straight parts and complete with full-beaded bangs.

30. Braided High Bun with Accessories

high braided bun with bangs on black ladies

Braided looks like these use bangs to take the style to the next level. So go for bangs that frame your forehead and temples and end each braid with tribal beads.

31. Deep Middle Part Braided Style

cornrows with braided bangs on black women

Make the middle parting the focus of your next braided style. Add a high bun or ponytail and this look will look neat for up to four weeks.

32. Jumbo Beaded Braids

waist length braids witj beaded bangs on black women

If you don’t mind the weight of layered jumbo beads, then try this for your next stitch braided style.

33. Middle Part Fulani Braids with Curl Bangs

brown fulani braids with curly side bangs on black women

Utilize color and curls if you decide to try Fulani braids next. These lightweight middle-part bangs will be the needed elegance for your look.

34. Small Stitch Braids with Layers

long braids with beaded bangs on black women

Have your stitch braids coming forward in this middle parted style instead of a usual all-back stitch option. These intricate beads will be the finishing touch.

35. High Ponytail Locs with Side Bangs

hairstyle with side bangs for black women

Loc or faux loc styles can get detailed with a high ponytail and side bangs that include gold accessories. Keep for three weeks before a retwist is needed.

36. Center Part Feed In Braids with Ponytail

cornrows with full bangs on black women

Parting styles like this are more intricate and help the braids have a more regal style. Finish the ponytail with curly ends and layer beads on the bangs for this look.

37. Extra Long Side Part Ponytail

long ponytail braids with swoop bangs

Don’t be afraid to go for extra long-length braids, especially with a bit of color, ideal for summer or vacation vibes.

38. Medium Sized Stitch Braids in High Ponytail

cornrows with side bangs and accessories on black women

Instead of simple stitch braids, add middle parted bangs that fall along the sides of your face to create a beautiful look lasting three to four weeks.

39. Deep Side Part with Baby Hairs

cornrows with swoop bangs on black women

High ponytails and deep side part braids go hand in hand. Make it that extra special with some exaggerated baby hairs using an edge control gel.

40. Extra Small Fulani Braids with Jumbo Bun

small braids with bangs and beads on brown women

These Fulani braids will last up to six weeks, depending on how well you maintain your hair, thanks to their extra small size and the time it took to braid.

41. Large Cornrow Braids in High Ponytail

jumbo braids with side bangs on black women

Not every braided style has to include medium or small braids. As we see above, larger braids look just as good in ponytails and side bangs.

42. Single Braids with Top Knot on Natural Hair

cornrows haistyle with beaded bangs on black women

Make the most of your textured afro hair by stitch braiding its natural length and adding unique beads and shells to the ends. For something different, including a top knot or bun.

43.  Extra Long Medium Sized Feed Ins

ponytail hairstyle with bangs for black ladies

Black women can have so much fun with extra-long braids. They look seamless with middle part bangs and can be distinctive to your personal style.

44. Layered Side Bangs and High Bun

burgundy braids with side bangs for black ladies

Layers don’t just have to be on the main body of the braids. They can also be on the bangs to give it more volume.

45. Middle Part Stitch Braids with Curly Ends

fulani braids with curly bangs on black women

Stitch braids like these look amazing as formal event hairstyles, or if you want something more casual, like for a vacation, you can add the curls to the ends.

46. Ombre Single Braids

ombre braids with knotless full bangs

Play around with colored extensions for your next braided hairstyle. Do the same with the bangs to recreate this ombre look.

47. Braided Loop Bangs and High Afro Puff

high natural bun with beaded bangs on brown women

Take a simple afro puff to the next level with some braided loop bangs. Use an afro comb to achieve the puff length and sleep in single plaits to keep the hair detangled.

48. Swirl Style Braids with Jumbo Bun

braided high bun with side bangs on black women

Choose a swirl parting style to recreate these side bangs and jumbo bun. This style can look fresh for up to four weeks.

49. Extra Small Cornrows with High Bun and Bangs

cornrows with full bangs hairstyle on black women

If you don’t want your bangs to have a full look, you can try extra small-sized cornrows in the front.

50. Versatile High Bun and Braided Bangs with Knots

cornrows with full bangs on brown women

This versatile bun can also be worn as a high ponytail. Braided bangs with knots at the end produce a beautiful tribal inspiration for your next look.

Braids with bangs are a stunning combination for any Black woman that gives you a regal look. With so many different braided hairstyles to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Whether you prefer a simple style with full bangs or something more intricate, you can find inspiration from the 50 looks we’ve shared in this article.

Charming braids with bangs you must try to elevate your look!