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30 Designer Cornrow Hairstyles To Wear This Summer

There are certain times when you need a hairstyle that will keep your natural hair tucked in and out of the way to allow you to focus on other things like having fun– especially during the summer. Cornrows are a perfect low-maintenance hairstyle that allows you to do this while looking dazzling.

These three-strand plaits braided close to the scalp are a popular protective style that dates back to centuries of black hairstyling and with modern adaptations constantly being developed by hairstylists; these days you’ll find numerous fashionable cornrows styles will leave you in awe at the beauty and craftsmanship of black hairstyles.

Up ahead, I’ve put together some of the most amazing cornrow hairstyles to try this year if you need a cute and fun protective style.

How Long Do Cornrows Last?

Cornrows can last as long as  6-8 weeks with the right maintenance and care. However, after about four weeks, they might start to get frizzy. By that point, you might need to refresh your cornrows to reduce the frizz if you intend to wear them for longer than four weeks.

How Much Do Cornrows Cost?

Depending on the length and size of the style, cornrows will typically cost between $30- $200. The price also varies based on whether or not you include hair extensions or not.

Can You Do Cornrows With Short Hair?

The great thing about cornrows is that they are essentially three-strand plaits that can be made with any length of hair. Which means that you can cornrow your hair, as long as it’s at least two inches long and stretched. However, if you want the ends of the braids to be long, you might have to include braiding hair extensions. 

Do Cornrows Damage Natural Hair?

Cornrows do not typically damage the hair as they are meant to be protective and keep the ends tucked in. However, as with any hairstyle, without proper maintenance or the wrong installation technique, cornrows can cause some damage to the hair.

If your cornrows are made too tight around the edges or left for weeks without applying any moisturizer then your hair strands will break and fall off during the take-down process.

Can Cornrows Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Cornrows alone do not necessarily grow the hair. However, they are a great protective style that keeps your hair protected from breakage and damage that typically occur when the hair is over-manipulated.

So, the hair retains a lot of length when they are left in for a long time since the possibility of breakage is reduced. This is why most people notice significant hair growth after taking down their cornrows.

How do I Maintain My Natural Hair While it’s in Cornrows?

It’s important to note that cornrows are just like any other protective style and without a proper care routine, your hair might not retain much length while you have the cornrows in.

To help keep your hair well taken care of and facilitate growth while you have your cornrows in, it is essential to make sure you apply a leave-in conditioning spray and oil to your hair at least once a week to keep it moisturized and soft.

Also, ensure you cover your hair with a satin bonnet or silk scarf before going to bed to protect the style from getting frizzy and reduce any breakage that could result from sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. 

best cornrows summer protective hairstyles that you should try


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1. Half-Up Half-Down Cornrows

This half-up half down is the perfect look to go for if you want an elegant style that allows you to show off the length of your cornrows while keeping the front section out of your face. 

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension 1B#

2. Mohawk Style Cornrows

If you want a cornrow look that stands out, opt for this edgy mohawk version. It features curvy parted cornrows with twisted ends that are flawlessly tucked into a mohawk bun. This is a fun style that can be dressed up or down.

What you’ll need: burgundy stretched braiding hair

3. Bangs Cornrows

There’s just something incredibly sexy about bangs and this cornrow variation proves just how amazing they can look when made in bright colors. The purple cornrows feature bangs that skim just below the brows and are further accentuated with beads.

What you’ll need: purple pre-stretched hair and hair beads

4. Bob Length Cornrows

Want to rock short hair in a put-together and stylish manner? Try bob-length cornrows. The tapered cut of the ends and the dark red shade of this look makes it an eye-catching hairdo that is sure to attract some compliments.

What you’ll need: burgundy stretched braiding hair and hair cuffs

5. Goddess Style Cornrows 

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Goddess Style Cornrows 
Credit: hairbyeussy

Add some volume dimensions to your cornrows by incorporating loose curly weave into the hair sections to create goddess cornrows. This style looks incredible in brighter shades like gold so don’t hesitate to use any bright shade of braiding hair you’d like.

What you’ll need: water wave crochet hair extension #27

6. Pigtails Cornrows

Opt for these pigtails cornrow if you want to style your mane in a more youthful design. It’s a simple and versatile look that you can pair with different outfits and wear in any season.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension #1

7. High Ponytail

A high ponytail cornrow is the perfect look to go for if you need something to wear to a party or formal event while looking cute. This version features a unique part with a side-swept look at the back that is sure to draw attention.

What you’ll need: braiding hair extension no. 1

8. Blonde Cornrows

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Blonde Cornrows

If you’ve been looking for a way to rock blonde hair, then these fluffy blonde cornrows definitely need to be at the top of your list. This style might require you to dye your natural hair completely blonde but the result will be a stunning transformation.

What you’ll need: blonde pre-stretched braiding hair

9. Side Part Cornrows

A side part is a great way to bring out the cheekbones while softening the overall structure of the face. These side parted cornrows do all that and more which makes them the perfect look for any occasion.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair #1

10. Middle Part Cornrows

Not a fan of the side part? Opt for middle part cornrows instead.  The chunky size of the braids and the center parting creates a nice symmetry that looks great on any face shape.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension #1

11. Blue Jumbo Cornrows

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Blue Jumbo Cornrows
Credit: @debrahhair

 If you’re looking for a fun colorful style you can wear in the summer months, these blue cornrows are perfect for you. The shade of blue braiding hair perfectly complements the black natural hair at the base and the full look is made even better with the addition of butterfly hair clips.

