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40 Cute Natural Hairstyles for Terrific Two-Year-Old Black Kids

By year two, your toddler girl has transformed from a little baldheaded beauty to a style-ready little girl! While she may not have the hair length or the patience of big-sis, there are plenty of precious styles for every precocious two-year old baby girl.

In this post, we will be sharing many hairstyle you can adorn your little one’s hair in, without adding tension ordamaging her hair. All of these hairstyles are ideal for moms and dads with various hair braiding skills. 

After reading through this article and going through every hairstyle, you will see that it’s possible to style your little girl’s hair in an age-appropriate style, regardless of her hair texture or length. Also, none of these hairstyle has hair extensions because a two-year old isn’t ready for the excess weight and tension hair extensions might cause.

You can instead accessorize your baby girl’s hair with hair accessories that will look cute and age-appropriate, without causing any damage.

At what age can I style my baby’s hair? 

You can style your little girl’s hair at any age. The hairstyles below are appropriate for kids two years old or younger. Some hairstyles can be as simple as throwing a headband on or pulling the hair into a simple puff or bun. The possibilities are endless.

Are braids good for toddlers? 

Braids are a great option when done gently and with care to protect the scalp from tension and irritation. 

At what age should I start braiding (cornrowing) my baby’s hair? 

Every child is different, however, typically by age three, your toddler’s patience has grown enough to sit for an hour or more with distractions. 

This might also depend on your child’s hair texture and length. If your daughter has kinky 4c hair thats longer than 3 inches, you can comfortably braid her hair without causing tension. This means that your child’s hair might be ready for braids as early as 12 months old.

How can I maintain my toddlers’ hair?

Early protective routines like satin bonnets and pillowcases help to minimize breakage and fuzzing. Loosen the base of ponytail sections at night to avoid pain and damage caused by tension.

To keep her hair moisturized, apply a leave-in conditioner twice a week and grease her scalp with a gentle oil such as olive oil. 

To keep her hair thriving, wash her hair every week and deep condition immediately after so that her hair can continue to grow. 

The Cutest Hairstyles for Two-Year-Old Toddlers

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Three Afro Puffs

Your toddler’s hair is delicate and new. Celebrate her natural curls with a simple top puff and accent bow.

cute puff hairstyle for toddlers

2. Twists With Baret

Two-strand twists are a classic go-to style to quickly transform your toddler’s hair from frazzled to fancy. Add barrettes on the ends. The additional weight will provide stretched length and fun movement.

easy hairstyle for black kids

3. Top Knot on Little Girls

Whether you call them twin beads, bobbles, baubles, or balls, we all wore them and now so do our babies. Cluster complimentary colors around baby girls’ top knot. Let her choose the colors while you smooth her edges into place

cute high bun on 2 year old brown kid

4. Cornrows into an AfroPuff

Sometimes restless toddlers can’t sit for small intricate cornrow styles. The goal is for neat, sweet, and functional hairstyle. This square pattern easily pulls together the front half of the hair into 4 broad sections.

The remaining hair can be cornrowed down while the baby naps on a pillow in your lap or while enjoying a snack in her highchair. Skip the rear portions and smooth the back of the hair into a natural puff if she is too antsy. Add grosgrain bows for a little razzle-dazzle.

braided hairstyle for 2 year old black girls

5. Fulani Cornrows Without Extensions

 Natural hair cornrows are a perfect way to show off your toddler’s personality. The pie-slice part pattern gives a perfect excuse for a top bow. Let your daughter select her favorite accessories in her favorite colors. Here subtle brown beads pair nicely with the toddler’s choice of pink.

braid hairstyle with beads on black toddler

6. Ear-to-ear braided head band

This ear-to-ear style is a perfect match for an ear-to-ear smile. Many moms learn to cornrow as their daughter’s hair and patience grows. This is a perfect beginner braider style that includes a single cornrow along a broad left-to-right section of hair. The tail is gathered into a natural top puff and accented with bows and barrettes.

simple hairstyle idea for brown toddlers

7. Cute Curls With a Headband

Brand-new young curls need gentle hands and regular cleansing and conditioning. Keep your toddler’s hair shiny and defined with kid-friendly leave-in conditioner and curl-defining custard. Before long that TWA will become a full-bodied crown of glory.

