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60 Low Manipulation Two-Strand Twists Natural Hairstyles For Winter 2024

Are you a natural girlie who loves putting your hair in protective styles and can’t decide what your next hairstyle should be? Look no further than two-strand twists.

This hairstyle got its name from its installation technique which involves wrapping two sections of hair together in a rope-like manner and it is one of the best protective styles for natural hair. Not only are these twists very low maintenance, stylish, and easy to install; they can also be styled in versatile ways.

This is why I have compiled some amazing two-strand twists hairstyles for this post. Each look is gorgeous enough to make you fall in love with the versatility of natural hair so be prepared for some major black girl magic.

Are two-strand twists low manipulation hairstyles?

Two-strand twists are not a low manipulation style because the hair needs to be sectioned and manipulated to achieve the twists. Instead, they are considered a protective style since they keep your hair strands tucked in and completely protected from constant manipulation for more than a week.

Can you trim natural hair while in twists?

You can trim your natural hair while in twists as long as your hair is stretched before twisting. This method is called “dusting” because you are simply dusting off knots and split ends.

It’s not recommended to use this method as the only way to trim your hair because you can end up with uneven hair which can result in more tangles, knots, and other hair problems.
Karen of Curl House shows how this works in the video below.

Is it better to twist on damp or dry stretched hair?

Twisting on damp or dry stretched hair will give you different results. Your personal preference will determine whether to twist on dry or damp hair.

Twists done on damp hair will look more shiny, soft, and juicy when compared to twists done on dry hair. Your hair will also look shrunken and will continue to shrink over time, due to the amount of moisture in your hair.

On the other hand, twists done on dry stretched hair will look fuller, thicker, and longer. The only downside is that your hair will get frizzy faster and you may not get the soft and juicy finish you would get with damp hair.

two strand twists on dry vs. wet hair

You will see many examples of twists done on dry hair and damp hair in this post, so that you can make the best decision for your hairstyle.

How do I prevent shrinkage and frizz in two-strand twists?

The best way to prevent shrinkage on your twists is to either twist on stretched hair or use the tension method to stretch it out after twisting.

To do this, divide the twists into four sections, pull your hair, and use a blow dryer to give them a light stretch. Whatever technique you use, make sure to apply some heat protectant on your hair before using any heat tools.

You can also put your twists in three-strand plaits before you go to bed every night, that way you will wake up to a naturally stretched look.

To minimize frizz, apply a little bit of gel while you twist the hair to help smooth down any flyaways. It is also important to cover the hair with a silk or satin bonnet before you go to bed every night as that will prevent your hair from rubbing against your bedding and creating frizz.

What is the best way to achieve a juicy two-strand twists hairstyle?

The best way to achieve juicy twists is to start with freshly washed and deep-conditioned hair. Use a twisting cream or curling butter such as the ones recommended in this post to twist your hair. Let your hair air dry over a few hours. The result will be bouncy two-strand twists that look fluffy and shiny over several days.

This video from YouTuber, Tricec B shows how to get juicy two-strand twists, regardless of your hair texture or length.

How long should you leave twists in before taking them down for a twist out?

If you intend to wear your twists as a twist out after taking them down, I recommend only leaving the twists in for 1-2 weeks. Anything longer than that will not produce the best results as the twists would have developed a lot of frizz which will be harder to fluff and separate.

Are micro twists difficult to take down? What is the best way to loosen micro twists without breakage?

You will need to be very patient to safely take down your mini or micro twists. I recommend working in sections over several days if possible. Also be sure to use a really good hair softening and detangling conditioner so that the twists can easily unravel with little to no breakage.

After spraying your micro twists, begin taking them down with your fingers. Start from the ends and try to find the spot where the two sections of hair separate, then gently separate the hair as you work your way down to the roots.

After taking down each twist, comb through the hair section with your finger and follow up with a comb to remove any tangles. Secure that loose hair section with a hair clip and repeat the same process on the entire head.

What is the difference between two-strand twists and locs? Can single twists turn into locs?

Locs and two-strand twists are different hairstyles. As the name implies, two strand twists are two sections of hair that have been twisted together in a rope-like fashion while dreads are sections of hair that have been knotted and tangled together. Twists are often easier to take down while locs are semi-permanent. 

However, if you want dread locs, two-strand twists are a great starting point. Once you leave them in for a really long time without retwisting or taking them down, twists can easily turn into dreads.


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These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Two-Strand Twist Locs High Bun

Do you prefer a non-traditional two-strand twist look? This twist and loc combo might be right up your alley. It is a very elegant hairstyle that you can easily pull into a high bun when you’re feeling fancy.

