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40 Ways To Make Your Curls Pop with Temporary Hair Color Wax

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2021)

For years, we’ve been told as naturals that we shouldn’t dye our hair because it will cause so much damage that we’ll have to cut it off and start over.

While sometimes this can be the case if we don’t take care of it, we can still dye our hair and have a curl pattern. It takes a lot of care, patience, and products designed for colored hair.

However, if you’re still not convinced, you’re nervous, or you just don’t want to commit, there are still ways to get some color without making a permanent commitment to color. There are now hair paints that we can apply to our natural hair.

We can get a great color without bleaching or having to commit to one color, which is torture for people who like to switch it up every week. Switch it up with ease and try some of these vibrant, pale, or multicolored styles. 


Is hair paint wax bad for your hair?

Hair paint is meant to be washed out and is not permanent so it is not bad for your hair. It is a great way to color your hair without bleaching which can be bad for your hair. A lot of hair paints have natural ingredients that are not damaging to the hair.

Hair paint wax only coats the hair with color and does not alter it anyway like semi-permanent dyes and lighteners will so it doesn’t cause any damage, Overall, no. It is not bad for your hair. However, it can become a bad situation if left in for too long. 

How long does hair paint wax last?

Hair Paint can last up to four days without being washed out. It can stay longer if you avoid getting it wet in the shower or in general.

Since it washes out, getting it wet can cause it to fade faster. The color will eventually start to fade on its own, but you can touch it up on your own to make it last a little longer.

However, leaving it on too long will cause it to look dry and chalky, or lumpy it’s better not to exceed 4-6 days with the wax in your hair. The good thing about it is that you can add it back in again after washing out the old batch.

The color can also start to rub off or transfer to clothes after being in for a while. To avoid this, don’t go over a week at a time having it in your hair. 

Can you apply heat to hair paint wax?

Since the wax only coats the hair and is not permanent, it can rub off on heat products like a flat iron or curling iron. It is not recommended to use heat styling products with it in your hair.

There really is no need to use heat products on this product as it will be difficult for the heat to even penetrate the hair strand, which would mean you would have to keep heating it which would cause more damage.

If you want your hair to be straight while having the wax in, consider using heat before applying the hair paint. It will not harm your hair so it would be perfectly fine for it to be applied after heat styling. 

Does hair paint wax work on straight hair?

The best thing about hair paint wax is that it can be applied to any texture of hair from straight to kinky and coily.

It may be easier to use and distribute the color on curly hair, but it can work for straight hair as well. Use thinner layers until you get the desired look, and don’t use too much to avoid it making the hair stiff and heavy. 

How do you wash off hair paint wax?

The best way to remove hair paint wax is to shampoo it out. It is not at all a difficult process, as it is just hair paint. Make sure to shampoo your hair an extra time just to make sure it all was rinsed out. 

Can you put hair wax on wet hair?

It’s not recommended to put color on wet hair as it can’t coat the hair well enough with water in it. The best way to apply the hair paint wax is on dry hair.

This can also cause the product not to work correctly or look right when it dries. Applying color, in general, is best on dry hair because it penetrates or coats the hair much easier. 

Hair Paint Brands to try 

This is just a small list of popular temporary colors to try. Do some personal research to find one that you feel fits your hair’s personality the best.

Do some shopping around, get some second opinions from friends and family, and try some samples if you’re able to. Hair color is meant to fun so have as much of it as you can and go wild. 


1. Multicolored Hair paint


hair wax paint on curly hair

Can’t decide which color to do first? Do them all. It washes out, so why not right?


The best thing about hair paints is that they afford you the creativity to do all kinds of colors and patterns 

2. Green and Red


green and red har wax on natural hair

Green and red are two colors that can either go great or not great, but in this case, it came out great and stylish

3. Magenta Curls


Magenta is a low maintenance vibrant color that looks great on any hair texture 

4. Teal-green curls 


Let your hair remind you of the beautiful clear teal water of the Caribbean islands

5. Royal Blue Curls

Blue is a calming color, so it’s the perfect color to add to your head, no matter the shade

6. Purple Ends


Although the color is temporary, it can still seem like too much commitment to color the whole head. Just painting the ends is a great place to start 

7. Teal-Blue 


Blue hair, no matter the shade looks so great on any skin tone and it’s one of the best colors to put in hair. Out of all of the colors, blue lasts the longest

8. Purple Puff


Purple is the color of royalty so style your purple hair into a puff to feel like you’re wearing a crown 

9. Red- Pink 


This color blends with the natural hair color so well that it looks natural itself 

10. Blue dipped ends


Only dying your ends doesn’t have to be about commitment. Sometimes it just looks cooler that way. 

