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40 Natural Hairstyles for 5-Year-Old Kids In Pre-School

Five-year-old girls are undoubtedly adorable as ever, but they are also little bundles of energy that often get into all kinds of physical activities, whether at school or daycare. This is why at this stage, it is essential to always make sure your little girl’s hair is properly secured in a cute style that not only keeps her looking beautiful but also keeps her natural hair out of the way.  

However, when deciding what hairstyle to make for a five-year-old, you may not always be sure of what choice to make. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve put together some of the best natural hairstyles for five-year-old girls. So, read ahead, be prepared to fall in love with some seriously adorable hairstyles, and screenshot your favorites.

What Are The Best Kid’s Natural Hairstyle For School?

The best kids’ natural hairstyles for school are Bantu Knots, afro puff, braids, two-strand twists, and cornrows. There are different ways you can mix and match all these styles. You’ll find some inspiration in this post. 

How Do I Get My 5-Year-old Girl’s Hairstyles To Last Long?

To ensure your little girl’s hair lasts for a week or more without getting frizzy or looking old, you’ll need to make sure she goes to bed with her hair properly covered. Friction from rubbing the hair against the cotton fabric of pillowcases and bedsheets is the main culprit for frizzy or old-looking hair, so covering her hair is the best way to prevent it. You can wrap her hair pineapple style and tie it down with a silk scarf or wear a satin bonnet for her. 

Do Braids Damage Kids Natural Hair?

Braids are a protective style, so they are not damaging to your kid’s natural hair. The only instance where they risk causing damage is when they are made too tight and put excess tension on the scalp. In that case, they can start to cause breakage and hair loss. So, if you want to avoid damage, ensure you or your stylists do not create extremely tight braids on your daughter’s hair.

How Often Should I Shampoo My Five-year-Old Daughter’s Natural Hair?

How often you shampoo your daughter’s hair will depend on her hair type. You can wash her hair once a week if she tends to easily get product buildup. If she has tighter type 4 coils, you can get away with shampooing the hair once every two weeks. 

Ultimately you will need to look at the state of your daughter’s hair and scalp before deciding if you want to wash it once a week or once every two weeks. If you notice her scalp starts to get itchy and irritated after about a week, then it may best to wash the hair once a week.

However, try not to shampoo more than once a week unless you are using a moisturizing co-wash to avoid drying out the hair. If you’re curious about how to perfect a wash day routine for kids, please look at this post.


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Cute Natural Hairstyles For 5-Year-Old Girls

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. 5-Year-Old Natural Hair Afro Puff

natural hairstyle for black girls

A well-put-together afro puff is an easy hairstyle you can never go wrong with. It goes well with any outfit and is perfect for kids with type 4 hair.

2. Double Puff 5-Year-Old Black Girls Hairstyle

double puff hairstyle for black girls

Some days you may be too exhausted to create an intricate style, and in those moments, to goal is to keep things simple and elegant. Double puffs styled with some hair gel to keep the edges neat are an ideal option.

3. Loose Top Bun For Little Black Girls

simple natural hairstyle on black girl

Pull your daughter’s hair into a loose top bun if you prefer a style that won’t put too much tension on her edges. Sleek down the edges with edge control and finish things off with a headband to match her outfit.

4. 5-Year-Old Girls Curly Puff

easy simple hairstyle on black kids

A simple loose bun elegantly placed right at the front of the face can take your daughter’s hair from boring to fancy.

5. Black Kids Double Afro Puff

giant puff hairstyle on black kid

Pull your daughter’s hair into two striking afro puffs for a hairstyle that lets her show off her natural curls and coils. This style works well with any hair type, and you can keep it fancy with hair bows and a cute necklace to go with her outfit.

6. Rubber Banded Double Bun

simple natural hairstyle for black kids

For mixed kids with loose type 3 hair, sometimes a hairstyle as simple as double buns elevated with rubber banded front sections may just be what you need.

7. Half-up Half-Down Black Girls Hairstyle

black kids hairstyle for day care

If your daughter has a lot of hair and you’re still a beginner at the hairstyling thing, A simple yet elegant half-up half-down hairstyle is a trendy option that will save you a lot of time. Hold the top bun in place with a flower hairclip to keep things flashy.

