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45 Dashing Natural Hairstyles For Black and Biracial Boys

Have you been looking for inspiration for your Black or Biracial son’s next hairstyle? And do you want to embrace his natural afro hair texture? Then look no further.

Here we’ll detail 45 of the most dashing hairstyles for your young one to try. So whether you’re looking for low-maintenance styles or something a little more intricate, we’ve got you covered.

How Do I Take Care of My Biracial Son’s Hair?

Taking care of Biracial afro hair requires a gentle touch, especially on a young child. You should try to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to avoid stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Even if the hair is short, remember to detangle it with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, starting from the ends and working your way up.

Applying a leave-in conditioner and oil will add moisture to the hair, as Biracial hair textures can be more curly, so require more hydration.

Can Short Natural Hair on Black Boys Get Damaged?

Yes, short natural afro hair on Black boys can still get damaged, but it’s not as likely as longer lengths. 

This is because the hair may be more prone to breakage or dryness due to its texture and curl pattern. 

Factors like harsh chemicals, heat styling, and rough grooming techniques can also contribute to damage.

What Products Are Good for Biracial Boy’s Hair?

The best products for Biracial boys’ hair depend on their individual hair type and texture. Generally, products that are mild and moisturizing are recommended.

This ranges from kind-to-skin cleansers to deep conditioners that are developed for curly and coily hair. Hair oils and creams can also be beneficial for keeping the hair manageable. 

What Texture is My Son’s Biracial Hair?

Biracial hair can vary from fine to coarse, thick, and kinky. To know the exact hair type, we recommend comparing your son’s hair to a natural hair chart.

Additionally, Biracial hair tends to be drier than straight hair found in some Caucasian or Asian follicles because it’s the combination of different textures and curl patterns.

How Can I Protect My Black Son’s Natural Afro?

To protect your Black son’s natural afro, you can moisturize regularly each week. 

Be consistent with keeping the scalp hydrated by looking into natural oils like coconut oil or shea butter to help prevent irritation.

Encourage your son to have a healthy diet by exploring foods with high sources of protein and biotin to help their hair grow.


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1. Textured Curly Fro

afro hairstyle for black boys

Set the curls free with a textured curly afro. Define each strand using a curling cream and this style can look tidy for a couple of days.

2. Middle Part Low Ponytail

low bun hairstyle for black boy kids

For longer lengths, part the hair down the middle and hold it in a ponytail to show off the natural hair texture. Re-tie this style every few days to slick any stray hairs.

3. Small Single Plaits

twist hairstyle for little black boy

Keep your son’s hair out of the way with these small single plaits. Afro texture is perfect for this protective style and can last up to two weeks.

4. Four Large Braids

braids hairstyle for black boy kids

Simple styles like these four large braids are quick and easy, especially for little ones.

5. Finger Twisted Waves and Shape Up

curled hairstyle on black boy kid

For Biracial boys with type 3 textured hair, try these finger-twisted waves to give their shape up a personalized look.

6. Fade with Two-strand Twists

twist hairstyle for black boys

Black boys with long hair can make the most of these two-strand twists and fade. Each strand can be finished with a rubber band.

7. Middle Part Twists and Shape Up

two strand twist for black boys

These popular twists and shape up look stylish on longer Biracial hair. Using a twisting gel, these can stay put for two weeks before needing to be retwisted.

8. 4c Twists on Shorter Hair

protective hairstyle for black boys

For type 4 hair, these box-parted twists will stay in place for a few weeks. Keep hydrated with castor oil for the scalp and a hair mousse.

9. Swirly Parted Medium Size Cornrows

pop smoke braids on black boys

Impress your son with these swirl partings using a rat tail comb to make each cornrow stand out. This style can last up to four weeks.

10. Four Section Cornrows With Fades

cornrows on black boys

If you want your son’s cornrows to last a bit longer, opt for smaller cornrows and accessorize them with beads because boys can also accessorize their hair too. A styling gel will ensure stray hairs are kept in place for up to two weeks.

11. Double Twisted Locs into Top Knot

black boy hairstyle 2023

Black boys that are committed to locs can make their style special, as we see above with these double twisted locs leading into a top knot and skin fade. The look can be worn up or down.

12. 7 Top Cornrows and Bottom Skin Fade

cornrows hairstyle for black boys

While your son’s hair is freshly faded, cornrows on top will make the style extra neat. Rebraiding is only needed after a few weeks.

13. Zig-zag Cornrows and Fade

braid hairstyle for black boys

Elevate the cornrows with detailed partings and add a high knot. When you’re with your son at the barbershop, don’t be afraid to ask for sharp lines in the fade as we see above.

14. 2-in-1 Twists with Small Cornrows

twist hairstyle for black boy kids

If your son can’t choose between two-strand twists and cornrows, why not have both? Add small cornrows in between the parting space for a more intricate look.

15. Triangle Parted Small Single Braids

black boy hairstyle braids

Black boys with shorter hair can try these single braids with triangle partings. Using an edge control gel for smaller braids, this look can remain for up to 6 weeks.

16. 3-in-1 Fade, Stitch Braid and Side Twists

twist hairstyle for little black boys

A hairstyle that’s perfect for summer is this 3-in-1 look. Let your son show off his beautiful hair with single twists on one side and a stitch braid on the other, finished with a fade.

17. Zig-zag Horizontal Stitch Braids

black boy hairstyle braids

Stitch braids can be low maintenance and last up to four weeks. Add some black beads to the ends to stretch out the ends.

18. 6 Parted All Back Stitch Braids

stitch braids hairstyle for black boy

Type 3 and type 4 hair can hold stitch braids flawlessly. So try these all back wavy parted braids and end the strands with beads.

