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55 Sophisticated Two-Strand Twists Winter Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair in 2024

There are only a few natural hairstyles that are as popular as two-strand twists. This hairstyle is versatile, low maintenance, prevents shrinkage, facilitates growth, and can be styled in multiple ways

As we never seem to be able to get enough of them, in this post, I’ve put together some of the most beautiful two-strand twists to style your natural hair in.

Regardless of the length or texture of your hair, you will find a few hairstyles you can try from this post. That’s because we want to show you all the ways you can wear your natural hair without hair extensions or too much manipulation.

For more two-strand twists hairstyle ideas, please be sure to check out this first post I put together.

Can Two-Strand Twists Turn Into Dreadlocks?

Two-strand twists can turn into dreadlocks after a few months. This happens when the hair starts to get frizzy and intertwine which makes it almost impossible to take down and detangle. Many women often start their locs with two-strand twists, and instead of taking the hairstyle down, they leave it in permanently so that their hair can become locked up.

This process usually takes about six months.

How Often Should I Retwist My Two-Strand Twists?

How frequently you retwist your hair will depend on your hair texture and your lifestyle. If you have 4c hair texture and engage in a lot of physical activity, you can retwist your hair every three weeks or so. Doing this will ensure that the twists do not start to loc up, and it will keep them neat and frizz-free.

How often you retwist your hair will also depend on how you twisted your hair in the first place.

Typically, twists done on dry and stretched hair, tend to last a bit longer than those done on damp and shrunken hair. Also, mini twists last longer than chunky and jumbo twists. This isn’t a problem because it simply means that you can easily take down your hair for wash day and twist them back up within a limited amount of time.

To increase the lifetime of your hairstyle, you should try to retwist your two-strand twists every 2-3 weeks if you intend to keep them longer than a month.

Whatever you do, you want to ensure that you don’t keep your twists in for more than 4-8 weeks unless you are starting a locs hair journey.

Can Two-Strand Twists Cause Hair Breakage?

Two-strand twists are a healthy protective style, so they should not cause hair breakage. However, certain practices in your twists routine or hair regimen can cause breakage.

Some of these include the following:

Not protecting your hair at night: Going to bed without a satin scarf or bonnet might cause your hair to dry out, which can easily lead to breakage when you tussle and turn at night. To minimize frizz, it’s recommended to secure your hair with a satin scarf so that your hair will be secured, ensuring that your twists stay smooth for as long as possible.

Not moisturizing your hair regularly:  It´s important that you keep a regular moisturizing routine so that your hair stays moisturized and healthy. Failure to do so might result in brittle dry hair, which can lead to breakage.

To adequately moisturize your hair without disturbing the hairstyle, it’s recommended to use a leave-in spray such as the ones recommended in this post.

Keeping the twists in for too long: Some hair types such as 4c hair will start to wrap around themselves and loc up after being in twists for more than 3-4 weeks. This can cause some breakage while you try to take down the style, as the hair strands would be extremely tangled and intertwined.

To prevent this from happening, I will suggest taking your hair down after about 4 weeks. When taking down your twists, please take your time and try to moisturize each strand with a good leave-in conditioner, so that you can minimize breakage.

Do Two-Strand Twists Shrink?

Two-strand twists often shrink in length when done on wet hair. This is why your twists might look long while at the salon, but will end up much shorter once dry. To keep your twists stretched, you’ll need to either twist your hair on stretched hair or use a hair diffuser to dry them after twisting to give them a stretched look.

You can also keep your hair stretched at night by flat twisting your hair at night. tie it in a bun or band it together.


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Easy Two-Strand Twists Hairstyles To Keep Your Hair Protected

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. I’ve also included some affiliate links in the post which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase with my link.

1. Loose 3b Hair Twists  

loose two strand twists
credit: _crownoflove_

This style is great for those with looser curl patterns and is best done on damp hair to achieve the bouncy curls at the ends of the twists. Use a curling cream such as the TGIN twist and define cream to get this juicy look.

