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40 Easy Two-Strand Twists Winter Hairstyles for Black Girls Age 4-13 Years

Figuring out the right hairstyle for your kids can sometimes be a time consuming and confusing task. You want to make sure you choose something that will keep their hair healthy but at the same time, you may not want anything intricate and complicated since most kids hate sitting still for too long. Well, that is where two-strand twists come in to save the day. They are fashionable, age-appropriate and will keep your child’s hair protected from damage. 

In this article, you’ll find a different two-strand twist hairstyle that will make styling your kid’s hair hassle-free. Whether your child likes mini twists or thicker juicy twists, we’ve got something for everyone so read ahead to find something that will make your little one happy.

How often should I get my kid’s two-strand twists re-done?

You should get your kid’s two-strand twists re-done after about 2-3 weeks. By then the style would be quite rough and frizzy and leaving it any longer will simply result in matted hair that may be painful to detangle.

How do I maintain kids’ two-strand twists so they last long?

To maintain your child’s twists, it is important to consistently moisturise the hair 1-2 times a week. You can use a curl refresh spray or a lightweight leave-in conditioner. Just make sure you apply the product gently to avoid creating any frizz. 

You can also apply some olive oil or coconut oil to their scalp to keep it healthy and shiny. However, this depends on how well your children tolerate the oil. Some kids have sensitive scalps so, please do a patch test on a tiny spot at the back of their head before proceeding with the oil.

How can I prevent frizz in my kid’s two-strand twists?

Applying some hair gel while you twist is the best way to prevent frizz on your child’s two-strand twists.  It is also important to make sure you work in small sections when trying to moisturise the hair while the hairstyle is on.

How do you protect kid’s two-strand twists at night?

To protect your child’s two-strand twists at night, make sure their hair is well tucked into a silk or satin bonnet before they go to bed.

Some kids tend to move around a lot in their sleep, so if you are worried the bonnet might fall off while they sleep, use a silk pillowcase on their pillow. This will prevent excessive friction that could make the hairstyle start to look rough.

Is it better to do children’s two-strand twist on wet or dry hair?

You can do children’s two strands twist on both wet and dry hair. Twist done on dry hair will simply appear longer while twists done on wet wet will be fuller. However, if you are going to be twisting on dry hair, make sure your child’s hair has been stretched first to make the process easier.

Additionally, if your child is very tender headed then it may be best to do the twists on wet hair as the hair tends to be softer and more manageable in this state. This will guarantee a painless process for your child.

What are the best products to twist and maintain the hair?

To twist your child’s hair, you need a leave-in conditioner that will make sure their hair is well moisturised before you even start twisting. There are many great leave conditioners to choose from so be sure to check out my post on the best leave-in conditioners for kids. You can then use a twisting cream or gel while you twist the hair. 

For maintenance, all you really need is a curl refresh spray and some hair oil to keep the scalp well nourished.

Why is my child’s hair not growing?

Several factors could be contributing to the slow rate of your child’s hair growth. For some toddlers between the age of 1-4, it may simply be because they are still growing and their baby hairs are not fully matured yet.

However, if that is not the case then you may want to look at your child’s hair routine. Are you moisturising properly and consistently? Is their hair well protected from rubbing against their beddings while they sleep? Do you use the right detangling methods when handling their hair? Is their hair always left loose or is it in a protective style? These are all factors you need to consider as they can affect the health of your child’s hair.

To help address these problems, try to stick with this routine:

  • Wash and condition their hair once every two weeks.
  • Always be gentle when handling their hair. If you are detangling, start with your fingers first before using any type of comb. ( always use a wide tooth comb).
  • Keep their hair in protective or low-manipulation hairstyles and always make sure these styles are not installed too tightly.

How often can you wash your kid’s hair with twists?

You can wash your kid’s hair once every two weeks while it is in twists. You don’t want to wash too often as that can increase the frizziness of the hair.

protective natural hairstyles for black kids


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1. Two Strand Twists with Side Bangs

These beautiful twists are perfect for day-to-day wear. They keep most of your child’s hair out of the way so they don’t get it dirty or rough. You may need to add some Marley hair into each section as you twist if your child’s hair is not very full.

Easy Two Strand Twist for Little Girls

2. Fulani Braids with Twists

Fulani braids are a timeless protective style that always looks adorable on kids and this combination with two-strand twists is an adorable look that will have your child beaming from ear to ear. You can accessorise them with hair beads if you want to really make them super stylish.

What you’ll need: Marshmallow Root & Blueberries Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

Protective Hairstyle for Kids

3. Copper Twists with Kinky End

If your child has short hair, medium-length twists like this are a very age-appropriate way to start introducing hair extensions to their hair. This style is somewhat intricate so it is best suited to slightly older kids between 7-13 years old.

What you will need: Packs of #350 braiding hair and perm rods for the end

Cute Short Twist on Little Girls

4. Flat Twists with Mini Twists

There is nothing more adorable than a little girl rocking her natural hair in a beautiful protective style like these mini twists. The small size of the twists will naturally make the hair appear fuller so there is no need for any added hair.