cute hairstyle on black girl kids

8. Split twist freestyle

Freestyle parts and simple two-strand twists are a quick and easy style for children of any age. This style works especially well on freshly washed damp hair when the twists will be coily and more likely to stay in place. Split each gathered section into two twists for added volume. Beaded ends add weight for stretch and movement.

two strand twist hairstyle for toddlers

9. Pigtail Puffs

Fuzzing edges are a sign that a style needs a refresh. Keeping your toddlers hairline cornrowed down keeps the fuzz from ruining a perfectly pretty look. These pretty puffs stay neat longer with her edges braided down.

puff with bow hairstyle of black kids

10. Banded Beauty

Colored rubber bands with symmetrical parts add visual interest and keep hair neatly in place. A pair of twisted bangs keep tension off of the front. Gathered hair can remain in a poof, or twist to play off the front.

easy hairstyle for 2 year old toddler
cute criss cross hairstyle for toddlers

11. Basket weave party plaits

 No cornrow skills are required. This simple basket weave creates a complex look from simple plaited hair. Three sections on either side of a central part are banded at the root and braided root to tip. Gather plaits on the left into the larger section of remaining hair on the right. Weave the small plaits on the right under, over, and under to create the basket pattern below before gathering them into a ponytail on the opposite side. Finish off with a pair of buns, with twin beads to match.

criss cross braids for black toddlers

12. Double Mega Buns

Diagonals, zig-zags, and lightning bolt parts are an easy way to make your toddler’s style pop. Loose hair gathered in buns are even sweeter with crisscrossed rainbow clips

cute bun hairstyle on 2 year old black kids

13. Rubberband Sections

 Metallic braid cuffs help to elevate boring black rubber bands. Working front to back gather one section into the next for a neat connected look. For longer hair link off portions of the free-hanging ponytail like little sausages. Place cuffs over rubber bands down the length of the style.

easy hairstyle on black kids

14. Half-Up Half-Down

Part off broad sections along your toddler’s hairline to gather them into individual twists. Your baby’s hairline can be prone to fuzzing especially when some face-framing strands are too short to catch in a ponytail. Shorter strands stay neat inside the small twisted sections. Gather the remaining hair in a fluffy top pony or leave out the back to show off natural curls. Pretty pink metallic cuffs are the perfect finishing touch.

black toddler girls hairstyle ideas

15.  Valentine’s chic

The rear heart is the anchor and the heartbeat of this style. Once the heart part is done, six symmetrical spokes define the other six sections. Work in leave-in curl conditioner for shine and definition

heart shaped hairstyle for short hair toddlers

16. TWA With a Mega Headband

Every little one is different. Be careful what you wish for as the carefree days of short-haired babies go by fast.  Celebrate baby girls’ peach fuzz with bows, headbands, wraps, and hats.

easy hairstyle for short hair toddlers

17. Baby Buns With Double Scrunchie

Nothing adds volume to fine toddler hair like a classic ’90s scrunchie. We are in luck, because they are back!

cute hairstyle for 2 year old black kids

18. Afropuff with Curly Bangs

Toddler curls are fragile, soft, and sweet during a toddler’s early years. Hairstyles can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Here baby girls’ curls are loose and free for all to admire. Short front curls are parted off like bangs. A big statement bow makes the simple softly gathered high ponytail extra special

easy hairstyle for black girls

19. ZigZag Baby Bantu Knots

Precise parts and smoothly laid down sections define this five-section style. Rubber band each base and band again after plaited hair is tightly wound into a knot. Try kid-friendly edge control for sleek, smooth control.

bantu knot hairstyle for 2 year old toddlers

20. Two Strand Twists on Toddlers

 Twists and their “twist-outs” are a quick and easy style for damp freshly washed hair for moms AND their babies. Twists offer a heat-free way to stretch actively drying hair to prepare for more elaborate braided and cornrowed styles later. Adding a headband or wrap to the freestyle twists create a finished look to the protective style.

easy hairstyle ideas for toddlers

21. Braid-Free Pastel Pattern

Alternating white and yellow rubber bands create a charming braid-free style, perfect for braid-shy moms, and restless toddlers.

cute hairstyle for brown kids

22. Afropuff Girl

 Nothing says pretty girl rock like a pair of classic afro puffs. The fuller the puffs the better! Define your toddlers’ curls with Aunt Jessies baby butter creme on wash day for curls that last the whole daycare week.

