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Style Guide: 40 Stylish Havana Twist Hairstyles on Natural Hair

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

As Black women, we’re always looking out for creative ways to style our hair. Perhaps the next hairstyle you have chosen to wear is Havana twist, and you’re now looking to learn the basics about this hairstyle including which hairstyle to install next.

Therefore in this blog post, I will be providing a quick guide on Havana twist which will discuss which hair to use, how many packs of hair you’ll need, how to take care of your hair and some Havana twist hairstyles inspirations.

Before we get into the post, I’d like to bring your attention to the related posts below which details what to do when you have a protective hairstyle on and how to maintain your natural hair while in a protective style. I want to make sure that your hair stays healthy and growing while it’s in Havana twist.

Protective Styling Quick Read

What are Havana twists?

Havana twists are voluminous version of the popular Marley twist hairstyle. Most people usually interchange between both Marley twist and Havana twist because they look similar, except from the fact that Havana twists are more chunky than Marley twist.

havana twist styles on black women

What hair is used for Havana twist?

Nowadays, most people would use regular Kanekalon hair such as Xpressions because they are more affordable. However, the original and classic Havana hairstyle requires a kinky texture hair extension such as Marley hair, Cuban hair and any kinky hair texture of your choice.

If you prefer to install Havana twist with the crochet method, you can just buy the pre-looped Havana twist crochet hair packs.

How many packs of hair do you need for Havana twist?

Depending on the style and volume you’re going for, the number of packs you’ll need will vary. Also note that you may get a different look depending on the hair you choose to work with.

For example, crochet hair packs will give a more polished look, whereas, twisting your hair from scratch with Marley hair will give a bohemian look.

Also, using kanekalon hair will give you a jumbo Senegalese twists look. You should also note that Kanekalon hair is heavier than kinky hair extensions such as Marley hair.

So even if your hairstyle may look big, you might not feel the weight as much if you used crochet hair packs or kinky twist hair, as opposed to kanekalon hair such as Xpressions.

Marley Hair Twisting Hair: 5-7 Packs

Cuban Twist Hair: 5-7 Packs

Xpressions Hair: 4-6 Packs (the more hair you use, the heavier your hair will feel)

Regular Kanekalon Hair: 10-14 Packs

Havana Twist Crochet: 5-7 hair packs.

How long do Havana twist last?

Your Havana twist hairstyle can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on how you installed it and how long you feel like wearing the hairstyle for. I wouldn’t recommend going beyond ten weeks though, otherwise, you might end up with extremely dry hair and possibly breakage. 

What’s the difference between Marley twist and Havana twist?

Marley twist and Havana twist actually looks similar and the names are used interchangeably. The difference between these two hairstyles is the sizes of each hairstyle.

Havana twist are larger in size than Marley twist and they are sometimes referred to as Jumbo or Mambo Twist.

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What is the difference between Havana Twist and Senegalese Twist

Senegalese twists are done with kanekalon hair such as Xpressions and they are thinner and more stretched. Whereas, Havana twists are usually done with kinky hair such as Marley hair, and it gives the illusion of Type 4 hair twisted in it’s natural form.

Senegalese twist is a traditional hairstyle that often requires stretching or straightening your hair, which is the reason why it doesn’t look good on Natural hair, especially when it starts to become frizzy. And due to the hair extension texture used for Senegalese twists, your natural hair will eventually start to show which means that you’d have to take your hair down much sooner than expected.

This is mainly the reason why women with 4c hair rarely do Senegalese twists because they will have to straighten their hair before installing and the hairstyle just doesn’t look good when the 4c hair starts “to show”.

However, hairstyles such as Havana twists were created for women with 4c hair because it allows us to wear our twists for a few weeks, without feeling conscious about the frizz or our hair showing. As a matter of fact, the older Havana twist gets, the better and more natural looking it gets.

Are Havana Twists Heavy?

Unlike the traditional Senegalese twist, Havana twist are actually lightweight, even if you use a lot of hair or you twist them down to your knees. The reason is because the hair used is lightweight, unlike Kanekalon hair, which can cause too much tension on your scalp.

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Can I wash my hair while in Havana Twist?

Yes, you can wash your natural hair while in Havana twist. But you don’t want to wash your hair too much, so as to reduce tangles, knots and breakage upon take-down.

Can I moisturize my hair while in Havana Twist?

You can moisturize your hair about 2-3 times a week using a leave-in conditioner spray. You can also apply some oil in your hair to prevent the extensions from tangling in your hair when it’s time to take it down.