What you will need: Hair Accessories

Simple Two Strand Twists for Black Girls

5. Triangle-shaped Two-Strands Twists

You can never go wrong with fun triangle-shaped parts for your kid’s twists. It is a lovely look black girls can wear at any age. To prevent frizz and dryness, apply some leave-in conditioner a few times a week.

Chunky Two Strand Twist for Little Girls

6. Spaced Out African Threading Style

This is a cute triangle-style twist that is perfect for days when you don’t have much time on your hands. You do not have to actually twist the hair to achieve this look, just grab some hair thread and wrap it around your child’s hair and you’ll end up with these African threading faux twists.

Little girls natural twists hairstyle

7. Micro Twist on Short Hair

For kids with short type 4 hair, these micro twists are a beautiful way to show off their natural curls. You’ll want to twist on dry stretched hair to elongate the final look. You can even style them into a cute updo with hair ties.

Short Two Strand twists for Girls

8. Cornrows with Twisted Bangs

If cornrows are your kid’s favourite hairstyle, you can still stick with them but you elevate them by twisting the ends. The face-framing bangs will also have your daughter rushing to take photos.

Natural Hair Two Strand Twists

9. Knotless Twists on Short hair

These half-up half-down two-strand twists will have your daughter obsessed with her natural hair. Secure the front section with some bubble hair tie and keep the twists moisturised with leave-in conditioner.

Two Strand Twists Hairstyle for School Girls

10. Chunky Double Pony Twists

This look is all about volume and it is a perfect hairstyle for kids to wear to school. You’ll need colorful hair beads to jazz them up but you also need to make sure their hair is covered with a bonnet at night to reduce frizz.

Easy Two Strand Twists for Kids

11. Cornrows with Twists

A combo of twists and cornrows is a timeless look you can never go wrong with. It is a beautiful hairstyle that will look incredible on kids of all ages.

Twists hairstyle for Kids

12. Loose Twists on Kids

Adorable twists like this are perfect for kids with type 3 hair. You can make them on damp hair and use some curl cream to define their curls and add some sheen to the finished look.

Natural hair Two Strand Twists

13. Cornrows with Mini Twists

If your daughter’s hair is very short, you can opt for a mixture of cornrows and twists. Try an intricate braid pattern and finish off the ends with twists and some hair accessories. You’ll need to make sure their scalp also gets a little love by applying some tropic isle Jamaican black castor oil.

Short Hair Two Strand Twist on Kids

14. Mohawk Twists with Cornrows

Give your kid’s two-strand twists a major upgrade by styling them in this mohawk look. They can wear them to school or a play date while showing off their personality.

What you will need: Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp & Hair Oil

Little Girl Twists Hairstyle

15. Double Ponytail Twists on 4c Hair

If your daughter is tender-headed, there is no need to make tight twists that will be an absolute nightmare for both of you. You can try out these thick twists on stretched hair and spruce them up with hair beads. Just make you moisturise the hair with kids leave-in conditioner.

Natural hair two strand twists

16. Mini Twists on Short Hair

Short Twists always turn out super adorable on toddlers and it is one look we can get enough of. Make them with some mini cornrows and a few hair cuffs and your little one will be rushing to show them off to her friends.

Two Strand Twists on Toddlers

17. Chunky Two-Strand Twists On Short Hair

Who says short hair can look beautiful? These chunky twists are a stunning hairstyle that will keep your little girl’s hair stretched and also show off her personality.

What you will need: Round hair beads

Two Strand Twists with Beads

18. Blue Twists with Bun

Try something different with your kid’s hair if you have a special occasion coming up. Work in some temporary hair color into their twists and place a top knot in the middle for a look that will surely get them compliments from every direction.

Two strand twists with highlights

19. Short Colorful Two-Strand Twists on Black Kids

Simple and stylish, these two-strand twists are perfect for toddlers who do not like to sit still for intricate hairstyles. Keep her distracted with a cartoon as you finish off these beautiful twists with some gel around her edges.

What you will need: Colorful hair Beads and Hair Clips

two strand twists for kids with accessories

20. Freeform Twists with Beads

Try out unique star-shaped parts on your daughter’s hair if you need an age-appropriate style they can wear to a birthday party or pair with a special dress. You’ll need some gel to keep this look neat and shiny and you can accessorise with hair beads.

twists with beads for kids
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21. Short Chunky Twists with Accessories

Nothing brings out your kid’s stylish personality like a fully accessorised hairstyle. Work in some beads, hair clips, and hair cuffs and watch her flip her hair every chance she gets to show them off.

short two strand twists on kids

22. Medium-Lenght Two-Strand Twists on Black Kids

No matter what your daughter’s hair type is, these medium length twists will surely make her look adorable. You can mix and match different colored beads to match her outfit or show off her favorite color.

short two strand twists for black girls

23. Knotless Chunky Two-Strand Twists

Looking for a way to show off your little girl’s long hair in a protective style, this is the best way to do it. Straighten her hair and secure each twist with elastic bands and some hair beads for added flair.

