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40 Alluring Half-up Half-down Hairstyles on Black Women

Half-up half-down hairstyles can be achieved with natural hair, weaves, braids, and wigs. There is no limit to what your stylist can achieve, if you can dream it you can wear it. Half-up half-down styles can be curly, straight, colorful, short, long, sleek, messy, playful, or reserved. Below you’ll find 44 variations on the classic go-to Half-up Half-down hairstyle. 

How do you do a pretty half-up half-down style?

Part off hair in half from ear to ear. Secure the front portion with a band, and for added length and drama wrap weave hair around the base. Finish with extra hair wrapped around to cover the band and the track. Style back portion as is, or cornrow flat before gluing or sewing in weave for length and volume. 

How long should a half up half down style last? 

With care and regular attention, a half-up half-down weave can last up to two months.

1. Individual goddess braids

Individual box braids and knotless braids offer the flexibility of wearing hair down, in a high ponytail, low ponytail, and everything in between.  These goddess braids include tendrils of loose hair left out during the braiding process with unbraided ends. Use Kanekalon braiding hair and curly crochet hair to achieve this wavy curled effect

half up half down braided hairstyles

2. Yaki straight weave human hair and natural look soft bun

Blending yaki straight weave with natural leave out can add volume and length without needing to do a full head installation. Softly twisting added hair around shorter natural bun is bold and glamourous

half bun half down haistyles for natural hair

3. Knotless coi lerays and goddess combo with braided top bun

These jumbo knotless braids incorporate goddess braiding technique, freestyle hear shaped parts, and a high stacked bun for added visual interest. Individual braids of all sizes make for easy styling changes including this half up half down look.

braided half up half down for black women

4. Natural look space buns

Naturally coily-look hair is sleek and controlled in this space bun up/down weekend look. Full fluffy volume in the rear celebrates natural length and healthy hair. Pulling front portion up keeps hair out of your face when running errands or working out.

trendy double buns hairstyles

5. Old Hollywood glam deep wave with precision chingnon

A chignon hair tool provides a solid base to build a perfectly shaped top bun. A half up half down style makes short work of a weave installation requiring sewn in hair to the back half only. Blending is easy with no hairline to consider. Loose braiding hair can add bulk and coverage to the top bun.

half up top knot hairstyles

6. Twine tied natural top bun with cornrowed sides

Hair twine helps to contain the top bun and maintain its shape. Vertical cornrowed sides create an undercut illusion and provide structure to this otherwise free-flowing natural style. Gold metallic cuffs complement gold earrings

top knot hairstyles for natural hair

7. Precision cornrow temples with tightly wound coiled bun with bone straight leave out and bangs

Elevate your classic china doll bob with high low styling. A vertical cornrow makes more of a statement than just a part separating each section. The coiled bun is neat and tall. The chopsticks are a nod to this Asian inspired bowl cut.

braided half up with bangs

8. Natural 3C curls with half up full bun

Messy buns work for brown girls too. Softly gathered half up bun is both casual and classy. Take this style from the living room straight to the boardroom. Keep curls poppin’ with curly magic

half up half down hairstyle

9. 4C natural puffs and short stretched leave out

Prestretch clean hair in braids before unbraiding and picking out tresses for fluffy volume. Part off sections before gathering into puffs and continue to pick and fluff until desired shape and height is achieved.

big double puff hairstyles on black women

10. Half up fruit punch red lace front

Have your lace front unit pre-plucked and parted off prior to installation for easy styling once in place.  This middle part allows for a more natural-looking gathering of space buns, and can also be worn down.

double bun half up half down hairstyle with weave

11. Half up deep wave lace front with flowing fountain top ponytail

This lace front installation avoids the need for parted sections by gathering the top portion in such a way as to blend in with the surrounding length. The fountain-like top ponytail flows effortlessly over gathered roots.

half ponytail half down with weave

12. Stretched natural rubber band gathered sections

Black rubber bands help to craft the gathered portions of this structured style. Each of 15 sections (5 left, right and central) combine in a soft half up top bun. The “all work in the front, carefree party in the back” can be gathered and pinned up for a more formal look.

half up half down hairstyle on black girl

13. Curly mid-length half up half down with side swopping bangs and flowing fountain ponytail

This heavily styled look takes the roller set to all new heights. Curls are left intact and fingered through, while side swept bangs are set firmly into place with round brush and setting lotion

high ponytail half down hairstyle with swoop

14. Burgundy deep wave lace front

This lace front unit incorporates auburn red/burgundy color to this glamorous half up half down look

sleek burgundy half ponytail half down hairstyles

15. Bone straight one-third up two-third down with full length leave out uncut bangs

The up-down look need not be a game of half-and-half. Here one-third of bone straight hair is gathered high, with the part beginning in front of, not behind or at the ear. Uncut face-framing bang pieces echo the bone straight length in the back.

half ponytail with bangs on black women

16. 3C curly twist out half up/down with face-framing front section leave-out

Stretching clean natural hair with twists gives it length and controlled definition. “Pineapple-ing” the front section post “twist-out” continues to stretch and lengthen face framing segments for sleeker roots when worn down later in the week. Consider the doux curl forming foam for a well-defined twist out

half up half down twisted puff

17. Wet wave lace front partial up with flowing fountain

This wet and wavy lace front is a sexy summer-ready look that screams hot girl summer

half up half down curly hair with weave

18. Bone straight blended half weave with short length top ponytail

The short length half up ponytail stands out against the ultra long length half weave. A pair of vertical cornrows ear to crown redistributes tension and limits the risk of headache from the tightly gathered high ponytail as less hair is pulled at the temples.

