(Last Updated On: July 18, 2021)

Ankara is Africa’s pride. These fabrics are inspired by Africa’s tribal symbols and motifs. They are made in very colourful patterns that suits almost every occasion ranging from parties to formal occasions and even the workplace. It can be worn by all races. There has been a major rise in the popularity of Ankara dresses. This has led to various designs including corporate wears that you cannot resist.

Etsy is one brand that has taken advantage of this recent Ankara trend. It is a global market for buying and selling unique items that also include Ankara wears. You can trust the services you get on this brand. It allows you to report store owners when they didn’t keep to their words and to reach out store owners directly to lay a complaint and have other interactions regarding the product.

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1) AuthentiqueDesigns

kids ankara dress


kente dress for babies kente outfit for boys

3) Oonaloo

Oonalookids like the name implies is a store for kids. It is not your regular store though. It is an Ankara kiddie’s store. Also, the store has affordable clothes for both male and female gender. The 5 Star rating on the site really speaks for its great customer review. They have handmade product ranging from boy’s shirt, girl’s dresses to dolls and even rompers.






8) Elibacollections

This Indiana based store has custom made Ankara attire for both male and female gender. They also have couples wears that can be worn for occasions like engagement parties, dinners, family outings, etc. The store has Ankara dresses, Ankara bow ties, Ankara fabrics and other Ankara inspired wears. It is important that you know that the store accepts exchanges but do not do refunds of cash.



10) ShopLolater

ShopLolater is an established brand on Etsy that began its journey in 2017. It has grown to become the one-stop for anything African Dresses especially Ankara. It store is packed with Ankara Print Tops, African Print dresses, Jumpsuits, Two-piece sets, rompers, etc. With the belief that fashion should be accessible and affordable, Lola and Funmi offered items in the store for pocket-friendly prices.


11) Naborhi

Naborhi is a 5 star rated Ankara store on Etsy that sells African-inspired clothing and accessories brand for both men and women. These clothes are made from materials like Ankara, cotton, Ankara and cotton wax. They use Fabrics sourced in Africa that are authentic and of high quality. Clothes and crafts from Naborhi are handmade in Africa. For example, the popular Kerhi African Print Shirt Dress is handmade in Nigeria. 

a brand new UK-based clothing brand that launched in July 2019, bringing you African Print direct from Africa. All of our clothing and accessories are designed and handmade in Nigeria by local Artisan.


13) Naorisbijoux

The major thing you might notice with this brand is its affordability. This store uses Ankara materials to make classy wears for all occasions. You can find Bodycon print dresses, Kimono, Coat jackets, off shoulder dresses, tops, etc. all for affordable prices. The clothes in this store are custom made. So, you can tweak up your designs a bit. However, returning of dresses is not available in this store.


15) Laviye

This is a UK owned store that sells stunning Ankara dresses. They also sell dashiki shirt, African maxi dresses, print skirts and tops, rompers, two-piece set and a lot more. There is a return policy in this store. You are allowed to either return or exchange items already delivered within the first 14 days after delivery is made. This does not apply to discounted products though.


YuvaKE is an online store with quality dresses. Are you looking for Maxi skirt, Wrap Dresses, Summer dresses, Kimono, Robes, Short dresses, Off Shoulder Dresses, etc., this store has them all. Clothes are handmade with colourful fabrics that leave you looking classy.


17) Nasbstitiches

this is a 5 Star rated online store on Etsy. Nasbstitches has a collection of gorgeous wears made from original Ankara Fabrics. There are shirt dresses, high low tops, mini dresses, wrap dresses, etc. on the store. Like the name of the brand, New Age of Style and Beauty (NASB), clothes are modern and made to suit occasions perfectly.

Imagine buying a product and feel you’ve cheated the seller somehow. That is what Priceless Culture sells as a brand, Ankara clothing that are worth more than you pay for them. This online store offers you high-quality handmade Ankara dresses and even gorgeous accessories to go with them. Also, you get new weekly designs of Ankara dresses, kimonos, skirts, etc. made out of colourful fabrics.


19) TribeofAfrik

TribeofAfrik prides itself as a brand that provides great price and quality for the value you are getting. The focus of the brand is Ankara fabrics and print. They use these fabrics to make dresses. They also sell fabrics that you can use to make your dresses yourself. They make clothes for guys too.

20) TribalGroove

This is a black-owned brand based in New York, United States. They have clothes like Floral Ankara Gown, off shoulder dresses. Jumpsuits. etc. If you order more than 30 dresses, you will get a wholesale price in the store. They also take rush orders. If you contact the brand, you can get your items delivered promptly with an extra $20.00. 

21) FareelClothing

This store sells all kinds of clothes ranging from English wears to Ankara wears. The Ankara designs on this online store are classy, gorgeous and worth their prices. FareelClothing have a collection of Ankara dresses, African wax print, Dashiki dresses, Kente Crop tops, Ankara summer dresses, Ankara prom dresses, etc. These dresses are all fashionable for certain occasions. There are available dresses to be purchased on wholesale basis. Finally, the brand does not accept refunds.

22) OriginsByAkua

This is an online store on Etsy that intends to help you remember always the origins-Africa by bringing African fabrics into Europe. Every dress in this store is uniquely made to suit your fashion style. And there are many designs here. Designs like Midi dresses, summer maxi dresses, Midi dresses, off the shoulder dresses, Luxury tailored blazer and skirt sets, etc. are all in the inventory of this store. You can also get custom made dresses if you have a design already in mind.