Loc Twist on Black Girls

2. Jumbo Crown Twists

This look is giving goddess vibes and we love everything thing about it. It is perfect for those busy days when you just need an easy way to keep your curls tucked in. You can even accessorise a little bit with some hair cuffs.

Chunky Two Strand Twist on Women

3. Updo with Two-Strand Twists Bangs

This stunning updo is another great way to rock two-strand twists when you want to look put-together and beautiful without spending too much time on your hair. Simply blow out your hair to achieve this look and elevate the twisted bangs with some hair accessories and wooden Beads.

Two Strand twist bangs with accessories

4. Accessorized Two-Strand Twists

Show off the length and beauty of your natural hair by twisting on stretched hair. These regal twists will need to be re-moisturised during the week with a leave-in conditioner but they will ensure your hair remains flawless all winter.

What you will need: Hair Accessories

Low Manipulation Twist on Women

5. Mini Short Twists on Black Women

Draw attention to the face by making your twists in a side part. This look frames the face well and it is perfect for those with medium-length or short hair.

Mini twist on Black Women

6. Two Strand Twists for Short Hair

You know what’s better than two-strand twists? A flawless updo made with those same twists. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or just want to keep your hair out of the way, don’t be afraid to get creative.

Flat twis with Two Strand Twists Hairstyles

7. Two-strand twists with Double Bun

Who knew a double bun could look so sophisticated? Well looks like all you needed was two-strand twists as your starting point. You can pair this look with any outfit and even jazz it up with some cute earrings.

Double bun Twists Hairstyle

8. Medium Length Twists with Wooden Beads

If you are worried your twists might look too plain then take them up a notch with the addition of hair accessories and wooden hair beads. You can even use edge control to add a few swoops on your edges to give them a stylish finish.

Twist with Accessories on Girls

9. Chunky Crown Style Twists

Chunky twists neatly into an elegant crown in one timeless look you can never go wrong with. It is perfect for school or work and can even be dressed up with hoop earrings and red lipstick for a night out.

Chunky Two Strand Twists

10. High Bun Two-Strand Twists

Twisting on stretched hair is a great way to prevent shrinkage if you eventually want to turn the look into a twist out. You can pull the hair into a loose bun for a few days until you are ready to unravel the twists.

What you will need: Hair Scrunchies

Hairstyles with Two Strand Twists

11. Low Bun Micro Twists

If you are trying to limit the number of washdays you have during the winter, micro twists should definitely be on your radar. These tiny twists can last almost two months and will keep your hair protected from the harsh winter weather. All you have to do is wash them with a moisturising shampoo twice a month and re-moisturise with a curl refresh spray.

Mini twists on Women

12. Short Mini Twists

These mini twists are another great protective style for the winter and they can be worn by women of all ages. You just have to pair them with the right accessory.

Short Two Strand Twists

13. Straight-Back Flat Twist with Two-Strand Twists

Try out this flat twists and two-strand twists combo if you are looking for something that can be styled in multiple ways. You can pull this style into a half-up half-down look when you want to dress it up or simply let it flow down to show off your juicy twists.

What you will need: Wooden Hair Beads

All back Two Strand Twists with Beads

14. Short Ombre Twists

Are you a fan of striking colored hair? Well, these ombre twists were made for you. They stand out from the crowd and are sure to gain you a few compliments.

Ginger Two Strand Twists on Black Women

15. Loc Twists Hairstyle

If you’ve had your eye on locs but are not ready for such a full-time commitment, this is the best compromise. These gorgeous loc twists are called invisible locs and they are fast becoming a favourite in the black community.

Loc Twist hairstyle for Black Women

16. Half Bun Twists on Short Hair

Chunky voluminous twists pulled into a half bun are the new obsession you never knew you needed. This look is so effortlessly stylish that it lookd great on literally anyone. Just use a blow dryer to stretch out your hair before twisting.

Half bun Two Strand Twists

17. Triangle-Part Two Strand Twists Hairstyle

Have fun with your twists by opting for a triangle-part hairstyle like this one. You can use only your natural hair or include some Marley hair if you want a little more length.

Triangle-parts Two Strand Twists

18. Short Micro Twists

Micro twists are a great way to make two-strand twists last long on short hair. This look is perfect for anyone who’s hair is between 3-5 inches as it gives you more freedom when it comes to styling the twists.

Short Micro Twists on Women

19. Neck Length Two Strand Twists

If you have medium-length hair, you can be a little more experimental with the size of your twist. This slightly thicker variety is a great way to keep your twists juicy.

