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60+ Dope Dreadlocks Hairstyles on Black Men

It can sometimes feel like you have limited options as a guy when it comes to rocking your natural hair but dreadlocks are undoubtedly one of the best ways to do it with finesse. They are super low maintenance, save you the hassle of maintaining loose hair, not to mention they are super stylish and cool. In fact, one of the many perks of wearing dreadlocks is that you can style them in so many different ways to suit your personal preference.

In this article, we’ve put together some seriously cool dreadlocks hairstyles for black men. Read ahead to discover your next go-to look.

How long does my hair have to be before I can have dreadlocks?

You only need about 3-4 inches of hair to be able to get dreadlocks.

How long will it take for my dreads to mature?

Dreadlocks go through about five stages of growth before they mature. This includes the starter phase, budding phase, teen phase, mature phase, and adult phase when they are fully rooted and even in length. It can take between 18 months to 2 years for your dreads to reach their complete stage of maturity.

Will working out or sweating affect my dreadlocks?

Your locs can accumulate sweat when you work out but it will not affect them in any way. To avoid any unpleasant smell, you can use a towel to mop up any sweat around your hairline while you work out before it gets the chance to sink into your locs.

How often should men wash their dreads?

Your locs should be washed 1-2 times a month. However, this can vary slightly depending on what stage your locs are in. If your dreads are newly installed or in the starter stage, It is best to wash them only once a month to keep them from unraveling.

How often should I go for a retwist?

You should go for a retwist every 6-8 weeks. However, if your locs are fresh and in the starter stage, you should get them retwisted every 4 weeks to keep them from unraveling.

What type of shampoo is best to use on my dreads?

Although you can use any lightweight shampoo on your dreads, some great options include Shea Moisture Strength and Restore Shampoo, Lion Locs Shampoo, and Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo.

How do I remove build-up from my dreads?

To remove buildup from locs, you will need to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. When shampooing, be sure to wash 2-3 times to thoroughly clean the hair.

However, if you find that using a clarifying shampoo still does not get the job done, you can try a loc detox rinse. Check out this video from YouTube, Jai Symone for a step-by-step guide on how to detox your dreads.

Do women find men with dreadlocs attractive?

Women definitely find men with dreadlocs attractive. As with any type of look, your confidence plays a big factor in how well you pull them off. Make sure your dreadlocs are well groomed and neat, and wear them with confidence and you are sure to attract the ladies.

Are dreadlocks professional and appropriate for the corporate environment?

Dreadlocks are professional and suitable for any work environment. However, it depends on how you wear them. If you work in a corporate environment, it is best to keep them neat and styled in a simple bun. If you are not sure if your dreadlocks would be allowed in your work environment, it may be helpful to talk to your coworkers and friends about it.


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1. Side Push Locs with Undercut

Elevate your undercut with a stylish side-facing dreads look like this. Be sure to apply a little hair oil to keep it neat and shiny.

Short dreads styles for guys

2. Long Twists Locs

These long twisted locs will add the right boost of confidence and style to your look. To keep them neat, you’ll need to cover your hair with a satin durag at night.

long dreadlocs on black men

3. Ponytail Braided Locs

Who says men can’t pull off a ponytail and look super masculine? Turn your dreads into a braided ponytail to achieve this look.

medium length locs for men

4. Starter Front Drop Locs

Just got your locs freshly done and need a trick to make them look cool and interesting? Use a little hair dye on the ends and incorporate a cool design into your mid-fade.

starter locs hairstyle on men

5. Blonde Locs

This is another colored look that is sure to keep you looking fresh. Dyeing the hair can leave it a little dry so be sure to use a leave-in spray to hydrate your dreads.


6. Micro Dreadlocs

If you want your locs to have a little volume and depth, make them in micro sizes like this. You can easily pull them into a thick man bun or restyle them in so many different ways.

ponytail dreadlocs on men

7. Loc Twists Taper Fade

Instead of getting regular dreads, opt for a twisted locs style to make your hair stand out.

two strand twist on men

8. All Back Braid Locs

Turn your locs into stylish straight-back cornrows like this to switch up your look and shave years off your age.

braided dread styles for male

9. Dreadloc Braids

This is another crisp and stylish straight-back dreadlocs braid that is sure to make you look handsome.

locs with edge up

10. High Fade Locs

Keep the ladies intrigued with this dapper high fade with mini dreads. You can throw on a pair of stud earrings to make the entire look drip with finesse.

dreadlocs with fade haircut

11. Edge Up Twist Locs

Want something charming and unique to make you a favorite with the ladies? Try this cool pigtail look.

twists hairstyle on black men

12. Criss cross Medium Locs

If you are looking for a way to wear your locs to a formal event or even to work, this classy braided ponytail is the best way to do it.

