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Look Beautiful in These 30 Wig Protective Hairstyles For Black Hair

Wigs have always been a staple hairdo in most people’s go-to hairstyle rotation and it’s not hard to see why. These silky bundles of hair extensions allow you to rock a slew of different styles and experiment with your look while your natural hair stays untouched underneath a wig cap-–making them the perfect protective style.

And with their ever-growing popularity, they are fast becoming one of the trendiest ways to style your mane. The best part is that they come in a variety of new styles, textures, colors, and designs so, there is sure to be a style to suit your needs and style preferences.

In this article, I’ve put together some seriously beautiful wig styles that will have you drolling and rushing to book your next wig installation.

How To Maintain Your Wigs

It is important to have a proper maintenance routine for your wigs to ensure they last long. A key way to do this is to wash and moisturize the wig at least once every few months depending on how often you wear them.

This will keep it clean and shiny. To wash your wigs, make sure to soak them in a mixture of warm water and conditioner for a few minutes. Then gently comb through the hair and rub down the length with your fingers and rinse thoroughly with warm water afterward. After washing, apply an oil treatment or hair serum to the wig to keep it moisturized and let it air dry.  

It is also important to make sure your wigs are placed upright on a wig stand or neatly laid down in a storage pack when they are not in use, this will reduce any damage that could ruin the texture and style.

How To Maintain Your Natural Hair With Wigs

When you have your wigs on, it is critical to also care for the natural hair that is underneath by following a few key maintenance steps. First, it is important to make sure that your natural hair is washed, deep conditioned and moisturized.

Then put the hair in a protective style like cornrows before the wig is installed. Once or twice a week you can then take off the wig and spray it with some water or leave-in conditioner and apply hair oil to the scalp

How To Prevent Receding Edges And Hair Loss.

Wigs tend to put some tension on the hair which can cause damage to your edges and lead to hair loss. However, to prevent developing bald edges, it is essential to make sure your edges are properly moisturized and covered with a wig cap before the application of any wig glue as those glues can dry the hair out and cause a lot of breakage. 

Another way people cause damage to their edges is by being too harsh while removing the wigs. If you want to avoid receding edges it is important to apply a thin layer of oil or water around your edges to loosen the adhesive glue applied during the wig installation.

Then gently use your finger to lift the edges of the wig till it fully comes off. Doing this will avoid the tense pulling and tugging that causes breakage around the edges and leads to hair loss.

Can You Sleep With Wigs On?

You can sleep with wigs on. However, to keep the style from getting messy and frizzy you need to ensure your hair is covered with a silk or satin bonnet. If your wig has a lace front or closure installation you may also need to wrap a scarf around your edges to prevent the wig from lifting due to friction while your sleep.

It is important to note that although you can sleep with wigs on, it is not advisable to do so all the time as the hair and scalp needs room to breathe. The constant tension of having wigs on all day and when you sleep at night can cause some damage to your natural hair.

Can You Heat Style, Curl Or Color Your Wig?

You can heat style your wigs by straightening or curling them with a curling or flat iron to enhance the original texture and look. However, it is best to avoid trying to curl a straight wig or straighten a curly wig with heat as that can sometimes damage the original structure of the hair and ruin the wig. 

When it comes to coloring your wig, you can dye and color them if you’d like. However, this is best done by a professional as you don’t want to use a color or dye that could damage the hair or the lace at the roots. So if you want to color your wigs, it is best to take them to a professional wig maker or styler to get them colored.

Note: If your wig is made of synthetic hair you can not do any heat styling or coloring as only human hair wigs can withstand all these processes.

What Is The Difference between Human Hair And Synthetic

Wigs often come made with different types of hair and one of the two major groups of wigs are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. The difference between the two is that human hair is made from real human hair and thus can be heat-styled, colored, and treated with hair products like normal hair.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is made from artificial fibers that can not be heat-styled or manipulated like human hair so they are less versatile and don’t last as long as human hair. 

Another key difference between the two types of wigs is that human hair wigs look more natural, come in different textures, and are more expensive while synthetic hair wigs are cheaper and more low maintenance.

