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40 Latest Cornrows Hairstyles To Take Your Hair Game To The Next Level

Cornrows are staple protective hairstyles most black women often have in rotation, and it’s not hard to see why they are so loved. They keep your ends tucked in and are so versatile, you can make them in different styles and designs.

Braiders are constantly raising the bar and coming up with beautiful and creative cornrow styles that are so stunning, they can only be described as art.

In this post, I’ve put together some unique and creative cornrows that will give you some inspiration for your next hairstyle.

Do Creative Cornrows Damage Natural Hair?

Much like any braid or cornrow hairstyle, creative cornrows do not inherently damage the hair. However, since they tend to be intricate, sometimes stylists can make the mistake of braiding them too tight, and that can expose your natural hair to the possibility of damage. The tighter the style, the more manipulation you’ll put your hair through which can cause breakage.


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Can I Make Creative Cornrows With Just My Natural Hair?

You can make creative cornrows with just your natural hair. Styles like straight-back cornrows with unique patterns and designs are lovely for natural hair. The main reason people use braiding hair extensions is mostly to add length and volume. But if you have relatively long hair or don’t mind wearing a short length, then you can use your natural hair.

How Do I Sleep In Cornrows?

When going to bed with creative cornrows, you’ll need to cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf/bonnet. This will ensure the style does not get frizzy.

Can I Grow My Hair With Creative Cornrows?

Creative cornrows or any protective style do not grow the hair on their own, but they can help with length retention. The reason is that your hair is always growing on its own.

How Long Can I Keep Cornrows In?

Like most protective styles, cornrows can be kept in for about four weeks. However, you can stretch it to six weeks if you take care of your hair while it’s in the hairstyle.

How Do I Maintain Creative Cornrows?

To maintain any cornrow style, you’ll need to follow a weekly routine. This involves spraying the hair with a moisturizing hair spritz or leave-in conditioner once or twice a week and then oiling the scalp to give the hair some shine. You also need to make sure that your hair is properly covered before going to bed.


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Creative cornrows hairstyle ideas to look stunning!

Elegant Cornrows Hairstyles That Will Get Make You Feel Like a Nubian Queen

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. I’ve also included some affiliate links in the post which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase with my link.

1. Fulani Ponytail Cornrows

ponytail cornrows with beads

If you’re looking for a style that keeps the hair out of the face while framing the face, ponytail cornrows are the ideal look to try.

What You’ll Need: color 1 Xpression braiding hair

2. Unique Fulani Cornrows With Beads

fulani braided cornrows hairstyles with bangs

This cute style is a unique take on regular Fulani braids. It is chic and draws attention to the face, and the elaborate beads makes it even more stylish.

What You’ll Need: pre-stretched black braiding hair, and wooden beads

3. Wavy Kinky Bun

cornrows hairstyle on black women

A great way to give your cornrows an edgy look is to include a fun shape to take up space at the back section. The star design used here makes this look a statement hairdo that’ll surely attract some compliments.

What You’ll Need: black braiding hair and Marley hair pieces for the bun.

4. Blonde Cornrow With Bantu Knots

cornrows with bantu knots

A well-done Bantu knot style is a classic look no one can say no to. These Bantu knots and cornrows combo is a lovely style you can pair with casual outfits.

What You’ll Need: Color 27 braiding hair

5. Short Straight Back Cornrows

latest cornrow hairstyles

If you’re a fan of straight-back cornrows, you can make them even more stunning by choosing these zig zag cornrows with wrapped ends.

What You’ll Need: Ombre brown braiding hair

6. Jumbo Stitch Cornrows With Creative Heart Design

stitch heart design cornrow hairstyle

A low bun cornrow style is an easy and effortless look that goes with any occasion, but you can make it even more eye-catching by including some fun heart shapes, as done here.

What You’ll Need: black braiding hair

7. All Back Cornrows With a Star

star conrow hairstyles

If you want a style that’s easy and quick to install, this is the style for you. Make it unique with a star design. You probably won’t need more than one pack of braiding hair extensions.

8. Zig Zag Cornrows

zig zag braids cornrow

This is a simple and sexy hairstyle. The twists and turns will have everyone turning to admire your hairstyle.

9. Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids With Creative Triangle Design

traingle design cornrow for black women

These pop smoke stitch braids with triangle parts is what you need for a hot girl summer, or whatever season you choose to wear them.