Criss cross locs on Black guys

13. Purple Mohawk Locs

Exude confidence and charm with a fun purple locs style like this.

Colored dreads on Men

14. Man Twists

The best way to keep your twisted locs looking sharp is to get a cool line up like this. If you have beards be sure to get them neatly trimmed to match the entire look.

Twists locs with Fade

15. Twisted Top with High Fade

Not ready for the full commitment of dreadlocs yet? Opt for two-strand twists instead.

Two strand twists on Men

16. Mid-fade Long Locs

When your locs are mature and long, they can be a handful to style. To save you time and stress, opt for a simple pulled-back look like this. You can use Bobby pins to keep them in place or use hair ties.

Long locs on black guy

17. All-back Braided Locs

There is something so cool and classy about a neatly braided all-back look on dreads. No matter how long your locs are, this look is sure to make you look fresh.

Interlocking locs on guys

18. Accessorized Dreadlocs

Spruce up your dreads with hair cuffs to make them more fashionable.

push back dreads on men

19. Twists with Fade cut

Make your hair a conversation starter by putting it into this awesome high twisted ponytail.

dreadlocs style on black men

20. Box Braid Locs

A neat box grid is a great way to make your dreads look fashionable and sharp. You can put them into cornrows to show off your clean parts.

locs hairstyle for men

21. Brown Man Bun Locs

This combination of twisted dreads and an afro puff is the style upgrade you never knew you needed. It is an interesting way to pull off a man bun.

bun locs pn black guys

22. Undercut Short Locs

Include an undercut into your dreads to create a look that is sure to make you attractive.

short locs style on black men

23. Loc Twists

Keep your look simple and crisp with a neat flat twist ponytail like this.

starter locs on guys

24. Medium Ponytail Locs

Look sharp and attractive with a cool ponytail. No matter the occasion this dreadloc style will make you look super fly.

dreadlocs style for men

25. Mini Braid Locs

Whether you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you just want to look fly around your peers, this mini braid locs style will easily become a favorite in your routine.

medium length locs

26. Dreadloc Bun with Fade

A neat bun is one of the easiest ways to add some flair to your dreadlocs. This style Is perfect for the summer when you want your hair out of the way.

dreadlocs fror black guys

27. Dreadloc Bun

This is another stylish variation of a loc bun that will surely make you look cool when you hang out with the boys.

bun locs on men

28. Dreadlocks Row

A braid and twist combination like this is perfect for teenagers who want something exciting to wear to school.

dreadlocs on teenage boys

29. Mohawk Dreadlocks

If there is one look that is sure to command attention in any room you walk into, it is this super cool mohawk style.

locs with fade cuts

30. Drop Mohawk Loc

Put your creative and fashionable side on display with a mid-fade dreads look like this. Be sure to pull them towards your temple to create face-framing bangs.

drop locs with fade haircut

31. Drop Dreads with Undercut

For a simple and charming look you can wear on a daily basis, try this side-swept dreads and undercut look.

short locs with fade

32. Braided Locs with Edge

These sleek braided locs are perfect for guys who want something that requires very little maintenance. All you need to maintain this style is a rosewater loc spray to hydrate your hair.

locs hairstyle on Men

33. Jumbo Twisted Locs

Show off your creativity with a jumbo twisted style. You can let the twists hang elegantly around your shoulders or put them into a loose ponytail.

interlocking locs on black guys

34. Short Two Strand Twists

A simple and suave two-strand twist style like this is bound to get you a date. It exudes so much confidence and class, even the fellas will think you look cool.

short locs hairstyle

35. Blue Dreadlocs

If you’re a fan of colored hair, upgrade your locs to this fun blue shade.

Blue locs hairstyle on men

36. Braided Mohawk Locs

Make a bold statement with your hair by wearing this incredible mohawk. Anyone can pull off this look, all you need is confidence and maybe a gold chain to add to your drip.

box locs on black guys

37. Drop Locs with Fade

Look 10 years younger with a drop locs style paired with mid fade. Be sure to have your barber include a cool design for extra flair.

locs with fade cut

38. Man Bun Locs with Fade

A man bun is a great way to make your locs look fashionable without too much effort. The best thing about this look is you can wear it to work and still rock it on a night out.

man bun locs

39. Short Locs with Taper haircut

Get a taper cut to go with your short locs if you want them to look sharp and unique.

