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55 Attractive Two-Strand Twists Hairstyles For Black Men To Wear in Winter 2024

Two-strand twists are traditional natural hairstyles that can be worn by men and women alike. The same way women can wear two-strand twists in versatile ways, men can also feel confident wearing their natural hair in two-strand twists.

As a man, you can even take it up a notch by adding some cornrows, fade, creative haircuts, or dyed hair to your twisted hairstyle.

How do men twist their hair?

Men twist their hair the same way everyone else does. After washing, conditioning, and letting your hair dry for a few minutes, you can section your hair into quarters to make it easier to handle.

Then, part a small section of your hair depending on how big or small you want your twists to be.

Apply a small amount of twisting cream or twisting gel, split the section into two, then rope-twist the sections by moving one over the other as you stretch and pull the hair downwards.

The stretching and pulling help the hair not to shrink. Twist to the very end so that they don’t unravel. Repeat for all quarters, then finish off with a shine spray or setting mousse.

For a visual demonstration, please take a look at this video by QTheBraider

What products do you need to twist a guy’s hair?

To twist your hair as a man or twist your male client’s hair, you will need the same products and tools like any other hair type. To be specific, all you need will be a fishtail comb for sectioning, a detangling comb to comb through the tangles, a leave-in conditioner, a twisting gel or curling cream for definition.

Can guys wash their hair while in twists?

If you’ve had your hair in twists for a while and are not ready to take them down, you can still wash your hair while it’s twisted. You will need to be gentle when washing so that you don’t unravel your twists or end up with frizzy hair.

For an effective cleanse, you will need a shampoo and conditioner.

When washing, focus on cleansing the scalp and not the hair. Gently scrub your scalp so that you don’t unravel the twists. Braiding your twists in flat braids or sectioning them up into four sections will help to reduce frizz.

How long do men’s twists last?

Two-strand twists on men can last anywhere between one to six weeks, depending on the style, and texture of your hair, and how well you maintain your hair while in twists.

Tightly coiled hair that was twisted on damp hair tends to hold a style longer than looser curls such as type 3 hair texture.

Also, smaller twists will last longer than chunky twists, and longer hair length will hold a style longer than shorter hair length.

How do men keep their twists fresh?

Two-strand twists are easy to maintain, and they can last for a few weeks. With regular moisturizing and a proper nighttime routine, your twists can look as fresh as possible for a longer period of time.

The ends of the twists are usually dry and frizzy, so focus more attention on the ends when moisturizing. A good leave-in conditioner and a carrier oil like coconut oil will keep your twists looking fresh.

Before going to bed, moisturize your twists with a leave-in conditioner and seal in the moisture with hair oil or butter. Sleep on a silk pillowcase or cover your hair with a durag.

How can men stop their twists from shrinking?

Washing and daily moisturizing may cause your twists to shrink. To avoid shrinkage, or at the very least, minimize it, you can try stretching your twists by braiding them at night so that your hair stays stretched while you sleep.

How do you keep your two strands twists from unraveling?

To prevent your hair from unraveling, you can use a good quality twisting gel or butter to hold the twists in place. You can also twist using the rope twisting method and twist tightly so that the hair stays in place. If you have fine hair, short hair, or looser hair texture, you can secure the ends of your hair with rubber bands, so that your twists won’t unravel easily.

Are twists dreads? Will twists turn into dreadlocks?

Twists are not the same as dreads. These are two entirely different hairstyles. However, your dread journey can start out with a twist. Because twists can lock and become dreadlocks if left undone for a significantly long time.

How long does your hair have to be before it can be twisted?

Ideally, your hair should be at least six inches and longer before getting them twisted, otherwise, they may unravel easily.

Is it better for men to twist on dry or wet hair?

Twisting on wet or dry hair depends on the look you’re going for, be it smooth, shiny, stretched, or shrunken.

While some men prefer twisting their hair when wet, others prefer dry hair. The only difference is that twisting wet hair tends to look more shiny, juicy, and fuller, though it will be more shrunken than when dry twists.

Twisting on Wet vs. Dry Hair by @gameoffros

Do twists damage men’s hair?

When done correctly and maintained as they should, two-strand twists will not damage your hair. Twists are low-manipulation hairstyles that will keep your hair protected and growing.

Can men’s hair grow with twists?

Your hair can grow in two-strand twists if cared for properly. You should see increased length after taking down your twists. Regular moisturizing and protecting your hair at night while you sleep will help to ensure that you retain length while your hair is in two-strand twists.  

Are two-strand twists a professional hairstyle for men?

Your workplace culture and job responsibilities will determine whether or not your hairstyle is considered professional. So it’s best to find out what the dress code and workplace culture is at the company before accepting employment. The good news is that some companies do not mind what hairstyle one wears as long as they look neat and presentable and you get your job done.

Do women find men in two-strand twists attractive?

As long as your done is done neatly and well taken care of, you won’t have a problem attracting women. Your self-confidence and the way you represent yourself in terms of your style and smile will also play a big role in whether or not, women are attracted to you.


