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50 Ginger and Copper Hair Color Ideas on Black Women that Pops in Any Season

Black women come in all shades and hues, and so does our hair. No color is off limits whether we’re born with it or trying it out for a change. No matter your complexion, there’s a fun new hair color out there for every beautiful black woman.

Check out these 50 ways to wear a Ginger or Copper hair color, regardless of your skin tone or hair texture.

There are so many ways to go red. Dye is not the only way to do it. Weaves, braided extensions, temporary wax color and wigs can give you a chance to try out a new color, and easily return to your natural shade.

Does Ginger hair look good on darker skin tones?
Copper, auburn and sunset hair colors are perfect compliments to the same cool undertones found in deeper skin complexions.
There are so many different varieties of red hair. A professional colorist can help to identify the perfect shade to celebrate your skin tone and personal style.

Do I need to bleach my hair before dying it red? 

If your natural hair color is more than 2 shades darker than your hair color goals, you will need to bleach it. A bleach-free alternative like temporary wax color sits on top of your hair and will allow for dramatic short-term color changes for even the darkest black hair without the need to bleach it first.

Can I bleach my hair at home? 

Pro stylists will discourage amateurs from at-home bleaching. If you decide to do it yourself, work in sections tips to mid-length, saving the roots for last. The heat from your scalp bleaches roots quickly which can result in uneven color if applied there too soon.

Can I safely dye my hair at home?

Yes. For the most part, dyeing your hair at home can be done safely and successfully. Keeping it simple by following the directions on the box and sticking to a color no more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair helps to avoid spotty uneven coverage. Avoid coloring very dirty hair (too much product can block the dye from taking hold) or recently relaxed hair (previous chemical processes can lead to damage). Ask a friend for help.

For how long will my hair color last?

Generally speaking, permanent hair dye will last somewhere between 6-8 weeks before the color fades and roots begin to grow out.

A rinse or semi-permanent dye will last roughly 2 weeks or 2-6 shampoos. A gloss or glaze demi-permanent color can keep up to 4-6 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. Of course temporary color waxes, gels and chalks will last until your next shampoo.

How do I maintain my hair color after dying it? 

Limit over-washing, stay away from chlorinated pools and salt water and use color-treated hair shampoos and conditioners to keep your color as vibrant and rich as the day it was colored.

Will dying my hair damage my hair and cause breakage?

Hair dye is filled with chemicals like peroxide and ammonia that help alter color but also result in more fragile and breakage-prone hair. Hair dye can even alter your curl pattern. Gentle cold water washing, color-treated hair shampoos, deep conditioning, regular trims and working with a colorist can help minimize damage and ward off any unwanted hair loss.

How do I avoid dry hair and keep my hair moisturized after I’ve dyed it?

Stick with color-treated hair shampoos and avoid washing too frequently.  Handle your hair with care on wash day using gentle detangling techniques with a Felicia leatherwood detangling brush (or equivalent). Regular moisturizing is key to keeping dyed hair healthy and strong. Deep conditioning immediately after dying and on wash day will help keep hair springy and soft. Leave-in conditioners rich with vitamin E and jojoba oil should become part of your daily routine.

Continue overnight protection habits like satin pillowcases, scarves and bonnets and limit heat styling to help avoid brittle chipping ends and excess drying.

What chemicals should I avoid in my hair dye packs?

Many of the chemicals used in traditional hair dyes can result in a range of health challenges. Possible side effects include allergies and skin irritation (Resorcinol, Quaternium-15, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), hormone disruption (Resorcinol, Phthalates, Alkylphenol Ethoxylates), and even cancer (Paraphenylenediamine, Lead acetate, titanium dioxide). Discuss dye-pack ingredients with your stylist and explore options that avoid these dangerous substances.

Are there healthier alternatives to traditional hair colors?

Henna-based hair dyes sit on top of the hair shaft without harsh chemical stripping. Rather than weakening your hair they strengthen and add shine. Henna has a reputation for being a bit messy, with inconsistent color quality and shorter longevity. However, a more subtle short-term change might be just what you’re looking for. Plus natural henna leaves a red-orange tint behind, perfect for anyone on a journey toward ginger. Color waxes come in all shades of ginger from amber to rose gold to fire engine red. They’re a fun quick way to try on a new color that washes away in one shampoo. Color gels cater to naturally curly girls by combining color with a curl-defining styling gel. Try Curl Smith in Ruby or Gemini in Cranberry for an easy-to-use alternative to dyes.

