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40 All-Back Stitch Braids Cornrows That Makes a Statement in 2024

Stitch braids cornrows are so beautiful. If you’re looking for a different hairstyle from your usual box braids, crochet, weaves and wigs, these stitch braids cornrows will leave you feeling satisfied. Its a hairstyle that will get the people around you turning heads and complimenting you all day long.

These hairstyles can take as little as one hour, depending on the hairstyle you go for. And when it’s time to take it down, you won’t need to ask for help, because you will be able to loosen your hair within just a few minutes.

For Some Ideas on stitch braids hairstyles to try, here are some beautiful styles to try.
40 all-back stitch braids ideas to elevate your style


Stunning Stitch Braids Hairstyles That Will Set You Apart

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1. Blue Ended Braids

pop smoke stitch braids cornrows


Navy blue is a great color to add to a braided style.

2. Micro and Medium Straight Back Braids

Tribal pop smoke stitch braids


This is a great style because you can also put them into two ponytails or buns to switch it up.

3. Blonde Ends

stitch pop smoke braids with blonde ends

This whole style is a look from top to bottom.

4. Braided Half Up Ponytail

Pop smoke stitch braids with curly ends

Just because the braids are braided onto the scalp doesn’t mean you can’t still do a half up half down style

5. Jumbo Straight Back

Tribal pop smoke stitch braids


Jumbo braids look so well as a straight-back style and they look good on everyone.

6. Small Arrow Parts

Tribal all-back stitch braids


It’s the skill for me! It’s not often you see parts in the shape of arrows.

7. Mini Connecting Braids

customized all-back stitch braids cornrows


Connect your jumbo braids and your microbraids instead of having them separate. They both look great, but this is so much more fun.

8. Swirly Mini Braids

Straight back stitch braids cornrows

Our hair can sometimes tell a story. What are these swirly braids telling us?

9. Zig Zag Mini Braids

zig zag all back stitch braids cornrows


Braids are amazing because there are so many things we can do with them because of their versatility.

10. Mixed Sized Stitch Braids

Wavy all-back stitch braids cornrows


Technically we can call these straight-back braids, but they have a mind of their own.

11. Medium zig-zag part

6 zig zag all-back cornrows


This looks amazing with the zigzags large, and the braids small. It works so perfectly.

12. Straight back Zigzags

six zig zag straight back stitch braids cornrows

Zigzag parts are really popular with stitch braids because they are easier to do and they’re simply fun to create.

13. Multiple Part Style Stitch Braids

side zig zag all back stitch braids

Some styles can also have multiple styled parts and still look fantastic.

14. Stitch Braids with Colored Ends

5 zig zag all back ombre stitch braids

Adding a small pop of color doesn’t always have to mean using the brightest pinks and blues you can find. A simple brown can still add a pop of color and personality.

15. Large Zigzag Part

5 chunky zig zag all back cornrows

Your braids can go straight back but your parts don’t have to!

16. Uneven Part Stitch Braids

Checkered all back stitch braids

There’s something about a not so simple part that really ties a hairstyle together. It takes really skilled hands to create this.

17. Asymmetrical Part

puzzle style all back stitch braids

The best part of natural hair is the many of ways we can create new things with our hair.

18. Curved straight back braids

Curved all-back stitch braids


If you want to add some flair to your style but also keep it simple, you can simply curve the braids but let them hang straight back.

19. Half Stitch Braids

Stitch braids with weave at the back

You can choose to do a half stitch braid style such as this and let your natural curls hang loose. It’s like the best of both worlds.

20. Flowing Stitch Braids

stitch braids cornrows with water wave weave

There are so many beautiful ponytail styles for these braids, but they look just as gorgeous when you let them flow down your back.

Stitch braid cornrows that makes a statement!

21. Stitch Braids with hair chopsticks

4 stitch braids with defined edges

Accessorize your stitch braids by adding some hair chopsticks and hoop earrings.

22. Large Bohemian Goddess Stitch Braids

bohemian stitch cornrows

Be playful with your hair. This hairstyle is perfect for someone looking for a temporary hairstyle that will only last a couple of weeks.

23. Double ‘X’ Braids

criss-cross stitch braids with curly ends


There’s nothing simple at all about this elaborate style. It’s perfect for the outgoing extroverts.

24. Straight Backs and a Bun

6 all back stitch cornrows for women


It’s sometimes a hassle to fix your hair up in the morning, but with your stitch braids ending in a low bun, you won’t have to do much to touch it up.

25. Simple Straight Back Stitch Braids

all back stitch braids cornrows

Stick to the classics and enjoy medium stitch braids that go straight back

26. Side Bun Stitch Braids

Jumbo straight back stitch braids in a bun

Side buns never go out of style, and they look good on everyone!

27. Curly Ends Stitch Braids

large and small all-back goddess stitch braidsWith a style like this, you definitely want to make sure to cover your hair at night to make it last as long as possible.

28. Blonde bun

6 all back stitch braids with blonde ends

There’s always a creative way to add a new color to your hairdo. Blonde is a very popular color because it works for everyone.

29. Colored Ends

8 all back stitch braids with burgundy ends

Just adding color to your ends is sometimes the best way to introduce yourself to adding color to your hair. Work your way up to having a full head of color by doing the ends first.

30. One streak of color stitch braids

4 jumbo stitch braids feed-in cornrows

Once in a while, you only need a tiny streak of color in your look to show your personality.

31. Subtle color Stitch Braids

burgundy curvy all back stitch braids

Sometimes a subtle pop of color is all you need!

32. Burgundy Stitch Braids

Jumbo feed-in stitch braids

This is a great color for people whose jobs don’t allow “unnatural” hair colors, but still want to add some color to their look.

33. Pink stitch braids

pink all back stitch braids

Grab some pink braiding hair and you can create these gorgeous braids yourself. Make sure to ask the stylist to braid the pink in with your natural hair.

34. Medium straight back stitch braids

Simple all-back stitch braids cornrows


This size of braids is one of the most common but it’s a classic.

35. Knee-length Stitch braids

6 all back stitch braids with defined edges

It’s the length for me! There’s nothing wrong with braids that almost touch your toes.

36. Six Straight back stitch braids

Chunky stitch braids on natural hair

Six straight back is such a simple style, but it always looks good no matter what.

37. Straight back mini bun

All back stitch braids with blonde extensions

Simply have your stitch braids tied up into a small bun, and add a little pop of color as well.

38. Multi-size straight back stitch braids

curvy all-back stitch braids cornrows


We’ve seen so many gorgeous ponytails, buns, and more stitch braids, but there’s nothing wrong with braiding them straight back once in a while.

39.X-design Stitch braids

heart shaped blonde stitch braids


This style is definitely a treasure and X marks the spot!

40. Blonde Streaks and Bun

Lemonade stitch braids in a bun


Use some blonde braiding hair and braid it into your natural hair to create the streaks in the stitch braids.

Stunning stitch braids cornrows to fall in love with