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Attractive Two-Strand Twists Hairstyles on Black Men

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. I’ve also included some affiliate links in the post, which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase with my link.

1. Kamikaze Twists

Two Strand Twists on Men

If you have long hair and need a style that will keep you looking neat and sharp while showing off your temp fade cut, this is the ideal look to try.

2. Triangle Shaped Male Two Strand Twist

plait and Two Strand Twists on black men

Try these cool triangle twists if you want your hair to have a unique design that stands out.

3. Neck Length Men’s Twists Style

Two Strand Twists on black Men with long hair

For guys with slightly longer hair, a dapper style like this is a great way to keep your hair in place while looking super stylish. You can add hair ties at the ends to keep the twists from coming loose.

4. Men’s Plait And Twist Style

plait and Twists on Men

Opt for a combo of plaits and twists to give your hair a fun pattern and a slight stretch.

5. Blonde Rope Twists

two strand twists on dread locs

If you’re a fan of colored hair then this might just be the look for you. It is a very sauve and cool style that will look great on any hair type.

6. Dreads Two-strand Twists

Two Strand Twists on dreads with long hair

If you have locs and are looking for a new way to jazz them up, then try making them in these stunning twists.

7. Men’s Two-Strand Twist On Dry Hair

two strand twists on young Black men

Need a more low maintenance and care-free look to go with any outfit? This is definitely the look for you.

8. Kamikaze Twists On Wet Type 3 Hair

kamikaze twists on black men

For guys with looser curled hair, kamikaze twists are the perfct style to go for. Add some hair gel to keep it sleek and shiny and you have a stylish look.

9. Men’s Twists With Beads

kamikaze two strand twists

This is the perfect look for anyone with a fade haircut. The twists keep the rest of your hair protected and you can jazz it up with some beads.

10. Short Men’s Twists With Colored Ends

fluffy two-strand twists on black men

If you have short natural hair and are looking for a men’s hairstyle that will keep you looking stylish and dapper, this is definitely a look you should be considering.

11. Mini Twists With Fade

single twists on young black man

Opting for a simple yet stylish look like this will give you an eye catching style that works on any outfit.

12. Twists With Mini Cornrows On Men’s 3b Hair

twists on black men

Try a unique style like this if you’re looking for a men’s twist style that stands out.

13. Medium Length Triangle Shaped Twists

juicy two strand twists on men

This is a great style to try if you’re looking for a flattering twists style with a wide range of styling possibilities.

14. Two Strand Twists On Locs

finger coils with twists on black men

If you’ve been looking for a fun and cool way to style your locs, this is the ideal look to try.

15. Chunky Short Twists On Wet Hair

chunky two strand twists with rubber band

For guys with shorter type 4 hair, this is the perfect look to tame your curls. You can use a curl enhancing cream to give the twists a bit more definition.

16. Large Sleek Twists

simple two strand twists

If you’re prefer a more sleek and put together look, then this is definitely a style you should consider. It is pretty simple but adding some hair gel give it a nice sheen.

17. Short Boxy Twists On Mne’s Type 4 Hair

two strand twists on short hair

This is another great style for guys with shorter hair.

18. Triangle shapes Twists On Dry Hair

triangle two strand twists

If you want something with a slightly intricate design, then you should definitely try this style.

19. Chunky Twists With Fade

juicy two-strand twists on a black man

A great way to add some drama to your classic fade look is to incorporate some chunky twists as done here.

20. Star Shaped Men’s Twist Style

Creative two strand twists

This is another flattering style with a unique pattern that’s perfect for fans of twists with cool designs.

21. Medium Twists On Dry 4b Hair

fluffy two strand twists on a black man

Want a stylish yet low-key look you can wear on a casual day? Then give this style a go.

22. Triangle Shaped Twists With Banded Ends

medium length two strand twists

If you’re looking for a versatile style you can wear on multiple occasions, this is a great option to choose.

23. Two Strand Twists With Cornrows

two strand twists with a Fade

For a look that is both edgy and and fun, this is an excellent style to try. Add some cowrie shells to give the style a cool tribal apperance.

24. Loose Twists On 3a Hair

box two strand twists

If you have looser textured hair, this is the ideal look to go for. Add some hair ties at the ends of the twists to secure them in place.

25. Shoulder Length Twist On Dread Locs

twists on long dread locs

Looking for a sophisticated way to wear your locs? This is an an excellent look to try.

26. Double Colored Medium Length Twists

two toned color twists

A two toned look like this is the ideal style to make if you prefer an eye-catching style with a pop of color.

27. Thick Twists With Mini Cornrows

two strand twist on men

This intricate cornrow and twists combo is a flattering look that will make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

28. Medium Sized Twists On Dry Type 4 hair

long two strand twists

Moisturize your hair and add a styling cream and let it dry to create this flawless look.