Can I temporarily dye my hair at home and get good results?

Temporary color options like rinses, henna, and wax color offer short-lived and often less dramatic results in exchange for less risk to the health of your hair. You may find the tradeoff to be worthwhile.


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Stunning Ginger and Copper hair color you should try!

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Ginger orange natural curls

curly ginger hair on black girls

Bleached hair layered with ginger orange permanent color. Root touch-up will require repeat bleaching before reapplying color. Professional colorists can assist in achieving such even results.

2. Red Blonde Natural high puff

ginger hair on dark skin

Dark roots bleached blonde prior to red color reapplication.

3. Short red-orange natural

ginger hair color on 4c hair

Red color highlights curl definition and adds intrigue to this everyday style.

4. Honey Blonde natural curls

natural hairstyle for black women

Professional high and low lights throughout lend definition to this voluminous look.

5. Strawberry blonde natural fro

ginger afro hairstyle

Strawberry blonde color is a softer, lighter take on red hair.

6. Copper dryer set wash and go bob

natural ginger hair on black girl

Set soaking wet hair with firm-hold curl forming gel like innersense i create hold. Lock the desired look into place with the help of a hooded dryer.

7. Two-tone copper and auburn natural hair

ginger hair on black girl

Your colorist can help create a two-tone color look for depth and contrast. Here a darker auburn color layers beneath a lighter copper pigment.

8. Brassy bleached face-framing highlights and low crochet ponytail red series #30

low ponytail hairstyle for black women

Minimize the damaging effects of bleach by lightening your hairline only. Lightened front section blends seamlessly with added hair when styled in a low ponytail.

9. Red blonde natural high puff with bangs

high puff with bangs on black women

A green scarf against ginger hair helps to make a dramatic color contrast.

10. Ginger sponge rollered fluffy natural

ginger hair on black women

Blow-dry, water spritz then sponge roller medium sections of long hair with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Air dry and pull apart sections with fingers.

11. Honey blonde body wave lace front wig

honey blonde hair on black girls

A honey-blonde lace front installation is a chemical-free way to try out ginger locks while your natural hair remains healthy and protected underneath.

12. Copper afro

copper hair color on dark skin

A blowout comb and even picking and shaping helps add shape.

13. Orange ginger curly lace front wig

curly ginger hair on black girls

 lace front not only offers easy chemical free color changes, but also an instant way to play around with length and different curl patterns.

14. Burgundy red angular cut

natural burgundy red hair for black women

An edgier take on a lace front option. This burgundy-red cut takes on a more editorial look.

15. Ginger spice curly lace front wig

ginger hairstyle with clip lace front wig

More fun with lace front wigs, this time with glitter clip accessories.

16. Shocking copper deep wave lace front

copper wig with weave

Sleek copper waves and complementary bronze makeup pair up for a beautiful photo-ready look.

17. Fiery red loose natural curls

natural ginger curls hairstyle

Separate and style your curly wig units for a more natural appearance.

18. Sunset red orange full volume afro

auburn afro on black women

If your natural hair is light brown, transitioning to red will not require bleach. Consider a semi-permanent color that will rinse out over time.

19. Red brown shoulder length natural bob

easy natural hairstyle on black women

Professional stylists can help layer your color for a natural-looking finish.

20. Auburn soft faux locs with loc knots

auburn loc knot on black women

Black hair braided with red soft locs wrapped in red crochet hair with knotted ends. A chemical-free protective style with a pop of color.

21. Deep copper wash and go

natural ginger hair on black girls

Curl definition and style are easier to see with copper coils than with dark brown or black.

22. Bright strawberry brown fluffy twist out

natural auburn hair of black girls

Twist-out curl separation plus various levels of red, brown, rust and gold color gives structure to this voluminous look.

23. Dark copper braid out

natural copper hair on black girls

Dyed auburn roots combined with dark copper extensions create an effortless bohemian style.

24. Orange color flexi-rod set

ginger hair on black women

Precise flexi-rod curls help to show off bright red ends and deeper red-brown roots.


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25. Rosegold natural curls

auburn natural hair on black girls

Leave it to the professionals to help achieve this rose-golden look with lightened brows to match.

26. Red orange loose curly wig

curled ginger hair

Wigs are a quick easy way to try out a color change with no commitment.

