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40+ School Cornrows Hairstyles for Kids, Tweens and Teens

Having a hard time deciding the perfect hairstyle for your kid’s natural hair? Well, you’re in luck because in this article we have got some amazing cornrow styles that are age appropriate and ideal for kids of all ages.

If you’re not familiar with cornrows, they are three-strand plaits that have been common in the black community for centuries and the best thing about them is that they keep your natural hair protected from environmental aggressors that can cause breakage. 

Cornrows come in many designs and styles to suit everyone’s taste so read ahead to find the best choice for your daughter.

How do you keep kid’s cornrows healthy?

To keep your kid’s cornrows healthy, you need to maintain a consistent routine of moisturizing their hair a few times a week. You can use a curl refresh spray and seal in the moisture with some hair oil or mix regular leave-in conditioner with some water in a spray bottle. Try to be gentle when re-moisturizing to prevent frizz.  

You will also need to make sure their scalp gets some love by applying a few drops of coconut or olive oil to prevent dryness. You only need to do this 1-2 times a week.

Are cornrows safe for kids? Do they cause breakage and hair loss?

Cornrows are perfectly safe for children as long as they are installed properly. Make sure your kid’s cornrows are not too tight as that can put a lot of tension on their scalp and result in breakage and hair loss. Additionally, try to avoid doing extremely tiny cornrows on kids. They will not like sitting still for the amount of time such a hairstyle will take and it can break off their delicate hair strands.

How do you take care of cornrows with hair accessories like clips, hair chopsticks, and bows at night?

To prevent damage and tangles while your daughter sleeps, it is best to take out any hair accessories that can easily get knotted with their hair while they sleep. This includes things like hair clips, chopsticks and bows. You can easily put them back in the morning while they get ready. 

However, hair accessories like beads and hair cuffs can stay in. Just make sure their hair is covered with a bonnet to prevent friction.

How do you keep kids’ cornrows from getting frizzy?

To keep your kid’s cornrows from getting frizzy, make sure they go to bed with a silk or satin bonnet. You will also need to replenish her hair with moisture using a leave-in spray to prevent dryness. Kids play a lot and can sometimes and their hair can get quite rough as a result. So, If you notice the cornrows are starting to look old, you can smooth down any flyaways with some hair mousse.

Are colored braids appropriate for kids?

Colored braids are wonderful for kids as they get to show off their personality. However, try not to go for anything that would require dying their natural hair as that can result in damage and it is not appropriate for kids.

Are braided extensions child-appropriate? What length is child-friendly?

Braided extensions are age appropriate for kids over six years old. But, you do not want to make the braids too long as that can be a little too much for children. Try to keep the braids no longer than mid-back length for a child friendly look.

What age can I introduce hair extensions to my child’s hair?

You can start to introduce hair extensions into your kid’s hairstyles from age six or seven. However, try not to use too much to avoid loading her hair with excess weight. Once they are slightly older at 10, you can start to do more intricate hairstyles using hair extensions.


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1. Braided Double Buns with Bangs

This cute hairstyle is perfect for little girls who love to wear ponytails and pigtails. You can spice up the whole look with White and blue hair beads and flower hair ties.

Cute Cornrows hairstyle for kids

2. Cornrows with Accessories and Curly Ends

Looking for something your toddler can wear on a special occasion? Use some braiding hair to style her hair into this adorable half-up half-down look.

What you will need: Cute hair claw clips and perm rod for the curly end

School Hairstyle for Little Girls

3. Braided Top Knot Hairstyles on Girls

This beautiful braided top knot is a look fit for a little princess. It is very elegant and stylish so your daughter can rock it to school or pair it with a dress for a birthday party.

What you will need: Honey Baby Naturals Mama’s Magic Moringa & Honey Oil for the scalp

Top Knot Cornrows on Black Kids

4. Stitch Braids Ponytail with Beads

When it comes to kid’s hairstyles, you can never go wrong with a classic ponytail. However, this stitch braids version adds a fun twist to your daughter’s look. You can even add a silver necklace to bring out her inner fashionista.