Short dreadlocs with line up

40. Locs with Undercut

Put your locs into a low ponytail to show off your undercut. You can wear this look on any occasion.

Low ponytail locs

41. Dreads with Line Up

If you have free-form locs, give them a more defined look by getting a cool taper cut with a neat line-up to match your beard.

Locs with fade cut design

42. Mohawk Braids with Fade

A mohawak is a classic hairstyle you can never go wrong with. Try it on your locs along with a fade cut and you are sure to have the ladies talking.

Brown locs braid

43. Jumbo Loc Braids

This style is an amazing look for guys who something that keeps all of their hair tucked away.

Locs hairstyle for men

44. Updo Locs with Undercut Design

If you need something to give you a boost of confidence, look no further than this awesome updo. The unique design requires a certain level of expertise so be sure your barber knows what they are doing before you book them.

Bun locs on men

45. Loc Twist

A half-up half-down style like this is bound to make anyone look handsome. Just make sure you get a maintenance cut every three weeks to keep your lineup neat and crisp.

two strand twist on Men

46. Short Locs Taper Fade

Elevate your short locs with the addition of a taper cut. Whether you wear glasses or not, this style will make you look charming and stylish.

Tape3r fade locs

47. Push Back Locs

Don’t have the time to do anything intricate on your hair? Just pull your locs back to show off your mid-fade.

Push back locs hairstyle

48. Criss Cross Loc Updo

This criss-cross updo is bound to make you stand out. It is also a great conversation starter so be ready for all the attention from the ladies.

locs hairstyle on guys

49. Long Twisted Locs

This crisp twisted locs is so sharp and stylish you’ll want to go out just to show it off.

colored locs for men

50. Cornrows Braid Locs

This dapper cornrow style is perfect for those with medium-length dreads.

Long locs on men

51. Short Brush Up Locs

Get a low fade and pull a few sections of your locs towards your face to create this charming look. Wear a nose ring if you want to kick things up a notch.

locs with fade

52. Chunky Locs with Undercut

This chunky locs and undercut combo is perfect for guys looking for something for day-to-day wear. You can wear this to work or any occasion and look sharp.

Low pony locs hairstyle

53. Dreadloc Twist

Want to wear pop smoke braids with your locs? You absolutely can. Just opt for these cool middle-parted twists like this to achieve the look.

kamikaze twists on men

54. Straight Back Braided Locs

These straight-back braided dreads are a dapper and attractive style that will make you look classy and well put together.

braided locs with edge up

55. Braided Locs

Want to look like you’ve got a hang of this whole fashion thing? Go for these super stylish braided locs.

short dreads style on men

56. Dreadlocs with Edge Up

Want something to make you look youthful and fashionable? The crisp line-up on these dreads will make you look ten years younger.

long dreads for guys

57. Locs Updo

This attractive updo has got to be one the best ways to pull off a man bun. Pair it with a neatly trimmed beard and you will exude nothing but pure confidence.

Man bun locs

58. Ponytail Dreads

A ponytail cornrow is a classic way to wear your dreads with a little more flair. Keep it fresh and neat by applying a little hair oil on your scalp 1-2 times a week.

locs hairstyle for men with edge up

59. Short Locs with Fade Cut

Look sexy and charismatic with these clean dreads and mid-fade.

short locs on guys

60. Long Ponytail Dreads

When you have long locs like these, there is no need to do too much. Just pull them into a ponytail and they are bound to look attractive.

dreadlocks style for men

61. Ombre Dreadlocs with Line Up

If you want to dye your locs but can’t decide which color to go for, opt for an ombre style like this.

fade side locs on men

62. Double Braid Dreads

If you want a long-term style that won’t require frequent restyling, go for these awesome double braids. Feel free to include a design around your fade.

Undercut locs hairstyle

63. Brush Up Dreads

Make your dreads stand out by lining them up with a cool design around your nape. This will give them an interesting look from every direction.

locs hairstyle for men


No matter how long or short your hair is, your dreadlocks are bound to look stylish and attractive on you as a black man so don’t hesitate to play around with them. Put your creativity and style on full display and try out some of the awesome looks from this post.