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60 Fascinating Fade Haircuts on Handsome Black Men!

Fade haircuts are a timeless hairstyle with style, coolness, and versatility all rolled into one. This stylish men’s hairstyle is one of the easiest and hassle-free ways to look polished and sleek without too much effort and maintenance. All you need to pull off a fade look is a skilled barber but since there are many different fade styles out there, it is also important to find the perfect fade hairstyle to suit your look.

In this article, we’ve put together some of the best fade haircuts that will look incredible on black men. Whether you prefer a classic low-skin cut, a high top fade or you are just looking to try something unique with your lineup, you’re sure to find something cool in this post so read ahead to find your next look.

What is a fade haircut?

A fade haircut is a popular men’s hairstyle where the hair is cut short on the sides and back of the head. This essentially removes the outline of the hair from the temple area all the way to the nape, creating a gradient that “fades” into longer hair on the top.

What are the differences between a low, mid, and high fade?

The main difference between a low, mid, and high fade is how high up the area of separation between the shaved area and the longer hair is. A low fade starts near the ears and slops backward as you move down toward the nape while a mid fade starts around the middle or the side of the head creating a slightly more noticeable transition. Finally, a high fade begins higher up around the temple or middle of the head with the long hair at the top creating a dramatic contrast with the hairline.

difference between low, mid, and high fade haircut

What style fade should I get?

The ideal fade style for each person will vary based on personal preference, face shape, and how much hair you are willing to cut off. if you have long or voluminous hair and want to show it off without losing too much hair, a low fade or a taper is the perfect style for you. However, those with short or fine hair are better suited to mid fades or high fades.

Keep in mind that several other factors like your head and face shape can determine how a fade style looks on you so be sure to have a conversation with your barber first to help determine the perfect fade cut for you.

What is the difference between a fade haircut and a taper haircut?

A fade haircut creates a stark contrast in the length of the hair as the outline of the hair is cut very short from the temple areas to the nape. A taper haircut on the other hand is essentially a mini fade with a more subtle shift in the length of the hair; the temple and nape area are shaved down close to the skin while the rest of the hair around the ear is left untouched. The main difference between a tapered and a fade is essentially how much hair is shaved off. A fade creates a more dramatic and sharp look while a taper has a more subtle gradient.

what are the difference between fade and taper haircut?

How to do a fade haircut? – tutorial

This video from Barber Style Directory is a great guide on how to do a fade cut on different hair lengths.

Who looks good in a fade?

Anyone can look good in a fade haircut as long as you choose a style that will suit your hair length and head shape.

How do I maintain my fade at home?

A fade is a fairly low-maintenance hairstyle so there is not much restyling required to maintain the look. However, you will have to wash your hair with a shampoo every 2-3 weeks to keep your scalp clean and also follow up with a hair oil. depending on the length of your hair, you will also need to use a comb or hair brush to tidy up any frizzy areas and keep the cut looking clean. 

When it comes to touch-ups on your fade, it is ideally best to get it done by your barber every 3-4 weeks but if you prefer to do it at home, then invest in quality clippers or trimmers to help shave down any overgrown areas and sharpen your line-up.

How often should I go to the barber for a shape-up?

To keep your fade cut looking clean and sharp, you should go to the barber for a shape-up every 2-3 weeks.

How do I choose the best barber to cut my fade?

Before choosing a barber to cut your fade, it is important to make sure they are skilled and experienced with cutting the type of fade you want. Go through their social media pages and have a look at their work to see if it is similar to the type of look you want. It is also important to make sure your barber is someone you can easily communicate with as it is very crucial to tell them exactly how you want your haircut to look.

You may also want to consider pricing as a factor when choosing your barber. Barbers charge differently based on their expertise and location so make sure their pricing works for you before choosing them. Some skilled IG barbers you can look at for inspiration for your next cut include cool_cutz, freshcasso, and andyfadepro.

What numbers are fade hairstyles called? zero fade, 1 fade?

The number system attached to fade haircuts is based on the guards used on clippers which help determine how narrow or short a haircut would be. With fade haircuts, these numbers are categorized according to the length of the hair around the temple and nape. The number generally ranges from 0-8 with zero being extremely low cut with barely any hair and 8 having about an inch or more of hair. A zero fade refers to a skin fade or a bald fade with the hair shaved down completely to expose the skin area while a 1 fade would have little more hair around the hairline. 

These numbers help you properly communicate your desired length at different areas of the head to your barber.


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1. Curly Top Fade Haircut

Clean and crisp from every angle, this is one haircut that is sure to get you noticed. It is perfect for those looking to play around their their curls.

Top fade haircut on Black men

2. Curly Top Low Fade

This low fade is a great look for guys with short to medium-length curls. You can enhance your curl definition with a little bit of gel.

Low fade haircut on Men

3. Wavy Mid Fade with Line Up

If you want something that requires very little maintenance, this wavy mid-fade is likely what you need.

