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40 Cute Two-Strand Twists Hairstyles On Little Girls – Includes Answered FAQs

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2022)

I get that for most moms. It can get really tricky creating time to do your child’s hair while still expected to be doing household chores, working, and doing everything else in between. That is why any hairstyle that will take the least amount of time to put in and won’t have the kid crying her lungs out becomes the go-to style. 

Two strand twists, also commonly referred to as twists or mini-twists, are one of those protective styles that make every mother’s life bearable. They not only protect the little girl’s hair from harsh elements but also help keep the unruly kinks tamed for long enough.

They’re also easier to install and takedown, pretty easy to maintain, and can be styled in so many ways. And because there is very little hair manipulation, they promote healthy hair growth.

This post has some helpful tips to help you care for your little girl’s two-strand twists.

Are two-strand twists a good protective style for girls?

Two-strand twists are a great protective hairstyle for girls. They help protect their hair from harsh elements and the constant manipulation that comes with open hair. As a protective style, twists minimize breakage and other hair damages as well as reduce tangles and knots in their hair.. 

Compared to other braiding techniques, twists don’t put as much stress on the hair and scalp when being installed, reducing your child’s discomfort especially when loosely done. 

What type of hair do you use for the two-strand twist?

Whereas you could simply twist your girl’s natural hair, adding extensions like Marley hair, kanekalon braids, afro kinky hair and others help in adding length and volume. 

The type of hair extension to use will depend on what you are going for length or volume. Even with extensions, you can still rock your twists as you would when fully natural. You also wash, condition and style normally.

How do you do two strand twists on kids? 

Ideally, two-strand twists are achieved by dividing a section of hair into two equal sections, then wrapping them against each other up to the ends to create a rope-like appearance.

Before twisting, it’s best that the hair is moisturized and detangled with a detangling brush to prevent possible breakage and matting.

You can twist your hair when wet or when dry. I see most moms twist their girls’ hair when damp, which is perfectly fine as long as the hair is not dripping wet; otherwise, you will end up with frizzy-looking twists.

Remember to twirl the ends to make them curly to avoid the ends from unraveling. This tutorial by Gloria Ann shows a great way of doing a two-strand twist, specifically for girls with short hair.

How long will the twists last?

With proper care and a good maintenance routine, depending on how active your little girl is, the twists should last between two and three weeks.  

How do you keep a child’s two-strand twists moisturized?

You can use refreshing curl sprays and water-based leave-in conditioners to enhance moisture retention in your girls’ twists, then seal with coconut oil. You can find a good leave-in conditioner here on this post that I did on the best leave-in conditioners for kids.

How do you stop a child’s twists from unraveling?

You can hold the ends of the twisted hair with a rubber band or twirl the ends with a firm hold gel specially formulated for wavy or curly hair. Also, using a good twisting technique like the rope twisting method helps keep the hair from unraveling.

How do you make two-strand twists look fuller?

Two-strand twists on kids’ hair can often appear flat and lifeless simply because of their soft, low-density hair. 

To achieve a fuller look, consider twisting the hair with hair extensions like Marley hair, kinky braids, kanekalon braids, or even woolen strings. See the transformation Marley hair extension made in this video tutorial

What’s the shortest hair length her hair has to be before I can twist it?

Any hair length above 2 inches can perfectly rock in this style. With shorter hair, start with micro-twists, then increase the thickness as her hair grows. 

Will two-strand twists help my daughter’s hair grow?

Because there is less manipulation, less breakage, and her hair is protected from weather elements and heat, there’s no doubt that two-strand twists will make your daughter’s hair grow. 

Less hair breakage and high moisture retention are two good recipes for hair growth.

How do you keep a child’s twists from frizzing?

To keep your daughter’s twists from becoming frizzy, use the pads of your fingers when washing her hair (when in twists) and when applying hair oil and moisturizing. It is the constant rubbing of hair that causes hair to frizz. Also, washing and moisturizing hair in sections help a great deal to control frizzing.

How to Maintain a Two Twist Hairstyle for your child

To keep your child’s twists looking fresh for longer, follow these simple maintenance routines:

  • Ensure that your child goes to bed with her head covered either with a satin bonnet or silk scarf to help the twists stay intact and not move around during sleep. If your child is uncomfortable sleeping with a scarf on, get her a silk pillowcase instead.
  • Keep her hair hydrated at least two to three times a week and avoid rubbing it so hard when moisturizing to prevent breakage.
  • Wash her hair at least once a week to keep the scalp clean for healthy hair growth.

Can You Put Rubber Bands on a Child’s Two Strand Twists?

Yes, you can use rubber bands to keep the twists intact so that they don’t unravel when your child is busy playing at home, school, or daycare.

You can also use rubber bands to embellish your child’s two-strand twists. They can either be fixed at the base or the ends of the twits.

You can also embellish with beads and berets. When sliding the bead over the ends of the twists, it’s a good idea to tie the twists with a rubber band to secure the beads into place. 

How Can I Get My Daughter To Sit Still While She’s Getting Her Hair Done?

It’s only natural for kids to not sit still for longer doing nothing, and certainly not when their hair is being pulled and manipulated. To keep your child seated long enough to get her hair done, try the following tips: 

  • Provide a distraction that will keep her mind busy, like a toy, game, movie, coloring activity, or engaging conversation
  • Promise a reward after she gets her hair done, something as simple as ice cream, candy, outdoor trip, and so on
  • If she’s a deep sleeper, better have the hair done when she’s asleep
  • Have a fixed hair making routine, where your daughter knows that a particular day and time, her hair will be made

And that’s pretty much every tip you will need to prepare, get your girl’s hair twisted, and maintain the two-strand twists. The key things to remember are using a proper twisting technique, moisturizing their hair regularly, washing their hair at least once a week, and establishing an excellent nighttime hair routine. Don’t forget to use good quality hair products specially formulated for kids.


two strand twists hairstyles on kids


kids two strand twists with green beads
Kids Two Strand Twists with green beads

Kids Two-Strand Twists 12


@the.paytonnylah kids two strand twists with beads


kids two strand twists with beads
kids two strand twists with beads
kids two strand twists with beads
kids two strand twists

Opt for a cornrows and twists combo is you can decide which style to choose between the two protective styles. Be sure to accessorize with colorful beads at the ends to add some fun to the entire look.

kids two strand twists with colourless, white and colourless beads
kids two strand twists with bands
kids two strand twists with white and yellow bands
kids two strand twists with pink, white and yellow beads
kids two strand twists
kids two strand twists
kids two strand twists
kids two strand twists with a knot
kids two strand twists with blue and pink bands
kids two strand twists with pink, orange and green beads
kids two strand twists with black beads
Kids-Two Strand Twists with pink, blue and white beads
Kids Two Strand Twists with pink beads and blue bands
Kids Two Strand Twists
Kids Two Strand Twists gold beads
Kids Two Strand Twists with pink and white beads
Kids Two Strand Twists with white, blue, and red beads
Kids Two Strand Twists
Kids Two Strand Twists with curly ends and knots
Kids Two Strand Twists
Kids Two Strand Twists with pink beads
Kids Two Strand Twists with curly ends
Kids Two Strand Twists
curlskinksfrosandme Kids two strand twist

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