Types Of Wigs 

The wig-making craft is always evolving and with new technology and techniques these days there are different types of wigs on the market.  Here are a few types of wigs you may run into while trying to make a purchase

  • Lace Frontal ( 13×4, 13×6, 13×3):  Lace front wigs have a mesh lace material attached to the root of the hair. The lace is often sewn ear to ear and made to cover the entire hairline to allow your real scalp to be seen through the wig for a natural look. They often come in various sizes with different widths and lengths. The common sizes are 13’’x 4’’, and 13’’x 6. And 13’ x 3’’
  • U-Part: These are ¾ wigs that have a u-shaped cut in the middle of the front section. This cut allows you to expose a larger area of your scalp and natural hair to make the wig blend seamlessly with your real hairline.
  • T-part: T-part wigs have a t-shaped part in the center of the hair that often cannot be moved or styled any other way.
  • 360 Lace: This is a lace wig that has lace covering the full hairline from front to back and allows you to style your wig into natural-looking ponytails
  •  Lace Closure ( 4×4, 5×5, 5×6): This type of wig has a mesh lace that only covers parts of the hairline and is often placed in the middle so the parting space is limited. Closures come in varying widths and lengths. The standard sizes are the 4’’ x 4”, 5” x 5” and  5” x 6”
  • Glueless: These are wigs that come with glueless caps and adjustable straps or combs that allow you to wear them without using any glue or adhesive.
  • Head Band Wig: These types of wigs come attached to a headband that can easily be worn without any installation process
  • Hd Lace: These types of lace wigs are made with thin and transparent lace that looks invisible and blends in with your natural skin tone because of the sheer see-through lace material they are made from.

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. I’ve also included some affiliate links in the post which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase with my link.

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1. High Genie Ponytail

This genie-inspired high ponytail gives the face an irresistible lift and is the perfect look to go for if you need a dramatic, yet low-maintenance style that you can wear to any occasion. To make it look natural and cover the entire head, the wig used here is a 360 lace wig.

Hair used – 360 Lace Wig

360 Lace Wig in a ponytail
Credit: ulovewigs_daisy

2. Hip Length Bone Straight

Want a look that is simple yet effortlessly classy? Opt for a hip-length bone straight wig. The sleekness of the hair really shines through with this style and is sure to earn you a few compliments.

Hair used – 40″ – 13×6 Lace Front Wig

13x6 Lace Front Wig with edges
Credit: mindyhair_michelle

3. Waist Length Curly Wig

If you’re a fan of long hair with some volume this waist-length curly style is perfect for you. The beautifully crimpy pattern of the curls will add a dainty and feminine elegance to any outfit your pair it with.

Hair Used30 inches – 180 Density Brazilian Deep Wave

curly lace front human hair wig
Credit: alipearl_hair

4. Pixie Cut

Not a fan of long hair? A pixie-cut wig might just be the style you’ve been searching for. This lace front version falls just below the ears and accentuates the cheekbones in the best way.

Hair Used: 180 density pre-plucked pixie cut 13×6 lace front with baby hair.

bob wigs for black women
Credit: uwinshair

5. Glueless Pixie Curl

This is another great way to rock the pixie cut with some texture. This style is great in a  is a glueless wig that can easily be worn and taken off without much hassle.

Hair Used: 8″ Curly Pixie Cut Wig T Part with a 4×1 HD Transparent Lace Front

pixie curl human hair wig on black women
Credit: lashaealexis_

6. Ponytail With Tendrils

If you’re looking for a chic style you can wear on official occasions while looking flawless. This ponytail frontal is the perfect look for you. It is further accentuated with curled tendrils to frame the face in the front.

360 lace front wig in a ponytail
Credit: c.slays_

7. Tapered Bangs

There’s just something incredibly sexy about bangs and this bangs wig proves just that. It features thin and tapered bangs that graze just below the brows and will draw attention to your eyes.

straight human hair with bangs on a black woman
Credit: lllauryne

8. Black With Highlights

If you want a style that has some dimension and structure while donning a lovely color, opt for this black with dark red highlights. It is a cute style that will look incredible on anyone.

Red and Black Brazilian Hair with Edges
Credit: thejailyntamia

9. Asymmetrical Bob

An uneven bob-cut wig is a great way to rock two styles in one and elongate the face. This wig has a 5×6 closure that gives your a lot of room to part the hair as wide as you want.

Asymmetrical Bob Wig With Edges
Credit: mcgstyles_

10. Curly Bob

This curly long bob is another great way to rock a bob style. The defined curls of the look add a lot of volume to the hair and will pair nicely with different outfits.

Curly Bob Wig
Credit: mslula_hair

11. Deep Wave With French Braids

If you’re a fan of goddess braids, then this style is a great way to channel that braids-curls combo. It features a frontal deep wave wig made into two prominent french braids in the front. It is a cute style to rock during the summer.

Deep Wave Lace Wig with Middle Part
Credit: diamondchanisee

12. Half-Up Half-Down

A half-up half-down look is a classic look that lifts the face while allowing you to show off the full length of your hair.  This wig is a lace front that is sure to look flawless on anyone.

