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40+ Versatile Box Braids Hairstyles on Black Men

Sometimes it can feel like you have very limited options when it comes to styling your hair as a man. You either get a fade cut or at most rock a man bun if you’re feeling bold. But, the reality is that you have so many other hairstyles to choose from, if you’re open to trying something new. Braids are a timeless hairstyle with a rich history and cultural significance and yes gents, they are not just for women. With artists like ASAP Rocky, Pop Smoke, and Drake wearing this dapper hairstyle, it is clear they are becoming an increasingly popular means of male self-expression and creativity. Plus, it also helps that they look very sexy and suave. 

So if you are looking to switch things up and try something new with your hair, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve put together a selection of some pretty cool braid styles that will have you looking stylish and sophisticated.

What is the ideal length for men’s box braids?

The great thing about braids is that there is no universal rule on how they need to look, even on men. so you can be creative and try different lengths and sizes. However, if you want a look that is dapper and stylish, stick with chin-length or neck-length braids. If you want them slightly longer, try to go no longer than shoulder length.

Should I get a taper before braids?

No. It is best to get your taper after your braids are installed to avoid cutting off any hairs that may be needed to create clean and even parts during the braiding process. This will result in a much cleaner look and will also allow your barber to keep your hairline intact.

How often should I wash my braids if I workout?

If you work out, we would recommend washing your braids no more than once a week. Washing too often can dry out your hair and also make your braids look rough and frizzy much quicker. If you are worried about accumulated sweat on your hair and scalp, try to use a microfiber towel to mop up any sweat around your hair while you work out. You can also use a dry shampoo instead of frequently washing your hair with water.

How do you make box braids look neat on men?

The key to making your braids look neat is maintenance. You need to refresh your braids with a leave-in spray at least once a week and cover the hair with a satin durag before going to bed at night to keep the hair from getting frizzy. If you start to notice any flyaways in your braids, you can also apply a tiny bit of hair gel or mousse to smooth down the hair and keep it sleek.

This video from YouTube, WillOnAWhim is a great guide with helpful tips on how to keep your braids neat and help them last longer.

How much are braids for guys?

The price of braids for men will vary based on your location and how long or thick your hair is. However, you can expect to pay between $35-80. Keep in mind that these are just the cost of getting your hair braided. If the stylist will be washing, conditioning, and blow-drying your hair beforehand, they may charge you additional service fees.

What are the benefits of braids for men?

Braids offer a ton of benefits for men especially when it comes to styling. They are not only very stylish and dapper, but they also save you the hassle of having to comb and style your hair. Once installed, braids require very little maintenance and can last up to three weeks, saving you time and money you would have otherwise spent getting a new haircut.

Braids also protect your hair from damage by keeping most of your hair tucked in. This allows the hair to retain moisture for longer and will prevent any form of dryness. 

If you want to grow your hair a little longer, braids are also amazing at helping you retain length and leave a visible improvement in hair growth over time.

What hair regimen do you suggest for men?

Our ultimate hair regimen for men is a very simple and efficient routine that includes the following steps:

  • Wash and condition your hair twice a month with a shampoo and conditioner to keep it soft and dirt-free. ( you can use a deep conditioner once a month when you’re feeling fancy to give your hair a more intense treatment).
  • After moisturizing the hair, follow up with a few drops of oil to seal in the moisture. Be sure to apply some of the oil to your scalp to keep it nourished and prevent itching.
  • You can use a little gel to define your curls when you want to wear your hair out but this is not necessary. Feel free to skip this step if you do not like the hassle of styling your hair.
  • Protect the hair with a silk scarf or satin durag before going to bed. However, if you do not like the idea of covering your hair, you can simply switch out your silk pillowcases for silk ones to keep your hair from getting rough and frizzy.

Can I get braids if I have thin hair?

You can definitely get braids if you have thin hair. However, you need to make sure the braids are not installed too tightly and also make each braid in small sections so the hair does not turn out too flat.

Do men need to condition braids?

You do not need to condition your braids but it is very important to condition or deep condition your hair before putting it into braids. This will keep your mane moisturized and smoothen each strand so that no breakage or damage occurs during the braiding process. 


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1. Long Juicy Box Braids

Opt for classic box braids if you want something simple. You combine this look with a taper for more flair.

men long box braids

2. Auburn Box Braids with Edge up

One of the many perks of braids is that they are all about creativity. You can play around with your desired look in as many ways as possible. This auburn variation is great for anyone who likes the idea of coloring their hair.

box braids with beads on black men

3. Jumbo Box Braids on Men

If you have short hair, go for thick braids like this to offset the lack of length with volume.

men plaits hairstyle

4. Short Box Braids

This is another cool braid style for short hair. If your hair is too short to achieve this style, all you need to do is stretch it with a blow dryer.

Men box braids hairstyle

5. Box Braids Bang with Beads

Make your braids stand out by adding some beads to the ends.

braids for men

6. Knotless Box Braids

If you like the look of cornrows but still want to try singular braids, try combining the two. With a small cornrow in the front and some sleek knotless braids in the back, you are guaranteed to look stylish.

medium sized box braids

7. Triangle part Braids

Your braids do not have to always be box-shaped. You can switch things up with triangle-shaped parts. Feel free to add some hair ties to the ends if you’re feeling creative.

triangle braids on men

8. Neck-Length Box Braids

Neck-length braids are a classy look that can be worn on any occasion.

knotless box braids on men

9. Short Triangle Part Braids with Beads

These triangle-part braids are a fun and cool hairstyle that’s great for anyone with relatively short hair. You can add some clear beads to make them unique.