Short Fade Wavy hair

4. Skin Fade with Shaved Design

Go for a closely shaved skin fade if you want something easy to maintain. You may need to visit your barber every two weeks to shape up that sleek design.

Bald fade haircut

5. Low Fade with Shaved on the front

This is a clean low fade with a tidy lineup that is just too fresh and stylish. This style works on any length of hair.

Low fade haircut for short hair

6. Curly Taper Fade Cut

Opt for a taper like this to emphasize the volume of your curly hair. Properly moisturized hair is key to perfecting this look so make sure you use a leave-in conditioner 1-2 times a week.

Taper fade cut on Black men

7. Fauxhawk with Low fade

If you have always wanted to try a mohawk but are not ready to commit to fully shaving down half of your hair, try a low fade with a clear line of demarcation to create the illusion of a mohawk.

Low fade with beard for Men

8. High Fade Pompadour Haircut

This pompadour haircut is best suited to guys with a lot of volume, but it is especially perfect for anyone with a round or square face.

Fade haircut with beard

9. Curly Low Fade

A fresh low fade with a clean lineup like this one is arguably one of the best ways to add more flair to your curly hair.

Curly Tint Fade on Teenage Black Boys

10. Low Wavy Buzz Cut

Simplicity and charm come together in this low wavy buzz cut that will look incredible on men of all ages.

Low fade Buzz cut

11. Afro Low Fade

A low fade and afro are undeniably one of the best hairstyle combinations for black men. No matter your face shape, this look just always exudes sophistication.

Low fade with curly top hair cut

12. Burst Fade with Line Up

A burst fade with a line up like this is one look that is guaranteed to look good on any face shape. Keep things stylish and classy by tying the whole look together with stud earrings.

Low fade cut on Men

13. Textured Fro top with Fade cut

Use a leave-in spray and some curling cream to add more texture and definition to your mid fade for a more stylish and youthful look

Afro Fade cut hairstyle

14. White-Blonde Bald Fade

If you have been considering dyeing your hair, a platinum blonde look like this one is a fun way to do it.

Bald Fade cut on Men

15. Copper Top Fade with Design

This copper high top fade is the ultimate suave boy hairstyle for guys to wear in the summer. Add more flair to the look by asking your barber to create a sleek zig-zag design on the sides.

High fade with design on Black Men

16. Short Frohawk Mid Fade

A mohawak does not always have to be dramatic. With a mid fade and some crisp lines, you can wear this timeless hairstyle in a subtle way.

Fade cut with shaved design on Men

17. Afro Tint Fade

If you’re the type that wants to wear a fade without too much of a stark contrast in length, try a low fade like this with your afro hair.

Light brown curls with fade

18. Short Curly Top High Fade

This short high top fade is sure to keep your looking smooth and stylish. Just make sure the hair is conditioned before coloring the sides to prevent damage.

Colored fade haircut

19. Clean High Top Fade

Neat and incredibly dashing, this high top fade is a classy look that’s great for work or day-to-day wear.

High top fade haircut with beard

20. Skin Fade with Line Up

If you don’t have the time to keep up with touch-ups and maintenance, just go for a skin fade. Accentuate the look with a diagonal line around the temple.

Skin fade on Black Men

21. Afro Mid Fade Haircut

Wear your afro with a tidy mid fade to offset the lack of volume if you have fine hair.

Afro fade cut on Men

22. Box braids with Undercut Fade

An undercut is an attractive hairstyle on its own but if want to add more flavor to your look, include box braids at the top.

Undercut fade haircut on Men

23. Curly Mohawk High Fade

A mohawk is one classic men’s hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. This curly high fade variation is even more charming and stylish.

Mohawk fade cut hairstyle

24. Wavy Low Fade

A wavy low fade that blends into your beard is a sexy look that is very popular among black men. This style requires frequent shape-ups to maintain the neat lines so you’d best have your barber on speed dial.

Low fade with beard style on Men

25. Crew Cut Fade

Go for a crew cut if you want something tidy and mature.

Crew cut fade with beard

26. Fauxhawk with Mid Fade

A mid fade is one of the best ways to pull off a fauxhawk without having to do too much maintenance. This neat look will keep you looking sharp and handsome.

Afro top with Low Fade

27. Fade with Double Line Up

This textured fade cut with its neat double line up is guaranteed to look dapper on anyone.

Textured top with Fade cut

28. Curly Taper Fade with Beard

The regal look you never knew you needed is here. A curly mid fade complimented with a neatly trimmed beard is really what makes this seemingly simple haircut fit for a king.

Taper Fade cut with Beard on Black Men

29. Afro Taper Fadecut

Keep your afro interesting and tidy with a taper cut around your temple to help draw attention to your cheekbones.

Afro top with Fade haircut

30. Curly Top with High Fade

Define your curls with a curling custard and have your barber create a neat high fade to recreate this extremely dapper look.

High fade cut on Men

31. Bald Fade with Shaved design

A bald fade may look a little plain if you’re a fan of hairstyles with more flair but you can accentuate the look by adding some cool designs on the side.

