10 Holiday Hairstyles For Natural Hair Kids Your Kids Will Love ?

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2018)

Thinking of a beautiful and cute hairstyle for your daughter this holiday season? In this post, I’ve done all the research to put together a list of 10 holiday hairstyles for your daughter’s natural hair. This list has a few ideas for kids under 12 years old with different hair textures, length and temperament level.

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As always, you want to make sure that you’re gentle when styling your daughter’s hair and always apply a leave-in conditioner such as the cantu kids leave-in conditioner for kids before styling her hair.

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10 Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair Kids

  1. Braided Buns

For this hairstyle, you will need to section the hair into four sections. Then, part a small bit from each section to braid the tiny cornrows in between each section. Then, braid each section and depending on your daughter’s hair, you can either use just her hair if she has long hair. If not, you can use hair extensions such as xpressions or any kanekalon hair. Add some hair jewelries and define the edge with an edge control.

Products Used: xpressions hair extensions, hair rings, styling gel, edge control gel with an edge control brush

black kids holiday hairstyles

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2. Hot cross buns

This hairstyle is perfect for little girls who can’t sit for up to an hour to get their hair done. You can add some hair jewelries or flowers to this hairstyle to make it look more fancy. Hair extensions such as marley hair can also be added to each bun to give the style more volume.

natural hair kids holiday hairstyles

3. Twisted Quadrants

This hairstyle is perfect for tender headed kids because it doesn’t require much tension. It’s also a great hairstyle for kids with type 3 or 4a hair whose hair might not hold braids long enough. For this hairstyle, you only need a styling cream or alcohol free hair gel such as eco styler to do this hairstyle. Then add a hair beads of your choice. You can then add a cute headband to match your daughter’s outfit!

black kids holiday hairstyles

4. Chunky cornrows and buns

The strings on the cornrows at the back were added after the hair had already been braided. For the buns, kanekalon hair was added to add some volume. Please note that this hairstyle might be a bit heavy for your daughter, so you can take down the hair extension piece at the end of the night and add it back on the next morning. To protect the hair at night, wrap the hair with a silk or satin scarf and cover with a satin bonnet at night so that the hair is kept smooth.

Products Used: kanekalon hair extensions, leave in conditioner, hair gel, hair jewelry and colored strings.

natural hair kids holiday hairstyles

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5. Easy Double Pony Tails

This is another quick and easy hairstyle you can do on a child that can’t sit for up to an hour to get her hair done or is tender headed. This is also a cute hairstyle you can wear if you’re into mother-daughter matching hairstyles.

Products Used: Hair jewelries, head band and ponytail hair bands

natural hair kids holiday hairstyles

6. Heart shaped twists

This is a popular hairstyle that looks cute on kids. It’s also a great hairstyle for kids who can’t sit long. Be careful when parting and packing each section so that you don’t put too much tension on the edges. You can also use an edge control to define the edges.

Products Used: ponytail holders, hair accessories, hair rings, and styling gel

black kids holiday natural hairstyle

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7. Halo crown twists

This hairstyle is so elegant and beautiful that it will get lots of compliments. If your child’s hair isn’t long enough, you can use some cuban hair or kanekalon hair for some length and volume. One thing to note is that this hairstyle was done on blown out hair.

Products Used: blow dryer, hair rings, beads, edge control and styling cream

black kids holiday natural hairstyle

8. Cornrows with loose twists

This is a great hairstyle for busy moms who might not have time to change up their daughters hairstyle during the holidays.  For this hairstyle, you can style the twists in different styles, so as to give the style a different look for different occasions. You can also add hair accessories such as a cute headband or hair bow.

holiday hairstyles for natural hair kids

9. Fulani Cornrows

This is a great hairstyle for busy mom and kids because it can last up to a month, which means that your daughter can wear this style all throughout the holidays and into the new school semester.

Products Used: hair extensions, hair strings and beads

holiday hairstyles for natural hair kids

10. Half Cornrow, Half Box Braids

This is such a cute hairstyle that can be styled in many ways. A cute hairstyle that your daughter can wear all throughout the holidays and well into the school year.

Products Used: xpressions hair extensions, hair rings and hair strings

holiday hairstyles for natural hair kids

What is your favourite hairstyle from this list? Which have you tried and which do you plan to try?

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