braided half up half down hairstyle ideas

19. Jessica Rabbit red U shape wig with dyed and blended leave out

Let the world know you’re not bad, you’re just drawn this way! Hair is dyed at u-shaped leave out and blended seamlessly into U part wig.

hot red half up half down hairstyle on black girls

20. Fluffed and full braid out with high sculpted top knot

Clean natural hair is plaited and rollered on the ends. Braid out is finger-fluffed in the back and gathered high in the front. Lay down edges and sculpt baby hair with Shine and Jam Edge control

twisted half up half down hairstyle for black teenage girls

21. Flat ironed bob with broad U-shaped top ponytail

This classic straight bob maintains its shape with a U-shape sectioning off of a half ponytail. This design keeps hairline tension to a minimum and allows the haircut to frame the face as intended

half up half down bob with weave for black women

22. Voluminous natural half-bun and half-down

Another natural messy bun showcases the versatility and beauty of afro texture hair.

half puff half down hairstyle ideas

23. Press and curl ear-to-ear section ponytail and barrel curled leave out

This press and curl with barrel curls celebrate a classic no-frills half up half down style. Wrap hair at night to maintain soft silky bumped ends.

half up half down with curly ends

24. Flat ironed full length up and down with bleached tips

Bleached ends set the stage for layering on edgy ombre colors. Face framing uncut bangs helps bring the color contrast to the front

half ponytail half down with bangs hairstyle

25. Red-brown half weave with large barrel curls

Half weaves take half the time, half the work, and half the cost.

trendy half up half down hairstyles with weave

26. Wet natural curls half up half down

The wet and wavy look is a sexy warm weather style that holds up well in humidity and sweat.

half ponytail half down curly hair

27. 1B straight wig with broad side swooping bang and high fountain ponytail

This ready-to-wear wig is styled half up and half down with a broadly sectioned side-swept bang. No lace front finessing necessary.

sleek half up half down with swoop

28. Dark brown loose waves up/down and side swept uncut bangs

Dark brown lace front unit styled half up/half dow

half pony half down hairstyle with bangs

29. Curly half-wig, banded sections, and delicately designed baby hair

Long-length curly half wig  pairs with intricately styled hairline with rubberbanded sections, finely cornrowed parts, and loopy heart shaped baby hair.

half up half down hairstyles with weave for black girls

30. U-shaped top-section deep waved half weave.

Always use a small section of the weave to wrap around your high ponytail for that perfect finishing touch

half up half down hairstyles on black women

31. Golden brown front gathered natural

This deep curly golden brown half weave is full and voluminous. Short natural hair is well hidden within the volume of the curly installation

half up half down curly hair

32. Softly gathered passion twists

Passion twists are another individual style that makes it easy to switch up the look from up to down to half and half. Try passion-twisting hair to achieve this look

half up half down faux locs hairstyle

33. China doll bangs on bone-straight wig with messy space buns

This buns and bang wig style lets you try out a super cute half up half down style with no commitment to cutting bangs.

half up half down hairstyle with double bun

34. Dual ponytails and full-length leave out

Half weave length cascades down the back while natural hair in front is blended with additional length and wrapped at the base for a smooth finish.

half double ponytail hairstyle with weaves

35. Half weave with twin ponytails with wrapped bases.

Expertly plucked and styled lace front weaves achieve a natural, seamless look.

half double pony half down hairstyle on black women

36. 1B/30 fountain ponytail with wrapped base and half weave leave out

Very short hair is easily encased in a wrapped and flowing half-up fountain ponytail. The rear portion becomes a canvas for glued or sewn in tracks, a half weave.

half up half down hairstyle with highlights

37. Long loose curls half up/down lace front wig

This long and silky lace front is the epitome of glamour that transitions smoothly from the work week to the weekend.

hlaf up half down with weave on black girls

38. Natural curly space buns with twisted bang section and curly leave out

Natural curls can be flirty and fun. This youthful style of messy puff buns and double two-strand twists is even sweeter with girlish baby breath accessories, perfect for spring time.

double puff with twisted bangs on black girls

39. Sculpted four-square afro puffs and twisted bangs

4C hair is full of character, charisma, and versatility. Softly gathered puffs x4 with twisted bangs makes for picture-perfect pool day hair.

double puff hairstyle for 4c hair

40. Parted side swept bangs with high fountain and wrapped base.

There’s no limit to lace front styling.  The side-swept bang is giving mystery and allure. The high fountain ponytail offers a sweetness to an otherwise serious and mature full length wig.

half up half down hairstyle with bangs on black women

41. Blonde with dark roots long length wig

Blondes have more fun, right? Try on a blonde style without the commitment of bleaching and retouching.

blonde half up half down hairstyles

42. Medium-length curly ponytails with shoulder length hair down

Lace fronts are just as fun in short curly styles as in long glamorous looks. Trying out half up half down in different lengths keeps all your fans constantly guessing ‘what will she try next?”

double ponytail haly up half down for black girls

43. Wavy purple lace front with china doll bangs and wrapped base fountain ponytail

Colorful wigs are a commitment-free way to try a daring dramatic change without damaging chemicals or constant touch-ups. Purple evokes royalty and power.

purple half up half down haistyle with bangs

44. Wavy curl with face-framing uncut bangs.

Lace front styling might include full bangs or like above, subtle face-framing uncut tendrils along the hairline. The resulting look is feminine and romantic.

half up half down hairstyle for black girls