Half-Up Half-Down Curly Wig
Credit: alipearl_hair

13. Goddess Locs

 Love locs but not ready for the commitment of locking your natural hair? Then this goddess locs lace front wig is the perfect compromise. It even has loose curly hair woven into the locs to add a flowy texture and up the ante of the look.

Goddess Locs Wig on Black Women
Credit: thequeenofthegarden

14. Silver Bob Wig

This colored bob is the perfect look to go for if you’d like a bright-toned wig with tapered ends and a nice structure.

Silver Bob Wig
Credit: alipearl_hair

15. Waist Length Burgundy Wig

This 4 x 4 closure wig is another great way to don some color demurely. It is mid-length and has a burgundy shade that will meld really well with darker skin tones.

Waist Length Burgundy Wig
Credit: hairmeplease
super chic wig protective hairstyles

16. Curled Headband Wig

Want a wig you can take off and put up in the span of a minute. This lightly curled headbang wig might just be your new favorite thing. The best part is you can wear it with different headbands to match your outfits.

Body Wave Headband Wig
Credit: _silvermonique

17. Deep Center Part

A center part style is a great way to pull focus to the middle of the face and show off your best facial features and this deep center parted wig is the perfect look to go for if you’d like a natural-looking part. You’ll need a u-part wig for this style as it allows you to brush some of your natural hair over the wig.

T-Part Body Wave Wig
Credit: theevolveeffect_hair

18. Side Parted Red Wig

A side-parted look is perfect for softening the face and the fiery red color of this 13×4 lace front is sure to draw the right attention.

Fiery Red 13x6 Lace Front Wig
Credit: uprettyhair

19. Ombre Wig

If you want a combination of two different colors, then an ombre wig is the way to go.  It is a fun and eye-catching wig that is perfect for summer.

Waist Length Ombre Color Wig
Credit: hairinbeauty1

20. Curly Lace Front

This wavy lace front wig has so much volume and definition that looks lovely and acts as a nice backdrop to any make-up look.

Jerry Curl 4x4 Lace Wig
Credit: uprettyhair

22. Rainbow Pigtails

Opt for a youthful pigtails wig if you’re looking for something fun that’s easy to keep out of the face. It features a bright rainbow blend of colors in a full lace wig.

Unicorn Lace Wig
Credit: ulovewigs_daisy

22. Slicked Back With Side Swoop

A slicked-back look is a great way to rock a slick and simple black wig. The look here is further accentuated with a perfectly slicked down side swoop in the front.

deep part lace wig
Credit: the1bunqueen

23. Wavy T-Part Wig

This T-part wig is another great way to rock a middle part and draw attention to the center of the face.

T-part lace wig
Credit: glowinby_kavavi

24. Zig-Zag Part With Ninja Buns

Opt for a zig-zag part wig styled with double ninja buns for a unique look that stands out. 

shoulder length straight Brazilian wig
Credit: teemideluxuryhair

25. Messy Buns Fake Scalp Wig

Everything about this fake scalp wig is just perfect. From the messy buns to the banded front sections. It is a flawless look that you can dress down or dress up for more formal events.

Full Lace scalp wig
Credit: superbwigs

26. Body Wave With Long Side Bangs

If you want a look with some dramatic flair. This body wave wig with long side bangs is the ideal look for you.  

Mid-Back Body Wave Wig
Credit: uprettyhair

27. Colored Bantu Knots

If you want a wig look that is unique and easy to maintain, then you should give the Bantu knots style a try. It is a great look to pair with casual outfits.

purple colored bantu knots
Credit: wigology101

28. Ginger Box Braids Wig

Want box braids but don’t want to spend hours getting braided. A box braids wig would be perfect for you.

Box Braids Wig
Credit: fatimathemua

29. Fulani Braids Wig

Channel your inner tribal look with this Fulani braided wig. It is a full lace wig that looks very natural and lovely.

cornrows wigs on black women
Credit: yanithelacewiz

30. Colored Mullet 

If you want a style with some edge and personality. Opt for a mullet wig. It is a fun and retro look that is sure to earn you some compliments.

short mullet wig
credit: six5eight


The main thing to keep in mind is that wigs are a stylish and fun way to keep your natural hair protected and change up your look for different occasions  With a wide variety of wig types and designs, the styling possibilities are endless so, whenever you’re looking to keep your natural out of the way while looking gorgeous be sure to opt for the wig styles in this post.

beautiful wig hairstyles you will fall in love with!