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40 Easy Hairstyles for 3-Year-Old Black Girls

At three years old, your little girl’s hair will start to experience a noticeable growth spurt, and luckily, that is when she becomes comfortable sitting still to get her hair done. Meaning that you get the freedom to be creative with her hairstyles!

However, with so many hairstyles out there and not enough time on your schedule as a parent, we know it is not always easy to know which style to try. So, to save you the overwhelm, we’ve put together a few easy and stunning age-appropriate hairstyles for 3-year-old Black girls. 

Read ahead, and you’ll find a style that will look adorable on your daughter.

Before we recommend hairstyles to try, we first want to answer some frequently asked questions regarding children’s hair care.

How Can I Make My 3-Year-Old’s Hair Thicker?

At age three, your daughter’s hair should naturally start to get thicker and gain more volume if it is healthy. However, if your daughter’s hair is still thin and breaking off, it might be a result of her poor diet.

A great remedy for this is to ensure she is eating a nutrient-rich diet with vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, iron, and other essential nutrients. 

Please read this post If you’d like to know what foods help with hair growth.

Which Oil Can I Apply On My 3-Year-Old Toddler’s Hair?

There are many hair oils you can apply to your three-year-old’s hair. Before you apply any oil to your daughter’s scalp, be sure to do a patch test first to make sure she’s not allergic or has any sort of negative reaction to the oil.

You can use hair oils to stimulate the thickness of your child’s hair by massaging some oils on her scalp at least once a week. Castor oil, jojoba oil, and these other hair growth oils are great choices, although you can use any other oil you prefer. 

Please remember that oils are not moisturizers, meaning they won’t help with dry hair. You will still need to apply a leave-in conditioner to moisturize her hair before sealing it with your preferred hair oil.

Will Braids Help My 3-Year-Old’s Hair Grow?

Braids themselves will not help with hair growth, but they are great for retaining length. This is because they are ideal protective styles that will keep your daughter’s hair strands protected from damage or breakage that can occur as a result of dryness and constant manipulation.

Proper diet, genetics, and a healthy hair routine are the only factors that affect hair growth.
Protective styling only ensures that the hair that’s growing out of her scalp doesn’t break off, and she’s able to retain length and grow longer hair.

What Are Some Easy Natural Hairstyles For 3-Year-Olds

Some easy natural hairstyles for three-year-olds include cornrows, two-strand twists, afro puffs, ponytail packing gel, rubber band updos, and even box braids. We will be sharing some of these hairstyles in this article so that you have many options to choose from.

Can A 3-Year-Old Get Box Braids?

Three-year-olds can get box braids because their scalp and hair are less sensitive than younger kids. However, you need to make sure that the braids are not installed too tightly to avoid any damage to their hair and scalp.

It is also best to choose simple box braids styles that won’t take too long to install because your daughter will likely be tired of sitting still after a while.

How Do I Maintain and Grow My Toddler’s Hair?

Children’s hair is constantly growing on a daily basis. As long as they eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy hair routine, their hair will passively grow, along with the other organs in their body.

Simple things you could do to maintain and grow her hair is to ensure she eats vitamin-rich foods that helps with hair growth. You can also wash and deep condition her hair on a weekly basis. After deep conditioning, apply a moisture-rich conditioner such as these ones, and style her hair in a protective style.

Maintaining this routine religiously will keep your daughter’s hair soft and growing.


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Charming hairstyles for your beautiful little girls

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Three-Year-Old Girls

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1. Afro Puff With Two Strand Twists Bangs

simple hairstyle for short hair toddlers

This is another cute and easy style you can try on kids who prefer something easy to install. A curly fro held in place with a cute headband and some chunky twists is all you need to achieve this look.

2. Easy Toddler Double Afro Puffs

giant puffs hairstyle for 3 year old kids

If your daughter is still not a fan of elaborate hairstyles that require sitting still, you can keep it simple and cute with a double bun or afro puffs, as done here. All you need are some matching hair bows to give a bit more personality.

3. Two Strand Twists on a 3-Year-Old Little Girl

two strand twist hairstyle for toddlers

If you love the look of two-strand twists on your little girl, then you can opt for chunky twists like this one. Style it into a half-up half-down look with some beads, and your daughter is well on her way to looking like a queen.

4. 3-Year-Old Top Bun

high bun hairstyle for black girls

As you can probably tell by now, we love effortless, low-manipulation hairstyles, and this is another beautiful one for a three-year-old. You only need hair gel and a cute bow to achieve this look.

For an effortlessly stylish look, style her outfit with kids’ designer handbag and sneakers.

5. Twisted Pigtails Style for 3-Year-Old Black Girl

simple hairstyle for black girls

Pigtails are a classic hairstyle that always look incredible on toddlers, although you can give them an upgrade by twisting the ends of the hair and holding it down with some ponytail ball hair ties.