What You’ll Need: color #1 Xpression braiding hair

10. Fishbone Braids With Curls

trendy fishbone braids with curly ends

Need an elegant style to wear to an upcoming event? Try these fishbone cornrows with curls. It is super chic and goes with any outfit. A regular braiding hair will be used for the cornrows and for the curly ends, you only need to wrap a bundle of curly crochet hair extensions of your choice.

11. Medium Ziz-Zag Goddess Cornrows

medium zig zag cornrow hairstyles

If you’re all about definition and volume and want both of those things in a cornrow style, these zig-zag cornrows might just be what you need. They are long and full, and the addition of curly hair gives them just the right amount of texture and definition.

What You’ll Need: freetress water wave hair and pre-stretched braiding hair color 1

12. Medium Cornrows With Creative Swirl Pattern

wavy pattern cornrow hairstyle for black hair

If you’re not into having a side part or middle part, you can go with this wavy hairstyle. It’s simple and elegant.

What You’ll Need: color 1 Xpression braiding hair

13. Double Mega Bun Cornrows

box braided cornrow with bun

This is a very intricate style that is sure to gain you some compliments. It doesn’t take much time to install, but the end result is simply stunning.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair

14. Jumbo Fishbone Cornrows With Full Curls

latest fishbone cornrows with curls

If you’re looking for a stylish yet minimal look that can be dressed for a fancy event or paired with casual outfits, this full curls fishbone look is the ideal option for you.

What You’ll Need: color 1 Xpression braiding hair, and freetress water wave hair

15. Mega Bun Cornrows

colored cornrow updo

Want a dramatic updo to wear to a special occasion? These stacked bun cornrows are definitely a look you need to try. You can either wear this style into a bun, or let it elegantly flow down the length of your body. For the long length, you can opt for these 30 inch blonde extensions hair pack, or your stylist can feed hair in, for added length.

16. Straight Back Cornrows With Passion Braids Finish

straight back cornrows hairstyle

If you’re not a fan of an updo but still want something elegant to pair with a fancy dress, you may want to give these straight-back cornrows a try. The ends are long and made in a butterfly style, which makes them even more beautiful.

What You’ll Need: color 1 Xpression braiding hair and freetress water wave hair for the ends

17. Top Knot Stitch Cornrows With Heart Design

heart braided cornrow with bun

Looking for a romantic look, you can wear on dates? Try this top knot look. You can be as creative as you want with this hairstyle.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair

18. S-Pattern Cornrows With Heart

pattern cornrow hairstyles

One of the best ways to make your cornrows stand out is to include a fun pattern like this S-pattern to add some cool shapes to your entire look. This style shows that you can always make a simple all-back hairstyle to look elegant, if you[re not afraid of being creative.

What You’ll Need: black braiding hair

19. Cross Pattern Ponytail Cornrows

colored cross pattern ponytail cornrow

This all-in-one hairstyle is beautiful and perfect for someone who loves to whip their hair, like they just don’t care! You can use any braiding hair color that fits your personality.

20. Stitch Cornrows With Cute Designs

cute style cornrow

If you’re a fan of mixing and matching different designs, this straight-back look with its combo of hearts, crisscross, and S-pattern might just be what you need.

What You’ll Need: Color 1 braiding hair

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21. Criss Cross Half-Up Half-Down Cornrows

trendy criss cross cornrow

Try these half-up half-down cornrows if you want something that keeps your hair out of your face but still allows you to show off a cool pattern.

What You’ll Need: Color 1 braiding hair

22. Small Cornrows With Twisted Knots

small braided cornrows with twisted knots

This twisted Bantu knots and cornrows combo is the ideal look to try if you want something you can rock on any occasion. The sleek baby hair also makes this style all the more appealing.

What You’ll Need: Color 1b Xpression hair

23. Stitch Lemonade Cornrows With a Heart

side cornrows for black women

Want a cute style to frame your face and highlight the natural contours of your face? Try these side-swept cornrows with an elegant heart design. Please keep in mind that you can wear this same hair color, even if you have a darker skin tone. You can play around with any hair color, as long as youre confident to wear them.

24. All-Back Stitch Cornrows

curvy pattern cornrows

These intricate straight-back cornrows are the perfect look to try if you want something simple but dramatic and stylish. Make them colorful as done here, and you’re sure to receive a few compliments.