29. Chunky Twists On 3b Hair

two strand twists on mixed men

If you have looser curly hair and need a low maintenance style that looks stylish and carefree, this is a great style to try. Simply add some curling cream before twisting to make create more definition.

30. Short Mini Twists On Type 3 Hair

easy two strand twists on men

Try this style if you want an effortless style you can wear on a casual day.

31. Short Twists On Men’s 4c Hair

Two strand twists on short hair with shaved sides

This is a great style for guys with shorter type 4 hair. Be sure to use a twisting gel and curl enhancing cream to give the create more defined curls.

32. Mini Triangle Shaped Twists On Stretched Hair

plaits and twists on men

If you have medium length hair and want your twists to be slightly longer, make them on stretched hair and add triangle parts to give it a touch of drama.

33. Short Twists On Dry 3b Hair

Juicy two-strand twists on black teenage boys

If you have shorter curly type 3 hair, try a style like this for a fashion forward look that is sure to put some spotlight on you.

34. Boxy Two Strand Twists With Plaited Root

plaits and twists on black men

This is the perfect style to make if you want to ensure your two strand twists lasts long.

35. Large Triangle Shapes Twists

triangle parts twists

Want a men’s twist hair style that doesn’t take much time to install? This is the ideal look for you. You’ll need to smooth down each section of hair with hair gel to keep the style clean and sleek.

36. Men’s Two STrand Twists On Stretched Hair

simple two strand twists on black men

This is the perfect two strand twist style for guys who prefer to show off their length.

37. Jumbo Twists With Petal Cornrows

kamikaze twists on black men

Need an elegant style with a touch of drama to wear at a special occasion? Try this intricate rope twists with petal shaped braids at the base.

38. Twists On High Top Fade

juicy two strand twists with a fade

If you’re an avid wearer of high top fades, then this middle parted twists are definitley what you need to elevate the look.

39. Loose Twists On 3b Hair

short two strand twists

This is an effortless yet stylish look that’s perfect for guys with looser curls.

40. Thin Twists On Stretched Hair

two strand twists on fine hair

If you want to create the illusion of more volume with your twists, try making them in these thin sizes. Be sure to stretch out the hair with a blow dryer before twisting to keep the style elongated.

41. Middle Parted Twists

box two strand twists

A deep middle part style is a classic look that will look great on any hair type and allows your hair to frame the face in the best way possible.

42. Ombre Kamikaze Twists On 3b Hair

two strand twists on long hair

If you’re looking for something with a subtle hint of color, try this ombre look.

43. Thick Two Strand Twists With Middle Part

juicy two strand twists

A middle part twist style like this is a classic look you can never go wrong with. It is dapper and looks flattering on all face shapes.

44. Shoulder Length Twits On Stretched Hair

two strand twists on black men

This is an excellent choice for guys with longer hair looking to show off their length.

45. Ombre Twists On High Top Fade

two strand twists on burgundy hair

This is another great ombre look for anyone who’s into colored hair.

46. Middle Parted Kamikaze Twists

kamikaze twists on black men

If you like the look of kamikaze twists, you can take them a step further by adding a deep middle part to create a cool pattern.

47. Triangle Shaped Ombre Twists

two strand twists on short hair

If you want a style that is both simple and eye catching, this is a classy look you need to try.

48. Loose Twists On 3b Hair With Plaited Root

Juicy two strand twists

Looking for a look that exudes effortless style? These loose twists are just what you need.

49. Micro Twists On Stretched Hair

mini two strand twists on black men

Amp up your twists and show of your medium length hair with these micro twists.

50. Back Length Kamikaze Twists On Type 3 Hair

kamikaze twists on long hair

This is a great style for guys with longer hair looking for a twists style with a touch of elegance and drama.

51. Short Men’s Twists On Damp Hair

juicy two strand twists on short hair

Looking for a style you can pull off with any length of hair? Try twists on damp hair.

52. Thick Triangle Shaped Twists On Stretched Type 4 Hair

two strand twists on men

If you don’t have the time to make mini twists you can can pull off a flawless look with thick twists. Just make sure to secure the ends with hair ties.

53. High Top Two Strand Twist On Dry Hair

two strand twists on young men

This is a sexy style that lets your flaunt your hair while showing off your fade cut.

54. Medium Length Twists With Middle Part

two strand twists on men

This a low maintenance look perfect for casual occasions. It frames the face really well and you can have fun with it when it comes to styling.

55. High Top Twists With Added Hair

two strand twists on men

If you want something with a bit more length and volume, then you can incorporate some braiding hair extensions. It is a very versatile look with multiple styling options. You can pull it into a high bun, a ponytail or let it down .


Twists can be a great way to bring a new dimension to your lifestyle and social life. And why not? They are exceptionally versatile, easy to maintain, can last for quite some time with proper care, and they take such a short time to install. Two-strand twists are also a great protective style and help to tame those unruly kinks.

And the best part? You don’t have to bother about styling them. You just let your twists free-fall or hold them in a loose pony, and you are good to go.