Natural hair bald fade on Men

32. Afro Taper Fade

Look smooth and sharp with your afro by shaping it up with a taper cut.

Afro Mid fade on Teenage Black Boys

33. Wavy Buzz Cut

A buzz cut like this is one of the easiest ways to look cool while keeping things simple and subtle. The best thing about this look is that it can be worn on any occasion.

Buzz cut with Short Beard

34. Short High Fade with Beard

This high fade is a great way to wear a skin haircut while looking fashionable.

Men Fade haircut

35. Buzz cut with Design

Clean lines and an artistic design are what make this simple buzz cut stand out and it is one look that is bound to look great on anyone.

Black Men buzz cut

36. Short Afro Curls with High fade cut

Use a curl sponge to enhance your coils and pair it with a mid fade haircut if you’re after something with finesse and flair.

Afro high fade with design

37. High Bald Fade on Men

If you desire a haircut that will last several weeks before needing a touch-up, consider getting a bald fade like this.

Bald fade with Beard

38. Afro Crew Cut Fade

A crew cut is a timeless look that works on any face shape. You can wear this look anywhere, and you’re sure to command attention.

black men cre cur fade haircut

39. High Curls with Beard

Tie together the appearance of your hair and beard by getting a high fade that creates a pompadour look.

Curly top with beard on Men

40. Short Wavey Low fade cut

A low fade like this is great for anyone who does not like the dramatic contrast that comes with a regular fade cut.

Wavy Fade on Black Men

41. Wavy High Fade

A wavy high fade is a versatile and stylish look that will look great on any hair type. All you need to maintain this sleek look is a wave cap.

High fade with wave curls

42. Short Wavy Mid Fade

This is another sexy wavy fade haircut that will work with men of all ages.

Fade cut on men short hair

43. Low Fade Connected to Beard

A fade cut and a neatly trimmed beard go hand in hand. Keep both hairs connected with a low fade that goes down towards the jaw.

Low fade haircut with beard connected

44. High Top Tint Fade

This copper-tinted high-top fade is one look that is sure to make a statement.

tint fade haircut

45. Wavy Low Fade with Beard

When you’ve got waves that look naturally flawless, there’s no better way to put them on full display than with a low fade. Be sure to trim your beard to tie the whole look together.

Wavy low fade with beard for black men

46. Textured Low Fade

This is a charming low fade haircut that’s ideal for the contemporary fashionable man who likes a natural and subtle line up.

Wavy curls low fade haircut

47. Short Wavy Fade

For a textured look, opt for a wavy fade with a slight taper around the temples.

Wavy fade haircut on short hair

48. Mid Fade on Black Men

Mid fades are a very popular look with black men right now and given how stylish they always turn out, we can guarantee this look is here to stay.

Wavy Mid fade haircut

49. Wavy High Fade with Beard

This is a clean and classic fade cut that will make your beard stand out.

Wavy High fade on Black Men

50. Curls with Mid Fade Haircut

If you are after a mid fade that is not too sharp and intense, go for something like this with your curls still on full display around the sides.

Mid fade haircut on Men

51. Wavy Skin Fade Haircut

This sauve fade haircut is great for guys who want something that requires zero maintenance.

Short fade haircut on Men

52. Low Fade with Back shaved design

Make your fade cut stand out by adding a fun design at your nape.

Low fade with shave design

53. Mid Fade with Heartbroken design

This is another fade cut for guys who like to stand out. Include a broken heart design at the front and you have yourself a conversation starter.

High Fade with design

54. Textured Wave with Low Fade

A wavy low fade cut leaves a clean and crisp finish around your temples while complimenting your beard.

Textured wave low fade

55. Short Curly Fade

A curly fade is a trendy and timeless look that accentuates any face shape. However, you need to go to bed with a silk durag to maintain this hairstyle.

Fade cut on Men with short hair

56. Low Wavy Fade

A low fade like this is great for a professional work environment but it can also be spiced up with a gold neck chain on a casual day.

Short fade cut on Men

57. Wavy Fade with Beard

A wavy fade with a neatly trimmed beard is one of the most iconic hairstyles for black men. It is very easy to maintain and requires barely any restyling.

Wavy fade connected on Beard

58. Short Fade cut

If you have short hair and want a transformation that will take you from basic to slick and sexy, this fade cut is what you need.

Shore hair fade cut

59. Mid Fade Haircut with Beards

If you are going for a really low cut fade, adding more flair to your beards is a great way to attract more attention. Have your barber give your beard a clean trim with a slight fade for pomp and flair.

Fade cut on Men with Beard


Fade haircuts are a versatile hairstyle that exudes confidence and sophistication, especially when worn by black men. From low fades to edgy high tops and tapers, this classic hairstyle has something to suit everyone’s taste. Don’t hesitate to try your favorite looks from this post, they’ll become a staple in your grooming routine in no time.