Chunky Two Strand Twists Hairstyle

20. Braided Halo Mini Twists

Turn your twists into a braided crown to frame your face by trying out these halo mini twists. It is a super stylish hairstyle that’s perfect for any length of hair.

Ponytail Two Strand Twists Hairstyle


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21. Shoulder-Length Twists for Black Girls

Show off the beauty of your natural hair by opting for a classic box-parted twisted look like this. You can style it different ways when you want to switch things up.

Box Two Strand Twists on Women

22. Knotless Two-Strand Twists

It is hard not to fall in love with the simplicity and elegance of these lovely twists. They perfect for women in their 20s or 30s who are still growing out their hair.

Short Two Strand Twists on Girls

23. Headband Braids of Micro Twists

Micro twists just got a major upgrade with this look and we can’t help but smile over its beauty. This headband braided version of micro twists is an amazing way to style bob-length hair. You can even add a little more flair to it with some gelled-up swoops around your edges.

Two Strand twist bob hairstyle

24. Thick Twists on Natural Hair

These juicy twists are a wonderful hairstyle for those with type 3 hair. You can apply some curling cream before twisting to enhance your curl definition.

twists hairstyle on black women

25. Jumbo Twists with Accessories

Looking for a way to preserve your blowout for as long as you can before winter frizz kicks in? Give these beautiful jumbo twists a try use hair accessories to add finishing touches

Jumbo Two Strand Twists with Bangs

26. Braid Micro Twists

If your hair is on the shorter side, pull your twists into this fashionable braided updo and watch compliments fly your way.

Micro Twists on Black Women

27. Triangle-Part Twists with Double Bun

These triangle parted twists are seriously flawless but they are elevated even more with the addition of double buns for a casual and youthful look. You can wear this hairstyle to class or pair it with a sexy dress for a fun night out.

What you will need: Hair Scrunchies

Double Bun Twists on Girls

28. Large Twists with Wooden Beads

These large twists are all about volume and if you have highly dense type 4 hair, these may just be what you need to put your coils on full display.

What you will need: Wooden Hair Beads

Two Strand Twists with Accessories

29. Half Halo Braided Twists Hairstyle

These braided twists pulled into a half halo are the perfect style for busy moms who want something low maintenance. You may need to apply some oil on the scalp to prevent dryness.

Mini Twists Hairstyle on Black Girls

30. Natural Curls with Twists Bangs

Everything about this look just screams fun. From the fluffy buns to the chunky twists and even the wooden hair beads and hair claw clips. It is such a creative way to show the world you are living your best life with your natural hair.

Natural twists with Accessories

31. Long Two-Strand Twists

A simple twisted look like this is perfect for those with long hair who want to protect their ends from damage in the winter. You can pull the twists into a loose ponytail or play around with different updos.

Ponytail Twists on Black Women

32. Two-Strand Twists with Cornrows

Pair your two-strand twists some some cornrows for a sophisticated look that can be worn on any occasion.

Flat Twists with Two Strand Twists

33. Knotless Two-Strand Twists on 3c Hair

If you have type 3 curls, these classy twists need to be on your to-do list. They are easy to maintain and let you show off your curls while in a protective style.

Chunky Two Strand Twists on Black Women

34. Two Strand Twists With Beads

Twists done on stretched and well-moisturised hair already give a full look that is to die for. However, you can take things up a notch by adding hair beads.

Natura Hairstyle for Black Girls

35. Center Part Two Strand Twists

For a stylish look that accentuates your face shape, opt for a deep middle part when making your twists.

Two Strand Twists Hairstyle for Black Women

36. Short Twists Style on Natural Hair

These sleek and shiny two-strand twists are perfect for casual days when you want to look effortlessly stylish. You will need some gel to smooth down your roots while you twist.

natural hair two strand twists

37. Half-up Half-down Twists

These half-up half-down twists are a one-way ticket to being showered with compliments. They look amazing on anyone and can be paired with any outfit.