6. Jumbo Twists on a 3-Year-Old Black Girl

cute two strand twists for kids

This hairstyle is ideal for mixed kids or black kids with long hair. Twist the hair to your liking and accessorize it with kids’ hair accessories.

You can take her style further with a designer purse and matching shoes.

7. Afro Puff With Twists On 3-Year-Old

easy hairstyle ideas for brown girls

Is there anything more classic than an afro puff on an adorable Black girl? This version with chunky twists and colorful hair clips only makes us fall in love with the style even more.

8. Little Girl Roller Set Pigtails With Accessories

easy natural hairstyle ideas for brown kids

Apply some curling cream to your daughter’s hair and curl them with spiral curl formers to create this dreamy style. Be sure to sleek down the edges with some edge gel and add some colorful hair clips.

9. 3 Year Old Girl Chunky Twists With Bantu Knots

two strand twists protective hairstyle for black kids

If longevity is what you’re after, then this cute combo of twists and Bantu knots may be a go-to hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for kids with long and thick hair because you can truly show off the health of her hair.

10. Easy Afro Puff On Toddlers with Type 4 Hair

easy natural hairstyle ideas for 3 year old kids

A simple afro puff like this one is a lovely style for toddlers with type 4 hair. You can style it on wet or dry hair, depending on the look you’re going for. Accessorize her hair with any hair accessories of your choice that will match her outfit.

11. Bubble Ponytails on Curly Kids

simple hairstyle for brown toddlers

Bubble ponytails can also look cute on little girls. This hairstyle is suitable for kids of mixed heritage with curly long hair who does not want to sit still for cornrows.

12. Twisted Pig Tails With a Bun on a 3-Year-Old Girl

easy hairstyle ideas for brown toddlers

There’s just something effortless and stunning about this packing gel style. From the chunky twists to the chunky ball hair ties, the whole look is sure to look amazing on any three-year-old.

13. Toddlers Curly Puffs With Accessories

hairstyle ideas for short hair kids

This is another cute style for a three-year-old girl. Here you have a double puff, hair bows, and twists to frame her face.

14. Sleek Top Bun on a Black Toddler

high bun hairtsyle for black babies

A sleek top bun is a perfect style for the cozy fall or winter season when you need something simple.

15. Double Jumbo Afro Puff On Little Black Girls

giant puffs hairstyle for 3 year old black girls

If your daughter’s hair is thick, you can show off her curls with these double puffs. To keep her hair stretched at night, you can twist the puffs or put them in a bun so it’s easy to take them down the following morning.

16. Little Girls Zig Zag Double Bun

easy hairstyle ideas on 3 year old kids

Keeping with the creative parts, this zig-zag parted double bun is another easy option. Braid a small section of her hair for variety. When her bun starts to get frizzy, you can braid or twist her entire hair.

17. Kids Curly Afro Puff Hairstyle

simple hairstyle for short hair toddler

Curly fros look beautiful on kids with different curly hair textures. As long as your daughter has type 3 or 4 hair, she will look beautiful in her puff. Accessorize her curly puffs with oversized hair bows.

18. Afro Puff With Curly Bangs

short hair hairstyle on black girls

Style your daughter’s short afro puff with some bangs to elevate this simple style. You can apply some curling cream, twist the front section and loosen the twists to create a more defined curl pattern on the bangs.

19. Double Knot Hairstyle

cute hairstyle for 3 year old kids

This is such a simple and fuss-free hairstyle. You can easily change the style at various times during the week without spending too much time on her hair.


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Hairstyles for 3 years old girls that will make them fall inlove!

20. Little Black Girls Curly Puff With a Twist

natural hairstyle on black kids

An easy combination of a curly ponytail and side twists is a stunning style that is sure to make any three-year-old beam with joy.

21. Double Curly Bun on a 3-Year-Old Girl

easy hairstyle ideas on black girls

For a fun day out in the park, an easy double bun like this one is definitely what your daughter needs for a fun summer day.

22. Kids Rubber Band Style with Chunky Twists

cute natural hairstyle ideas for 3 year old kids

An elevated take on traditional twists, this combo of rubber band parts and chunky twists is a lovely style for toddlers with long hair.

23. Little Black Girls Hairstyle

cute hairstyle with clips for kids

A unique and creative style like these banded twists in a heart shape is perfect for just about any occasion.

24. Little Girls Curly Afro With Bantu Knots

easy natural hairstyle for black toddlers

Want to try the half-up half-down look on your three-year-old? A fun way to do it is to make Bantu knots in the front section of the hair. This hairstyle can be worn by older kids and adults alike.

25. Toddlers Triangle Parted Chunky Twists

triangle braid hairstyle for kids

We all love how twists look on toddlers, but if you really want to take them up a notch, try experimenting with some triangle-shaped plaits in the middle of her head.