2. Chunky Twists on Dry 4c Hair

chunky two strand twists on 4c hair

If you need a low-maintenance style, you can wear these to keep your hair protected. To get a similar look, you will need to stretch your hair by threading your hair, braiding or lightly blow dry your hair.

3. Grey-Haired Two-Strand Twists

two strand twists on grey hair
credit: _crownoflove_

For older women, grey twists are a great way to embrace your grey hair while keeping the hair properly tucked in. Keep your hair moisturized with a leave-in conditioner while your hair is in twists.

4. Jumbo Twists On Blow-Dried Hair

loose two strand twists on long natural hair

If you want your twists to be full, opt for jumbo twists. You’ll need to use a blow dryer to blow out the hair to achieve the fluffy volume of this look.

5. Bob Length Medium Twists

simple two strand twists for work

If you have short to medium-length hair, bob twists are a lovely style you can wear with casual outfits and subtle make-up.

6. Chunky Two-Strand Twist On 4c Hair

loose two strand twists for work
credit: theevehogban

This style is perfect when made on dry 4c hair and can be styled in many ways. You can use a blow dryer on low heat to stretch your hair.

7. Brown Mini Twists

mini two strand twists on stretched hair
credit: @4c_hair_chiq

If you want a protective style you can wear for longer than a month, these mini twists are the perfect look to try. Use a twisting cream such as one of these to get the bouncy look.

8. Side Swept Multicolored Twists

old two strand twists
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

If you want your twists to frame the face and add a dramatic flair, opt for a side-swept style. You can also dye your hair to your favorite colour to make the style look more eye-catching.

9. Thick Two-Strand Twists

medium sized two strand twists
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

If you have very dense hair, full twists like these will give your hair a beautiful volume. Use a thick twisting butter such as Alikay styling cream to ensure your twists stays juicy.

10. Chunky Twists on 3b Hair

large two strand twists
credit: stylesbylisa

This style is great for in-between hair days. If you don’t have the energy for smaller twists, you should go for this style. Use a twisting butter such as Camille Rose Twisting Butter to hold your hair in place.

11. Triangle Shaped Two Strand Twists

juicy two strand twists

You can up the ante with your twists by parting them in triangle shapes if you want a look that stands out. Use a moisturizing styling custard such as TGIN Twist and Define Cream for a finished look.

12. Juicy Two Strand Twists

two strand twists
credit: stylesbylisa

This style gives your twists a bouncy texture, and it is perfect when done on slightly damp hair. You will need to twist on healthy moisturized hair to get this healthy look.

13. Boxy Twists On Dry Hair

two strand twists for work
credit: game_of_fros

Add some fun to your two-strand twists by making them in box-shaped parts. This gives the style a clean look that’s sure to turn heads. For a healthy look, you can twist with an oil-based cream such as a whipped shea butter mixture.

14. Two Strand Twists with Flat Twists

flat twists with two strand twists

Add some flat twists to this juicy two-strand twists, and you’re good to go. Keep your hair healthy and moisturized with a curl refresher.

15. Frizzy Two-Strand Twists

twist hairstyles for natural hair
credit: _braidsss

This style is a great look to do on dry hair. The loose, frizzy texture of the twists creates a fluffy look that will work with any hair texture. This goes to show that you can still feel beautiful even if your twists starts to look frizzy.

16. Half-Up Half-Down On Type 3 Hair

2 strand twist on 3a hair

A style like this allows you to pull your hair out of your face while showing off your length. Use a soft gel to twist your hair so your twists can stay in place.

17. Two-Strand Twists With Cornrows and Beads

twists with cornrows and beads
Credit: theevehogban

If you want something unique and special, you can add cornrows and beads to your twists to truly feel like a Nubian queen.

18. Micro Two Strand Twists

mini two strand twists for starter locs
Credit: 4c_hair_chiq

This is a great protective style for those looking to use twists as a starting point for their locs. You can rock the style for a while until the hair starts to loc up.