What you’ll need: honey blonde pre-stretched braiding hair extension

12. Ombre Cornrows

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Ombre Cornrows
Credit: @debrahhair

Not ready to go for a full bright colored hairdo? Opt for an ombre version instead. These ombre cornrows feature a blue and black combo that is simple yet fun. This is a great style to wear with casual outfits.

What you’ll need: brown pre-stretched braiding hair extension

13. Triangle Cornrows

Want your cornrows to have a unique pattern and structure? Try making them in triangle parts. This style is quite intricate and requires neat and even parts at the root of the hair so, be sure to go to a good quality braider. 

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair #1

14. Straight Back Cornrows

If you want something simple that you can wear to work or school while still looking chic, straight back cornrows are the way to go. They are a classic low-maintenance style that is guaranteed to look great on anyone.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair #1 and gold beads

15. Stitch Cornrows With Tendrils

Up the ante with your straight back cornrows by opting for a stitch braid version with tendrils at the front. The two curly tendrils of hair incorporated in front of this style frame the face really well and draw attention to the eyes

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension #1

elegant cornrows perfect for summer!

16.  Banana Style Cornrows

These banana style cornrows are the perfect look to go for if you’d like an updo with a fun structure and shape. It is further elevated with the addition of hair cuffs for accessorizing and is a great style to pair with dressed-up outfits.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair #1

17. Golden Fulani Cornrows

Fulani cornrows are a classic style that is sure to make anyone exude pure black girl magic and this gold version is doing just that. This style gives the face an elegant lift that allows your best features to really pop out.

What you’ll need: braiding hair extension

18. Ghana Braids Cornrows

If you want your cornrows to last long and have a firm base, these ghana braids are the way to go. The braids are slightly chunky and made in a cute v-shape that will be great for those with square and round faces.

What you’ll need: braiding hair extension

19. Lemonade Style Cornrows

Channel your inner Beyonce with these lemonade cornrows. This version features a heart braid that sits prettily at the side of the hair and makes the entire look unique and chic. The side-swept manner of this style also makes it perfect for drawing attention to the natural contours of the face.

What you’ll need: braiding hair extension #1

20. Heart Cornrows

Hop on the heart braid trend by giving these heart cornrows a try. With this style, only the front section is braided in the heart pattern but it combines perfectly with the straight back cornrows at the back section,

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension no. 1

21. Cornrows With Bantu Knots

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Cornrows With Bantu Knots

If you’re all about length when choosing your hairstyles, these waist length cornrows might just be your go-to hairdo. The style consists of a seamless mix of different shades of blonde braiding hair and it curled at the ends to a dramatic flair.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension

22. Curvy S-Shaped Cornrows

Get creative with your cornrows and opt for a curvy pattern with an s-shape. This style is a simple yet interesting look that can be paired with both casual and dressy outfits.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair and hair cuffs

23. High Ponytail Cornrows

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair #1

24. Cornrows And Twists

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension #1 and transparent hair beads

25. Pink Cornrows 

Want a fiery style that will turn heads wherever you go? Try these deep pink cornrows. They even include a single S-shaped braid in the middle to add more drama. You will have to dye your natural hair a matching shade of pink for this look, so ensure you’re comfortable with the color change before going ahead with the style.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair #1 and hair cuffs

26. Two Jumbo Cornrows With Curls

Don’t want to spend hours in the braiding chair? These two jumbo cornrows might just be your new favorite style. They are simple, chic, and also have full curly weave attached to the ends for volume and flair.

What you’ll need: braiding hair extension #1

27. Twist Out With Cornrows

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Twist Out With Cornrows

If you have an old twist out you’re looking to restyle or simply want to try something new with your natural fro. Then you should give this twist out and cornrow combo a try. It is a cute and versatile way to rock your natural hair in a protective style without any hair extensions.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension

28. Double Bun With Weave

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Double Bun With Weave

These double bun cornrows seriously have everything you need to slay a look. From the perfectly placed buns to the zig-zag cornrows and the curly weave woven into the back section, everything about this look just screams elegance and style.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair and hair beads

29. Petals Shape Cornrows

Captivating Cornrow Hairstyles - Petals Shape Cornrows

Add a lovely flowery design to your braids by opting for petal shaped cornrows at the base. It is a great way to add some detail to your box braids.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension #1 and brow braiding hair

30. Top Bun With Rose

This is another great way to embed a flowery vibe into your hairdo. The style features a perfectly placed top bun with a prominent rose braid at the back that is sure to attract only the best compliments. 

The bottom line is that cornrows are a classic protective style that comes in a slew of different styles. Whether you’re looking for something bright and colorful or a statement look with details and shapes, there’s a cornrow style to suit everyone. So be sure to try some of the looks on this list the next time you need a trendy hairstyle to rock during the summer and all through the rest of the year.

What you’ll need: pre-stretched braiding hair extension #1

stunning summer protective hairstyles to elevate your hair game