What you will need: Hair Scrunchies

chunky two strand twists hairstyle

38. Mohawk Micro Twists

Want something edgy and different? Try putting your micro twists in this unique mohawk look. Finish them off with some bangs on the front section to add a feminine touch.

mini twists with color

39. Chunky Short Twists

These short chunky twists will keep your natural hair looking fresh all winter. They are perfect for teenagers but can be worn by anyone on a casual day

chunky two strand twists on black women

40. Shoulder Length Micro Twists

Twist or locs which one are they? These lovely micro twists will have people doing a double take when you walk by as they can easily pass off as micro locs. They are a great conversation starter and you can even add a little color to the ends for a subtle ombre look.

micro twists hairstyle on black women

41. Short Two-Strand Twists

Chunky twists with curled ends? Yes, please! This cute take on two-strand twists is super classy and unique. You’ll just need perm rods for the ends.

chunky twists hairstyle on black women

42. Chunky Twists Hairstyle

This is another chunky twist hairstyle that is fantastic for all age groups. You can wear it anywhere and even glam it up with a bold red lipstick when necessary.

short two strand twists for black women

43. Diamond Shaped Coil Twists

The black community is ever creative in its creating of fun hairstyles. This is another hairstyle that shows that creativity. Who could say no to diamond-shaped parts and some juicy ombre twists?

bob twists hairstyle on black women

44. Medium Sized Twists

If you are a fan of full hair but still want to show off your length, these medium-sized twists are the perfect middle ground. By working with stretched hair you get a little bit of the length and volume.

short two strand twist hairstyle on black girls

45. Half-Bun Half-Down Twists Style

Your twists don’t have to be done in the usual box parts. Make them with neat triangle parts and pull them into a half-up half-down style to highlight your creativity.

triangle-parts two strand twists

46. Triangle-Part Natural Hair Twists

This is another beautiful way to rock triangle parts with your two-strand twists. It is an amazing hairstyle that compliments any face shape.

natural hair two starnd twists on women

47. Black Copper Ombre Mini Twists

Add a little sass to your look by dyeing the ends of your hair a striking shade of copper. It is an eye-catching hairstyle that works well on any skin tone.

mini twists hairstyle

48. Bob Two-Strand Twists

You can never go wrong with bob-length hair if you are a fan of short hair and these twists are proof of that. They are super fashionable and will look incredible on black women of all age groups.

short two strand twists hairstyle

49. Bob Micro Twists

Can’t get enough of the bob look? Here’s another one to satisfy all your short hair dreams. You can make them micro-sized for added volume.

short micro twists hairstyle

50. Dark Brown Side Part Twists

This subtle side-part look is the perfect way to play around with your twists without creating any frizz. Just pull a few sections over to the opposite side and you’ve got yourself a look fir for the gram.

medium length two strand twists

51. Short Twists with Double Bun

The double bun is a very popular way to style two strand twists and this chunky medium-length variation will keep your hair looking fun and fashion-forward.

two strand twists protective hairstyle

52. Short Blonde Two-Strand Twists

Want to add a little more drama to your short hair? Color it with some dark blonde dye and put it into these flawless twists.

short twists hairstyle on black women

53. Bob Length Twists on Black Girl

Natural hair is really what black girl magic is all about. Our hair can do everything and these bob length twists are an example of why your hair was made to keep you looking like a queen.

short hair mini twists hairstyle

54. Short Twists with Double Buns

Elevate your short twists by putting them into this fun double-bun look. You can braid the roots of the hair before twisting to help the hairstyle last longer.

What you will need: Hair Scrunchies

two strand twists hairstyle for black women

55. Thick Two Strand Twists with Headband

Add some personality to your two-strand twists by securing them with a cute headband. It will keep your twists out of the way when you are very busy.

two strand twists with headband

56. Brown Two-Strand Twists

These brown twists are a great choice for those who want a subtle hint of color in their hair. The shade of brown dye use will look perfect on any skin tone so this style can be worn by women of all age groups.

triangle parts twists hairstyle

57. Side Braided Micro Twists

Need a professional way to wear your micro twists to work. These side braided looks are the ideal way to look fashionable and corporate chic.

micro twists hairstyle on black women

58. Purple Twists on Short Hair

Look like a purple diva with these stunning short twists. They will require dyeing your natural hair so make sure to deep condition beforehand to keep your hair from drying out

natural hairstyle for black women

59. Chunky Short Natural Twists

These chunky two strand twists are a fantastic way to stretch out your short hair during the winter. They are faux twists so you do not have to really twist the hair. Just grab some hair threads and wrap it around each section.

chunky short twists hairstyle

60. Short Two-Strand Twists Bangs

Who says short-haired girlies can’t rock bangs? All you have to do is pull your twists forward to create this face-framing look. Apply some twisting cream on each section to make sure your result is as juicy as this one.

short natural hair two strand twists


Two-strand twists are a very versatile protective style and if you are looking to wear them in the winter, you have an endless number of options to choose from. Whether your hair is long, short, colored, fine, or thick, there is something for everyone. So, which look from this post will you be trying?