19. Two Strand Twists With Flat Twists

This style is a great way to style the hair in cute twists without adding too much tension. Use a curling custard to get this juicy look.

20. Middle Parted Two Strand Twists

2 strand twists on long hair
credit: creeative91

Opt for a middle part to soften the contours of the face and allow you to show off the length of your hair. When it’s time to take down the twists for a twist out, you will get so many compliments.

21. Two Strand Twists with Plaited Roots


two strand twist hairstyles


For stretched roots, start your twists with plaits so that your twists can hang for a more extended period, instead of shrinking up.

22. Thick Twists On 3b Hair

two strand twists on 3b hair

If you want something simple that won’t take long to install, thick twists are the way to go. Use a gel such as Camille Rose Curl Maker for a defined look.

23. Short Two-Strand Twists With Cornrows

juicy two strand twists

For those with short hair, incorporating cornrows into your two-strand twists is a great way to make the front section sleek down and easily pull the twists into a bun. These twists are so juicy, you will enjoy having them.

24. Medium-Length Two Strand Twists

two strand twist styles for medium length hair

This style is a beautiful look you can pair with a wide range of outfits while giving the hair a lovely stretch.

25. Burgundy Two Strand Twists

2 strand twists on burgundy natural hair
credit: game_of_fros

Opt for a dark shade of red if you want your twists to have a vibrant color. You’ll need to dye your hair the preferred shade of red for this style. To keep your hair moisturized, remember to lightly spray your hair with a curl refresher such as the Carols Daughter Spray.

26. Two Strand Twists On Colored 4c Hair

Twisting on dry hair is a great way to elongate the length of your twists, allowing you to show off the length of your hair. The way your hair turns out will be dependent on your hair length, texture and twisting technique.

27. Medium-Sized Twists On Dry Hair

2 strand twist styles for natural hair
credit: game_of_fros

Want your twists to look full but don’t want to spend much time getting mini twists installed? Medium-sized twists are the perfect look to try. Twist with an oil-based cream such as Oyin Handmade Pomade for a polished look that doesn’t shrink up quickly.

28. Short Mini Ombre Twists

credit: game_of_fros

If you find that you’re starting to get bored with your hair colour, you can opt for mini two-strand twists. Use a soft gel to get the voluminous look.

29. Mini Twists On 3b Hair

two strand twists on 3c hair

If you have thin, loosely curled hair, opting for mini twists will allow your style to maintain an excellent volume and firm hold. Use a soft defining gel to hold your twists in place.

30. Full Medium-Sized Strand Twists

juicy two strand twists

If you want a cute style you can make without much hassle, these medium twists are the perfect look to go for.

31. Long Straightened Two-Strand Twists

loose two strand twists on waist length hair

If you’ve just straightened your hair, you can keep them in lovely twists like this to maintain the stretch. You can take down the twists days later for a wavy look.

32. Loose Chunky Twists On 4c Hair

loose two strand twists on 4c hair with beads
credit: theevehogban

To make your twists appear more full, you can make them in a loose, chunky style like this. You can even pull the hair into a half-up half-down look. Add some wooden beads for an extra layer of beauty.

33. Brown Micro Twist

micro two strand twists
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

These micro twists are for you if you love very tiny hairstyles. they can last up to two months. And you can either decide to keep them in longer if you want to start a loc journey, or simply take them down.

34. Medium Length Twists

twist natural hair styles
credit: heal_thyhair

This style is a great look that stretches the hair. When it’s time to take it down, you can gently unravel each twist for a beautiful two-strand twists look.

35. Rope Twists On Damp Hair

natural hair two strand twist
credit: curlsbyconnie

Twisting on damp hair is a great way to create a style that will be bouncy and have that springy shape associated with classic twists. Use a curl-defining gel to hold your twists in place.

stunning two-strand twist protective  hairstyles

36. Medium Length Mini Twists

professional two strand twists

This style is perfect if you’re looking for a style that will last long and also stretch out your type 4 hair. This style is simple and elegant at the same time.

