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60+ Dope Dreadlocks Hairstyles on Black Men

How long does my hair have to be before I can have dreadlocks?

How long will it take for my dreads to mature?

Will working out or sweating affect my dreadlocks?

How often should men wash their dreads?

How often should I go for a retwist?

What type of shampoo is best to use on my dreads?

How do I remove build-up from my dreads?

Do women find men with dreadlocs attractive?

Are dreadlocks professional and appropriate for the corporate environment?


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1. Side Push Locs with Undercut

Short dreads styles for guys

2. Long Twists Locs

long dreadlocs on black men

3. Ponytail Braided Locs

medium length locs for men

4. Starter Front Drop Locs

starter locs hairstyle on men

5. Blonde Locs


6. Micro Dreadlocs

ponytail dreadlocs on men

7. Loc Twists Taper Fade

two strand twist on men

8. All Back Braid Locs

braided dread styles for male

9. Dreadloc Braids

locs with edge up

10. High Fade Locs

dreadlocs with fade haircut

11. Edge Up Twist Locs

twists hairstyle on black men

12. Criss cross Medium Locs

Criss cross locs on Black guys

13. Purple Mohawk Locs

Colored dreads on Men

14. Man Twists

Twists locs with Fade

15. Twisted Top with High Fade

Two strand twists on Men

16. Mid-fade Long Locs

Long locs on black guy

17. All-back Braided Locs

Interlocking locs on guys

18. Accessorized Dreadlocs

push back dreads on men

19. Twists with Fade cut

dreadlocs style on black men

20. Box Braid Locs

locs hairstyle for men

21. Brown Man Bun Locs

bun locs pn black guys

22. Undercut Short Locs

short locs style on black men

23. Kamikaze Twists

starter locs on guys

24. Medium Ponytail Locs

dreadlocs style for men

25. Mini Braid Locs

medium length locs

26. Dreadloc Bun with Fade

dreadlocs fror black guys

27. Dreadloc Bun

bun locs on men

28. Dreadlocks Row

dreadlocs on teenage boys

29. Criss-cross Dreadlocks

locs with fade cuts

30. Drop Mohawk Loc

drop locs with fade haircut

31. Drop Dreads with Undercut

short locs with fade

32. Braided Locs with Edge

locs hairstyle on Men

33. Jumbo Twisted Locs

interlocking locs on black guys

34. Short Two Strand Twists

short locs hairstyle

35. Blue Dreadlocs

Blue locs hairstyle on men

36. Braided Mohawk Locs

box locs on black guys

37. Drop Locs with Fade

locs with fade cut

38. Man Bun Locs with Taper Fade

man bun locs

39. Short Locs with Taper haircut

Short dreadlocs with line up

40. Locs with Undercut

Low ponytail locs

41. Dreads with Line Up

Locs with fade cut design

42. Mohawk Braids with Fade

Brown locs braid

43. Jumbo Loc Braids

Locs hairstyle for men

44. Updo Locs with Undercut Design

Bun locs on men

45. Loc Twist

two strand twist on Men

46. Short Locs Taper Fade

Tape3r fade locs

47. Push Back Locs

Push back locs hairstyle

48. Criss Cross Loc Updo

locs hairstyle on guys

49. Long Twisted Locs

colored locs for men

50. Box Braid Locs

Long locs on men

51. Short Brush Up Locs

locs with fade

52. Chunky Locs with Undercut

Low pony locs hairstyle

53. Dreadloc Twist

kamikaze twists on men

54. Straight Back Braided Locs

braided locs with edge up

55. Braided Locs

short dreads style on men

56. Dreadlocs with Edge Up

long dreads for guys

57. Locs Updo

Man bun locs

58. Ponytail Dreads

locs hairstyle for men with edge up

59. Short Locs with Fade Cut

short locs on guys

60. Long Ponytail Dreads

dreadlocks style for men

61. Ombre Dreadlocs with Line Up

fade side locs on men

62. Double Braid Dreads

Undercut locs hairstyle

63. Brush Up Dreads

locs hairstyle for men