26. Little Girl Box Braids

cute hairstyle ideas for brown toddlers

You can have a bit more fun with your daughter’s hair by opting for medium-sized knotless braids. Installation time is very short, so your three-year-old will be patient enough for the whole process.

27. Little Girl Half-up Half-down Rubber Band Style

natural hairstyle ideas on black kids

If you’re still new to hair styling, you can opt for a rubber banded style like this one. This way, you can skip the hassle of ensuring the front section is neatly braided. Twist the back section to complete the style.

28. Stitch Braids With Double Puff

simple hairstyle for short hair toddlers

Allow your daughter to show off her curls with a lasting protective style by opting for cute cornrows with afro puffs. Add some curling cream and hair gel to the ends of the hair to give the puff more definition.
This hairstyle can also be done on kids with type 4 hair.

29. Toddler Top Knot Cornrows

braid hairstyle idea for kids

These beautiful cornrows are a simple style for toddlers with long natural hair. You can crochet some freetress water wave hair at the ends to give the top knot a dreamy curly look.

30. Toddler Girl Triangle Braids With Beads

triangle braids for black kids

For a simple braided hairstyle that requires no fuss, three-strand plaits are the way to go. This hairstyle doesn’t require hair extensions, and they can last up to three weeks, depending on her hair routine.

To keep the braids stretched, add some beads on the ends of her braids.

31. Bob Box Braids with Beads on Toddler Girls

easy hairstyle with beads for short hair toddlers

If your daughter’s hair is not long enough and you feel that she’s ready for hair extensions, you can add small amounts of braiding hair into her box braids in a natural way.

This will make her hair look natural, and she won’t have to deal with the added weight of hair extensions. For a playful look, add some clear beads and define her edges for a polished look.

32. Little Black Girls Cornrows

natural hairstyle for brown kids

If you’re looking for a simple and neat hairstyle that will last up to two weeks, top knot cornrows should definitely be on your list of favorites. Spritz her hair with a leave-in conditioner to keep the style looking healthy.

33. Ninja Cornrow Bun on Toddlers

braided hairstyle for 4 year old black girls

34. Little Girl Half-up Half-down Cornrows With Beads

braid hairstyle with beads for toddlers

The cornrows done here create a fun twist on the half-up half-down look, and they make a cute style for any three-year-old, regardless of their hair type.

35. Toddler Cornrows With Beads

cute braid hairstyle with beads for toddlers

This hairstyle is perfect for a busy toddler who is on the go. Simply add some braiding hair extensions to elongate the style and accessorize it with beads and hair ribbons.

If your daughter is into fashion, you can style her with this mini Louis Vuitton handbag and affordable designer kids shoes.

36. 3-Year-Old Braided Afro Puff

easy hairstyle for black kids

Need an effortless and dreamy style that your daughter can wear to school or a birthday party? Banded cornrows with fun triangle parts adorned by an afro puff may just be what you need.

37. 3 Year Old Girls Ponytail Cornrows With Beads

cute hairstyle with beads for black girls

These beaded cornrows are perfect for a toddler with style. Let her confidently show her style with added beads and mega bows.

38. Lovely Stitch Braids on a 3-Year-Old Girl

heart shaped cornrows for toddlers

Whether your daughter is going to a special party or stepping out in style for preschool, this lovely cornrow hairstyle will not only look stylish, but it will also keep her hair protected.

When cornrowing, please ensure you don’t braid too tight, so your daughter’s scalp will not be negatively affected by her hairstyle.

39. 3 Year Old Fulani Style Braids

cute hairstyle for black toddlers with beads

This hairstyle is only recommended for kids who are already used to sitting still and enjoy getting their hair done. Please do not attempt this hairstyle if your daughter is the fussy type. You can wait a few more years when she’s more mature for a similar hairstyle. You don’t want to be forcing anything at this age.

If you really like this hairstyle and want to do it on your child, even though she doesn’t like to get her hair done, you can make bigger parts, so that she only ends up with a few cornrows.

40. Fulani Feed-In Cornrows on Little Girls

cornrows hairstyle for young black kids

For a protective style that will have your little girl smiling and looking like a queen, braids is the way to go. Due to the time and patience needed to achieve this hairstyle, it’s recommended to only style them on patient kids.

Because hair extensions were used for this style, please remind the stylist not to braid her hair too tight.

Ravishing hairstyles for your baby girls new look!


The bottom line here is that when it comes to styling your three-year-old’s hair, you have many options to choose from. All you need is a spare time, patience, and something to distract your little one with while she gets her hair done.

You can also challenge your creativity by adding your own twists to the chosen hairstyle so that it looks unique from the other kids.

To prolong her hairstyle so that it lasts for several days or weeks, please make sure you keep her hair moisturized with a leave-in conditioner and protect her hair at night with a satin bonnet.