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40 Natural Hairstyles for 7 years old


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Cute Hairstyles for 7 Years Old Girls!

1. Curly Wash and Go

easy natural hairstyle on black girl

This is a low-effort hairstyle for a little girl with long curly hair. Add a soft gel to define her curls and some leave-in conditioner to keep her hair soft. For nighttime, put her hair into a big twist and cover it with a Satin Bonnet.

2. Simple bun

easy natural hairstyle on 7 years old black girl

After taking down your daughter´s hair, you may not have the time and energy for another hairstyle. A simple bun like this one is an easy temporary hairstyle to wear.

3. Top Knot Bun

high bun with weave hairstyle on black kid

Mixed race kids can easily get away with low-manipulation hairstyles such as a mega bun. If you’re a Caucasian mother with limited hair styling skills, this hairstyle is easy. All you need is a gel and boar bristle brush.

4. AfroPuff With Defined Edges

simple puff hairstyle on brown kid

This is another easy hairstyle to give your daughter while you think of the next hairstyle. Use a soft gel to pull her hair up and lay her edges.

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5. Curly Ponytails on Biracial Kids

ponytail hairstyle for black girls

Don’t know how to cornrow or braid? Need a break from hairstyling? You’ve just found the next hairstyle. A child-friendly hair gel and hair accessories are all you need for this soft look.

6. Rubberband Half-up Half-Down Hairstyle

rubberband hairstyle for school girl

When it comes to little girls’ hairstyles, the sky is the limit.This Half-up Half-Down hairstyle is so stunning, it can also be worn by an adult or a teenage sibling. To protect her hair and keep it healthy all week, refresh her hair with a curl refreshing spray in the morning and braid her hair into chunks at night so that the loose part stays stretched.

7. Juicy Two-Strand Twists

two strand twists for brown kids

After washing and deep conditioning her hair, use a curling custard to twist her hair, then let it air dry.

8. Chunky Two-Strand Twists with Rubber bands

half up half down two strand twists hairstyle on black girls

For something quick and easy,secure her roots with rubberbands so that it stays stretched without applying tension. Then twist the rest of her hair. Spray her hair with a curl-refreshing spray to keep her hair soft all week.

9. Bantu Knots Quadrants

simple natural hairstyle for black kids

Got five minutes for a quick hairstyle before making school drop offs? This hairstyle can easily be done in the morning, while your daughter is having her breakfast. You can switch up the hairstyle on a daily basis by twisting and plaiting all four sections for a different look. You can add large hair bows at the front for special occasions.

10. Kamikaze Twists on Little Girls

Kamikaze Twists on Little Girls for black girls

A little girl with patience will be very happy to get this hairstyle. These twists are so unique, your child will be showered with compliments every day! To recreate this hairstyle, use a gel for the roots and a curl-defining cream for the twists. Give her a satin bonnet at night, so that her twists stay soft for days at a time.

11. Creative Two-Strand Twists

two strand twist hairstyle with beads for kids

This popular little girl’s hairstyle can be styled on older kids if you’re willing to challenge your creativity These twists started out on big sections of hair and they were sectioned into smaller twists. The bigger twists at the back can be broken down even further after a few days. And after two weeks, you can take down the twists, so that she will end up with a twist out.

12. Two in One Two Strand Twists

twist hairstyle for black girls

Like the hairstyle above, you can just tiwst large sections of hair and call it a day. During the week, you can part the large sections into a few more sections for smaller twists.

13. Mohawk Two Strand Twists

two strand twist hairstyle with beads on balck girls

This mohawk hairstyle can be done in a variety of ways. It will only take about 30 minutes. Take small sections of her hair and twist. Add hair beads and hair ties to accessorize the style.

14. Chunky Two-Strand Twists With Accessories

protective hairstyle on black girls

If you want something that will last at least ten days, it’s best to work with smaller section of hair, so that her hairstyle can last long. Accessorize the hairstyle to your liking.

15. Bubble Braids on Kids With Long Hair

bubble hairstyle for black girls


easy natural hairstyle for black girls


long wavy hair with weave on black girl


short hairstyle for black kids


jumbo braids for black girls


long braid hairstyle with weave for balck kdis


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Charming hairstyles for your Little Girls Age 7!


braided hairstyle with curly ends for brown kids


simple braid hairstyle for black kids


long box braids for black kids


box braid with curly end for black girls


easy natural haistyle for black girls


braid hairstyle for 7 years old black girl


cornrows with pink highlights


long braid school hairstyle for black girls


braid hairstyle for school


box braid hairstyle with curly end


school hairstyle for black kids


braided hairstyle with weave on black girls


braid hairstyle for black girls


box braid hairstyle with weave for black kids


long braid with highlights for black kids


braid hairstyle with beads for black kids


heart shaped cornrows on black girl


easy natural hairstyle for 5 years old girl


braid hairstyle with curly end for 7 years old black girl


high bun cornrows for black girls
Stunning Hairstyles You Should Try on Your Girl Age 7 Years Old!