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40 Pretty Natural Hairstyles for Nine Years Old Girls That Encourages Self-Love

It’s vital for young girls to grow up with a positive self-image. As parents or guardians, it’s our job to nourish their emotional well-being. This can start by taking extra steps in ensuring they feel comfortable with their natural hair.

Letting nine-year-olds embrace their afro texture can have a huge impact on how they view themselves. You want to help them boost levels of self-love and promote confidence as they continue to grow into their teens.

So if you’re looking for hairstyle choices that encourage self-assurance in your nine-year-old, we’ve compiled some gorgeous natural style ideas to make them feel beautiful both inside and out.

How Do I Detangle My Child’s Hair Without Pain?

The best way to help detangle your child’s hair is to use a gentle conditioner and a wide-toothed comb.

Work in small sections thoroughly detangling each from halfway down the hair shaft to the ends. Repeat with the next section until all of their hair has been detangled.

What Are Easy Hairstyles for a Nine-year-old?

Easy hairstyles for a nine-year-old with natural hair can range from 2 strand twists, single braids, Bantu knots, or buns. All of these styles require minimal maintenance.

Use lightweight products such as leave-in conditioners and oils like castor oil to help keep the hair moisturized in these styles.

How Do I Encourage My Daughter to Love Her Natural Hair Texture?

Let your daughter experiment with different looks and colored hair accessories to match. 

Praise her for her beauty while showing enthusiasm for her wanting to try new hairstyles. Also, be there to support her if she faces any criticism.

Spend time together learning about the upkeep of natural hair by watching tutorials online when practicing these styles.

You can show her images of confident women embracing their natural curls, coils, and kinks too. This will help guide your daughter towards loving herself entirely to understand that hair texture is just one beautiful part of who she is.

At What Age Can My Child Start to Take Responsibility for Her Own Hair?

It can depend on your child’s maturity level. But typically, children from the ages of 8 to 10 can start taking care of their hair with minimal guidance.

If your child is old enough to use scissors or put in simple hairstyles like pigtails, then they can take full responsibility for their natural hair.

How Often Should I Moisturize My Child’s Hair?

It is best to moisturize your child’s natural afro hair once or twice a week. Using water-based products, take a generous amount to ensure the hair stays hydrated. 


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Glamorous Hairstyles You Should Try with Your 9 Years Old Girls Hair!

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1. Side part blow out

easy natural hairstyle for black kids

Keep it simple by washing and blow-drying your nine-year-old’s hair with fluffy curls. Wrap it in a ponytail and a silk bonnet to protect it at night.

2. Sleek Low Bun with Accessories

low bun hairstyle for black girls

Grab the hair gel and slick your young one’s hair into a low bun. This look is perfect with outfit accessories, like this adorable hat and matching pink hair clips.

3. Jumbo High top knot

top knot hairstyle for 9 years old black girls

For longer tresses, brush the hair into a high top knot. This look can be worn up or in a high ponytail. Finish by gelling the baby hair.

4. Type 3 Twisted Pigtails

protective hairstyle for black girls

Part your nine-year-old’s hair to add pigtail twists, ideal for stretching out type 3 curls, add bubble hair ties to finish the style.

5. 3-in-1 Ponytail Twists

two strand twist hairstyle for brown girls

Opt to keep the hair out of your child’s face by trying these single braids, cornrows, and ponytail twists. This style can be worn for about 2 weeks.

6. Criss-cross Braids with Side part Twists

criss cross hairstyle for 9 years old black girls

Get your young girl obsessed with intricate hairstyles like these criss-cross braids that lead into high side-part twists. It can last up to four weeks if wrapped in a bonnet at night.

7. Detailed Rubber Band Twists

easy natural hairstyle for brown girls

Get creative by parting your daughter’s hair into diagonal shapes. Then add various rubber bands to your variation of twists to make the hair pop.

8. Various Sized 2-strand Twists

protective styles on brown girl

2-strand twists don’t all have to be the same size in the hair, as we see above with thin and thicker partings. Finished using colorful accessories.

9. Pigtail Twists with Baby Hairs

easy school hairstyle for brown girls

Pigtails are popular styles for long and short natural lengths. Add twists with cute bubble ties to complete the look. Remove the ties at night and this can last up to a week.

10. Small Single Twists

short two strand twist for black girls

For a hairstyle that is low maintenance, try these small single twists. They can be worn down, including a high ponytail or even top knots. Add a cute bow to beautify.

11. Bantu Knot Combo with Bands

bubble hairstyle for 9 years old black girls

Bantu knots are great protective styles for longer lengths. Try these with additional rubber band pigtails. Ensure to not wrap the knots too tightly so your child can sleep comfortably.

12. Rubber Band Twist Ponytail

rubber band hairstyle for black kids

Parting your nine-year-old’s hair is pretty easy, especially with multicolored bands. You can then add single twists, tie the hair in a high ponytail or leave the hair down.

13. 2-in-1 Bantu Knot and Single Plaits

mohawk bantu hairstyle for brown kids

These Bantu knots down the center of the head are simple and can last up to two weeks. Part the hair into hearts using a rat tail comb. Then put single twists on either side to show your child how versatile their hair can be.

14. 2 Strand Twists with Heart-Shaped Cornrows

easy protective hairstyle for black kids

Heart designs are always popular with kids. So include that in their twisted pigtail style, as we see above. And finish with beads to stretch the ends.

15. Locs in Textured Double Bun

bun hairstyle for black kids

If your child is on their loc journey, make it more fun by putting the locs into one or two buns. With this style, remember to keep the scalp moisturized with a leave-in conditioner.