What you will need: White blue jumbo hair beads and star snap clip

Easy Cornrows Hairstyle for Kids

5. Box Braids with Accessories on Kids

Got a six or seven-year-old who is eager to try box braids? Look no further than these lovely medium-sized braids. If you want to elevate the look, you can accessorize it with gold hair threads, gold metallic butterfly clip and gold hair beads.

Box Braids Hairstyle for Little Girls

6. Stitch Braids with Braided Curly Bangs

This face-framing braided top knot look is perfect for kids of all ages. If your daughter’s hair is not too long, you can clip in an afro puff on the ends.

What you will need: Choice of hair threads and perm rod for the side bangs

Cute braids for Kids

7. Double Ponytail Cornrows with Beads on Kids

Try these double ponytail cornrows on your kid and watch them rush to show it off every chance chance get. It is such a beautiful and simple hairstyle that’s perfect for any occasion.

What you will need: White hair threads, white hair beads, and white hair ribbon

Cornrows style for School

8. Three-Part Ponytail Cornrows with Accessories

Who says pigtails had to be only two parts? You can absolutely make a three-part ponytail style like this one for an elevated pigtails look that will get your daughter showered with compliments.

What you will need: Cute pink hair beads, butterfly hair clips, and pink small ribbon

Cornrows with beads for Kids

9. Cornrow Ponytail with Beads on Girls

These stunning cornrows are ideal for tweens since they can sit still for longer. It is a simple look that can be enhanced with some gel to lay their edges.

What you will need: Hair threads and hair beads

Ponytail braids for Kids

10. Side Ponytail Cornrows with Colorful Threads

These side cornrows are to die for! They are so stylish and beautiful, your daughter willbe posing for pictures every second to show them off.

What you will need: Hair threads and hair bow

Cute cornrows hairstyle for School Girl

11. Pop Smoke Braids with Accessories on Kids

If you want a hairstyle that will keep your child’s hair completely out of the way while she plays, then this a wonderful choice for you. These pop smoke braids are unique and gorgeous but they will also keep most of her hair tucked in.

What you will need: Perm rod for the end hair, butterfly hair clips, and pom balls hair tie

Cute Stitch braids for Kids

12. Side Ponytail Cornrows with Accessories for Tweens

Want something to suit both your toddler and tween? Try these side ponytail cornrows. It is a lovely look for kids of all ages so you can make it your go-to if you want both kids to be twining.

What you will need: Choice of hair threads, butterfly hair clips, and white hair beads

Cornrows hairstyles for Kids and Tweens

13. Cut Cornrows with Halo Braids on Kids

We are obsessed with this halo cornrow look. Everything from the heart-shaped centre to the side bangs just makes it flawless. Try it on your little one with some hair threads, butterfly hair clips, and yellow hair beads and watch her transform into a regal little diva.

Halo braids on Little Girl

14. Box Braids with Pink Highlights on Teenage Girls

If your teenage daughter loves to wear a little color in her hair, she will fall in love with these box braids. The cute pink highlights are perfect for school as they don’t attract too much attention.

What you will need: pink hair threads and pink ombre braiding hair

Box Braids Hairtsyle for Teenage Girls

15. Braided Bow Hairstyle on Little Girls

A braided top knot styled into a cute bow is a drool-worthy look that will have your daughter beaming with excitement. You can add in a few pieces of 1B Ocean wave braiding hair for extra flair.

Cute Bow Braids for School Girls

16. Ponytail Feed-in Braids on Little Girls

These feed-in braids are the perfect hairstyles for kids with fine hair. Tiny amounts of braiding hair are incorporated into each braid for added length but they will not be heavy enough to create any tension or breakage on your daughter’s delicate hair strands.

What you will need: Transparent hair beads and bubble hair ties

Simple Ponytail Braids for Girls

17. Accessorized Top Knot Braids

If you have a special event coming up or your daughter is simply a sassy fashionista, you can try this braided ninja top knot. Be sure to use a leave-in spray a few times a week to keep the hair from drying out.

