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40 Natural Hairstyles for Eight Years Old Black and Mixed-Race Girls

Who doesn’t want to have their little girl look adorable in a lovely natural hairstyle all the time? If you are a parent to a black or mixed-race little girl, you must be determined to get hairstyling right, especially natural hairstyles. However, that is easier said than done because managing these kinds of hair requires good a great deal of know-how. 

Here are some questions and answers that will make your hairstyling rewarding.   

1. When can my child start going to the salon to get her hair done?

This will depend on how quickly your child’s hair grows and what you prefer. If your little girl naturally has a lot of hair that rapidly grows, then you might have to take her to the salon during her first year for her first hair styling. However, if your child’s hair doesn’t grow quickly, then you might have to wait until she is about 2 years old for her first salon visit.  

2. How do I take care of my mixed-race child’s hair?

It is important to wash the hair once weekly and more times during the summer months especially if your girl is active. Always go for natural brands of conditioner and shampoo with no harmful additives. Use oil to maintain moisture and do this only when the hair is damp for the best results.  It is also best to air dry the mixed-race hair and if using heat, use as little of it as possible.

3. How do I style my daughter’s afro hair if I’m a Caucasian Mother?

Remember this hair doesn’t need gel or pomade much. When styling, brush it with a soft-bristle brush or comb it. You can use a little amount of hair oil or conditioner. Stick to simple hairstyles such as the double afro-bun, or any of the protective styles or even do the simple wash-and-go. Always choose a style that your girl will be comfortable in as she goes about her activities for the day(s). 

4. How can I prevent dry hair and keep my child’s hair moisturized?

First, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with essential natural ingredients that will the hair moisturized and conditioned from within the hair shaft. Steer clear of hair-drying chemicals and avoid that daily washing.  A moisturizing spray-in conditioner will also work well whenever you need that extra moisture while styling.

5. Are braids good for kids’ hair?

Braids are ideal for kids’ hair especially when promoting growth, preventing breakage, and keeping the hair neat for longer periods. But, it is important to avoid braiding your child’s hair too tightly because this can cause damage, hair loss, and uncomfortable tension. 

Top Natural Hairstyles For 8-Year-Old Black And Mixed-Race Girls

1. Curly Free Fall And Double Bun Free Fall

You can either part it and then add some link lines at the front and let it fall free or create to simple buns at the top and let the rest of it fall. This a great style if you are considering styling twins with the same hair type but would love a unique look for each.

easy natural hairstyle on black  twins

2. Top Curly Ponytails And Free Falls

This is a very simple and fast-to-style option that keeps curly and voluminous hair off the face while the rest falls to the shoulders. Some gel smoothens the front and completes this natural look.

half up half down curls on brown kids

3. Sleek Single Or Double Pony Tail Puff

A lovely hairstyle that uses gel to keep the curls smooth when creating this sleek ponytail puff. Add a colorful bow to complement the child’s outfit or overall look.

ponytail hairstyle for 7 years old girls

4. Double Puff

A lovely hairdo that is so simple to style. Add a fancy hair band on each puff bun. In this case, they are made of miniature teddy bears which look adorable.

double puff for brown kids

5. Single knot Bun

A sleek simple style that is easy to style and will stay up the whole day. A nice bun on top which will also complement various outfits and still remain neat.

top knot hairstyle on black girl

6. Double Top Knots

These lovely top knots look girly and fun with the rest of the hair cascading free in curly awesomeness. Add gel to keep the hairline stylish and the look is complete.

half up half down on brown twins

7. Single Braided Bun With Twist Braids

The lovely braided bun coils at the top and the twists dominate at the back to create this simple but stylish look.

easy ponytail hairstyle for black girls

8. X-segmented Twisted Braids

Four segmented sections of hair ending in lovely two-strand twists and held in place by crystal hair bands are all you need to create this glam look for your baby girl. It is neat, girly, and very simple to style.

protective hairstyle on black girls

9. Twisted Single Knot With Hanging Strand

One quick handful rolled up in a bun and held in place atop the head. A loose strand and gel to smoothen the hairline, and it’s a done deal.

school hairstyle for brown girls

10. Front Braids With A Puffed-up Long Ponytail

A fabulous style that is great for a party, holidays, and any casual occasion. Would be perfect when paired with a costume for that costume party.

long bubble hairstyle for black girls

11. Sectioned Natural Two-strand Twists

Easy hairstyle with a few twists of natural hair held in place by cute beaded hair bands and ending in similar colorful beads. Perfect for school and holidays.

protective hairstyle for balck kids

12. Braid Lines And Single Afro Puff

A few braid lines and sleek hair create a unique combination that ends upward in a beautiful single afro puff. A great hairstyle for school, special occasions, and holidays.

easy hairstyle for black kids with weave

13. Knotted Diagonal Double Puffed Ponytail With Accessories

This is a fabulous hairstyle where the ponytail is beautifully puffed with shiny cuffs that end in cute curls. It is a great hairstyle for occasions where you want to make a hair statement.

simple bubble hairstyle for black kids

14. Sectioned Three-Strand Natural Braids

Beautiful box-shaped segments of three-strand braids, accessorized with rubberbands and ending in beautiful curls. Perfect for school and will last a week or more when well-maintained.

school hairstyle for black girls

15. Sectioned Chunky Twists With Accessories

A beautiful style with lovely beads and cute red bows at the ends. It is easy to style and perfect for school and other occasions. Cute and simple best defines it.