25. Stitch Criss-Cross Cornrows With Blue Passion Braids Ends

stitch criss cross hairstyle

This style has a lot going for it, from the flower design to the crisscross cornrows and the bold shade of blue. They all come together to create a chic style you can dress up for special occasions or on a casual day.

What You’ll Need: black pre-stretched braiding hair, blue braiding hair and black freetress water wave

26. Shade Adu Cornrows With Wavy Ends

colored cornrow with curled ends

If you’re looking for a style with some volume and flowy curls, these mini cornrows are definitely something you’ll want to try. This hairstyle is so elegant, it can be worn to a wedding, bridal shower, concerts or any special occasion. Use any French curly braiding hair extensions of your choice.

27. Tribal Cornrows With Dollar Sign

tribal cornrows

Want your cornrows to exude a certain level of pizzaz? Try making them with some cool dollar sign designs.

What You’ll Need: Ginger colored braiding hair

28. Red And Black Cornrows With Rose Design

red and black rose design cornrow

Want a romantic and elegant look with some serious next-level art? Try these rose design cornrows. They are well suited for special occasions or casual work days.

What You’ll Need: red braiding hair and black pre-stretched braiding hair

29. Creative Shade Adu Cornrows

medium cornrow hairstyles

If you’re looking for a style to create a striking pattern while drawing attention to your face, these shade adu cornrows might just be what you need.

What You’ll Need: Black pre-stretched braiding hair

30. Small Cornrows With Zig Zag And Heart Design

small cornrows with defined edges

Looking for a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle that still has some flair and drama? These small creative cornrows should definitely be on your list.

What You’ll Need: Color 27 braiding hair

31. Single Braids With Unique Pattern

unique pattern cornrow hairstyle

If you’re a box braids fan, you’ll love this unique braid look. It has some really cool patterns that stand out and can be paired with any outfit.

What You’ll Need: Two-tone black and brown braiding hair

32. Cute Flower Cornrows

flower style braided cornrows

These flower braids are a unique look you can rock in the summer or spring to make a statement. They also create a striking contrast that makes the hairstyle stand out.

What You’ll Need: color 1b Xpression braiding hair

33. S-Pattern Ponytail Cornrows

s-pattern ponytail cornrows hairstyle for black hair

Ok, you’ve probably noticed I love S-pattern cornrows, but that’s because they are super cute and work in any style. For example, they look stunning in this ponytail look and create a lovely style you can wear on any occasion.

What You’ll Need: black pre-stretched braiding hair

34. Threaded Colored Design

threaded colored design cornrows

If you don’t have the time for the twists and turns that comes with creative cornrows, you can still add your personality to the cornrows by adding come colorful threads.

35. Nubian Queen Cornrows

cornrow hairstyle for ladies

This style is a great way to create a fun pattern at the front section of your braids. It is a versatile style that can be dressed up or dressed down for casual days. You can choose your own style of wooden beads. For a goodnight sleep, secure your braids with a satin scarf, so that everything stays in place and the beads don’t come off while you sleep.

36. Small Flower Cornrows

small braided flower cornrows

This is another cute flower cornrow design that look elegant.

What You’ll Need: black pre-stretched braiding hair

37. Creative Half-up Half-down Cornrows

half up half down cornrow with defined edges

Try these creative half-up half-down cornrows if you want a style that creates a nice symmetry for the face while making a statement.

What You’ll Need: black braiding hair

38. Brown Creative Cornrows With Beads

colored cornrows with beads

These cute brown cornrows have a cool heart shape and crisscross design that stands out, but they are made even better by the addition of beads.

What You’ll Need: Ginger pre-stretched braiding hair

39. Two Cornrows With Rose Design

two colored cornrows with rose design

Two cornrows are a classic and simple look that is perfect for those who don’t want to spend hours getting braids, but you can make them more interesting by adding a creative rose-shaped design in the middle.

What You’ll Need: black braiding hair and lavender braiding hair

40. Tribal Cornrows With Cute Patterns

tribal cornrow buns

If you’re looking for an intricate style that exudes elegance, these tribal cornrows might just be what you need.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair and brown pre-stretched braiding hair

Cornrows protective hairstyle ideas you will fall in love with.


The bottom line here is that when it comes to cornrows, there are endless creative styles and designs you can try. From unique cuts and patterns to sleek designs and shapes, the sky is the limit. You can never be short of options when you’re looking for a creative cornrow style that will stand out.