16. Horizontal Cornrows into Updo Braid

braided school hairstyle for 9 years old black girl

For a braided style that lasts up to four weeks, try these horizontal cornrows and at the ends, braid them up to create an adorable top knot.

17. 3-in-1 Top Knot and Twists Style

easy natural hairstyle with beads for black girls

If your child can’t decide on one protective style, try a top knot with rubber band details. You can also use hair thread to accentuate the braids. And perfect the 3-in-1 style with twists at the back.

18. Large Cornrows with Curly Pigtails

two ponytail hairstyle for black girls

These cornrows with heart detailing are great for school. To keep the pigtails curly, plait the ends before your child sleeps and undo them in the morning.

19. Jumbo Bantu Knots

braided bantu knotws for black kids

If your child loves Bantu knots, try these four with a zig-zag parting. This look can be kept for up to four weeks. Slick the hair with edge control gel to keep flyaways down.

20. Long Braided Pigtails with Accessories

braid hairstyle with hair clips

Brush the hair with leave-in products when creating these braids to keep the hair and scalp moisturized. You can let your daughter choose what accessories to add or change. 


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21. Detailed Fulani Braids

cornrows with beads on black girl

Fulani braids are the perfect style to keep your nine-year-old’s hair out of their face. Try out an intricate flower design on the side and end the braids with beads to last for a few weeks.

22. Side Part Cornrows with Beads

braided hairstyle with beads for 9 years old black girls

These all-back cornrow braids will keep your child’s hair in place for up to four weeks. Show them how pretty braided styles can be with a selection of colored beads on the ends.

23. Braided Minnie Mouse Bow and Single Braids

braided bow hairstyle on black kids

For something more complex, try these heart-shaped braids and threaded Minnie Mouse Bow. Add single braids to the back with your daughter’s favorite beads.

24. High Ponytail Stitch Braids

hald up half down braided hairstyle on black kids

Stitch braids can take a few hours to complete, but it’s definitely worth it. Add a high ponytail and multicolored beads to make the style stand out.

25. 8 Diagonal All Back Stitch Braids

long stitch braids for black girls

If your daughter wants a braided style that doesn’t take too long to finish, they can go for large all-back-stitch braids like these. An edge control gel will keep the baby hairs together.

26. Spiral Cornrows into High Ponytail Twists

easy cornrow hairstyle with bow

We think your daughter will love these spiral braids. They’re fun and can be topped off with a mini twist ponytail and bright accessories.

27. Colored Knotless Braids

braided hairstyle with blue highlights for black kids

You can add extensions into knotless braids for added length or color, as we see in these vibrant blue braids and curly ends.

28. High Braided Ponytail and Stitch Braids

half up half down hairstyle on brown girls

These front stitch braids are long-lasting and add to the beauty of your nine-year-old’s hair. They can be worn as a high ponytail or bun, with or without the beads.

29. Colorful Threaded All Back Braids

braid hairstyle with colorful hair thread on black girl

Take your daughter’s all-back braids to the next level with these vertical and horizontal braid patterns. Top it off with multicolored threads to show how playful protective styles can be.

30. Middle Part Jumbo Cornrows

pop smoke braids for black girls

For thicker hair textures, try these jumbo horizontal middle-part cornrows. Keep them wrapped in a silk bonnet at night and add hair mousse to sleek down fuzzy hairs.

31. Side Part Stitch Braids

cornrows hairstyle with curly end for black kids

Try these large side-part stitch braids on your young one. Add colorful threads or bands, curl the ends using a roller, and wear the style down or tie behind with a hair clip

32. Zig-zag Part All Back Braids

pop smoke braids for black girls

Zig-zag parting can make your child more excited about how their hairstyle will turn out. Keep the braids slick with a styling gel and set it with a hair mousse to last up to three weeks.

33. Long Single Plaits

long box braids hairstyle for black kids

A classic natural style is these single plaits. You can use extensions to add length, which your young girl may love. Keep it playful by curling the ends in hot water.

34. 2-in-1 Braided Top Knot and Middle Part

braid hairstyle with beads for 8 years old black girl

This 2-in-1 style is ideal for kids wanting to wake up and go. The braided top knot can be worn as a high ponytail and this can last up to 6 weeks.

35. Twisted Cornrows into High Braided Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle for 9 years old black kids

These small cornrows are a perfect low-maintenance style. They can last up to 6 weeks, either worn as a ponytail or top knot. Keep some castor oil handy to apply to the scalp to avoid dryness.

36. Medium Knotless Braids

braid hairstyle with curly end for black kids

The next time your daughter asks for a braided style, give these medium knotless braids a go. You can part them in any direction and can add buns, and pigtails or keep them down.

37. 2-in-1 Stitch and Single Braids

half up half down hairstyle with beads for black girls

Try this stitch and single braids style on your nine-year-old. A cute high ponytail or a top knot can be added while stacking radiant beads brings the hairstyle together.

38. Middle Part Fulani Braids

feed in braids with beads for 9 years old black girls

This style is seen on celebrities, from Rihanna to Willow Smith. So your daughter will love the freedom of Fulani braids. Add some extensions for length and stack beads in your child’s preferred colors.

39. Detailed Stitch Braids

braid hairstyle for black girls

These stitch braids have it all, from colored extensions, hair cuffs, zig-zag parts, and Bantu knots. While the Bantu knots can also be worn down, this style can last up to four weeks.

40. Pink Large Knotless Braids

braid hairstyle with beads for black girls

Your nine-year-old is probably obsessed with vibrant colors, so including pink in their knotless braids will surely brighten their day. Don’t forget to add matching beads to the ends.

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