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40+ School Cornrows Hairstyles for Kids, Tweens and Teens


40 Easy Cornrows Protective Hairstyles For Black Girls Age 4-12

40 Cornrows Hairstyles With Beads for Kids and Tweens

40 Natural Hairstyles for Eight Years Old Black and Mixed-Race Girls

40 Natural Hairstyles for 7 years old

40 Lovely Natural Hairstyles for 6-Year-Old School Girls

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1. Braided Double Buns with Bangs on Little Girl

Cute Cornrows hairstyle for kids

2. Cornrows with Accessories and Curly Ends

School Hairstyle for Little Girls

3. Braided Top Knot Hairstyles on Girls

Top Knot Cornrows on Black Kids

4. Stitch Braids Ponytail with Beads

Easy Cornrows Hairstyle for Kids

5. Box Braids with Accessories on Kids

Box Braids Hairstyle for Little Girls

6. Stitch Braids with Braided Curly Bangs

Cute braids for Kids

7. Double Ponytail Cornrows with Beads on Kids

Cornrows style for School

8. Three-Part Ponytail Cornrows with Accessories

Cornrows with beads for Kids

9. Cornrow Ponytail with Beads on Girls

Ponytail braids for Kids

10. Side Ponytail Cornrows with Colorful Threads

Cute cornrows hairstyle for School Girl

11. Pop Smoke Braids with Accessories on Kids

Cute Stitch braids for Kids

12. Side Ponytail Cornrows with Accessories for Tweens

Cornrows hairstyles for Kids and Tweens

13. Cut Cornrows with Halo Braids on Kids

Halo braids on Little Girl

14. Box Braids with Pink Highlights on Teenage Girls

Box Braids Hairtsyle for Teenage Girls

15. Braided Bow Hairstyle on Little Girls

Cute Bow Braids for School Girls

16. Ponytail Feed-in Braids on Little Girls

Simple Ponytail Braids for Girls

17. Top Knot Braids with Braided Bangs and Accessories

Ninja Braids with Accessories for Kids

18. Cornrows with Braided Side Bangs

Back to School Hairstyle for Kids

19. Heart-shaped Cornrow with Accessories on Little Girls

Short Cornrows for Little Girls

20. High Ponytail Braided Hairstyle for Kids

Cute hairstyles for School Girls


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35 Beautiful Protective Natural Hairstyles for 12-Year-Old Tween Girls

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21. Stitch Feed-in Ponytail with Curls on Little Girls

Ponytail Braids for Girls

22. Tribal Braids with Beads on Little Girls

School Hairstyle for Girls

23. Top Knot Bohemian Braids on Kids

Braided hairstyle for Kids

24. Heart Shaped Stitch Braids with Weave on Girls

Stitch braids for Kids

25. Cornrows with Two-Strand Twists

Protective Hairstyles for Kids

26. Braids and Curls with Hair Clips

Easy Cornrows Hairstyle on Little Girl

27. Heart-shaped Cornrows with Beads on Kids

Cute Braids for Kids

28. Cute Pop Smoke Braids for Little Girls

Simple braids for Kids

29. Freestyle Straigh Back Braids with Weaves on Girls

Cornrows braids for Kids

30. All-back Stitch Braids with Accessories for Teenage Girls

School Braids Hairstyle for Teenage Girl

31. Simple Pop Smoke Braids for Kids

Simple braids on Kids

32. Half Cornrows Half Braids with Clips

Braided Hairstyle for School Girls

33. Double Bun Fulani Braids on Little Girls

School Hairtsyle for Girls

34. Black and Red Cornrows with Curly Ends

Kids Cornrows Hairtsyles

35. Braided Ninja Bun on Kids

Cute hairstyle for Girls

36. High Ponytail Cornrows with Beads

Ponytail braids for Kids

37. Stitch Ponytail with High Bun

Back to School Cornrows

38. Feed-in Braid with Accessories

Cornrows for Little Girls

39. Heart-shaped Braids with Curly End

Cornrows for School Girl

40. Criss-cross Ponytail Braids

Braided Hairstyle for Teenage Girls

41. Tri-Color Fulani Braids on Teenage Girl

Fulani Braids on Kids

42. Purple Ombre Cornrows On Girls

Purple Ombre Cornrows Hairtsyle on Kids


  1. Are cornrows hard to take care of?
  2. What happens if you don’t wash your kid’s cornrows?
  3. How do you keep kid’s cornrows healthy?
  4. Are cornrows safe for kids?
  5. How do you take care of cornrows with hair accessories like clips, hair chopsticks, and bows at night?
  6. What is the easiest and low maintenance cornrow style for kids?
  7. How do you keep kids’ cornrows from getting frizzy?
  8. Are colored braids appropriare for kids?
  9. Are braided extensions child-appropriate? What length is child friendly?