school hairstyle for black girls

16. Beaded Cornrow Braids

This is a cute beaded protective style that will stay on for more than 3 weeks.  It is perfect if you want to forget hairstyling for your little girl for a while.

braid hairstyle with beads for toddlers

17. Double Twisted Kinky Buns

If you love the natural kinky look then this one is perfect.  The lovely kinky braids create this busy and playful design perfect for making a positive hair fashion statement.

natural hairstyle for black girls

18. Spiral Styled Waxed Locs

This is a lovely, unique, and hair growth-enhancing style. These beautiful locs are styled in place in a spiral design that is eye-catching.

easy natural hairstyle for black girls

19. Waxed Locs Single Bun With Accessories

Locs can look this lovely and accessorized beautifully to create this fantastic-looking upward bun. It is a protective hairstyle best for school and other occasions.

school hairstyles for brown kids

20. Cornrow Braids And Double Puff Buns

Uniqueness is when neat cornrow braids end in beautiful and dramatic double buns. This is a magnificent style and the dash of color on the side braids gives this look more life.

double puff hairstyle for black girls

21. Love Double Ponytail Braids With Accessories

Love can also be beautifully expressed using a unique hairstyle like this one. The unique distinct heart shapes create this intricate beaded pattern that is gorgeous. Perfect for school picture day or themed occasions.

braid hairstyle with beads on brown girl

22. Single Knot Cornrow Braids Ponytail

This is a simple protective style of long braids that will stay attractive for weeks. It is a lovely girly, love-themed hairstyle that your little one will adore.

heart shape cornrow with weave

23. Double Dutch Braid

This quick and beautiful option is all you need if you crave stylish simplicity. Two long braids will not only keep the hair in line but also create this beautiful style that she can wear to school and anywhere else.

long braids with weave for black girls

24. Linked Half-head Lines And Three-strand Box Braids

Intricate and beautiful are two words to describe this hairstyle. It will stay beautiful for weeks and doesn’t take long to braid.

criss cross hairstyle for black girls

25. Single Bun Two-strand Twisted Braids

If you love quick two-strand twists then see how stylish they look when tied up in a braided bun The puffed-up strands on the side along with the beads add an adventurous flair.

two strand twist hairstyle on 8 years old black girl

26. Flat Twists With Triangle-Shaped Two Strand Twists

Creativity at its best is when flat twists are combined with two-strand twists as in this case. Cute hair clips or bands will further enhance and complete this creative style.

easy hairstyle for black toddlers

27. Zig -zag Flat Cornrow Lines With Double Braided Bun

The hair is not only protective but attractive and will last for weeks. The zig-zagging flat lines add a dramatic flair to this look that your little girl will love.

simple braid hairstyle for black girls

28. Cornrow Braid Knot Ponytail

Sometimes simple cornrows that end in a knot and a flowing ponytail is all you need. They are neat, lovely-looking, and will stay on for weeks.

ponytail hairstyle with curly end

29. Sleek Two-strand Twisted Braid Mowhawk Knots

For a style that will turn heads in admiration, this is it. These sleek mohawk knots will never disappoint and are perfect for school picture days and other special occasions.

black girls natural hairstyle

30. Little Black Girls Twists With Added Hair

To give your girl’s twist more volume add additional hair to create an elongated and fuller style. Beautiful through and through.

natural hairstyle for 5 year old girls

31. Half Flat Cornrow Lines And Hanging Braids

Long and curly in the ends, this is a lovely protective style that could work with various outfits and for various occasions.

cornrows with curly end on black girls

32. Front Cornrow Lines With  Box Beaded Braids

The colorful beads in this style give it an amazing finish. A beautiful girlie hairstyle that is perfect for a party and for school.

cornrows with beads for black girls

33. Side-part Front Lines With Box Beaded Braids

All hair is used to create neat braids and create this unique style with a heavy bead finish. The great thing is that she can wear it for weeks and look gorgeous. 

braid hairstyle with beads

34. Braided Mowhawk With Beads

It is simple, easy to create and so stylish.  The beads add a colorful and excellent finish to the ends.

braid hairstyle with beads on toddler

35. Natural Front Side Lines With Beaded Braids

The beaded braids make this hairstyle as unique as the side front lines do. It is so fine looking and pretty, great if you want her to stand out.

short hairstyle with beads for black girls

36. Chunky Braids With Coils

This protective hairstyle doesn’t take long to fix because the braids are chunky. The beautiful coils at the ends give them a beautiful uniqueness that will look sweet on a little girl.

jumbo box braids with curly end on black girl

37. Curly Box Braids

This is the ideal protective winter hairstyle. Who said she shouldn’t wear her beautifully even in the coldest of winters?

box braid with curly end for 6 year old black girls

38. Line Braids With Curly Knot Ponytail

When beautiful line braids end in a curly ponytail, then this perfection, that is further enhanced by the colorful thread.

ponytail hairstyle for black girls

39. Side Cornrow Braids

A mix of box braids and flat braids results in great style. Try this one for a stylish and longer-lasting look for your daughter.

braid hairstyle for brown girls

40. Towering Knot Braid Bun

Loving the upward braiding that ends with a braided extension coiled up in a bun. This is a lovely choice if you don’t want anything hanging around but one magnificent towering braid bun.

criss cross braid hairstyle for black girls