two strand twists with beads

24. Cornrows with Twists Bangs

A classic ponytail cornrow is a wonderful hairstyle for kids of all ages but you can take them up a notch by adding twisted side bangs along with bubble hair ties. To maintain the shine of the look, you’ll need to consistently apply a little bit of Camille Rose Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Hair Oil.

braids with twists on black girl

25. Long Jumbo Twists

Sleek down your little girl’s hair with some gel to achieve these juicy two-strand twists. They are perfect for daily wear and can be done on any hair type. Just keep the hair damp as you twist and secure the ends with some colorful elastic bands.

chunky two strand twists on black girls

26. Cornrows with Twists

If your kid is the energetic and playful type, you can opt for cornrows are the base of her twists. It will keep them neat and help the hairstyle last longer.

What you will need: Wild Growth Hair Oil for the kids’ scalp

cornrows with twists for black girls

27. Rubberized Two Strand Twists

This unique hairstyle will have your daughter showered with compliments. It is a unique look that has a lot going on but each element ties together nicely. Make sure to smooth down the heart-shaped section with some gel to keep it neat.

What you will need: Elastic bands and Hair beads

long two strand twists hairstyle for kids

28. Short Twist with Jumbo Beads

Kids between 3-5 years old will give off nothing but cuteness in this hairstyle. You can use a blow dryer to stretch your hair beforehand to elongate the look.

What you will need: Jumbo Hair Beads and Colorful elastic bands

short twists on black kids

29. Twist with High Bun

Cornrows and a high bun are the ultimate hair duo you never knew you needed. Elegant and adorable, this twist style will have your kid looking like a little goddess.

What you will need: Hair beads and Elastic bands

two strand twists with bun

30. Accessorized Colorful Twists

Elevate your kid’s twists with a colorful addition of beads and elastic bands. This style is perfect for younger kids but will also look beautiful on tweens during the summer holidays.

colorful two strand twists hairstyle

31. Chunky Twists on Short Hair

Looking for something simple that still stands out? Go for these chunky twists and their lovely triangle parts.

What you will need: Elastic bands and Bubble Hair Ties

braids with twists on black kids

32. Double Ponytail Twists

If your kid loves pigtails, this is a beautiful way for her to wear her favourite hairstyle while keeping her curls protected. You can jazz it up with some hair beads and hair cuffs.

two strand twists with accessories

33. Two Strand Twists in Short Hair

For those busy school days when you want a style that will last more than a week, these gorgeous twists should be your go-to.

What you will need: Big ribbon clip and Curly Q Milkshake Light Curl Lotion

short two strand twists with bow

34. Criss-cross Two Strand Twists

The criss-cross rubber band look is a timeless hairstyle that has been a favorite for many kids and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This twist version is an amazing hairstyle for mixed kids.

What you will need: Black hair rubber bands and metallic hair beads

chunky two strand twists hairstyle

35. Twists with Top Knot

To keep your daughter’s twists from getting in the way while she plays, pull the front sections into a top knot and watch her beam with excitement. You can finish off the look with a statement necklace for a little more sass.

What you will need: Hair beads and Elastic bands

short two strand twists on black girls

36. Triangle-Shaped Chunky Twists

These juicy twists will get your little one excited about rocking her natural hair. The triangle parts are very fashionable and unique.

What you will need: Colorful elastic bands and  Mane Choice Green Apple Fruit Medley Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

triangle parts two strand twists hairstyle

37. Freeform Shape Long Two-Strand Twists

If you are looking for a last-minute hairstyle your daughter can wear to school or have fun with on a special occasion, these elegant star-shaped twists will win you over. It is a super easy protective style that’s perfect for kids with type 3 hair.

What you will need: Colorful elastic bands and Honey Baby Wash & Go Honey Styling Creme

long twist on black girls

38. Long Two-Strand Twists on Natural Hair

If you think twists look boring, we’ll maybe you’ve just been doing them wrong. These stunning juicy twists are so cute and fun, they will have your little girl receiving compliments anywhere she goes.

What you will need: Colorful elastic bands and As I Am Born Curly Argan Leave-In Conditioner

two strand twists on teenage girls

39. Mohawk Bantu Knots

Bantu knots an evergreen hairstyle that will never go out of fashion but they are getting a major upgrade with this mohawk twist combo. This look can be worn by kids of all ages.

What you will need: Bubble Hair Ties and Hair beads

bantu knots with two strand twists bangs

40. Accessorized Chunky Twist

Style your kid’s twists with cute hair claw clips for a camera-ready look she will love. You can take the accessories out every night before she goes to bed so they don’t snag or pull her while she sleeps.

short two strand twists on blakc girls

With two-strand twists, styling your kid’s hair can be a fuss-free endeavour. As you can see from all the different choices in this article, it is a very versatile hairstyle that can be done in several different ways, so don’t hesitate to play around with it. Choose something that fits your child’s personality and they would be more than happy to sit still to get their hair done.

quick and easy tow strand twists for little girls