What you will need: White orange hair beads, orange hair threads, orange hair chopsticks, and bubble hair ties

Ninja Braids with Accessories for Kids

18. Cornrows with Braided Side Bangs

Make your kid’s cornrows stand out by including a heart-shaped pattern in the back for drama. You can also curl the ends with perm rods and throw on a pink hair bow to up the ante.

Back to School Hairstyle for Kids

19. Heart-shaped Cornrow with Accessories on Little Girls

As you can probably tell by now. Heart-shaped braids are a big favorite with many kids and that’s because it always makes them look so adorable. Just take a look at this beauty, what’s not to love?

What you will need: Cute pink hair beads, butterfly hair clips, pink hair threads, and pink hair bow

Short Cornrows for Little Girls

20. High Ponytail Braided Hairstyle for Kids

Bring out your toddler’s inner diva with this braided high ponytail. You may need to take down the knot before she goes to sleep at night so she can sleep comfortably. But, by morning you can easily use a hair tie to recreate the look and lay her edges with some edge gel.

What you will need: White/Transparent hair beads and hair ribbon

Cute hairstyles for School Girls


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21. Stitch Feed-in Ponytail with Curls on Little Girls

These stunning ponytail cornrows are an amazing hairstyle for kids to wear on special occasions. Pair them with a cute dress and your little princess will be photo shoot ready.

What you will need: Packs of choco brown braiding hair and perm rod for the curly end

Ponytail Braids for Girls

22. Tribal Braids with Beads on Little Girls

This is a beautiful hairstyle kids can wear to school. You can make it with only their natural hair or incorporate some braiding hair if their hair is really short.

What you will need: Camille Rose Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Hair Oil for kids, butterfly claw clips, and choice of hair beads

School Hairstyle for Girls

23. Top Knot Bohemian Braids on Kids

These flawless bohemian braids can be your little girl’s first foray into the world of box braids and with the volume and color, trust us she will be obsessed with it. Try this look on special occasions as it can be a little too much for day-to-day wear if your child is below ten.

What you will need: Packs of 1B Ocean wave braiding hair, purple braiding hair extension, and unicorn ribbon

Braided hairstyle for Kids

24. Heart Shaped Cornrows on Girls

Side cornrows fitted with a heart-shaped braid are an ideal choice for teenagers who love to try new things. They can wear it to school or pair it with cute sneakers on a casual day.

What you will need: Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp & Hair Oil

Stitch braids for Kids

25. Cornrows with Two-Strand Twists

Your kid’s cornrows do not have to look uniform all the time so mix things up a little by twisting the ends of their hair. You can tie the whole look together with a gold glittery bubble hair tie and gold hair beads.

Protective Hairstyles for Kids

26. Braids and Curls with Hair Clips

Put your daughter’s natural curls on full display with this half braid-out look. To get the best results, you will need to use a conditioner before styling to make sure her curls are soft and moisturised. You can then use Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Curling Butter Cream to enhance her curl definition.

What you will need: Butterfly baby hair clips

Easy Cornrows Hairstyle on Little Girl

27. Heart-shaped Cornrows with Beads on Kids

If you are looking for a protective style your child can wear on a school day or for a play date, this is one look you should have pinned on your phone.

What you will need: Choice of color bubble hair tie, hair threads, and hair beads

Cute Braids for Kids

28. Cute Pop Smoke Braids for Little Girls

These pop smoke braids are perfect for those busy days when you want something you can make in less than thirty minutes. Make sure your daughter goes to bed with a satin bonnet to keep the hair from becoming frizzy.

What you will need: Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil for the scalp and hair growth of the hair.

Simple braids for Kids

29. Freestyle Straight-Back Braids with Weaves on Girls

Can straight-back braids get any more cuter than this? We simply can not stop drilling over this flawless teenage-friendly look.