8. 5 Year Old Girls Afro Puff With Twists

black girl hairstyle for day care

An afro puff paired with chic headbands will keep your daughter’s hair looking effortlessly beautiful. Style the front section into chunky twists to reduce any tension on the edges

9. Packing Gel Hairstyle For Black Girls

simple hairstyle for black toddlers

If you’re looking for a simple style that won’t take long to install, this cute packing gel might be the perfect option for your daughter. You can crochet some curly hair extensions at the ends if her hair is short.

10. Double Bun Little Black Girls School Hairstyle

easy hairstyle on 5 year old black girls

A low-maintenance style like these flawless crisscross braids finished with double buns is a fashionable hairstyle for school or daycare.

11. Little Girls Bubble Braids On Type 3 Hair

school hairstyle for brown girls

Bubble braids are a beginner-friendly style perfect for kids with type 3 hair. They can also be done on type 4 hair, but you’ll need to blow out your daughter’s hair.

12. Chunky Twists With Beads

easy hairstyle for 5 year old black girls

Two-strand twists are a classic hairstyle you can never go wrong with, but on days when you may be pressed for time, styling them into chunky sections is the way to go. To give the hair a nice stretch, twist it while it’s damp and apply a little bit of curling cream.

13. Little Girls Natural Hair Jumbo Twists

hairstyles for little girls

blowdrying your daughter’s hair is the perfect way to keep her hair stretched and show off her length. Style it into chunky twists to keep her hair out of her face after the blowout. Secure the ends with colorful hairclips, and she’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

14. Little Black Girls Twisted Pigtails

black girls hairstyle for day care

Pigtails can be styled into chunky twists secure with ball hair ties if you want a style that stands out.

15. Sectioned Two Strand Twists With Beads

protective hairstyles for black girls

If you want a style that will be fairly easy to take down, sectioned twists are a lovely option. Work in a mixed variety of beads to keep them fancy.

16. Twists

natural hairstyle for short hair toddlers

17. Two Strand Twists With Beads For 5-Year-Olds

beaded hairstyle for black girls

Two-strand twists done on damp or dry hair are a popular protective style for kids whose hair might be prone to shrinkage. The twists stretch the hair and can be elevated with colorful beads.

18. Mini Bantu Knots For 5-Year-Old Black Girls

bantu knot hairstyle on black girls

Mini puffs are an adorable fuss-free style for days when you may be too busy for an intricate style.

19. Black Girls Double Bun With Heart

school hairstyles for black girls

This unique combo of double buns and heart-shaped cornrows at the rear keeps things striking and interesting. Be sure to jazz them up with beads and spiral hair coils

20. Kids Top Bun Crisscross Braids Hairstyle With Beads

easy hairstyle for short hair black girls

These crisscross braids with their perfectly placed top knot are ideal for any little girl. You may need to incorporate some braiding hair to make the hair thicker.


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21. Rubber Banded Two Strand Twists On Little Black Girls

easy natural hairstyle for black girls

For girls with slightly longer hair, sectioned two-strand twists are a lovely option. You can style the front section using just hair ties and some hair cuffs to give them a cool twist.

22. Crisscross Rubber Band Kids Style With Double Puff

criss cross hairstyle for black girls

This is another beautiful style that will be easy to install and take down. The combo of banded sections and cornrows creates an attractive frame for the afro puffs.

23. Cornrows with Rubberband Hairstyle on Kids

criss corss hairstyle for 8 years old black girls

24. Little Girls Box Braids With Beads

box braids for 5 year old black girls

Box braids make a stunning protective style for kids going to school or daycare. They last long and can be restyled in multiple ways. Here colorful beads are added to jazz them up.

25. Kids Criss Cross Braids With Double Bun

black girl hairstyle for day care

This is another fairly easy style that’s perfect for five-year-olds who may not like sitting too long for a hairstyle. The elegant buns are held in place by metallic hair cords and elevated with hair cuffs on the braided sections.