23) House of IZZI

This is a fashion brand located in Abuja, Nigeria. House of Izzi is committed to producing classy wears with various Ankara pattern. They have designs ranging from dashiki shirt, African print tops, and African jackets to jumpsuits, rompers and many more. Processing and Shipping might take 3-10 working days depending on your location. The store does not accept refunds except the mistakes are from their end. However, Shipping fees are not refundable at all.


25) Mohana Kollections

26) Anikescouture

Anike’s Couture is a classy and luxury brand. They turn gorgeous lace and Ankara fabrics into beautiful attires that speak confidence and class. They sell items like Ankara skirts, Headwraps, Bags, Jumpsuits, Dresses, Rompers, etc. Since items are handmade, processing of order will take about 2-14 working days depending on the design you choose.


27) AfriqueClothingShop

This store has a 4.5 star rating. This store has great African inspired clothes for both male and female gender. Some of the major clothes sold by the store are Agbada, Maxi dresses, Kaftans, African prom dresses, African plus size dresses, African party dresses, Jumpsuits, etc.

Clothes from this store are made and designed in Africa. The brand uses bright, tasteful and gorgeous ready-to-wear clothes to attract customers to their stores. You can find fabrics such as Lace, Danshiki, Wax Print, Kente, Asooke, Batic, etc. Delivery takes about 1-2 weeks. The shipping fee is dependent on the country you are ordering from.


29) Oludan




32) TemaD



35) MADKollection

MADKollection is a UK-based store that sells Ankara Wrap Maxi Dresses, African Print Dress, Gathered Dresses and other kinds of great Ankara wears. Most designs from MADKollection are custom made. So, they can be made to suit your taste. You have the option to get Ankara dresses in wholesale by simply reaching out to MADKollection via their email. 


Zakaara is a fashion brand in Oxford, United Kingdom that sells items made from Ankara Fabrics. These items include Ankara head wraps, kente dresses, skirts, Tote bags, T-Shirts, etc. the store does refunds but do not accept cancellation of products already purchased on the site.

37) NasikaWax

NasikaWax unlike other Ankara dress store on Etsy deals mainly with fabrics. They create fabrics that show off African authenticity. They also sell facemasks, throw pillows and accessories made from Ankara materials. They do sell dresses too. Canadian orders from this store are sent via Canada Post and that of United States is shipped via USPS. For international orders outside the US and Canada, the store uses Chit Chat. Finally, NasikaWax uses DHL express to ship fabrics above 6 yards.









There are so many designs on this store. They include jumpsuits, midi dresses, shirt dresses, maxi dresses, blazer with matching trousers, etc.


43) AlkebulanLifestyle

This 5 Star store has really affordable Ankara clothes and accessories that are almost impossible to believe. For instance, their African Print Ankara Long Maxi Skirt with matching Sash is $44.95. This is relatively cheap compared to what is on other stores. Processing time in this store differs for items. The payment methods available are PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. The store does refunds. You can refund items already shipped within the first 30 days after shipping. You can request cancellation of purchase not processed within 1 hour of purchase.


Like the name implies, this store is determined to produce only designs that make you look like a queen. With designs ranging from crop tops. To two piece clothes, to skirts, to off shoulders, to head wraps, to kimonos all made from Ankara fabrics. Everything Queens and Dresses offer is colourful as well as gorgeous.



45) TufafiNg

This Nigerian brand prides itself in the selling of brand wears that make statements. They do this through their lace blouses, cotton dresses, African dresses, danshiki and male Ankara and African clothes.

46) AfricanGemFabric

With Ankara fabrics, this store makes clothes that can be worn for all occasions. They also sell Ankara fabrics and accessories too.

47) PFABdesigns

PFABdesigns have great fabrics that they put to good use. Not only would you find beautiful handmade clothes and gorgeous accessories here, You’ll also find Ankara fabrics too. They do not do refunds but exchange of clothes can be done if there is an error in your clothes.

48) Kaiscouture

This brand is committed to producing Ankara dresses that are not just classy but are also comfy. They do not only produce dresses but they also produce Ankara fabrics that you can use to sew styles for yourself as well. Kaiscouture offers free shipping for orders around the UK. For other countries, shipping fee differs per location. Their fabrics are sold in 6yards per bundle. 


This is a black-owned fashion brand that stands as your destination for your trendy classy Ankara clothes for women. Inspired by African print and style, Ashanis has created several clothes. Some of their designs include Dashikis, Maxi Skirts, Africa Party dresses, Jumpsuits, Blouses, Midi skirts, Miniskirts, men’s clothes, kids clothing and rompers. Their size range is XS-4XL. Shipping time varies per country. The brand has a return policy that has certain exceptions.


50) Tess World Designs

This store mainly deals with one thing which is fabrics. You might have gone through all 49 stores, seen some designs you like but do not know the store that deals on Ankara fabrics extensively. If this is you, then Tess world is your plug. This store has original fabrics of any type. Whether you are looking for Kente, Telela, Kanga, Laces, Guinea indigo cloth, Dutch wax or other type of African inspired fabrics, you can get them at this store.