What you will need: Pack of 1B Ocean wave braiding hair

Cornrows braids for Kids

30. All-back Stitch Braids for Teenage Girls

This is another cute straight-back hairstyle that is perfect for teenagers. You can blow out their hair to elongate the style if you do not want them to use any hair extensions.

What you will need: Wooden hair beads and Now Solutions Jojoba Oil scalp oil

School Braids Hairstyle for Teenage Girl

31. Simple Pop Smoke Braids for Kids

If your daughter’s hair is fairly long, you can try these simple pop smoke braids on her. It is a very easy style to make and is perfect for kids who do not like to sit still for intricate hairstyles.

What you will need: Colorful elastic hair band and Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Serum for the scalp.

Simple braids on Kids

32. Half Cornrows Half Braids with Clips

These half cornrows are a super versatile hairstyle that will look lovely on kids of all ages. You can put the front section into a bun for a half-up half-down look or use colored hair ties to put everything into a ponytail.

What you will need: Hair claw clips and perm rod for the curly end

Braided Hairstyle for School Girls

33. Double Bun Fulani Braids on Little Girls

Fulani braids are a timeless hairstyle loved by women in the black community. This double bun version is a fun way to tailor the look to suit children. You can even make your own hair in the same style for a little mommy and me picture moment.

What you will need: Your choice of hair threads and hair accessories for the center part

School Hairtsyle for Girls

34. Black and Red Cornrows with Curly Ends

This combination of black and red cornrows is ideal for tweens who like to play around with different colors in their outfits.

What you will need: Perm rod for the end curls and pack of red braiding hair extension

Kids Cornrows Hairtsyles

35. Braided Ninja Bun on Kids

If you think braids are boring, this braided ninja bun will change your change your mind. With pink bubble hair ties, butterfly claw clips, and wooden hair chopstick seamlessly added in, what could be more fun and sassy?

Cute hairstyle for Girls

36. High Ponytail Cornrows with Beads

Effortlessly stylish and elegant, these high ponytail cornrows will keep your kid’s hair neat and protected for several weeks. Be sure to smooth down any flyaways with a little hair gel as the style gets older.

What you will need: Pink bubble hair ties and pink hair braiding beads

Ponytail braids for Kids

37. High Bun Stitch Braid

These high bun stitch cornrows are a major upgrade from the classic ponytail. They are so sophisticated, your child will be admiring herself in the mirror at every turn.

What you will need: butterfly hair clips and colorful hair beads

Back to School Cornrows

38. Feed-in Braid with Accessories

This is another high bun look that will make any kid thrilled to show off her natural hair. You can use cute white and pink hair beads, butterfly hair clips and bubble hair ties to add finishing touches.

Cornrows for Little Girls

39. Heart-shaped Braids with Curly End

This look is all about the heart and we are loving every bit of it. It is a cute hairstyle that will turn out amazing on both tweens and teenagers.

What you will need: Your choice of hair threads, hair accessories, and perm rod for the end

Cornrows for School Girl

40. Criss-cross Cornrows

Try these criss-cross cornrows for a unique look that will make your daughter stand out.

What you will need: White/Transparent hair beads

Braided Hairstyle for Teenage Girls

41. Tri-Color Fulani Braids on Teenage Girl

If your daughter is all about bright colors, then combine a few different shades into her hair if she can’t decide which one to choose. This mixture of black, pink, and red will surely make her look beautiful.

What you will need: Bundles of 1B hair and Magenta pink braiding hair extension

Fulani Braids on Kids

42. Purple Ombre Cornrows On Girls

These purple braids are a great way to start introducing colored hair extensions into your daughter’s look. They are the perfect length and shade for kids to wear to school.

What you will need: Packs of 1B/Purple braiding hair

Purple Ombre Cornrows Hairtsyle on Kids


Cornrows keep your child’s hair healthy and stylish and the best thing about them is their versatility– they come in different lengths, colors, and designs. So, no matter what your child’s age or personality is, there is bound to be something that will keep them happy. Let us know, Which of the beautiful styles from this post you will try out on your daughter.