giant puff on black girls

23. Simple Cornrows

easy hairstyle for 5 year old black girls

24. Simple Plaits

Short toddler hair can boast length and movement with a little added weight. Beads, barrettes, and in this example twin beads at the end of twisted or plaited sections can coax short hair vertically down instead of horizontally out.

protective hairstyle for 2 year old toddler

25. Simple Jumbo Twists With Accessories

Medium-sized beads are a great addition to the ends of larger braids or twists. Suddenly this basic go-to four-square layout becomes special occasion ready! Coordinating bows are the finishing touch.

cute hairstyle with beads for black toddlers

26. Summertime Curls

Natural curls are the perfect way to style baby girls’ hair in the summer when swimming pool splashing and sprinkler time can leave twists and braids fuzzy. Even worse is the matted tangled twin beads that lock into chlorine-dampened hair. Pre-treated loose free-flowing curls are easily rinsed and detangled after waterplay is over. Gather a bit at the top and style with a bow in time for a fancy post-pool playdate.

easy hairstyle for kids with short hair

27. Rubberband Hairstyle With Cornrows and Buns

Elevate your basic row-back skills with precision parts to add complexity to the look. Rainbow rubber bands add an unexpected pop of color between two standard cornrows to the left and right. Tightly plaited ponytails can be worn in buns early in the week, and a braid-out variation for a little voluminous fun before wash day.

simple hairstyle for 2 year old kids

28. Mega Buns With Scrunchies

Supercharge baby girls’ bun volume with doubled-up scrunchies and an outfit to match!

simple side puffs hairstyle for black kids

29. Simple Curls With Flowers

 As your toddler’s hair grows in length and volume, enjoy this time of low-maintenance styling. Short wispy curls deserve all the pampering that longer locks enjoy. Showcase her girlish charms with soft duckbill flower clips that won’t strain her roots, or puncture her tender skin when napping

simple hairstyle for short hair toddlers

30. Mini Puffs on Short Hair

simple hairstyle ideas on brown kids

For days when you’re too tired to make anything complicated, you’ll be glad to know you can never go wrong with pigtails tied down with some colorful hair ties to match your little girl’s outfit.

31. Freestyle Buns and Plaits

This style is everything nice about brand new baby girl hairstyles. Sometimes growth is uneven and unpredictable so mix and match styles that work with her existing length. Short pieces go high, long pieces are gathered low, and all pieces are so cute.

cute hairstyle for 2 year old toddlers

32. Easy Cornrows on Toddler

 Get your toddler ready for a beach weekend with an ocean wave ready protective style! All fun and no time is wasted restyling hair while you’re away.

braid hairstyle for 2 year old black kids

33. Creative Twists in a Puff

Banded sections are split in two and twisted before gathering loose ends high into a soft coily puff.

easy hairstyle for black babies

34. Eight Chunky Two-Strand Twists

 Here banded sections are connected after (not during) rubberband placement. A loose twirly twist is anchored by a firm plait at the end so that her hair stays in place.

black toddler hairstyle ideas

35. Soft Two Strand Twists with a Mega Bow

Classic twists and weighted ends are more interesting with free-style parts and odd-numbered sections.

two strand twist hairstyle for brown toddlers

36. Frontal Cornrows

A few cornrows and butterfly clips transform this short natural into ethereal whimsy. This hairstyle is perfect for kids who can’t sit still to get her hair done. It’s so simple, you can braid it while she’s asleep or eating.

easy natural hairstyle for toddlers with short hair

37. Two Strand Twists With Acessories

Non-braiders can mimic the look of cornrows with small banded sections fed into one another. This keeps the hairline mostly fuzz-free and adds a twist to this 6-section style.

protective hairtsyle for 2 year old kids

38. Lovely Cornrows

 These natural hair cornrows have a heartwarming surprise at every turn. Perfect for your most patient babies. Accessorize with a matching hair accessory of your choice.

cornrows hairstyle for black babies

39. Stitch Braids on a Toddler

Precision is key in this 4-5 pie slice cornrow style. Cornrowed pie slice sections are parted into perfectly aligned pieces showcasing moms’ detailed braiding skills.

easy braid hairstyle for short hair toddlers

40. Hair Love

An elaborate style for the salon-savvy toddler! Feed-in cornrows create added length and volume. And the super cute heart pattern on either side is picture-perfect! Precisely sculpted baby hair and silver braid cuffs are too cool for preschool.

cute cornrows idea for brown kids