Four ways to get Havana twist done

Below, I’ve outlined four popular ways to get Havana twist done. The technique you go with all depends on how much time you have on your hands and how much you’re willing to pay someone to do it for you.

The traditional invisible method can cost upwards of $200 because they take much longer and your hairstylist has to work with her fingers, which can be uncomfortable. However, a crochet method can cost about $100 or so, depending on your hairstylist and how much work she had to do to prep your hair before braiding.

1) The Invisible Method by Glam by Merry

2) The Rubber Band Method by DOPEaxxPANA

3) Individual Crochet Method by JOYNAVON

4) Cornrow Crochet Method by TheChicNatural
This is the fastest method and can be completed within two hours or less. You can also reuse the hair if you take good care of it while it’s installed in your hair.

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40 Ways To Slay in Havana Twist and Some Ideas To Get You Looking Beautiful

These pictures are all sourced from Pinterest. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture and we’ll be sure to credit you.

1) Bob Havana Twist For School

short havana twist hairstyle idea on 4c hair

2) Burgundy Top Knot Havana Twist

Ideal for a date night, birthday parties and any occasion you fancy.

burgundy havana twist hairstyles

3) Half Up Half Down Havana Twist

IG: @hair_alexandria

half up half down havana twist

4) Loose Twists Havana Twist Done With Marley Hair

 jumbo havana twist hair

5) Individual Crochet Havana Twist

Individual Crochet Havana Twist on natural hair

6) Shoulder Length Havana Twist

shoulder length Havana twist on 4c hair

7) Voluminous Havana Twist

burgundy havana twist on natural hair

8) Romantic Havana Twist

long havana twist hairstyle on black women

9) Large Parting Top Bun Havana Twist

medium havana twist hairstyles

10) Ombrè Burgundy Jumbo Havana Twist

havana twist hairstyles ombre

11) Beautifully Adorned Havana Twist

natural havana twist hairstyles

12) Duotoned Jumbo Havana Twist

havana twist hairstyles with color

13) Elegantly Accessorized Havana Twist

IG: pinkvalenciaga_

havana twist professional hairstyles

14) Traditional Havana Twist

This is the traditional Havana twist that was popularized by fingercomber back in 2016 or so.

jumbo havana twist hairstyles

15) DIY Waist Length Havana Twist

Waist Length Havana Twist

16) Hip Length Havana Twist

hip length havana twist

17) Half-Up Half-Down Crochet Havana Twist

Half-Up Half-Down Crochet Havana Twist

18) Side Cornrow with Havana Twist

short havana twist crochet braids

19) Medium Length Havana Twist

natural havana twist hairstyles

20) Havana Twist Bob with a Shaved Side

red havana twists with shaved sides

Stylish Havana Twist Hairstyles on Natural Hair

21) Professional Shoulder Length Havana Twist

havana twist styles on black women

22) Triangle Part Havana Twist

long havana twist hair

23) Long Goddess Havana Twist

havana twist professional hairstyles

24) Cornrow Crochet Havana Twist

Crochet Havana Twist on natural hair

25) Simple Havana Twist For Teenagers or Adults

long havana twist on natural hair

26) Jumbo Short Havana Twist

jumbo havana twist hairstyles

27) Bohemian Havana Mambo Twist

Bohemian Havana Mambo Twist

28) Jumbo Havana Twist with Invisible Method

IG: @jdivastyles

jumbo havana twist hairstyle ideas

29) Individual Crochet Soft Havana Twist

jumbo havana twist on short hair

Havana twists hairstyles

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30) Long Havana Twist in a Mega Bun

professional havana twist ideas

31) Jumbo Medium Length Havana Twist

jumbo havana twist hairstyle ideas

32) Accessorized Shoulder Length Havana Twist on 4c Hair

short havana twist with accessories short havana twist with accessories

33) Purple Havana Twist

havana twist medium hairstyle ideas

34) College Student Jumbo Havana Twist

 jumbo havana twist hairstyle ideas

35) Jumbo Ombrè Crochet Havana Twist

ombre havana twist

36) Royal Blue Havana Twist

blue havana twists

37) Stylish Crochet Havana Twist

havana twist crochet hair

38) Brown Havana Twist

havana twist on 4c hair

39) Havana Twist in a Bob

havana twist hairstyles ideas

40) Havana Twist With Curly Ends

pixie havana twist

Which is your favorite Havana twist hairstyle and which one are you going to be trying first? Let us know in the comments.

Havana Twist Styles on 4c Hair

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