26. Half-up Half-Down Cornrows With Beads

school hairstyle for black girls

Cornrows are a trendy option for letting the inner fashionista in your daughter shine. Style them in a half-up half-down look with some beads for a touch of drama. You can even take things up a notch by including hair bows and a cute handbag to go with her outfit.

27. Little Black Girls Ponytail Cornrows With Side Bangs

cornrows hairstyle for 5 year old black girls

Ponytail cornrows elevated with side bangs are sure to keep any little girl beaming with excitement. Incorporate some black braiding hair to elongate the hairstyle. Add a colorful mix of beads, and your little one will look as cute as ever.

28. Rubber Banded Double Bun

easy black toddlers hairstyles

Another effortless style that’s perfect for any occasion, these cute rubber banded double buns will keep your little girl’s hair out of the way so while she has her fun. Finish them off with a mix of hair cuffs, bows, and ball hair ties to keep the hair visually stunning.

29. Side Cornrows With Beads For 5-Year-Old Girls

braided hairstyle with beads for black kids

To keep things unique and exciting, opt for banana-style side-swept cornrows. Include hair clips and hair bows in her favorite colors to make the hairstyle match her fun personality.

30. Pigtails Cornrows For 5-Year-Old Black Girls

easy natural hairstyle for black toddlers

For a fun twist on the traditional pigtails, try cornrows sectioned into two ponytails. Elevate the look with some pink beads and hair bows.

31. Black Girls Cornrow Top Knot With Accessories

braided hairstyle for 5 year old black girls

Cornrows stacked into a beautiful top bun are a surefire way to keep your daughter looking like a princess. Incorporate some black braiding hair at the ends of the hair to create a thicker bun

32. Half-up Half-down Braids With Beads

protective styles for little girls

As you can probably tell by now, the half-up half-down style is a really popular look for little girls, but you can up the ante by pulling the top cornrows into an intricate bow shape to ensure your daughter stands out. Include some butterfly hair clips and beads for a dramatic flair.

33. 5 Year Old Straight Back Cornrows

box braids on black kids

Who said you can’t keep things simple and look classy while doing it? If your daughter’s hair is short, you can style it into straight-back cornrows with some zig-zag parts to give it a striking look. Then you can elevate the style with a stunning outfit paired with a bedazzled handbag.

34. Little Black Girls Jumbo Braids

easy hairstyle for black girls

regular box braids can sometimes take too long to install, so if your daughter is a bit fussy about staying still for too long, you should definitely try chunky braids. Style them into a top bun and accessorize with cute hair clips.

35. Half-up Half-down Stitch Braids For 5-Year-Olds

school hairstyle for black girls

This is another lovely half-up half-down cornrow style that’s perfect for kids with relatively long hair. If your daughter’s hair is short, add some braiding hair to enhance the hairstyle.

36. Black Girls Cornrows With Bantu Knots

braided hairstyle for toddlers

Everything about hairstyle screams perfection. The intricate parts may be the most challenging step to achieve, so be sure to part all the hair first before proceeding with the cornrows. If your daughter’s hair is not thick, add braiding hair to the ends to ensure the Bantu knots look bold.

37. Ninja Cornrows with Chop Sticks

braided cornrows

Fulani-style cornrows are a lovely style for girls to wear to school. They are perfect for the colder fall and winter months when the hair needs to be protected from dryness.

38. Kid’s Top Knot Cornrows With Heart

black girl hairstyle for day care

The combination of a heart-shaped braid and freetress water wave hair incorporated at the top of this cornrow style are truly what make it flawless.

39. Double Bun Box Braids

little black girl hairstyles

Style your little one’s box braids into double buns to keep them out of her face. Include hair bows to keep them fashionable.

40. Little Black Girls Box Braids

easy hairstyle for 5 year old black girls

Box braids with a middle part are a trendy hairstyle that will have your five-year-old looking stylish.

Try these beautiful hairstyle for girls age 5 years old!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a wide variety of hairstyles fit for your five-year-old. So, don’t hesitate to get creative when styling her natural hair. Whether she’s going to school, daycare, or having fun at the park, the stunning hairstyles in this post are sure to keep your daughter looking flawless.

cornrows hairstyle for 5 year old black girls