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40 Trendy Natural Hairstyles for 13-Year-Old Teenagers in Middle School

Your young teenager may already have a strong opinion about how she presents herself to the world. On the other hand, some late bloomers might need a gentle nudge to embrace a more mature style that falls in line with their rising high schooler status.

Either way 13 years of age marks a turning point in a young lady’s life when she is not quite a little girl, but far from a young woman. It’s a time to celebrate coming of age, and an age-appropriate style that comes with the territory. These trendy hairstyles combine the sweet innocence of carefree youth with the budding maturity that comes with the time well before adulthood. 

There is no one way to go for young teen hair. From natural twists and plaits to kanekalon braids and crochet twists, 13 marks an age when nearly anything goes. Free from the confinement and restriction of the working world, 13 marks a time when a young lady can truly express herself in her hairstyle with minimal consequences (school policy permitting). So break out the vibrant colors, maximum volume, and intricate braid design because the moxie of thrilling-13 is here to stay!

At what age should my daughter do her own hair?

Children can start to participate in their hair care beginning as young as 6-8 years including making decisions about favorite style preferences, communicating needs (is the style too tight, is it time for a wash?), and making requests (admiring styles on friends, threading bead patterns, picking color themes).

By 10-12 years young girls can begin to manage basic hair care tasks like gathering simple ponytails, twisting or braiding hair, and washing independently. Introducing a doll with similar hair texture early on like Natural Roots Zoe or a kinky human hair styling doll can be a helpful first step in facilitating haircare independence by the teenage years. 


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Made them fall inlove with these stunning protective hairstyles for Teenager!!

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Half up half-down rubber banding

half up half down hairstyles on black teenager

Simple colored hair elastics or colored rubber bands can elevate a simple half up half down to something far more intricate and special.  Here the rubber banded sections mimic a cornrow style without needing cornrow skills. Any 13-year-old with basic parting skills can recreate this braid-out look on her own. Throw in some laid edges for that finishing touch

2. Cornrow, twisted, beaded, and gold band embellishment

easy natural hairstyle on 13 years old black girl

 With help from mom for precise parts and symmetrical sectioning in the back, most teens can pitch in to get a style like this done fast.  The teardrop gold band accent is definitely 13-year-old approved.

3. Messy top knot and swoopy baby hair

easy top knot hairstyle on black teenager

Not every style is picture-day perfect. Some everyday styles are important for your young teen to master in order to add them to her toolbox. This messy top knot is after-school ready for the teen athlete. The careful baby hair styling shows she cares.

4. Rough and tough pretty afro puffs

double puff black girl hairstyle

These natural puffs are a perfect tribute to embracing and celebrating the kinks, coils, and curls that grow from your head. Use an edge control product to maintain a sleek control. Then let the ends loose to fluff and puff however nature intended

5. Volumized two-strand twists

protective hairstyle for black teenagers

A Two-strand twist is an easy way to combine soft control with movement for a young girl eager to wear her hair “down.” The twists are heavy enough to be sweat and wet-weather proof meanwhile they offer a mature look that is a step up from pigtails or basic plaits.

6. Messy top poof with cornrowed hairline

easy top knot natural hairstyles for black girls

This messy top bun/poof is given structure with a hairline framing cornrowed headband. A headband wrap can help to keep the braided portion neat overnight.

7. Half up Half down space buns and braid out

half double bun half curls on black girl

These space buns offer a minimalist styling option while celebrating everything it means to be young and wild and free.

8. Textile wrap and natural side swoop

natural hairstyles for black girls with turban

African textile wrap is a beautiful addition to natural hair that is a nod to culture and personal style. The bright wrap and coordinating top are an effortless complement to afro-texture hair in its natural form. Add afro-twist Marley hair for volume.

9. Freestyle two-strand twist

two strand twist hairstyle for black girls

The natural two-strand twist requires minimal styling experience. Freestyle parts make the process effortless, especially when your teen pitches in to help! With 4 hands at work, a headful of simple twists can be completed in about an hour. A light-hold twisting cream keeps hair moisturized and controlled.

10. Knotted two-strand twist

half up half down hairstyles for black girls

Feeding in just a little hair can help to add the volume and length needed to make a style more versatile. Here short volumized twists are just long enough for an understated half up half down fountain ponytail. Without the added length, the young lady might have enough for a half-up bun at the most.

At the length pictured, she can also wear space buns, pigtails, top and bottom ponytails, or hair down. Satin hair ties are easy on strands and minimize breakage

11. Bantu knots with heart-shaped parts

bantu knots hairstyle for black teenager

Nothing says teenage style like fun and creative parts. From initials to Mickey Mouse to stars and lightning bolts, it’s the perfect age to turn your hair into your creative canvas. Here a heart shape part is a centerpiece to classic bantu knots. The use of a precision rat tail comb will help keep your parts clean and precise.

12. Knotted two-strand twist with Marley hair

easy natural hairstyles for black teenage girls

Adding in hair is the perfect age-appropriate chemical-free way to play around with color without damage or long-term commitment. Here #27 Marley hair is twisted into medium-sectioned hair incorporating color and increased volume throughout.

13. Rubber band knotted base with large Senegalese twists

protective styles on black girls

Here broader sections of hair are combined with soft twisting hair to create a more natural look. Braid cuffs scattered throughout help to complete the look. 

14. Feed in cornrows with leave out

heart shaped cornrows for 13 years old black girls

This look is not for amateurs. Your typical 13-year-old will be at a loss for completing these precision parts, crisp cornrows, and seamless feed-in without some help from a professional, or at least a very talented friend. A mix of braided and loose ends adds a softness to the finished product.