27. Dark copper full-length natural

natural dark copper hair on black women

Bleached and dyed hair will last for 6-8 weeks before roots start to show. Selecting a ginger shade that complements your natural hair color gives you a chance to rock a chic ombre effect until your next touch up.

28. Thats the way love goes deep rust natural

curly ginger hairstyle for black girls

Playing up your dark brows against your new ginger color is a dramatic way to draw attention.

29. Medium-length red-brown natural

auburn hairstyle on black girls

Again natural curls with easy to see red-brown definition plus brows to match.

30. Pumpkin spice curly wave lace front wig

wavy ginger hair on black girls

Another fun lace front. All red, no commitment.

31. Banded Marley twist bob in twin buns

auburn loc knot bob

Brown hair roots blend seamlessly with red twisting hair for a chemical-free color change.

32. Brick lay knotless box braid

knotless box braid ginger hair

Your stylist can dye your hair and human hair extensions for a perfect no-guess match. These knotless box braids showcase perfectly blended hair color.

33. Small box braids

auburn box braid hairstyle on black women

Dark roots don’t have to spoil the journey to ginger. Here previously dyed red ends are braided in with red extensions despite dark roots. Taking breaks between repeat bleaching and dying is important for healthy hair. This protective style maintains the red color without chemicals too soon.

34. Small knotless braids with leave-out ends

auburn box braids on black women

If you don’t mind your roots showing, you can proceed to braid your hair using the hair extensions color of your choice. This way, you don’t have to dye your hair, and you can always go back to your natural hair color when you take down the extensions.

35. Cornrows

ginger cornows on black women

This is a cornrow hairstyle that was done on freshly dyed hair. For seamless results, you can dye your hair extensions the same color if you can’t find a hair pack that matches your hair color.

36. Ginger knotless braids

ginger box braid on black girls

This is another knotless braids extension that was done on dyed hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for someone who wants their hair to blend into the hair extensions so that only one hair color is seen.

37. Bright red-orange curly unit

ginger hair on type 4c

Wig units with bangs make for an easy, instant color and style transition without the need for lace front installation skills.

38. Rich Auburn blowout and iron curls.

ginger hair color on dark skin

Professionally dyed hair is consistent from root to tip. Hair is full and healthy.

39. Dark orange-red natural

ginger hair on black women

Days-old natural curls retain so much more visual definition in this orange-red color.

40. Deep strawberry blonde curly wig

curly ginger hair on black women

Going red is as easy as strawberry pie! Or in this case as easy as this fierce strawberry blonde wig.

41. Ginger medium dread locs

ginger dread locs hairstyle

As locs grow out, your loctician can bleach and add color to roots as part of your monthly maintenance.

42. Orange and blonde butterfly lace front loose wave

ginger hair wig on black girls with weave

Your black hair care specialist can style and install your lace front to ensure a secure fit and flawless styling like this loose wave butterfly look.

43. Red and brown lace front with cinnamon low light layers

ginger hair on black women

Layered color and length bring this long red-brown lace front to life.

44. Large barrel curls on bright orange relaxed hair

curled ginger hair on dark skin

A large barrel curling iron adds soft definition to brightly colored flat ironed hair. Finger through the spirals for volume and bounce.

45. Ginger spice U shape part wig with leave out

ginger wig on black women

A well-blended side part style will require bleach and dye for the section you leave out. The results are a seamless blend between your natural hair and the installation.

46. Brazilian #30 high ponytail with wax color roots

ponytail hairstyle with weave for black women

atch roots to weave hair quickly with rose gold or copper hair wax or hair gel. Temporary color sits on top of your hair and helps to achieve smooth edges.

47. Fluffy auburn braid out

ginger hair on black girls

Cornrow your dark hair flat and sew in the color of your choice to achieve this edgy natural look without harsh damaging chemicals.

48. Short strawberry blonde 3C fro

auburn hair on black girls

Grown out dark roots provide depth and nuance to this natural hairstyle. Style edges with soft swoops for a finished look.

49. Red and blonde deep-wave lace front

half up half down ginger hair lace front

Style your lace front to add lift and dimension that show off peek-a-boo blonde layers.

50. Ginger Brown lace front wig

half up half down with weave on black women

Water wave style mimics natural curls for a sexy summer vibe.

Fall inlove with these Hair Color perfect for Black women!