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40 Lovely Natural Hairstyles for Girls Who Are 6 Years Old

Our beautiful, natural hairstyles make getting your little girl ready for school easy.

When it comes to getting our little ones ready for school, we all want them to look their absolute best. And one essential aspect of their appearance is their hairstyle. Finding the perfect hairstyle for your little girl can sometimes feel overwhelming, but we’ve done the hard part for you. All you have to do is pick which styles are your favorite!

Our adorable natural hairstyles for girls list will make your daughter the cutest kid in school. With these hairstyles, you can save time and still ensure that your child looks absolutely adorable every day. So let’s dive into our unique list and discover the perfect hairstyle for your little princess.

FAQ: Natural Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

What hair accessories can I add?

There are so many hair accessories to choose from! Scrunchies, hair clips, and beads are some of the black girls’ most popular accessories. Use these accessories to level up your favorite hairstyles. 

What are the best hair products for curly black hair?

Some of the best hair products for curly black hair are edge control and Spritz. Edge control will hold down their edges, while the spritz will prevent frizz throughout their school day. 

What combs and brushes should I use?

Remember to have an edge brush, a regular hair brush, and a detangling comb when doing your daughter’s hair. 

How can I make my child sit still while doing their hair?

Distraction will be your best friend! Get them into a comfy chair with your phone or an iPad, and you’re good to go. If you know they will be a grump in the morning, prepare beforehand with their favorite show/toy/breakfast.


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Check these pretty hairstyles for your 6 years old girls!

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1. Bantu Knots With a Wash-and-Go

easy natural hairstyle for black kdis

This hairstyle is adorable and easy to do. Loosely twist the loose section at night and protect her hair with a Satin bonnet at night.

2. Mickey Mouse Puffs

double puff hairstyle for black kids

For mixed-race kids, this hairstyle is easy to pull off. Use a hair gel to get the finished look and adorn her puffs with cute ribbons.

3. Stylish Afro Puff

easy black toddler hairstyle

For moms with limited hair styling skills, you can still style your daughter’s hair in a style that will look fashionable. Add matching ribbons to go with her outfit of the day.

4. Double Puffs on 4a Hair

easy natural hairstyle for short hair

Some kids are not ready for cornrows yet and that’s ok. Pull her fro into two mega fros and add any hair accessory of your choice. For nighttime, twist the loose ends and take them down in the morning, so that her hair stays stretched and tangle-free.

5. Rubberband Plaits and Days Old Twist Out Puffs

simple hairstyle for 6 years old black kids

A six-year-old can look cute in a twist out, no matter how many days it’s been. Apply leave-in conditioner to her hair twice a week, so that her hair stays healthy and growing.

6. Afropuff With Two-Strand Twists Bangs

school hairstyle for black girls

To achieve this style, tie two sections of her hair as if you will have two puffs, then use another tie to tie both puffs together, so you get a two-in-one fluffy puff. Twist her bangs and add some beads for an extra layer of cuteness.

7. Simple School Girl Puff

easy hairstyle for 6 years old black kids

We have included several varieties of afro puffs so that you can see what your daughter’s hair will look like based on her hair length and texture.

8. Half-Up Half-Down Top Knot With a Twist Out

half up half down hairstyle for black kids

Take down your daughter’s two-strand twists after a week and put her hair into this regal style. This is the perfect hairstyle for a beautiful Brown girl.

9. Chunky Two Strand Twists

kids hairstyles for school

Looking for the best hairstyle for your daughter’s first day of school? This is it! Use matching hair ties to match her school uniform.

10. Triple Bubble Braids For Kindergarden

bubble hairstyle for black kids

This is another beautiful hairstyle for your daughter to wear to school. She will be more than excited to start a new chapter in her life with this simple hairstyle that shows off her luscious hair length.

11. Twisted Mohawk

two strand twist hairstyle for black girls

For kids with 4c hair, this hairstyle will make them fall in love with their hair even more! To keep her hair looking healthy and juicy, a deep condition her hair every week and use a thick moisturizing leave-in conditioner to keep it soft.

12. Creative Plaits on Mixed-Race Kids

easy hairstyle for toddlers

For moms with a mixed-race child who aren’t comfortable with braiding, you can start with this easy hairstyle on your six-year-old. It’s easy to do and will keep her hair protected all week.

13. Two Strand Twists with Rubber Band Roots

simple natural hairstyle for black girls

If you want a tighter grip on your daughter’s two-strand twists without twisting too tight, you can use rubber bands to secure her roots and twist the rest of her hair with a styling custard.

14. Zig Zag Two-in-One Twists

simple hairstyle for black girls

Want a next level hairstyle to the traditional two-strand twists? This hairstyle might just be what you’re looking for. Use a combination of a styling gel and twisting cream to achieve this perfect look. To keep her hair looking smooth all week, tie all her hair together and secure her hair with a satin scarf so that the twists stays in place while she sleeps.

15. Jumbo Flat Twists on Kids

easy natural hairstyle for black kids

For kids with voluminous hair, style their hair into these loose chunky twists and they will receive compliments from teachers and classmates.

