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TOP 5 Sulfate Free Shampoos for Dry 4c Natural Hair

Sulfate-free shampoos are great alternative cleansing products to use on every dry natural hair.  One of the reasons why shampoos are such a hot topic in the natural hair community is because traditional shampoos often leave the hair feeling rough and dry. And if you already have a hair type that’s prone to dryness, the last thing you want is for your hair to feel even drier after washing it!

Luckily, we now know what causes your hair to feel dry immediately after washing it –  SULFATES!

So, now that you know, all you have to do is to look for shampoos that don’t have Sodium Laureth/lauryl sulfates in it and you’ll be good to go. So instead of avoiding shampoos altogether, you can opt for shampoos that says “gentle, natural or sulfate-free on the label” or you can look for products that are formulated for natural hair because chances are that it will be sulfate-free unless the ingredient list says otherwise.


 Top Five Sulfate-Free Shampoos To Try

This post contains affiliate links which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase with my link. 

If you find a discontinued product on this list, please do let me know so I can keep this post updated. I’d also like to inform you that brands change their product packaging from time to time, which means that the product picture in this post might look a bit different from the retailer’s website at the time you decide to make a purchase.

It’s also worth noting that brands sometimes change their product formula for reasons best known to them. This means that the product formula might have changed by the time you decide to make a purchase. If such happens, please let me know so I can keep the post updated.

1. Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampooshea moisture shampoo

Product Claim: SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo cleanses, hydrates and repairs dry, damaged or over-processed hair. Sulfate-free. Sea Kelp – mineral-rich nutrition seals and smoothes hair cuticles. Argan Oil – restores shine while helping promote hair elasticity. Shea Butter – deeply moisturizes while conditioning hair and scalp.

Customer Review: “I have thin longer hair, I’m pushing 60 so it’s also graying. The gray tends to be dry so I tried this. It is wonderful, it moisturizes the gray nicely without weighing down the rest of my hair. The smell is so great, I will recommend to anyone, with any type of hair.”

2. The Mane Choice Easy on the Curls Detangling Hydration Shampoo

sulfate free natural hair shampoo - mane choice

Product Promise: Easy on The Curls Detangling Hydration Shampoo melts away tangles quickly to make wash days easier provides hydration, and gently dissolves impurities and buildup. Infused with Biotin & Vitamin E to fortify and nourish your hair while releasing knots and tangles.

Customer Review: “The best detangling shampoo on the market. I had so many knots in my hair, and once I used this, it was like they just melted away. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase”.

3. Maui Moisture Curl Quench Shampoo

sulfate free shampoos for curly hairProduct Claim: Rich coconut oil is blended into this creamy curl smoothie along with papaya butter and plumeria extract. It helps detangle defrizz and define your curls, while enhancing softness and body for shiny, bouncy curls, coils, or waves. Our creamiest formula is used to define and amplify thick curls.

Customer Review:This product was great! It left my daughters’ hair soft and gave good definition. A little goes a long way.”

4. Kinky Curly Come Clean kinky curly shampoo

Product Promise: You know all the grimy stuff you’ve put on your hair. Here’s your chance to come clean. Our exclusive blend of Mandarin Orange extract will gently clean your hair and scalp of dulling buildup while Sea Kelp will help maintain its proper moisture balance. This Sulfate-free shampoo is perfect for dry damaged hair and gentle enough for everyday use.

Customer Review: “About once a month I like to do a deep cleanse to remove product build-up and this really gets the hair squeaky clean or for after swimming. Its curly girl approved.”
TOP 5 Sulphate Free Shampoos for Dry Natural Hair

5. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Is buildup on your hair bringing you down? Uncle Funky’s Daughter Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo will leave your scalp feeling “squeaky” clean without stripping your hair of natural moisture. It features soothing Menthol, protein-packed Kelp, and invigorating Willow Bark to help stimulate hair growth and cleanse hair follicles. Clarify your hair with Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo today!

uncle funkys sulphate free shampoo

Customer Review:I loved this product, great for hydrating and cleansing hair on a regular basis, light non-drying shampoo.”

 What are your favorite 5 sulfate-free shampoos?