11. Magenta Curls 


Some colors are just so fun and work so well with our skin tones, like this one 

12. Blue-Purple 


Blue and purple work so well together and it’s amazing the things we can do with both colors at the same time 

13. Two-Sided Blue-Green


Hair paint is safe for kids as well and they can get as creative as they want. Once they decide they’re over it, they can just wash it out and try another color. Maybe they’ll even think about having two colors in at once, side by side 

14. Deep Purple Curls 


Purple is another color that looks good in any shade, light to dark. 

15. Green Curls 


Green is a very mysterious color but will also have people looking your way every time you pass them 

16. All the colors of the rainbow


17. Icy Purple


This shade of purple almost looks like it has some white highlights added to give it a pop, and it’s definitely working 

18. Neon Purple


Neon colors are gorgeous and fun, but also need to be taken care of so they do not lose their vibrancy. Once the shine starts to dull, it’s time to reapply

19. Pale Lavender 


Bright neon colors are not for everyone, but luckily we can create pale, pastel looking colors for our preference 

20. Neon Blue 


It’s amazing that a hair paint can create a color this vibrant on the darkest hair colors

21. Blue Purple double-sided


Sometimes you want two colors, but don’t want to mix them, and that’s okay too. Just put them next to each other 

22. Deep Teal 


Teal is one of the best shades of blue to compliment our skin tones and make our complexion pop 

23. Navy Blue 


Navy blue has more mystery than teal, but it makes our skin tone pop just as much 

24. Purple- Pink 


Pink and purple give off such girly vibes and make us look as sweet as candy 

25. Blue Purple


Make sure to take extra care of double-sided color hair so one side doesn’t look better than the other. It’s such a great style as long as it gets the attention it needs to stay looking good

26. Royal Blue 


Royal Blue is definitely on the list of colors to try due to the vibrancy and brightness of it 

27. Purple Blue ends


Get creative with your ends and dip dye them two colors instead of one. Purple and blue work so well together

28. Pale Purple-Pink


While lavender does well on its own, add some pink for a sweet girly vibe

29. Multicolored curls 


The whole point of hair paint wax is to experiment so don’t hold back. Do multiple colors in a week if you feel like it. Color is fun and should be explored

30. Light Burgundy


Burgundy is not only great looking for fall, but it can be worn all year round 

31. Front and back split color 


If you want two colors, but don’t want them side by side, front and back is another option and it look just as good and is really fun 

32. Vibrant Purple 


This color is simply out of this world, and it’s the perfect color for space queen vibes 

33. Triple Color 


This is one way that you’ll remember what the primary colors are 

34. Purple and blue afro


Sometimes getting crazy and unorganized with your color can lead to great results. The best thing about curly hair and color is that it can still look good if the color is applied ordinarily 

35. Honey Blonde


Unnatural colors are fun, but natural colors can still fun and also appropriate for work for people who work in workplaces that don’t allow unnatural colors 

36. Pale Purple

Pastel colors are really underrated and don’t get enough credit. They’re a lot more mellow for people who prefer a more chill vibe

37. Aqua Mohawk 

These edgy looks are not only for the people in the rock band t-shirts. Anyone can rock these styles and look perfect 

38. Mermaid Vibes 

Green and blue mixed together remind you of mermaids under the sea for an ocean vibe 

39. White TWA


Getting white  hair the semi-permanent way can be one of the most damaging to natural hair, so trying out hair paint can save you from all of that, but you can still try it 

40. Pink ends 

Add pink to your ends for a gorgeous style that reminds you of a rose bush in the middle of a beautiful garden 

41. Neon Pink 

We all wanted our hair to be neon pink when we were younger, but our moms wouldn’t let us. I don’t think our moms will mind anymore now that we can tell them it’s only temporary

42. Vibrant Navy 


Navy is not a color that we usually see in a vibrant tone but it works so well and it looks amazing. It’s one of the best colors to try 


In Conclusion 

Hair paint wax is a great product for people who are indecisive, don’t want to commit, and just want to have fun with their hair. It works perfectly in our curly hair, and the best part is that it doesn’t cause any damage. We don’t need to worry about having to cut all our hair off and start all over because all we have to do is wash it out. 

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