braids with accessories on men

10. Freeform Knotless Braids

These freeform knotless braids are a breath of fresh hair. Their shape and design stand out and they are sure to have you looking classy.

braids for men

11. Triangle Twists

If you’ve been wearing braids consistently and need something different, try two-strand twists. These triangle versions are very sleek and charming.

twists on black men

12. Mini Box Braids

No matter how old you are, these mini box braids will keep you looking dapper and cool.

men box braids hairstyle

13. Box Braids with Accessories

Spruce up your braids with some accessories if you want to make them eye-catching. You can use beads or hair ties to style the ends.

short hair box braids

14. Freestyle Braids

These freestyle braids are very simple but their intricate pattern really makes them more sophisticated.

braids with fade haircut on men

15. Box Braids with Fade

Accentuate your fade with the addition of sleek box braids at the top. This killer combination will make you look crisp and sexy.

undercut box braids on Men

16. Medium Box Braids

Medium box braids are a fantastic look for guys to wear to school. If you want to make things more interesting, you can incorporate some colored beads.

big box braids on Men

17. Lil Yachty Mini Braids with Beads

Lil Yachty’s signature mini braids look has become very trendy for its fashion-forward vibe. You can try it with some braiding hair extensions if your hair is very short.

box braids with beads

18. Plaits with Low Fade Haircut

A braid and low fade combination can be fun if you like trying different styles. There are so many ways to upgrade this look. You can put the braids into a bun or turn the braids into two chunky cornrows.

boy braids short hair

19. Large Braids with Hair beads

If you don’t have time to spare and need something that you get in and out of the braiding chair in very little time, large braids like these are the way to go.

short box braids hairstyle

20. Jumbo Box Braids with Center Plaits

Be loud and proud about your blackness by wearing this tribal box braid style. It not only looks regal and handsome but it is also a great conversation starter.

Jumbo box braids on men

21. Star Long Braids

Keep your long hair out of the way with functional braids style. Spice up the look with star-shaped parts.

Long box braids on men

22. Freestyle Mini Box Braids

This is another unique and intricate braid pattern that will surely stand out. You’ll need to sleep on a silk pillowcase to maintain this style and prevent frizz.

braids for black men

23. Micro Braids with Beads

If your hair is not too full, you can still wear braids with finesse. Simply accentuate the look with beads.

micro braids on black men

24. Choco Brown Triangle Braids

If your hair is too short to be braided on its own, grab some hair extensions to make things go smoother. You can use a dark brown shade of braiding hair if you want to try something new.

colored braids on men

25. Box Braids with Mid Fade Cut

Let your mid-fade transition into the cool braids if you want it to look creative.

natural hair box braids

26. Triangle Braids with Feedin

The crisp lines and neatly parted sections of these triangle braids are ideal for the contemporary man who sets his own trend rather than follow others.

men braids with undercut

27. Box Braids with Natural Hair

This hairstyle is all about simplicity and sometimes that’s all it takes to command attention. Use some gel to keep it neat and tame any flyaways.

Box braids on Guys

28. Small Box Braids

Small braids often last longer than other braid styles. So if you do not have time to change your hairstyle every week and need something that can last up to a month, give this look a try. However, you will need to use a leave-in spray and some hair oil to maintain the look.

Long box braids on men

29. Juicy Triangle Part Braids

These triangle-part braids are so well crafted that they are sure to leave a lasting impression.

large braids on men

30. Freeform Knotless Braids

For a fresh and charming look, go for these free-form knotless braids. It doesn’t matter what you wear, this hairstyle will have you looking nice. You can even kick things up a notch with a neck chain.

box braids male short

31. Medium Braids with Beads

Beads are the easiest way to add finishing touches to your braids. Feel free to use as many or as little as you’d like.

men box braids hairstyle

32. Long Large Braids on Men

If you have long hair, large braids like these are a fantastic way to have fun with your hair while still keeping it protected.

braids for male

33. Short Braids

If you are trying to grow out your hair, a protective style like these braids will allow you to retain length while you remain fashionable and classy.

large box braids for men

34. Arrow Braids

The neatness and intricacy of these arrow braids truly make them a work of art that would suit anyone open to trying something out of the box.

medium sized men plaits

35. Knotless Box Braids

If you want a more refined and classic look, consider getting these knotless box braids.

plaited men hairstyle

36. Box Braids with Side Shave

Wearing your box braids with a tapered cut can elevate your entire vibe.

box braids on black guys

37. Thick Box Braids

Thick box braids are one of the easiest looks to try if you are considering making your braids yourself. All you need is a rat tail comb and some leave-in conditioner to moisturize the hair.

Thick box braids on men

38. Short Knotless Braids

These short braids are a flattering hairstyle that will look attractive on anyone.

Short box braids on black men

39. #4 Box Braids

Draw attention to your facial features by including mini cornrows in the front section of your braids. This style requires some gel to keep it neat and sleek.

dark brown box braids

40. Box Twists with Design

They may be called box braids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with them. Opt for box-shaped twists if you want something unique.

twists with fade haircut

41. Box Braids with Fade

If you want a cool but simple look that exudes confidence and style, these sharp braids are definitely what you need.

Long box braids on men

42. Jumbo Short Braids

This clean look will require a bit of gel but it is definitely a great way to make short hair more stylish.

men box braids

43. Box Braids with Skull Accessories

Add an element of coolness to your braids by accessorizing them with skull beads.

box braids with accessories


Braids have become a stylish way for men to try something new with their hair without compromising their masculinity and we are loving every minute of it. With so many styles and designs to choose from, there is bound to be something to suit your preference and taste so don’t hesitate to try out this look.