15. Mixed media space buns, twists, beaded ends, and banded sections

easy hairstyles with beads for brown girls

This look has a lot going on. It is one of those styles that is kid friendly and young-teen-approved but may lose appeal as your teenager transitions to high school. Butterfly clips have made a huge comeback since their original debut in the 90s! The space buns add height while the beaded twists serve up length.

16. Classic kanekalon box braids with curly dipped ends

coi leray braids with curly end on 13 years old black girl

Box braids are a protective style perfect for young ladies of all ages. A subtle color pop of purple is blended into the braids at the nape of the neck. A high ponytail is a fun way to showcase the peekaboo color.

17. Intricate broad-sectioned box braids with flower petal braid art

butterfly braids pattern hairstyle for black girls

Once again, these intricate braids are not beginner braider friendly. The flower petal design is feminine and sweet.

18. Classic box braids with color 2 hair

box braids with curly on on brown girl

Classic box braids will never go out of style. Wrap ends around rods or sponge rollers and dip in hot water for curly set ends

19.  1B box braids

short box braids for 13 years old black girls

Box braids are a timeless protective style that works from school days to work days to retirement and beyond. Find a good braider with quick patient hands but who also respects the need to protect young hairlines from damaging and painful tension and excess weight. Here the sections are appropriately sized to support the added hair, and the hairline is not pulled overly tight.

20. Volumized 6 plait design with added hair

long jumbo braids for black girls

A 13-year-old is still a girl and more than half a lifetime away from being a woman. This style puts a mature spin on a classic 2×3 plait style that every young girl remembers wearing during her elementary school years. Braiding hair is added to the natural plaits for added volume and drama. Oversized gemstone-style ponytailers are a super glamorous take on classic bobbles.


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21. Medium-thick individuals with straight ends

waist length box braids hairstyle for teenager girls

Individual braids with straight ends are sleek, neat, and versatile. The long flow mimics loose hair and can easily be styled up, down, or sectioned however your teen prefers

22. Horizontal side-swooped cornrows with beaded ends

braids with beads hairstyles for 13 years old black girls

Cornrows of any variety are a little more fun with bright beads to coax length and to add easy movement.

23. All Back Bohemian Cornrows

bohemian cornrows on teenagers

These cornrows are so easy and beautiful on young girls. You will only need one pack of braiding hair extensions.

24. Vacation-ready side-swooped jumbo cornrows

cornrows hairstyle for black girls

This vacation-ready look is a must for any young girl hoping to enjoy her time in and out of the water without worrying about her hair. This 7 jumbo braid design is quick to put in, and a breeze to take out. Win-Win for mother and daughter.

25. Classic individuals with straight ends

long box braids hairstyle on black teenage girl

Be careful with individuals along the hairline. Although a tightly braided section looks neat and polished, the potential long-term damage to a young girl’s hairline is not easily repaired. Communicate with braiding professionals about how to balance precision with hair health

26. Precision row-backs with curly ponytail

braid hairstyle for school girl

This style is easily recreated at home with even basic braiding skills. Natural hair is cornrowed back to front and finished off with a curly drawstring ponytail. Your little athlete can go from the homecoming game to the homecoming dance in this protective style.

27. Jumbo knotted box braids with blue color pop

blue ombre hairstyle for black girls

Adding colored braiding hair is always a fun kid-friendly way to experiment with hair color

28.  Crochet Passion Twists

short passion braids for black girls

Crochet twists are a beautiful protective alternative to two-strand twists.

29.  Jumbo knotted goddess braids

braids with weave for black teenager girls

Goddess braids are cute and youthful. The bigger the section, the quicker the process.

30. Short blunt cut twists

short braided hairstyle for 13 years old black girls

These short twists were banded at the desired length before heat sealing just above the shoulder

31. Box braids with blue underside

box braid with highlights hairstyle for brown girls

A little peekaboo color in the back makes these box braids unique

32. Precision cornrows with purple feed in

feed in braids for black teenage girls

This style requires a little more skill than the average braider may have. The addition of purple braiding hair while cornrowing requires some preparation and pre-sectioning of hair

33. Medium-length Coi Lerays with heart-shaped parts and curly ends

heart shaped braid pattern on 13 years old black girl

This whole look is adorable. Natural hair is parted and curled for a super girly style.

34. Crisscrossing cornrowed individuals

stitch braids with weave for black girls

These crisscrossing cornrows are the work of a professional.

35. Half Up Half Down Half Pink Half Brown beaded individuals

half up half down hairstyle for black kids

Being a kid means not having to worry about if your half-pink hair is “professional enough.” 13 is definitely the time to have fun and take some risks in the name of style and fashion.

36. Natural individuals with pink hair add-ins and buns and beads styling

box braids with beads for black teenagers

These adorable box braids take it up a notch with color and accessories.

37. Red-brown box braids with curly ends

copper box braids for black girls

#30 Red-brown braiding hair does not have to match the roots to go red.

38. Precision cornrow design with casually gathered bun and a red-brown streak

stitch braids hairstyle on black girl

that #30 red-brown streak is just the color pop this intricate style needed.

39. Feed in cornrows with Fulani side braids

braided hairstyle with low bun for black girls

This style borrows the Fulani reverse direction side braids without the signature Fulani thin middle braid.

40. Loose blue passion twists.

black and blue hairstyle for black teenagers

What teenage girl wouldn’t love black and blue passion twists? Feel free to switch up the colors to your preference.

Check these captivating hairstyles for 13 years old Girls!