16. Simple Two-Strand Twists on Kids

easy hairstyle for blakc kids

Give your little ones a break from cornrows and braids by twisting their gorgeous 4c hair into two-strand twists. Start with freshly detangled hair and twist on dry hair for a smooth and stretched look.

17. Twist Outs on Elementary School Kids

kids hairstyles for school

Give your daughter a two-in-one look with these two-strand twists and twist-out combinations. Change up the style throughout the week with a hair accessory of your choice.

18. Small Two-Strand Twists on Kids with 3b Hair

school hairstyle for 6 years old black girl

Secure your child’s twists with rubber bands to secure her style. For a different look, you can take down her twists at the end of the week for a curly twist out.

19. Simple Mega Bun

high bun hairstyle for black girls

This mega bun is very easy to do. Sleek down her edges with an edge control gel and accessorize her hair with a cute ribbon.

20. Fluffy Two Strand Twists

easy natural hairstyle for black kids

This hairstyle can be styled in whatever way you see fit. Start with three puffs, then twist the ends of each section into mini or chunky twists. Add some beads and hair tie balls for an elegant look.


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21. Juicy Two Strand Twists on Little Girls

kids hairstyles for school

What better way to show off your daughter’s healthy hair than with two-strand twists? Make them colorful by adding colorful rubber bands.

22. Finger Coils on Little Girls

natural curly hairstyle for black toddlers

This is a style that is best achieved by a hair stylist if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. It’s perfect for birthday parties, weddings, and other special occasions.

23. Sectioned Two-Strand Twists

easy natural hairstyle for black girls

If you think you’ve run out of options for your little one, think again! Because natural hair can be twisted and tied in multiple ways, just like this one.

24. Adorable Curly Ponytails with Heart Bangs

ponytail hairstyle with beads

This is another adorable hairstyle for kids with curly hair. Use a soft alcohol-free gel to keep her ponytail curly all week. Add wooden beads to her bangs for a playful look.

25. Chunky Twists on Little Kids

hairstyle for kindergarten black girls

Use a styling cream to get this soft and juicy look. With proper care, this hairstyle can last up to ten days.

26. Twisted Bantu Knots

hairstyle for 6 years old black girls

To switch things up and keep her hair stretched, you can play around with your child’s twisted hairstyles by styling it into Bantu knots and whatever style suits you.

27. Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Look

simple hairstyle for black girls

A birthday hairstyle can be simple and effortless. Curl her hair with a curling iron or roller sets for something simple. For a cute birthday party look, these animated character dresses might just be your daughter’s next party dress.

28. Braided Ninja Buns on Little Kids

high bun hairstyle for black girls

Ninja buns are just as beautiful on kids as they are on adults. Braid loosely for comfort and accessorize with colorful beads and hair chopsticks.

29. Braided Cornrow Bow

bow braid hairstyle for black kids

This simple hairstyle can last up to three weeks with proper care. You can take down the bow after a few days and let her hair fall or tie it into a bun.

30. Flower Girl Hairstyle

double bun with bow

Going to a special occasion can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be when it comes to children. With simple hair styling skills, you can make your daughter stand out with these easy two-strand twists. Add some glitter and matching ribbons and she’s good to go.

31. Lovely Stitch Braids

cornrows hairstyle for 6 years old black girls

A six-year-old might be ready for added hair extensions if it’s done right. Use a gel for the roots and finish off with a foaming mouse, for a polished look.

32. Straight Look

simple hairstyle for black girls

Little girls can get their hair straightened once in a while, even if it’s just once a week. Use a heat protectant and a good quality blow dryer, and flat iron to avoid hair loss.

33. Lemonade Braids on Kids in DayCare

easy hairstyle for black girls

For kids who doesn’t have the patience to spin around for an intricate hairstyle, lemonade braids are great! No need for added hair extensions, just cornrow their hair and add some beads.

34. Accessorized Lemonade Braids with Hair Extensions

cornrows hairstyle for black girls

If you’re into matching hairstyles for your little girls, these lemonade braids are perfect. You can style them on your little girls and yourself, so that everyone in the family has a matching hairstyle.

35. Box Braids With Curly Ends

long braid hairstyle for black girls

Give your little one a cute hairstyle that will last for several weeks with little maintenance. Add beads on some of the braids or all of the braids if you wish.

36. Hearty Lemonade Braids

braided hairstyle with beads

For a child that can sit through creative hairstyle, these complemental cornrows are ideal. They will be in smiles the entire time they have this hairstyle on.

37. Stitch Cornrow Bun With Beaded Bangs

hairstyle for 6 years old black girls

Stich braids also look beautiful on little girls. Dress them up with beads, strings, and colorful bows.

38. Half-up Half-Down Cornrows and Box Braids

hairstyle for 6 years old black kids

Is purple your daughter’s favorite color? Add a few pieces of her favorite hair extensions color and she will be the most beautiful girl in her classroom for a few weeks.

39. Mini Cornrows

braid hairstyle for black kids

This hairstyle should last about a month if she goes to bed with a satin bonnet. Refresh her style with a leave-in spray.

40. Lemonade Cornrows with Beaded Bangs

cornrows for black kids

Give your daughter a charming look with these beaded lemonade braids. Add some oil to her scalp to prevent dryness.

Stunning hairstyles for your little princess!