37. Jumbo 4c Twists

two strand twists on long 4b hair

If you want your twists to be voluminous, you can style them in a jumbo style. This hairstyle is ideal for someone with long 4c hair, who prefers low-manipulation hairstyles such as these jumbo two-strand twists. You’ll need to use Marley hair if your hair is not this long

38. Blow Dried Two-Strand Twists

two strand twists on blown out hair

Another way to achieve full twists is to blow dry the hair. This style is so versatile and can be styled in numerous ways. It’s the quickest hairstyle to wear when you don’t know what to do with your hair yet.

39. Two Strand Twists With Coiled Ends

cute two strand twists with curls

You can style your two-strand twists in any way you see fit. If you want a shrunken look, you can use small perm rods to curl the ends of your hair, so that you get highly defined curls when it’s time to take down the twists.

40. Back Length Jumbo Twists On Dry Hair

loose two strand twists on 4c hair

If you have long hair, style them in jumbo twists to keep them stretched.

41. Short Twist With Blue-Black Mix

two strand twists on transitioning hair

Opt for shiny two-strand twists like this to make your short hair pop out. 

42. Short Two-Strand Twist On Wet Hair

2 strand twists on short 4c hair
credit: stylesbylisa

This style is a great way to give your short twists a springy yet bouncy look.

43. Twists With Beads

medium sized two strand twists on short hair
credit: stylesbylisa

Add a dramatic flair to your twists by incorporating large beads at the ends.

44. Two Strand Twists With Added Hair

juicy two strand twists on long hair
credit: stylesbylisa

If you prefer your twists to look sleek and shiny, then you can make them with braiding hair for an elongated style you can wear anywhere.

45. Multicolored Micro Twists

Micro twists are a lovely style that adds volume to your look, but you can take them a step further by making them on colored hair with highlights.

46. Twists On Wet Transitioning Hair

two strand twist on thick hair

If you’re a transitioning natural, two-strand twists are the perfect protective style to make as they will have a firm hold.

47. Two Strand Twists On Wet 4c Hair

medium sized two strand twists
credit: theevehogban

Making your twists on wet hair is a great way to give the style a thickness that is unique to 4c hair.

 48. Mini Twists

medium sized two strand twists

Want your twists to have an almost loc-like appearance? Make them in a tightly twisted style like this and add some red twists to create highlights.

 49. Loose Twists On Stretched Hair

two strand twists with no extensions
credit: _tylermika

Loose twists are the perfect style for those who are tender-headed and don’t want much tension on their scalp.

50. Mini Twists In Goddess Style

two strand twists with extensions
credit: game_of_fros

If you need a versatile look you can turn into a goddess braid for a special occasion, these mini twists are the way to go.

51. 4c Hair Twist On Dry Hair

wearable two strand twists
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

This is a lovely style you can wear at any time of the year and pair with different outfits.

52. Center Parted Jumbo Blow-Dried Twists

professional two strand twists for work
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

To give your jumbo twists an elegant look while drawing attention to the center of the face, opt for a deep center part.

53. Micro Twists On Stretched Hair

micro two strand twists for sister locs
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

To elongate your micro twists, you can make them on straightened hair.

54. Micro Twists On Dry 4c Hair

micro two strand twists for starter locs
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

If you don’t want to use heat on your hair, then you can also opt for a micro twist on dry hair to get that stretch

55. Medium Twists On Dry Hair

latest natural hair twist styles
credit: 4c_hair_chiq

Medium twists are a great way to give your dry hair some volume.


The bottom line is that two-strand twists are a staple protective style most naturals to style their hair in. With multiple colors, updos, and sizes, both chunky and small, the styling possibilities are endless when it comes to twists. So be sure to try some of the gorgeous two-strand twist styles in this post when next your installing a protective style.

easy and versatile protective hairstyles