19. Single Twists

twist hairstyle for little black boys

Twist your son’s afro-textured hair using box partings. Line up the front of his hairline, and this look can last up to two weeks.

20. Two-strand Twisted Locs

protective hairstyle for black boys

For young Black boys with locs, maintain them with two-strand twists. A twisting gel will slick them down, while knots at the ends will ensure they don’t separate.

21. 4 Wavy Parted Stitch Braids

cornrows hairstyle on black boy

Simple stitch braids can be transformed when you use wavy partings. Keep these in for a few weeks by tying them into knots at the end.

22. Zig-zag Cornrows into High Ponytail

black boy cornrows hairstyle

While your young Black boy is active, you can ensure his hair is kept out of the way with this exciting cornrow style. Choose to hold the ends in a ponytail or top knot.

23. Detailed Big and Small Cornrows with Fade

creative cornrows hairstyle on black boy

If you or your son’s hair stylist want a challenge, give these complex cornrows a go. Remember not to braid too tight onto the scalp to avoid tension and irritation.

24. Swirl Stitch Braids and Shape Up

cornrows hairstyle on little black boy

If you’ve given straight parted braids a try on your Biracial son’s hair, then swirl stitch braids are up next. Use a styling gel to keep the hair fresh and finish with a shape-up.

25. Double Lattice Braids and Skin Fade Patterns

braids hairstyle for black boy kids

These dazzling lattice-style cornrows will take your son’s natural hair to the next level. Finish with a skin fade and some razor patterns.

26. 4 Stitch Braids with Small Detailed Pattern

cornrows hairstyle for black boys

Stitch braids like what we see above aren’t too tight on the scalp if you stretch out the hair before braiding, preferably by blowdrying. This style can last up to 6 weeks.

27. Small Starter Locs

twist hairstyle for little black boys

When your boy is still a toddler, this is the best time to get them going with starter locs. Locs are undemanding and can be put into twisted updo styles, as above.

28. Box Braids for Short Hair

box braids for black boy kids

Box braids aren’t just for girls. Your Black or Biracial son can have peace of mind knowing his hair is out of his face for at least a month. Keep the scalp nourished with a leave-in conditioner.

29. Small All Back Cornrows with Shape Up

cornrows hairstyle for black kids

Make school days easier for Black boys with long hair by trying out small all-back cornrows. These can last up to 6 weeks with fortnightly shape-ups to keep the style looking tidy.

30. Small Two-Strand Twists and Skin Fade

two strand twist hairstyle for black boys

For thinner textured Biracial hair, opt for these small two-strand twists. Using a twisting gel, these can last up to two weeks. And finished with a skin fade.

31. Four Stitch Braid Design

braids hairstyle on black boy

Complement your son’s fade with these precisely done stitch braids. You don’t have to stop at 4. You can have more or a minimum of 2 depending on the length.

32. Two-Strand Box Twists

black boy hairstyles

Using a parting comb, you can ensure each two-strand twist is the same size on your son’s head. This style can last up to two weeks or longer if using a durag to sleep in.

33. 3-in-1 Cornrow and Fade Style

braids hairstyle for black boys

This 3-in-1 style shows vertical and horizontal variations of cornrows. Top it off with single braids and a fade to create this versatile style for your son.

34. 4 All Back Stitch Braids in Swirl Design

cornrows hairstyle for black boy kids

Thin Biracial hair textures can showcase these stitch braids pretty well. Thicker hair types may need more gel to keep the strands neat, which can look good but may make the style feel heavy.

35. Zig-zag Cornrows into High Puff

braids hairstyle for little black boy

If your son is struggling to grow his hair, not to worry. You can add some extensions to create these zig-zag cornrows and comb them out to recreate an afro puff.

36. Long Single Twists

twist hairtsyle on black boy

These single twists are a versatile style. It can be worn up or down in a ponytail or knot depending on the length.

37. Horizontal Stitch Braids with Middle Part

pop smoke braids for black boy kids

Instead of having stitch braids all the way down, you can split them into sections to create more braided pieces, as shown above. Use a styling gel, and this can last a few weeks.

38. Detailed Medium Stitch Braids

braids hairstyle for little black boys

These medium-sized stitch braids will look adorable on your Black or Biracial son. Give the crossover and zig-zag braid patterns a go, and tie the ends in a knot.

39. Large Horizontal Cornrows

pop smoke braids for black boys

These large horizontal cornrows, also known as ‘Pop Smoke Braids,’ are quick to do. Keep the style looking freshly done by adding mousse on top.

40. Twisted Cornrow Design

twist hairstyle for little black boys

Twist your son’s cornrow style instead of braiding the hair. To finish the look, each strand can be twisted and end with a rubber band.

41. Large Parted Single Box Braids

jumbo box braids on black boy kid

These single-box braids are a trouble-free protective style. Keep the hair and scalp hydrated with a leave-in product and these can last up to 4 weeks.

42. 2 Large Cornrows and Fade

braids hairstyle on black boy

Biracial boys can try these easy large cornrows to accompany their fade and shape up. Using hair gel and mousse can help these remain for two weeks.

43. Swirl Stitch Braids with Box Parts

cornrows hairstyle for black boys

We’re sure your Black or Biracial son will love these swirl stitch braids. They’ll look amazing in the summer, as they can stay in place for up to a month.

44. Long Twist Dreadlocks

locs hairstyle for black boys

Your son’s tresses will grow quickly as a child, particularly with styles they don’t have to touch, like dreadlocks. Remember to retwist them every three to six weeks to keep them growing.

45. Double Criss-cross Cornrows

criss cross braids on black boy

Protect your son’s long curly hair in this double criss-cross style. You can choose if you want the braids to be small, medium, or large on top of the cornrow and tie them at the back using a band.